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Judge orders Plan B pill be available OTC to all ages, children at risk

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Judge orders Plan B pill be available OTC to all ages, children at risk

A Federal judge this morning has ruled the Plan B pill to be sold over the counter and available to any female of any age.

The Plan B pill has essentially been taken out of the medical professionals hands and placed it into the hands of a teen, pre teen or anyone of menstrual age without any guidelines or restraints for it’s purchase with possible unlimited use.

In other words, easy access to a powerful birth control method, capable of terminating fertilization of an egg by sperm and subjecting young children to possibly multiple exposures resulting in moderate to high doses of female hormone ingestion without parental or adult approval or oversight.

These drug combinations have been studied for about 40 years and have a variety of negative outcomes and many side effects.

In recent years the use of contraceptives have been discouraged because new research has revealed that long term use of hormonal contraceptives have been linked to breast and uterine cancers as well as an increase in blood clots.

The Plan B pill is being billed as an emergency contraceptive just in case Plan A fails such as in the case of a broken condom or unprotected sex.

Unlike the RU 486 which terminates a pregnancy,  Plan B actually prevents the females egg from being fertilized with the male sperm if taken within 5 days or 120 of intercourse.

Emergency contraceptives contain the hormones estrogen and progestin (levonorgestrel), either separately or in combination

Drugs used for this purpose are called emergency contraceptive pills, post-coital pills, or morning after pills.

Plan B works like other birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. Plan B acts primarily by stopping the release of an egg from the ovary (ovulation). It may prevent the union of sperm and egg (fertilization). If fertilization does occur, Plan B may prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to the womb (implantation). If a fertilized egg is implanted prior to taking Plan B, Plan B will not work.

The child or adult will take this pill within the recommended 3 days of intercourse and the progressive infusion of female hormones will hopefully keep the recipient from becoming pregnant.

According to FDA,in the event of pregnancy going to term after taking the Plan B pill, the pregnancy could possibly result in an ectopic pregnancy, an emergency medical condition. 

This means a pregnancy originating somewhere in the body besides the uterus, most often in a fallopian tube. 

This medical condition is life threatening and can lead to hemorrhaging and or death.

In a  2003 study done by the FDA of 585 recipients of Plan B, only 29 females 16 and under were studied leading to their conclusion that the Plan B drug was not safe for over the counter distribution and it was concluded that not enough children were studied to deem it safe for OTC distribution.

Now the FDA has completed its review of the supplemental application and concluded that the application could not be approved at this time because: 

1) adequate data were not provided to support a conclusion that young adolescent women can safely use Plan B for emergency contraception without the professional supervision of a licensed practitioner and 

2) a proposal from the sponsor to change the requested indication to allow for marketing of Plan B as a prescription-only product for women under 16 years of age and a nonprescription product for women 16 years and older was incomplete and inadequate for a full review. Therefore, FDA concluded that the application was not approvable.

The agency issued a Not Approvable letter because the supplemental application did not meet the criteria for approval in that it did not demonstrate that Plan B could be used safely by young adolescent women for emergency contraception without the professional supervision of a licensed practitioner

Again, big pharma, big money lobbyists with the blessings of many medical associations to include the AMA have stepped up and convinced a judge to order that the Plan B drug be available over the counter immediately. So guess what, the drug is now available over the counter. The FDA siting it does not necessarily  have to follow it’s own recommendations.

I believe this is a very dangerous game we are playing again with the bodies of our children. 

I don’t believe that a powerful combination of hormones easily available to a child, without any medical oversight, knowledge of an adult or the child’s parents consent is in the best interest of our children.

This is dangerous and promotes underage, unprotected sex as being acceptable and ok. It leaves the future health in the hands of a person that is not necessarily capable of determining what is safe or not. 

This leaves the impression that when  a child has unprotected sex they cant just ante up ten or so dollars for a Plan B package and wallah, I’m  safe and mom and dad will never know.

Hopefully, someone will step in and either overturn this judges order or challenge it in some way and stop this easy access to possibly harmful hormones.

We, as parents, must stay informed and understand that big government and big pharmaceuticals do not always have your childs best interest at heart. 

Sadly, its about the money.

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FDA does not approve Plan B for OTC dispensing:  Deemed not safe


Non-approval letter from FDA:

Click to access ucm109793.pdf

Common Core indoctrination must be stopped by the parents

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Only parents can set their children free from Common Core indoctrination

Common Core being initiated is yet another attack on the minds of our children.

Many progressives have realized that control of our future must begin with the indoctrination of our youth today. This is unacceptable.

Steps taken in the last few months and years are putting our children at great risk.

I have already heard from many of our elected leaders and they are telling me there is nothing that can be done, we have received the money and it’s a sealed deal.

It is exactly this excuse that makes my head spin. I happen to believe that we elected these folks to represent the people and change is possible if you pave the way

You are there to enact change and not accept what the federal government says we should do. The states still have sovereign power. 

It is time we quit accepting defeat especially when it’s for the………children!

While the President Barack Obama-led Socialist regime in Washington calls the tune by keeping the bouncing ball over the concept of Government-Fighting-Patriots, the real battle is the one where it gets to take over your children.

With all eyes trained expectantly on the latest Obama executive order; with the definition of one man, one woman marriage being rewritten by the Supreme Court, progressives in office have been working out the details to come up with a way to capture your children.

Millions of parents with school-age children will never know their children have been captured and led away.  The name of the program set up for the kidnap of all time is so innocent sounding: Common Core.  But in typical Marxist fashion, the name can be morphed into a myriad of others when it becomes expedient to keep parents in the dark.

Patriotic warriors like Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin and CFP’s Ileana Johnson are shining light into the darkness.  But if the children of the day are ever to be set free, it will take parents opening the steel gates that now confine them. 

Just as the United Nations Agenda 21 now controls every aspect of adult life, Common Core controls the instruction of the school child.

Finding the true intent of Common Core means getting behind the hype of its mask of innocence.
Middlemen advocates in the progressive infrastructure are now trying to palm off the universal standards of Common Core as a “state-led” initiative.

“No they were Gates-led, not state-led, writes Oak Norton at Deseret News.  “The Gates Foundation pumped $20 million into the National Governors Association and Council of Chief State Superintendents Organization to create those standards.

“They did it to fulfill a contractual obligation stemming from Microsoft’s 2004 contract with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to create a global education system. (Italics CFP’s).

“Gates has paid $173 million so far to create and promote Common Core.  The Utah State Office of Education didn’t even know who was on the drafting committee until the standards were written, which happens to be after Utah adopted them.”

Bill and Melinda Gates have three children—and all of yours.

Key to Common Core’s con job is the fallacy that Common Core standards were internationally benchmarked.  They never were.

Lie-laden, too, is the progressive myth that adoption of the K-12 standards is in no way mandatory.

But try getting your children out of Common Core if you happen to live in one of the 45 states where it has already been implemented.

“As part of the 2009 stimulus legislation, the federal government created the so-called Race to the Top (RTT) Fund, $4.35 billion in competitive educational grants.” (Christian Post, Feb. 13, 2013).

Sounds nice but only available to states that adopt Common Core. 

The long trail of the progressives in public education goes all the way from John Dewey, a major representative in progressive education and liberalism, to modern-day activists like Barack Obama and Bill Ayers, now in league with the deep-pocketed UN apostle Bill Gates.

Known as the power behind the Fundamental Transformation of America, Barack Obama had his nose in your children’s school books long before parental suspicion threw light on Common Core.

Back in the mid-90s, Obama invested his experience as an on-the-street community organizer to co-partner with unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

“The Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) was a Chicago public school reform project from 1995 to 2001 that worked with half of Chicago’s public schools and was funded by a $49.2 million, 2-to-1 matching challenge grant over five years from the Annenberg Foundation. The grant was contingent on being matched by $49.2 million in private donations and $49.2 million in public money. The Chicago Annenberg Challenge was one of 18 locally designed Annenberg Challenge project sites that received $387 million over five years as part of Walter Annenberg’s gift of $500 million over five years to support public school reform. The Chicago Annenberg Challenge helped create a successor organization, the Chicago Public Education Fund (CPEF), committing $2 million in June 1998 as the first donor to Chicago’s first community foundation for education.

“Barack Obama, elected by the Board of Directors as founding chairman and president of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (1995–1999), resigned as chairman and president in September 1999 to run as a candidate in the 2000 Democratic primary for the 1st Congressional District of Illinois, and was succeeded by Edward Bottum (1999–2001).” (Wikipedia)

The progressives‘ stranglehold on public education is where it lives, breathes and builds for the future.  Nothing is as vital to them as control of young minds.

Meanwhile, in a world that has gone bottom up, top down and inside out, finding others of like mind is essential to the survival of the American patriot.

If Common Core has its way the day will come when the parents of children indoctrinated by this hideous UN program will face a heartless, impossible to change new enemy: their own children.

Source: http://www.canadafreepress.com
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