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Shut up Queen Michelle and let peasant Gabby Douglas eat her Egg McMuffin

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Queen Michelle giving Olympic Gold Medal winning gymnast Gabby Douglas advice on how and what to eat to be all she can be.

Yes, you are drawing your own figurative conversation already and I can hear them and they are not all nice. Stop it!

Here is a transcript of the short exchange between Gabby, Queen Obama and Jay Leno recently on his show.

JAY LENO, HOST: You trained your whole life, you win. How did you celebrate? What did you do?

GABBY DOUGLAS: We didn’t have time to celebrate. It was team finals and had to turn the page all-around finals and event finals after that. But, after the competition, I splurged on an Egg McMuffin at McDonald’s.

LENO: Egg McMuffin.


MICHELLE OBAMA: Yeah, Gabby, we don’t, don’t encourage him. [Laughter] I’m sure it was on…

DOUGLAS: A salad.

OBAMA: a whole wheat McMuffin.

LENO: It was on a whole wheat bun.

OBAMA: Yeah.

LENO: So an Egg McMuffin. Very good.

[Light laughter]

OBAMA: You’re setting me back, Gabby.


OBAMA: It’s so hard.

LENO: So what were you eating, was it just like protein and cereal and all this. Do they watch you? Oh, you get like one cup of this and two? When you, what is your diet when you’re doing that? Is it really strict?

DOUGLAS: Well, yeah, we have to kind of watch what we eat sometimes, and just keep our bodies in shape, and the more protein the better because it recovers our muscles and we like to drink a lot of vitamin D. So, every day I had chicken or beef and cereal every morning. So, it was very good.

LENO: Okay, cool, very good!

Nutritional breakdown for an Egg McMuffin: Gabbys meal and she probably burns off more calories than the queen eats in a day.

18 grams of Protein
29 grams of carbs
12 grams of fat
300 calories

A typical meal I am sure Queen Obama has scarfed on while on the road with hubby:

Big Mac:
26 grams of protein
44 grams of carbs
33 grams of fat
563 calories

Large fries:
6 grams of fat
60 grams of carbs
25 grams of fat
487 total calories

Big ole scoop of vanilla ice cream to smother over her apple pie:
2.3 grams of protein
16 grams of carbs
7 grams of fat
137 total calories

Large coke:
0 grams of protein
113 grams of carbs
0 grams of fat
470 total calories

Apple pie for dessert:
2.4 grams of protein
34 grams of carbs
12 grams of fat
249 total calories

Total for a typical meal she probably devoured right before scolding little Gabby Douglas: She could have eaten Gabby Douglas and consumed fewer calories.
Total grams of protein: 33.7
Total grams of carbohydrates: 267
Total grams of fat: 77
Total calories: Around 2500 calories

Giant amazon woman with one butt cheek as big as Gabby trying to tell the little Olympic gold medalist fitness beast how to eat and what to eat, this is more than I can handle. She couldn’t leave it alone! She just had to have control of her conversation with Jay Leno. The queen was done and sitting left of stage. She couldn’t resist and let the gold medalist have her day!

Gabby keep eating what you want, you are light years ahead of knowing what your body needs to perform at a high level. If she could come down to your level she probably could learn from you how to teach others how to eat.

Nutrition information obtained from the following site:

  1. You describe a “typical meal I have seen Queen Obama scarfing on many meals on the road with hubby.” Where were you sitting when you saw this? Do you follow her around the country? How crazy are you, Donny?


    • To jmhickey, its a light hearted blog with some fun intended. The idea started from the tonight show and pictures of them eating at McDs. Lighten up just a tad and I would suggest if you are so upset or offended by the content of my blog simply stop reading them. If I dont want to watch something, I just turn it off. You have a grand day and please if you continue to stay tuned please feel free to comment further. Establishing dialogue is one of my goals.


      • To JM Hickey, after going back and looking at my sentence structure I went back and fixed it. It was pretty bad! Thanks alot. No wander you were emphasizing that mistake. Sounded better after I fixed it!


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