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HR 75- New bill proposed by Rep. Paul Broun to end US participation in the UN

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HR 75, The American Sovereingty Restoration Act is being proposed by Representative Paul Broun Georgia (10) that will end all US participation in the United Nations. Repealing the many ties our country has with this clandestine organization is fueling our demise from within while using the many NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) as willing tools.

As the United Nations grows stronger and is given more authority, our sovereignty dwindles with it. The quest to become an International leader is dependent on the acceptance of the UN as that leader. To date the sovereign citizens of the United States are not yet ready for that to happen.

This is why this bill is so important. We need and must get the United Nations out of every fiber of our country before they destroy it and all she stands for.

This bill, as of January 4th, 2013 has been submitted to committee by Representative Paul Broun. We need to get this out of comittee and on to the House and Senate floor for approval.

2 simple steps to get this out of committee and those on the committee must feel the pressure to do so and that pressure must come from you and quickly.

1) Place a phone call to the Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee – Rep. Ilaena Ros-Lehtinan (R-FL27)  202-225-3931.  Ask Chairman Lehtinan to move this bill out of committee as soon as possible.

2) Go to the website POP VOX to read the text of the bill and send a message to your Congressman at the link below:

It’s that simple but you must take the steps and just do it. Share this notification with your many contacts, email and social network sites. The power of this activity can create a ripple effect to get the change we desire and they do listen if thousands make a call and send a letter.

Get busy today. Get busy now! If you feel they did not get the message, call and recall till you feel your voice was heard.

A special thanks to a special person in an important party leadership position for alerting us to this bill. Your service and dedication to preserving and protecting this country is very admirable and appreciated.

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