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Dr Blll Warner explains why Governor Haslams sharia appointee is significant

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This is the most thorough explanation of the nature of Islam and it’s impact upon our culture and country that I have ever heard. The two videos below will provide you with enough information to arm yourself while the pulpits and the country remain silent.

We do not live in America to be under the rules of Sharia, Islam or the Political version of Islam that is encroaching on us daily. The threat is very real. We will not and do not coexist with the doctrine of Islam. Notice I didn’t say Muslims. This is not about Muslims this is about the doctrine within the books of which they practice.

We are a free nation that is seeing a groundswell of the influence of Islam on it and our freedoms will and are being severely affected as our political system and our religious foundations are compromised.

Governor Bill Haslam opening the door wide for Political Islam is a huge serious mistake with many repercussions and an impact that will not be realized for many years to come. Because of his political correctness and naiveté he has complied to the rules of Islam and has forever compromised our freedoms. I believe with his recent appointee of a Sharia Compliance expert to a significant post within our own government he has put millions at risk and created an environment for and has planted the seed for future growth of Islamic doctrine and further religious oppression in our state.

The recent additions of a mosque in Murfreesboro and most recently on Brainerd road shows that the population in our area is growing and it’s influence is being assisted by Governor Haslams actions.

In the videos below, Dr Bill Warner said it best. The churches are dead on this issue. 95 percent of pastors in this country are simply CEOs of a large 501c3 corporation protecting their assets and tax status instead of fighting for religious freedoms of their members. 5 percent get it and are being diligent but 95 percent are just businessmen in a cloak with a title.

While sitting with Dr Warner at lunch and looking for wisdom from a very wise person, I received my nugget. He told
me he was afraid the “Church is no longer a church of Christ, but a church of nice!” “Our churches have been squelched, held up by our inability to step out of the tax status that our government has used as the tool that binds them to political silence.”

We as a country must take heed and benefit from the wisdom of Dr Bill Warner. He speaks ominously and into the future. Our dismissal of this threat will be devastating to our freedoms, sovereignty and religious freedom. Islam will not just suddenly appear and wallah we are overwhelmed. It will be slow, methodical, insidous and purposeful over many years just as in history, as you will see in the videos below.

These videos are the most important I have ever heard and I hope you too will see the relevance. The 22 and 44 minute videos are well worth the hour you will spend. An hour to see the devastation if left unchecked and its effect on our society. As I stood at our Tennessee Leadership Conference in Ooltewah, Tennessee recently and heard this man speak, I said this is the most important talk I have heard, please Mike get this to video as soon as possible.

Once again the strong team of Mike and Pat Mallard/Will Sturtevant at Tin Ship Productions have once again produced a masterpiece. Please visit their site and take a look at all their videos at http://www.tinshipproductions.com

Please do not bypass these videos. Please watch them, gather your friends to watch or show them in your Sunday school classes, to your pastors and friends list. This is the most important information you can absorb. We can no longer be politically correct and accepting of a doctrine that does not want you near or exist in it.

You may have to copy and paste to You tube. I have a free site with few bells and whistles.

Video 1- It’s not about Muslims, it’s about Islam, the doctrine and Sharia Compliance. Dr Warner explains the difference very well and tells you why the Governors recent appointment is significant to our state of Tennessee and our religious freedoms.

1400 year history of Islamic Jihad. Gaurantee you didn’t get this revealing information in school.

  1. Donny Harwood says, “This is not about Muslims this is about the doctrine within the books of which they practice.”

    This is like saying, “This is not about Jews. It’s their religion.”


    “This is not about Catholics. If they would just change their religion we would accept them.”

    You and the insane Dr. Warner both say you are not against Muslims. But he immediately makes several slurs on Muslims. And you warn us that “The recent additions of a mosque in Murfreesboro and most recently on Brainerd road shows that the population in our area is growing,” as if it should be self-evident that the presence of Muslims themselves is somehow insidious.

    You are religious bigots. You both are a disgrace to the American tradition of religious tolerance enshrined in the Constitution.

    Dr. Warner uses the history of warfare and conquest under the banner of Islam to cast suspicion on young Islamic students taking his classes. He says they seemed aloof from him. Perhaps they could not warm up to a religious bigot like him who want to frame them as “the enemy” purely because of their religion, and because of what warlords did in the name of Islam in the 15th century.

    Some Islamic professor with a bow tie is probably right now detailing the history of warfare and conquest under the banner of Christianity. Christ is said to have said, “I bring not peace but the sword.” The Roman emperor Constantine had a vision of the cross in the heavens the words, “In this sign you will conquer,” and he slaughtered and conquered in the name of Christ. The crusades from the Muslim point of view were an unprovoked attempt to conquer them by force, and slaughtered thousand of innocent people.

    The point is that the history of Islamic conquest does not tell us anything about the ordinary Muslim in Tennessee, any more than the crusades; the repeated Christian persecutions of Jews in medieval and modern Europe; or Christians burning “witches” at the stake in 17th century Massachusetts tell us about the ordinary Christian in Tennessee.

    Arraying yourself in “noble” historical scholarship does not mask the stink of fear that underlies your racist religious bigotry.


    • Mr Hickey, we must approach this very serious doctrinal subject with sincerity and a base of knowledge that can get us beyond name calling. Referring to someone you don’t know as a racist and a bigot essentially makes you guilty of the same. This limitation and expression of your wit shows me volumes of the content of your heart and the hate speech that flows from it. Thank you for your input and God bless you!


      • If I took the trouble to plan a public statement as you have, and I said we should be concerned about the insidious presence of Jews in our community and the building of a new synagogue, or I posted a public statement warning about the evil posed by immigrant Catholics and the new church they were building, you could go ahead and call me a religious bigot, don’t you think?

        Your adoption of a pose as if you are a Christian, shocked by “hate speech,” is quite disingenuous. Being a polite bigot doesn’t help much.


        • Simply observing others and writing a few books does not make you an expert no more than me writing a blog makes me an author. You easily reveal your self when you speak. For whatever reason and it is easily seen you are trying to make others seem hateful and bigoted when it is your own formulations that have made you appear hateful and bigoted. Trolling from site to site as Mr John Frances Michael Hickey attempting to squelch others from expressing their viewpoints does not make you appear superior but quite the opposite. It unravels a discontented soul craving a place to belong inside a child’s world that lashes out at someone that is different than what they are accustomed to. Being polite is my nature but observing truth in others personality, leanings and personal underlying hatred and bigotry is a strength I acquired from my youth and have gained great insight into the nature of hateful mean spirited people in my adulthood and professional endeavors. Please Mr Hickey, speaking of the displaced hate you display, search within your own soul you may find a few demons of your own that need to be dealt with first before you attempt to sweep others houses of their iniquities. And once again God Bless you and have a great day!


  2. I’m sorry I was too subtle there. I was saying that your warning that the growing presence of Muslims in your community is an evil thing is definitively religious bigotry, just as it would be religious bigotry if I said the same thing about Jews or Catholics.

    I am Catholic, I deeply relate to Jewish culture and I have never “spewed hatred towards Christians and Jews.”

    I somehow doubt that you are really so dense that you believe the nasty accusations you make. I think that perhaps hatred and accusation is the only way you know to respond to substantive criticism, and you are willing to lie about people if you believe you can destroy their reputations.

    But when you publish a slanderous statement such as you have made against me, when there is not a shred of evidence you could cite to back it up, you make yourself vulnerable to lawsuits. I don’t know if you have any assets worth attaching, but if you do, and you want to keep them, you should think very carefully about slandering people, especially private individuals like me who are not public figures. You are not just insulting people in a bar, you are publishing a permanent record of your libel, so the proof of the libel is cut and dry. And when you libel a private person who is not a public figure, a plaintiff is not required to prove that you had “actual malice” reckless disregard for the truth. A private person who can show damage to reputation by a lie you tell may take your property away from you.


    • I published your last rant for one reason! To allow you to show others who may read this what you are truly about. The content of your last comment is plenty to prove your intent. When we refuse to debate as adults and assume childlike behavior the only thing left to say is the conversation must end because someone has to be the responsible adult on here and hang it up! Look forward to reading your future posts on other blogs you may troll. I am confident they will not cease. As for me this door is closed. Have a blessed day and I am praying for you Mr Hickey.


  3. […] Dr Blll Warner explains why Governor Haslams sharia appointee is significant October 15, 2012By Richard WardOriginal Post […]


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