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Al Sharpton deploys “poll watching brigades” to TN, officials ignore plea of voters to prevent clash

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Sharpton: ‘Poll Watching Brigades’ to Be Stationed on Election Day in Tennessee.
October 29, 2012

The Reverend Al Sharpton and NAN-National Action Network, have announced he is forming and deploying “poll watching brigades” to Tennessee on November 6th, 2012.

The Reverend Al Sharpton who has caused many riots and several deaths in many parts of the nation for his “action brigades” will be sure to stir the pot in Tennessee this election.

Brigades while I was in the military meant up to 5000 soldiers with 3 to 6 battallions of lean mean fighting machines within that group. The mere mention of Al Sharpton choosing to use a military term like brigade hints of sending troops to battle, thus perhaps creating havoc at the polls on Tuesday in Tennessee.

With the recent announcement of 44 UN and OSCE delegates being sent to Nashville, Tennessee and across the nation at the request of the NAACP, the ACLU, SEIU and others you can clearly see that a potential clash with peace loving voters will be inevitable and foreseen possibly causing a clash.

The environment that is being created and allowed by our elected officials is truly a potential recipe for disaster that could be prevented if only our local, state and federally elected officials would put some type of guidelines to their involvement and intimidating presence and keep the UN out of our business and out of our state.

I completetly stand behind a US citizen watching the polls, even do it a little myself but the problem I have with this is the involvement of international bodies along side these race baiters is going to in some major way disrupt the process. The ACLU has announced they are bringing 300 or so lawyers to the polling stations. This mixture of haters will create an extremely litigious environment even if one discrepancy is found, thus leading into a very bad situation of many more lawsuits especially if OBAMA is NOT re-elected, thus challenging the legitimacy of our election process, leading to OBAMA calling on the UN to fix the “botched” election which will be very easy to do since they have them and OSCE poll watchers in all our states. Remember this fake president is not of the same fiber as you and I. He has been groomed for this moment For years and will do whatever he needs to do to stay in power.

Our State, Local and Federally elected officials largely have chosen to ignore the many written requests and phone calls from concerned citizens all over the state. I am not completely sure why but I will interject my humble opinion here. I believe that they are turning the other cheek because of potential race issue that could arise if they speak up and protect our state from these controversial subjects. Ignoring these subjects is a safe move for them mainly because the Reverend Al, the NAACP and the ACLU are organizing this clash with voters. They have in my opinion been intimidated and our elected officials are too cautious and choose to remain silent as not to stir racial tensions or be labeled a racist. The safety and welfare of those that vote could be at risk and a potential and likely clash could be avoided if our representatives would simply react and address the growing tension being created by these race baiters and hate mongers.

Tennessee State Senator Mike Bell is the only one that I have seen or heard of responding to our many requests and he had this to say about the UN/OSCE “poll watching” our voting process.

“First, I will say we should be completely out of the U.N.  This organization is (and) has always been controlled by interest who would like nothing better than to take down America.”

He went on to say, “That being said I believe the reports of U.N. monitors is being completely overblown.  There are two observers in Tennessee , one from Armenia and one from France.  I personally called the Sec. of State Tre’ Hargett last week to ask why they were here and what the observers were doing.  He told me they were here to watch and learn, not to make any judgements on our election process.  They have to abide by all laws.  They cannot enter polling places or affect voting or voters in any way.”

“They are not here to decide if we have fair elections or to make any judgements at all.  I could care less what they would think anyway.”

BCNN Note- (The last paragraph here was removed because it was pertaining to another issue unrelated to this one.)

Mike (Bell)

Senator Bell reaching out to his voters and responding is respectable and commendable, but I have a few issues with what he said. Overblown? The fact that the UN, OSCE, NAACP, ACLU (and it’s 300 lawyers), SEIU, True the Vote and Al Sharpton is nothing to be alarmed about is beyond my understanding? Stir in a few true patriots who want to vote without intimidation and you have a recipe for a disaster. Overblown Senator Bell? Really? The only thing that will be overblown will be the attention that Tre Hargett and all those within his reach will receive if this clan of warmongers are allowed to disrupt out Tn and our nations last venue to express our will and select who we want for office without fear of being trampled or intimidated.

“They are here to watch and learn?” Intimidate and disrupt should be the more suitable pairing of words. There is a reason that 6 states have laws forbidding UN International entities from observing our polls, one they are not US citizens and two they should have no say so jurisdiction over our election process whatsoever.

“They are not here to decide if we have fair elections or to make any judgements at all.” “I could care less what they would think anyway.” Senator Bell they are here to watch our election process because they have been invited by the NAACP, ACLU, and the SEIU, to monitor our elections for fraud and abuse. The OSCE IS A BRANCH OF THE UNITED NATIONS AND ARE A HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION INVESTIGATION BRANCH OF THE UN! WE ARE BEING WATCHED BY THE UN FOR HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS WHICH INCLUDES FRAUD AND ABUSE!!! WHEN THEY FIND SOMETHING AND THEY WILL, THEM AND ALL THE OTHER GOONS WILL JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON!!! Sorry about the yelling, but dang someone in office has to step up and not simply take Tre Hargetts words at face value! Research this, it’s all true.

State Representative Kevin Brooks has yet to connect with me on this issue either by phone, email or FB. State Representative Eric Watson has yet to contact me or make a public statement either. Also, and of course Haslam, Alexander, Corker and many others emailed have failed to communicate with me on this very important issue.

Let me share this last thought with you and I will stop the press. Simply swish these remaining thoughts around in your mind like a fine French burgundy wine and then spit it out and savor what remains.

Why do you think so many people and organizations are coming to Tennessee to “poll watch” our election process? Why are there international UN bodies being deployed to our state and nation, particularly Tennessee? Why is Tennessee getting so much attention from these race baiting, UN Human Rights observers?

Wanna hear my simple reply? Remember to keep swishing.

Because they see our elected leaders as soft and easily intimidated by a large presence of race baiters and international bodies. They plan to use our state to launch a national lawsuit even if one infraction is found or use our state as the flashpoint to national disruption and civil unrest over the outcome of our election. Tennessee could be being set up as the scapegoat to show the world what can happen if an election is found to be corrupt. See where I am going with this? Why else would we be so relevant and demand so much attention? Tennessee is for the most part a pretty sure bet for the Republicans. They are not concerned about that issue, the real issue is they see it as a great launching pad for a series of lawsuits and rage against Tennessee and it’s election process.

Good day!

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  1. Al Sharpton and his brigades have no place in the Tennessee election process. We have made it just fine for centuries, so we do not need outside help now or ever.


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