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UN Human Rights Day set for December 10th in Chattanooga TN

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The flyer information below was just handed to me by someone that attended a parade in downtown Chattanooga this afternoon. The content and the manner in which it was distributed made my jaw drop and I had this look of amazement on my face.

Several years ago when I started warning people the UN was coming I was met with great resistance that I would dare utter those words in public. Once one of our local papers called the UN and asked them if they had any interest in our area and left the impression in an article the next day that I should be wearing an aluminum foil hat and locked up for my insanity. Today, every single warning U have cast has come to fruition and been proven with fact and substance.

Today, another warning has been met with fact. A celebration of the UN Declaration on Human Rights in downtown Chattanooga, one of the original documents created by the UN in 1948.

Let me repeat. Our involvement with the UN and surrendering our sovereignty to the UN will be our gravest mistake and it will eventually destroy every freedom we have in our country.

Every move we make, every decision we make will be under the complete control of an International body and it’s justice system and once under their control, our Constitution our freedoms and our sovereignty will mean nothing.

The United Nations is sliding into our country one evil step at a time. They are creeping into our great nation to destroy her. We have a very willing fake president and a state department who are more than willing to place the US on the altar as a sacrifice.

This event below is only the beginning. The UN essentially manipulating the tax payer and exploit the poor to provide food stamps is such a tragedy.

The idea that by international standards we treat our poor badly is a slap in the face to the many taxpayers, many of whom can’t even afford health insurance or groceries for their own family are giving to the poor everyday in the form of more taxes.

Pass this around, attend the meeting and see for your self the forseeable role the UN is going to have in our lives. It’s a socialistic future where the American Dream is no more and every one is equal and the wealth of our country is evenly distributed and we are all dependent on the government for our every need.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 10th, 5:30 pm till 8 pm
(bus route info omitted)

The International Human Rights Day is a globally observed celebration marking the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1948.

In honor of International Human Rights Day, several local organizations and community leaders are organizing the 2012 Chattanooga Truth Commission on Human Rights. Truth Commissions are designed to expose the truth about systemic human rights violations and injustice that powerful forces would rather keep hidden. Truth Commissions provide a forum in which masses of poor people who are normally ignored, silenced and made invisible can speak out and be seen and heard.

The event begins with a community meal and fellowship at 5:30 pm, this event is free and open to the public.

The Truth Commission in partnership with the Chattanooga Area Food Bank, is pleased to offer mobile enrollment in SNAP (food stamps) benefits on site at the event. Childcare is also provided. If you require assistance, call Felicia at 423-362-0721
For more information please visit: http://2012truthcommission.wordpress.com/

Huge Industrial Park funding vote set for Monday

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On Monday, December 3rd, 2012, 7pm at the Bradley County Courthouse in Cleveland Tennessee there will be a vote on a MOA, a Memorandum of Agreement for initial funding for the Spring Branch Industrial Park off exit 20.

The City, the County and Cleveland Utilities will be chipping in about 2 million dollars each up front just for the purchase of this property that was bought by a local businessman and a bargain price and selling it to the taxpayer at around a 600 percent profit.

Many things stink about the purchase of the property and that can be discussed in future blogs, but the message today is we cannot afford this vast industrial park and it’s many amenities and kickbacks to several involved.

Please plan to attend this meeting before the County Commission. We must hold our elected representatives to task when they waste and spend our hard earned tax dollars.

We cannot afford another drain on our economy. We as a county are broke. We cannot continue to spend and spend and expect to stay afloat.

Many have already committed to being there. Grab a friend and haul them down to the courthouse to participate in saving our local economy.

Call your commissioners, mayors and council men and women and tell them you do not want a huge industrial park in your community that will further drain your bank account.


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