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TN “It’s not working” campaign hopes to ignite fire across US at early polls

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Dear Fellow Tennesseans,

I want to express great urgency in this letter to you. We are at an extremely volatile and pivotal time in our country’s survival. We are on the brink of collapse and the freedoms we now enjoy may be no more in the near future. Please continue to read and while reading be plotting out in your mind how you are going to spread this message to others.

This is not about endorsing a particular candidate. This is not about whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or Independent. This is about saving our country and getting our country pointed in the right direction again and quickly. It has to start with removing this sitting president from office with the power of the vote. Step 1 has to start with replacing Obama as our president, period. We must look at the most viable way, decide who that candidate is for this term and vote accordingly.

I have heard over and over I won’t vote one way or another or I just won’t vote. This is a pitiful excuse and by doing so allows the Obama regime another 4 years. We as Americans will continue to clean up this country after this election, but we must unite to save our country today, the here and now, in real time. We can start mapping out our future course the day after the election and hold the next President accountable as well and if he doesn’t fall in line we look at presenting a candidate for the next 4 years. A split vote or a no vote at this juncture will not be the best thing for our country right now.

Believe me, I too am all about getting sick of voting for the lesser of two evils. I too am sick of looking at the most viable candidate and holding my nose at the ballot. This dilemma is partially our fault because we have not spoken loud enough to make the needed change. We as Patriots have failed miserably to raise up a candidate from within our own ranks. We have also failed to support an alternative candidate into the Presidency. This election cycle has left me with a dilemma too but with much thought and internal strife I have come to the conclusion, Obama and his progressive communistic socialist type leadership has to go.

We must put our our full effort into this campaign. We need great numbers and alot of activity to get this man out of office.

Please pass this message along to everyone you know. Call, text, email or Facebook all your friends and tell them to get out and vote on October 17th, 2012! It’s the most important thing you can do as an American who loves their country.

You already know what must be done.

We can’t wait four more years..

To put people back to work
To pass a responsible budget and begin reducing our national debt
To drill for our own oil and gas
To restore respect for religious freedom and freedom of speech
To show respect to our allies overseas
To stop federal control of every part of our lives.
We can’t wait to elect a new president.

In Tennessee early voting starts on Oct 17th. Why wait to make your stand? Join us in sending a message to the rest of the country with these 3 easy actions.

The Tennessee plan that can be easily adopted by other states:

1.  Vote on October 17th, the first day of early voting in Tennessee

2.  Encourage your friends and family in TN to join you in voting on October 17th.

3.  Encourage your friends and family in other states to vote against the president as soon as their state allows.

On October 17th we will see you at the polls.

We Can’t Wait! 

Pass this along quickly!

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