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When the flak is heavy, you are over the target

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This month has been a very productive month for the patriots of Bradley County Tennessee!

Many issues have been confronted and many spoken about on this blog site. I have noticed a very curious occurrence during this very eventful month. I have noticed an up tick of flak and it has been directed toward the citizens that dare ask questions.

1) Antiaircraft fire.
2) Strong criticism.

When I was in the service, I would sit and observe the desert night much like a movie screen on some nights but much more dangerous. The night air over Iraq was full of aircraft, some you could see some you could not. As they made their way across the sky, either high or low, slow or fast you knew they were over the intended target because the return fire or flak would be heaviest and the tracers and fire trails would light up the sky like the fourth of July. More often than not the jets would be long gone and just the residual sound would draw flak because of the high speeds of our jet fighters.

I draw this analysis because it is relevant to the political environment in Bradley County and Cleveland Tennessee. When the people in this town ask a question or disagree on their policies or decisions being made the sky lights up like a firework display, saturating the night air heavy with flak. If it is a sensitive area the flak even heavier.

When the people question a questionable policy or statement how does that make you non cooperative and creating controversy? For instance, when you raise questions about a growth plan that is arguably going to cost my children and their grandchildren in higher taxes, some have quoted 4 to 10 billion dollars. Why does questioning a new tax that could possibly tax me out of the ability to own my home a bad thing? Why is it when a non elected bureaucrat says it is a “given” that many people downtown are going to lose their property for the “collective good” of all through eminent domain and demolition of 300 plus homes? Why is it being uncooperative and controversial when you say a school has no right to robo call and tell their teachers to push the vote and place signs in state owned, taxpayer funded schools defying their own policy and breaking state law? Why is not wanting a 32 dollar tax placed on all 5 of my vehicles in a down economy while knowing 60 percent of my property taxes already supports? Why is it controversial we question that any child has to be subjected to the teaching of the United Nations, by one of the most corrupt organizations in the world via the International Baccalaureate program?

Ill tell you why, it’s all about the federal dollars, our money that come with it! It’s about the money! Our County and city officials have become a slave to the almighty dollar! This is the real reason I and others are being controversial or non cooperative is because someone has put greater value over the dollar than our families and their well being. Now I get it!

We the people of this town have drawn some heavy flak and/or strong criticism recently from many fronts. As we navigate across their landscape and see an area that looks questionable or just doesn’t seem right, watch them spring into action to protect their interests and return fire. Strong flak becomes evident as we zoom over the political landscape. The money is talking and the politicians are walking the walk.

You would expect the fire to be coming from an unknown enemy or a foreign enemy, but the most flak is coming from a very domestic enemy in the name of our own government and its appointed bureaucrats. To include every committee appointee. NGO Non Governmental Organization, local press and private partner.

This enemy has taken a stronghold on it’s citizens and are fortifying it with dangerous weapons and heavy artillery that have been directed towards it’s citizens as of late. Double talk, spin, lies, innuendos, name calling, discrediting reports, scathing news articles and editorials, fear of arrest, coverups, resolutions against law abiding citizens and ripping away of their first amendment rights.

These tactics are not new but the enemy is very skilled in their use and have honed those skills very well over the years. They can start a conversation and by the end of it they are cutting a citizen in two. They attempt to ruin careers, destroy lives, disrupt livelihoods and many more deviant rituals just to get you to back down, just by questioning bad policy. They have had power too long. They have now a sense of complete ownership, pretty much the same way a man would protect his wife from another man. We will rule with a mighty hand and the peasants will obey or be struck down, sort of like a King and his court protecting his fortune.

But why? Why do they lash at the citizens most of them represent. I have thought long and hard on this and have come to “it’s a money thing” conclusion.

When you challenge the status quo they come at you with many fronts but I believe someone has been reading the Art of War by Sun Tzu. From this book I take this quote and apply it to their aggressiveness on it’s people.

” All warfare is based on deception.”

This may explain the “playground bullying advances” when a citizen dare challenge someone in power. Reverse the deception and place it on those that challenge you! Appear the stronger, show your prowess with a flex and get three or four of my buddies and knock you down quickly, neutralize you before you are successful in exposing the truth, the money trail.

The machine in Bradley County and Cleveland is working overtime lately and running hot, about to blow. The people are being knocked away when they get too close. Even the local press is pushing back on the citizens with carefully placed editorials……but why? What is in the target area? The money? What advantage is it for even our local press to sabotage the citizens who buy, support and read their paper? I don’t get it. With my opinion, why are they siding with the politicians, bureaucrats and the money?

Is it like the spoiled child who has had their way for years and now feels threatened? Is it like the territorial dog when you get too close to it’s food bowl they snap? Why do they run in packs? Why are non elected, non appointed representatives focusing on damaging the spirit of the citizens?

I believe I am formulating a late response. My opinion only. Could it be fear of exposure? Perhaps protecting the money trail? Is the truth being hidden? Is there a “secret agenda” noone knows about and only they are aware? Will their plans be foiled and the community made aware? Why does following the money trail aggravate the most? Why does speaking up in a meeting becomes so contentious? Why take jabs at it’s citizenry at every possible turn? What is in the mix when you shine light upon these officials and bureaucrats. Only time will tell! The truth will always prevail and will always overcome these attacks. It sounds like the controversy and spirit of uncooperativeness is not coming from the citizens as they claim but from a well organized machine dead set on vilifying concerned citizens. Doesn’t sound like the citizens are all that bad. After all, we are only asking questions. Does that make it bad.

Pay attention when the opposing troops are protecting a target area. The elected and non elected alike will quickly mount their turrets and fire away at the citizens the heaviest. This is most unfortunate and is the saddest thing about this blog.

Tyranny in any form is still tyranny and must lead to a change in our government structure. We have the opportunity to vote them out. This is our last big tool to make change.

The greatest compliment you can pay a patriot trying to restore our constitutional Republic is to fire heavy while we are hovering overhead a protected target, it is pay dirt for the lovers of freedom in this town. It tells us we are on the right scent. It means we are close to exposing the truth and are within close proximity of the target…..money?……exposure?……loss of power?

There are two sides to redressing grievances with our government, mine and the government. When you form your an opinion based on that constitutional right, that is your weakness, not ours.

Our forefathers provided this right of passage to provide balance between our government and the people they represent. It keeps the voice of the people relevant and up to date. It was not intended to destroy their careers, imprison them or vilify their protest efforts. We have had one King George and a tyrannical government, we don’t need another.

Next time you see a concerned citizen waving a flag, protesting on a street corner or speaking up against bad policy in a public meeting asking for input, shake their hands and tell them thank you and build them up, not immediately try to figure a way to destroy and expose them. They have your best interest in mind and are standing in the gap for you. Let’s cheer the concerned citizen who puts it on the line daily for you and your family. Get behind them as thousands have over the last few tense months. We represent you, not the government that is attempting to discredit you despite your well intended questions.

For now……..fly low and fast and remember the flak is heaviest when you are over the target!

The target is the money trail, fear of exposure and a potential loss of power. No wander they are reacting so strongly.

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