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Liberal Lamar Video: Not the “Conservative” you think he is

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Liberal Lamar Video:  Not the “Conservative” you think he is

I am not going to comment…….much! 

The video speaks volumes and must be passed around to your friends and groups!

Liberal Lamar Alexander is a left wing liberal with connections to alliances that would make the most staunch Democrat look like a right winger! 

Watch this stunning video! 

Take the time to watch it and absorb the content. You will clearly see that Liberal Lamar is not a friend of the people! 

He is not one of us in his little plaid shirt walking across the state looking for a vote! 

He is clearly a DC insider with enough people, PACS and special interest groups in his pocket to make his pants fall down!

Please watch and share! 

There will be news shared with you real soon about his replacement. A vetting process is in progress for Liberal Lamars replacement! 

Stay tuned!

We have to change the minds of the people who see him in a different light. 

Liberal Lamar is NOT a conservative and we need alot of people to know that!

Watch and share! Please!


Common Core showdown in Nashville with TN Senate Education Committee, support requested

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Common Core showdown in Nashville with TN Senate Education Committee, support requested

TNACC-TENNESSEE AGAINST COMMON CORE is reaching out to the citizens of this great state to assist with the cost of bringing experts to Nashville TN to testify before a select Senate Education Committee on September 19th and 20th, 2013.

Please donate to this worthy cause. Also, gather your friends, students, parents etc. Take the morning off and plan to wear your red shirt and see history in the making. 

We must stop Common Core in TN! This takeover of our educational system by the federal government is a huge mistake and our children will pay dearly for this mistake.

Pack you cars, send this out to your groups and dig deep into your pockets. This is a huge opportunity to show our support for TNACC and the opportunity to stand united with other concerned citizens to Stop Common Core once and for all!



On September 20, 2013 we will have 7 expert panelists speaking on behalf of parents and children of Tennessee against Common Core.  The expense to bring these speakers to Tennessee will not be covered by the state of Tennessee.  

We are reaching out to the public for donations to help cover the expenses for our experts.  

Not all our panelists are from outside the state but those that live outside of Tennessee will require transportation, room and meals.  

Any donation no matter how small will be greatly appreciated and used strictly to cover travel, room and board expenses for our quests.

If you wish to make a donation please send a check to:

Karen Bracken
231 Bob White Dr.
Ocoee, TN 37361

Make check payable to:  William A. Bracken, CPA 

If you plan to attend the hearings, please meet at the TN State Capitol in Room 12 of the Legislative Plaza in Nashville on the following dates. (The meetings will be held in the same room, unless otherwise announced)

Sept. 19, 2013 
1:00pm Central 
Reading of the Common Core standards.

Sept. 20, 2013
9:00am Central
Expert panelist testimony

There will be  7 panelist in support of Common Core and 7 panelists opposing Common Core.

We are asking that everyone that attends wear a red shirt (not required) and have a self made sticker on your right chest with the logo STOP COMMON CORE clearly inscribed, so you can be quickly identified in support of stopping CC in our schools.

If you buy a package of stickers from Staples or somewhere similar, please make up some extras and bring them with you to share with others. You can print them from your printer or just hand write them.


Register on our FACEBOOK EVENT Page  https://www.facebook.com/events/1396364123919579/

Copyright © 2013 Tennessee Against Common Core, All rights reserved.

BCN addition: To learn more about this Committee please read the following links!





Common Core Lesson Plans: A call to Jihad, Converting to Islam, 5 Pillars of Islam, submitting to the Will of Allah

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Common Core Lesson Plans: A call to Jihad, Converting to Islam, 5 Pillars of Islam, submitting to the Will of Allah

5 pillars of Islam, submission to the will of Allah, A call to Jihad, Converting to Islam, what is Islam? Overview of the Koran and Sharia Law, Islam and the US; hate crimes and hope, spirit of Islam,  root causes of muslim anger with the west, Muslims creating huge empire on 3 continents.

Sounds like the start of a novel or the beginning of a sci fi movie or perhaps the government uncovering a terror plot with the discovery of manuals to carry it out. No! 

What you just read above are lesson plans designed by Lesson Planet for teachers in your public schools in the United States based on Common Core standards as part of the infamous Race To The Top.

Lesson Planet boasts that 400,000 teachers use their plans in their classrooms everyday.

These lesson plans are being followed and designed around Common Core guidelines inside our schools in Tennessee and in the majority of states across our country and our kids are being exposed daily to this brainwashing.

Common Core! The state led initiative to indoctrinate your child with the necessary tools to make them a “good citizen inside a global world.”

Implanted in this very devious scheme, some call nationalization of our school system, lies a Trojan horse that has many tentacles. 

The obvious takeover of our schools by an overreaching government, the dumbing down of our children to the lowest denominator, the ridding of local control of our schools and boards and the easing of our nation into the hands of Islam with Sharia Compliance as the law of our land. This package is wrapped neatly inside a dominant political system while the foundations of our country are being eroded and replaced and parents think our kids are learning the 3 Rs and their ABCs in our schools both public and private. Our kids are being led down a path by our schools that opens their minds to religious beliefs that should be left up to the church and their parents choosing of the most suitable and preferred belief system for their child.

Our kids, parents, teachers, school boards and Superintendents should be yelling Danger, Stranger Danger very loudly through the halls of our schools. Instead, we hear the gentle cry from the politically correct that we should be all encompassing, tolerant and willing to learn more about “other” religions. We should at least respect them and understand where they are coming from. Right?

Take a minute and read an excerpt from one our assigned Common Core textbooks. It’s pretty easy to see the propaganda and lies to protect one religion over another. 

This is creeping sharia ladies and gentlemen, this is also taqiyah. The deliberate lie to gain acceptance. 

This is the gentle yet massive push that the left and Islam need to complete the task of world dominance and they have found Common Core as the vehicle to do their dirty deed inside the US.

We no longer live securely in a world where we are wrapped up tight inside our own borders, devoid of any outside influence. The enemy is now within. The many faces of our enemy are now inside our own government, they are inside our schools, our country and the persuasive argument that they are also in our minds is in it’s infancy.

Look around you. Listen to the apathy as our nation is ripped to shreds by a concentrated band of evil doers dead set on destroying our country from the inside and the silence from the church and parents is deafening.

Mainstream media is an ineffective monstrosity no longer relied upon to notify it’s citizenry, churches are under attack,  religious leaders are tied and silent, our schools have been successfully re routed, prayer is out and humanism is in, religion and Christianity have taken serious blows, the forefathers have been vilified and the Constitution and it’s credibility are waning, the beginnings and foundation of our country is questioned and on and on.

This is deliberate. As I believe Abraham Lincoln once said       
“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” 

The enemy has a foothold on the conscience and will of our country. The citizenry is labeled a racist, a bigot, a hater, extremist and even a terrorist if you speak up or out against this coup of our country. It has taken many years and many battles to get here. The propagated system that is in place has raised one generation of children and is working on the next.

The softening and indoctrination of this generation of gullible minds will be the finishing touch that springs us into Socialism and situated within influential positions to perfect the transition.

The left, the communists or whatever you prefer have been working for years to complete this task and will be very successful unless more Americans speak up and speak up loudly.

We are at a critical tipping point. Attempt to talk to a child that has been inside the system, ask them a geography question, how to do their time tables, who is your Congressman etc. The answers will be very shocking and proof that something is astray. 

Why should we be tolerant of Common Core or Islam? Why should we tolerate indoctrination and it’s stronghold on our children and the next generation? Why should I be tolerant of a political system that wants Kafirs (you and I) dead if we don’t convert? Why should I be respectful of a society that sees you as the enemy but yet we need to make our children the tolerant and accepting ones. Why should I sit by idly as Jihad is sending many Americans home in a body bag half the man or woman they once were and bound to a wheelchair for the rest of their lives? Why must I be willing to accept and allow this “religion” where Sharia law dominates and women are less than whale dung? Why? Why does my child’s school feel it needs to be the moral compass for my child’s religious beliefs? Why am I as a parent frowned upon when I demand that my child skip the lessons where “other” religions are discussed?

America was founded on Judaeo Christian values. Our foundation is the 10 Commandments and our God, our savior, of whom millions believed  died on a cross and rose again. My god is not Allah nor Muhammed our messenger. My beliefs or your failure to believe as I do will not result in a sword across the back of my neck and why should I look the other way when my child is being taught Islam and that acceptance is mandatory to be successful inside a global arena?

Why in blue blazes should my child be  subjected to the negativity of “other” religions when my only goal and choice is to show them the love of Christ and not Allah. I could care less if they “understand and become tolerant” of a religion I personally disagree with as a path for which my child should follow. I do not want my child exposed to perhaps other harmful religions, there are things about “other” religions I don not want to think is the norm, to name a couple killing other for your cause and pedophilia. That should be enough, but sadly it isn’t!

Kids are confused enough as is and are trying to sort their way without the confusion of many religious influences in their young minds.

If you wanna teach Islam, Christianity or Buddhism to your child please feel free to do so. After all we live in America and part of living here is we have free choice and the liberties to do as we please inside the law of the land. My liberties are now being infringed upon because now I do not have a choice of what I want my child exposed to. Our school system has taken that right away!

Where did we go wrong when somehow we have relinquished our sovereignty and decision making capability over to a school system that is in the middle of a hostile yet willing takeover.

Backlash? I’m sure many that read this blog will go directly to the sewer and ask why are you and your staff not tolerant of other religions? 

Here is an example of a lesson plan from the standard “submitting to the will of Allah”  where you have replaced one God with another god. 

Whoever desires a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted of him, and he shall be among the losers in the hereafter. (3.85)

This is not hardly what I want my 12 year old to learn in middle school, she is trying as others to find herself inside a world that is not always seen clearly. Why add to this confusion? Why not allow the parents to subject that same child to the religious belief they desire, free of any other influence and let the schools get back to teaching the fundamentals of being a good student.

The left has drilled the school system for years, sued, complained and fought for “no religion, bible, pledge, prayers or 10 commandments” in our schools and now they are saying we should be tolerant and accepting of “all” religions? 

The same folks that wanted religion completely out of our schools are now demanding that Allah, Buddah and others be a part of our children’s curriculum. 

Uh uh! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it one more time. How can you not expect a backlash by many Americans when you are doing the exact thing today that you fought to eliminate over the last 40 years, what is good for the goose is good for the gander! 

You have brought the fight to us and regrettably successfully, don’t come whimpering for your religion to be accepted now that you have another agenda. It doesn’t work that way! Not in America! Our memories are not that short!

Common Core must be eliminated from our schools and the real foundations of our country reestablished and the new age foundation, the 5 pillars of Islam eliminated!

Tennessee Content Standards for Common Core curriculum.

More lesson plans with varying subjects.




A call to Jihad:

Submitting to the will of Allah:

Message to the black man, the Negro, don’t fear the white man, submit to Allah:

1st Grade Common core standard: What is Islam?

Common Core Standard: Overview of the Quran and Sharia Law:

Bradley County News surpasses 100,000 readers in 170 countries

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I am humbled by your support! From Canada, to Bahrain, Afghanistan to Kazakstan, to China to Nepal I thank you for your support. You keep reading and sharing I’ll keep creating the news that others will not report.

The news that is often left off the front pages are what we at Bradley County News strive to give to you.

You keep reading, I’ll keep sharing!

Have a great day!

Next goal, 200,000!!!

If you haven’t yet subscribed to this blog, please do so you can receive the news as few others report it.

Thanks again! Without your support I would just be a grumpy ole patriot looking for a way to vent.

I also enjoy your many comments! Keep interacting with me! We must talk about the issues and look for solutions to the ills of our country!

NY joins KY as Common Core test failures mount across the nation

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NY joins KY as Common Core test failures mount across the nation

Common Core Grade Report:

Kentucky- FAIL

New York- FAIL

Tennessee- Pending but expected to fail.

New York has now joined Kentucky this week in announcing the dismal failure of Common Core in their states.

The end of year assessment tests are in and it aint purdy!

New York reports only 31 percent are competent on assessment tests using Common Core as it’s standard. Some New York school districts have reported only a 5 percent competency rate. Similar scores for Kentucky. 

Dismal by all standards. If this were an domestic animal, my daddy would have taken it out in the woods and shot it…….in the head…….twice!!!

Conclusion and realization? Common Core aint working and it comes as no surprise to those that saw this coming. 

Common Core really is a hyped up mess, make up dripping down her face and looking for a prom date….and one heel broken and an ugly date.

Besides being a top down nationalization of our schools, it is mostly unproven and promotes equalization of all students by teaching down to the lowest denominator. Think about that for a moment. Dumbing down to the lowest denominator? Which child from your childhood comes to mind, never mind, it’s too visual right now, I’m about to go hug my higher than the standard child and hang on for dear life to prevent the slide backward. 

It is the dumbing down of our school system, our children.

It is the socialist model. 

Who would have thought that revamping math to an unrecognizable entity, shifting a focus to reading technical manuals instead of the literary masters while erasing multiple choice for essay answers would raise scores?

I surely didnt! 

Supporters of Common Core are saying it will take about 5 years to get it right and see tests improve. 5 years? 

A whole generation of students finish 8th grade and graduate before we get it right? 

In the meantime a student dumb as a box of rocks tries to get into college , can’t pass the exam, then gets a job where he can’t even read the men’s bathroom sign or fill out a job application or form a complete sentence.  What a nice trade we have brokered?

Parents and teachers should be sideways over this. This curriculum, ie new common core standards were implemented without a smidgen of shared information. 

A group of high paid politicians inside an NGO, Non Governmental Organization called NGA and an ultra liberal education think tank, CCSSO decided our schools need a new direction and they just do it without a bit of input from those receiving the golden wiener. 

Even our elected officials didn’t know what they were voting for. Our elected officials pulled the Nancy Pelosi look alike vote, vote for it then see what is in it.  

Our houses voted and had somewhat of an idea there was some new standards in there but got the message that it was business as usual for it was standards they have seen before. The exchange of 500 million dollars for their “yes” vote quickly closed the mouths of any objections. 

The vote for Race to the Top was signed and the standards were not even developed, yet they hurriedly went from John to prostitute and the transaction was complete. 

You would think at least a questionnaire for our teachers or parents to fill out would be in line before prostituting out our children to the highest bidder. 

Bureaucrats inside liberal think tanks take a bribe of 500 million dollars from Barrack Hussein Obama to overhaul Tennessee’s educational system and now we are the bend over lover that never gets formally introduced to mom and dad.

Teachers get the short end of this deal. They get bypassed for input into the new standards and as a bonus get told that if they say anything they will be living in a cardboard box across the street from the nearest retail business searching for food from inside the four walls of a dumpster.

The distrust of our teachers drives this program. Teachers are gonna get blamed for these bad test scores that dont even have the supporting teaching materials to accompany these new standards. After all, they are expensive and it will take a while to get them. God bless our teachers as we witness the walls colliding on them as Common Core sinks it’s fangs into their careers! 

So, when “the teacher” fails, their pay drops off and they are replaced by trained robots from DC or recycled through some dirty teacher washing machine and sent back to the front lines with day old drool from the left side of their face onto a snug bib around their neck.  

Teachers are not able to do what they know how to do. They are stuck teaching to a test that has no rules or established guidelines. 

When this failure happens across Tennessee and it will, the Feds will gobble up the bad schools, do away with school boards and local control and wallah, top down federalization of our schools under the stealthy hand of a Marxist from the White House.

Folks Common Core has never been tested! It has no template or precedence. It has not been tweaked, this is the first roll out. 

Even cars get their tires kicked and get a spin around the block before a price tag gets placed on the rear passenger window. 

Its being pushed by multi billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates who live high enough up in the hills to be starved of the necessary oxygen to make rational decisions. 

Their endless supply of do as I say grants are paving the way to this nightmare and the money they stand to make on the much needed software and supporting materials will give them enough ka ching well into the next millennium.

Where do we go when we hit bottom? When Tennessee like New York and Kentucky gets an F? 

What happens to a generation of children that missed out on a pretty good education and leaves for the workforce about two bricks shy of a full load? 

What about the students left in lower grades that now must survive in a post common core world where an educational system has been brought to ruins and forced to look for an alternative…again! 

We now have our second generation unable to count, read or place 3 blocks vertically in a row?Wow! 

What a price to pay for a revolution on education by DC elitist and promoted by those with less than lofty goals for our country. 

Then again, perhaps they did accomplish one goal. Failure and embarrassment for our country and a bunch of kids with hardly an education.

For now plant your feet, brace for the oncoming high speed train wreck. It’s speeding down the track and we know where it’s headed.

Talk to your elected leaders and let’s stop common core in it’s tracks!

Choo choo chooooooo!!!





Making the illegal, unconstitutional case against Common Core State Standards

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August 5, 2013 by Thais M. Alvarez

There is growing controversy over the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) throughout the United States.  Grassroots movements are springing up everywhere in an attempt to educate voters who have never heard of the CCSS, hoping that they will join the ranks of those fighting against the CCSS.  Political activists’ efforts have also sought to address and educate school board members and other elected officials, such as county commissioners, representatives, senators and governors of the dangers of CCSS.  The greater goal for these activists is to gain the political commitment of elected officials for the repudiation of the already (emphasis added) implemented CCSS.
At this juncture, one may ask why political activists have to educate voters, and more specially, elected officials.  The answer is simple: mainstream media, for the most part, has not reported on the CCSS.  Moreover, the federal government has conducted a stealth campaign and strong-armed the states into adopting the CCSS. 
In effect, if states do not adopt and implement the CCSS, they are ineligible for federal funding.  Federal funds, which are in essence the tax dollars of citizens, should not be used to bribe or to threaten states into taking certain action, especially when acceptance strips states of constitutionally protected rights.  Likewise, the federal government abuses its power by making the receipt of federal funding conditional on the adoption of federal policies, again, when those policies strip the states of constitutionally protected rights. 
At first glance, although uprooting the CCSS may seem like a daunting task, since it has already been implemented, it should not be challenging for the simple reason that the CCSS are illegal.  Once the states and all of their elected officials are made aware of this, they will realize that they have a duty to uphold the U.S. Constitution, as well as other federal, state and local laws.  Elected officials should be held accountable by U.S. taxpayers, if they fail to dismantle the CCSS program.  More specifically, elected officials should be held accountable for acquiescing into adopting illegal policy that will, in fact, waste billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars.  Elected officials should know better.    
This article makes the case against the Common Core State Standards. 
The Constitution of the United States
The U.S. Constitution is also referred to as the “Supreme Law of the Land”.  Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, which speaks to the powers vested in Congress, does not enumerate education as one of the powers vested in Congress.  Likewise, Article 2, which outlines the powers of the executive branch, or the president, does not assign to the position the authority to speak to matters of education.  Article III which speaks to the powers of the judicial branch does have the answer, well, at least in part.  Article III, which creates the judicial branch of the federal government provides that if there is a conflict or a question of law arising as to the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Supreme Court shall decide on the issue.  Since the U.S. Constitution is silent on the matter of education, the issue has been addressed and resolved by the U.S. Supreme Court, as explained below.[1]
The Supreme Court of the United States
In San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez (1973), the U.S. Supreme Court held that education “is not among the rights afforded explicit protection under our Federal Constitution.  Nor do we find any basis for saying it is implicitly so stated.”  This coupled with Article X, otherwise known as the 10th Amendment, of the Bill of Rights which provides that “powers not delegated to the U.S. by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States,” establishes that  the creation of education policies is reserved to the state and local governments.[2] 
The Constitution of the State of Florida
Consistent with the foregoing holding from the U.S. Supreme Court, Article IX of the Florida Constitution speaks to the matter of education. 
More specifically, Section 1(a) provides that education is “a paramount duty of the state to make adequate provisions for the education of all children residing within its borders.”  Section 4(b) further dictates that: “[A] school board shall operate, control and supervise all free public schools within the school district.”[3]   
Given the fact that local school board members are elected officials, it follows that the citizenry directly influences local educational policies through their power of the vote.
The Florida Statutes
The Florida Legislature is vested with the power to enact statutes to carry out the intent of the Florida Constitution.  To that end, Title 48 of the Florida Statutes provides for the Education Code which states as follows:
Public education is a cooperative function of the state and local educational authorities. The state retains responsibility for establishing a system of public education through laws, standards, and rules to assure efficient operation of a K-20 system of public education and adequate educational opportunities for all individuals. Local educational authorities have a duty to fully and faithfully comply with state laws, standards, and rules and to efficiently use the resources available to them to assist the state in allowing adequate educational opportunities.[4]
This should speak for itself, without the need to embellish.   
It happens all the time.  Judges make “bad law” from the bench when they apply or interpret the law incorrectly.  Likewise, uninformed or corrupt legislators propose bills that are enacted into laws that are either blatantly unconstitutional, or at the very least, serve as the impetus for governmental abuse.  The later is what has happened as it relates to the law of education as a result of the enactment of the three (3) federal education acts, as explained below. 
It could be argued that these laws are, in and of themselves, unconstitutional for the simple reason that they seek to control matters related to education.  And, as the foregoing legal analysis demonstrates, the state and local governments, not the federal government, should be involved in the matters related to education.  
Elementary and Secondary School Act of 1965 (ESEA)
With the stroke of a pen, in 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson, changed the extent to which the federal government would be involved in education.  At the time the law was enacted, during the Civil Rights Movement, the law was deemed necessary in that it would seek to address the issues of the time.  The law reads: 
Nothing in the Act shall be construed to authorize an officer or employees of the Federal Government to mandate, direct, or control a State, local educational agency, or school’s curriculum, program of instruction, or allocation of State and local resources, or mandate a State or any subdivision thereof to spend any funds or incur any costs not paid for under the Act.[5]
Department of Education Organization Act (DEOA)
This is the Act which created the Department of Education (DOE) in 1979.  At the time, many members of the U.S. Congress expressed their concerns over the creation of the DOE.  Today, many assert that the DOE should be abolished because, through the years, it has developed policies and programs that encroach on the constitutional rights that state and local governments have over matters of education.  The DOE has done this in violation of the letter of the law, as well as in disregard of its legislative history and intent.  
The DEOA provides that:
No provision of a program administered by the Secretary or by any other officer of the Department shall be construed to authorize the Secretary or any such officer to exercise any discretion, supervision, or control over the curriculum, program of instruction, administration, or personnel of any educational institution, school, or school system, over any accrediting agency or association, or over the selection or content of library resources, textbooks, or other instructional materials by any educational institution or school system, except to the extent authorized by law.[6] 

When analyzing any legal primary source, one would be remiss if one only reads the letter of the law.  That is, to fully understand the spirit of the law, one also needs to read the written commentaries or the legislative history that follows.  In the instant case, as it relates to the DEOA, in Finding 4 of the DEOA, Congress underscored that:
[I]n our Federal system, the primary public responsibility for education is reserved respectively to the States and the local school systems and other instrumentalities of the States.[7]

It should also be highlighted that Congress made its intentions clear when it said:
It is the intention of the Congress in the establishment of the Department to protect the rights of State and local governments and public and private educational institutions in the areas of educational policies and administration of programs and to strengthen and improve control of such governments and institutions over their own educational programs and policies.  The establishment of the Department of Education shall not increase the authority of the Federal Government over education or diminish the responsibility for education which is reserved to the State and local school systems and other instrumentalities of the States.[8]

A close reading of the ESEA and the DEOA juxtaposed with the CCSS, especially the implementation of the CCSS, make it clear that the federal government is in fact mandating, directing and controlling curriculum. 
Although proponents of the CCSS argue that the CCSS only impose “standards,” rather than “curriculum,” professionals in the field of education understand that curriculum is developed from standards, and therefore, to impose a certain set of standards, as the federal government is doing through the CCSS, is tantamount to also imposing curriculum.  Moreover, assessments are based on the curriculum which assess whether students achieve demonstrated proficiency of the CCSS standards.  Standards, curriculum and assessments are all intrinsically linked, such that, the effect is that they are all one and the same. 
To make the point take into account what the educational experts say:      
Dr. Greene has stated, “To make standards meaningful they have to be integrated with changes in the curriculum, assessment and pedagogy.”[9] 
The Federal Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, has also acknowledged the nexus between standards and curriculum when he stated that “curriculum can only be as good as the academic standards to which the assessments and curriculum are pegged.”[10]    
Thus, for the federal government and the proponents of the CCSS to conclude that the CCSS do not dictate curriculum and assessments, both of which the federal government is prohibited from doing, is to lie to the American people.  
General Education Provisions Act (GEPA)
Similar to the above-mentioned laws, GEPA provides:
No provision of any applicable program, shall be construed to authorize any department, agency, office or employee of the United States to exercise any direction, supervision, or control over the curriculum, program of instruction, administration, or personnel of any educational institution, school, or school system, or over the selection of library resources, textbooks, or other printed material by any educational institution or school system, or to require the assignment or transportation of students or teachers in order to overcome racial imbalance.[11]
In addition to the above-stated commentaries relating to curriculum, it is noteworthy to underscore that this Act goes a step further to limit the power of the federal government over the “selection of library resources, textbooks, or other printed material by any educational institution or school system.” 
This notwithstanding, the federal government has given two state consortia, Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers Consortium (PARCC) and SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC), $330 million dollars to begin the development of digital tools and libraries. 
To use their words, the two consortia have stated as follows:
PARCC has stated:
PARCC’s initial proposal calls for the development of a digital library of tools…the broader set of tools in the library will provide choices and supplemental materials (beyond the instructional units) for teachers to use.  The development of the library also will identify materials that can be used to inform the development of the instructional units or even become the instructional units, perhaps with minor modification.[12]
SBAC, also provides that it will:
[D]evelop curriculum materials…contract with professional organizations, universities and non-profit groups…to adapt their curriculum materials to SBAC specifications to upload to the digital library.[13]
The stated intentions of both consortia juxtaposed with GEPA clearly violate the letter of the law.  There is no need for further analysis.     
Case Closed:  Common Core State Standards is Illegal
In light of Part I, one questions why there was ever a need for Part II.  After all, Part I speaks for itself in that the federal government should not be involved in matters as they relate to education.  Even the federal statutes, explained in Part II, confirm that.  The Acts’ language is superfluous and their enactment arbitrary.        
As stated above, it should not come as a surprise for the reader to learn that at the time Congress set out to enact the DEOA there were numerous members of Congress who objected to its enactment.  These Congressional leaders, in their infinite wisdom, could anticipate and foresee what is happening today with the implementation of the CCSS when they stated their objections to the enactment of the DEOA andthe consequent creation of the DOE.  They accurately predicted:
If we create this Department, more educational [decision-making] as to course content, textbook content, and curriculum will be made in Washington at the expense of local diversity.  The tentacles will be stronger and reach further.  The Department of Education will end up being the Nation’s super [school board].[14]
Almost a quarter of a century after those words were memorialized, their prophetic nature becomes apparent.  The tentacles of the DOE are infringing on local diversity, such that it is now acting as a national school board.  To that end, not a single local school board in the nation had an opportunity nor the intention to place the issue of whether “the” local shareholders approved of the CCSS before them. 
But, fret not, we, the people, are here.  We are here to send a clear message to the local school boards across the nation objecting to this insidious, subversive and stealth campaign, otherwise known as the Common Core “State” Standards.
It should be pointed out that the title, Common Core “State” Standards, begs the question:  Why is the word “State” part of the title when the states had nothing to do with their creation or development?    
The more pressing question, however, is:  Will elected officials heed to the voices of, we the people, and uphold the sanctity of this Constitutional Republic, remembering that the source of their power was granted to them by, we, the people?
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Tennessee: 5 pillars of Islam replace 10 Commandments in public school, tolerance reigns supreme

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Tennessee: 5 pillars of Islam replace 10 Commandments in public school, tolerance reigns supreme

Springfield High School didn’t miss an opportunity to display and essentially express their desire to show their tolerance for an ever growing diverse community at a recent open house for parents and returning public school children.

On display on the freshmen hall wall of the Robertson County TN school, the 5 Pillars of Islam were pasted “up and down” the hallway proclaiming the “rules” to be a good student of Islam, much in the way the 10 Commandments direct Christians.

Photo of one of many posters observed in hallway of Springfield High School in Robertson County, TN.


The 5 Pillars were youthfully drawn onto a white cardboard canvas complete with definition and meanings of the 5 pillars of Islam. Interestingly enough the 5 Pillars contained what is often considered the 6th Pillar called Jihad and was missing Zakat,Charity or the tithing pillar which most religions consider very important, more so than Jihad or Holy War.

I was informed of this display from a very concerned parent who sent me a picture of the “poster” displaying the 5 Pillars and said they were all over the place and was very concerned that one “religious” set of rules had been tolerated and posted on school walls and one was not.

The only problem, to date, is the 5 Pillars stayed and the 10 Commandments came down.

The Jihad reference is a very strong one as many believe it along with Zakat or charity is helping fund many of the terroristic attacks around the world against Christians and believers of Christ. 

Simply put, Jihad is war against the non believers, the kafir, you and me, and promotes death as a certain end if you fail to convert to Islam. And our schools and leftist groups are not saying a word and allowing this to be promoted in our TN public schools.

It is evident that the only religion allowed to express their religion and political clout in public schools are the Muslims and the teachings of Islam.

This is indoctrination through prostelyzation to the Kafirs, our children. 

If they can have this type of access to our children all or none should be able to do the same.

Allowing one religion to be promoted in our public schools and not any others shows a deliberate bias and deliberate attempt to make one religious concept acceptable over another. 

A certain hypocrisy is displayed and begs for at least questions to be asked as to why this has been allowed in these “politically correct” times and what is their motivation?

It is extremely obvious that while one  side is attacking the foundations of Christ, it is allowing and ignoring “other” representation of religious display. 

As seen in the references provided below there are mutliple attempts, successfully I may add, by the extreme left to squash the display of any Christian literature or  historical foundational documents from our rich national heritage. Religious display other than Christian seems to be acceptable in our public schools.

The cry for tolerance of all religions is quickly being discovered to be a push for preference while softening or eliminating the evangelical voice in our state and nation.

At what point does it become acceptable to condemn one religion and all it’s tenets for the promotion of another. Where is the outrage by Christians on this subject who have been silenced and their beliefs replaced with the 5 Pillars of Islam.

The driving force behind acceptance comes when the cry for tolerance becomes intolerance and vica versa. As one wise person has said before, “what is good for the goose, is good for the gander!”

How does this foundation of Islam get to be displayed and the foundation of the Christian faith, the 10 Commandments get attacked and ordered removed by numerous lawsuits forcing their removal. 

I believe school leaders and teachers are joining the PC crowd so as not to offend, unless of course you are Christian.

Meanwhile, the 5 Pillars of Islam doesn’t even raise a bleep on the radar screen of  the ultra liberal groups like the ACLU and The Freedom From Religion Foundation crying for their removal, not a word. 

These same groups, at the drop of a hat repeat the mantra that our school or public institutions must be free from religion and influence of the church. “We must separate Church and State”, yet remain silent when Islam or others push for the same.

Its obvious to me this movement is not about separating Church and State and freedom from religion, it’s about removing God from our schools and dismantling the Christian movement. This effort by the left is and always has been about that. It is now being revealed.

 If the measuring stick was religious influence on our children the leftist and the mainstream media would have made a bee line toward removing the 5 Pillars of Islam from our public schools just as they have the 10 commandments. But it is not, and will not!

To me, the first pillar of Shahadah, there is no god but Allah and Muhammed was his messenger is the most powerful “religious” statement that is going unchallenged. To ignore the call for Jihad in the hallways of our TN public schools should not be tolerated in any civilized setting. 

These terroristic expressions of faith and duty by Islam should be condemned by all, including the Robertson County school board, Springfield High School Principal, parents, churches, congregations and teachers inside the system.

Religious freedom, if you believe it, should be applied here in great force to any god or religion! Right?

Showing bias toward one religion and not another shows hypocrisy with a good heap of partiality for one “religion” over another severely weakens their argument that religion should not be in our school system. So, the logical solution and I’m playing the devils advocate, its all or nothing. 

In case you have never seen or reviewed the pillars, here they are. This is what is being displayed in our public schools in TN as proven by many photos taken of their display and parents statements of kids inside this school system.

The 5 pillars of Islam:

1. The Shahadah
A statement of belief: I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and I further testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

2. Salah
Compulsory prayers that are performed five times a day.

3. Zakat
The practice of giving, based on accumulated wealth, and is obligatory for all Muslims who can afford it.

4. Saum
Fasting during the month of Ramadan.

5. Hajj
Make pilgrimage during the Islamic month of Dzul Hijjah in the city of Mecca once in a lifetime for those who are physically and financially able to perform it.

6. Jihad
Islamic campaign against nonbelievers:a campaign waged by Muslims in defense of the Islamic faith against people, organizations, or countries regarded as hostile to Islam

Wanna see the disparity and obvious  hypocrisy?

Please glance at these articles below then look at the “flip side” and see the counter offer by the left to drive the teachings of Islam mainstream in our public schools and the lefts silence and lack of resistance to this religious display.

A note worthy of mentioning is in my exhaustive research I found no item or lawsuit by the ACLU or FFRF demanding that the 5 Pillars of Islam be removed from any venue. I did find many supporting and even large corporations promoting their display.

The hypocrisy and one sided approach to “freedom from religion” is very intriguing. 

To contact Robertson County School board:

Robertson County School Board Email list:

allan.heard@rcstn.net, stoney.crockett@rcstn.net, jeff.white@rcstn.net, jerry.converse@rcstn.net, lyle.payne@rcstn.net, connie.hogan@rcstn.net

Springfield High School website:


ACLU demands Rutherford County TN Courthouse remove 10 Commandments!

10 Commandments removed from Fentress County TN School system.

TN revisits law suits over 10 Commandments!

Let’s cut the 10 Commandments down to six!

ACLU demands public schools not display 10 Commandments!

FFRF-Freedom From Religion Foundation demands Oklahoma schools take down 10 Commandments.

FFRF demands Pennsylvania Schools take down 10 Commandments.

Atheist demands North Carolina town to remove 10 commandments.

10 Commandments removed from Jamestown school!


North Hampton Middle School adds 5 Pillars of Islam to library!

School for Champions adds 5 Pillars of Islam.

Crayola school supply provides instruction in how to make and display the 5 Pillars of Islam at your school.

5 Pillars of Islam for school children.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art displays 5 Pillars of Islam.

Dallas Fort Worth school system models school organization on 5 Pillars of Islam.

School supply company boasts 5 Pillars of Islam in 150,000 schools worldwide.

E-How instructions on how to hang 5 Pillars of Islam in your school.

ACLU defends 5 Pillars of Islam stating by limiting their beliefs cuts down on charitable donations.

5 Pillars of  Islam being taught in public schools.

Obama told to “shove” his Jobs plan, Tennesseans rally around Editor fired for saying so

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Obama told to “shove” his Jobs plan, Tennesseans rally around Editor fired for saying so

As you may know, our friend and strong 1st Amendment advocate and practitioner Drew Johnson was fired from his Chattanooga Times Free Press Editor job last week for criticizing the President and his jobs plan. 

This plan is actually a new tax and should be condemned. The president prances into Chattanooga with a new tax, everyone cheers, the media clamors for a glimpse of him and by large drew no criticism except by Drew Johnson and he simply got fired for expressing his opinion in his  opinion piece! 

Ben Cunningham (Nashville Tea Party)  has started an Indiegogo campaign to let people contribute to the bonus he should have gotten from the paper instead of being fired.

He is within two weeks of his wedding, his birthday is this week and now he is jobless, he deserves much better.

Please consider giving $10 or $20 to show your support for someone who has the courage to live the First Amendment. Let’s stand and support those that are willing to stand up and pay the price for our liberties!


I believe he should be rewarded instead of being jobless two weeks before his wedding and birthday!

Here is a link to the campaign: http://igg.me/at/birthdaybonusfordrew/x/4250223

Also, please help by spreading the word by sending this link to your lists. 

Drew and our first Amendment deserves our support.

Drew Johnson is scheduled to speak to the Tea Party of Bradley County in Cleveland Tennessee, 3rd Tuesday of September, at the Bradley County Courthouse, 630 pm.

Common Core Estimated Costs per pupil for Bradley County and Tennessee

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Common Core Estimated Costs: Per pupil in Bradley County and across Tennessee

When someone speaks of introducing a “national” standard to drive a curriculum for use in every state in the US to include a total change of that system, two quick thoughts come to mind. First, the indoctrination of our children and secondly, th cost to me or the state I live in to implement.

Trying to find out the cost of Common core has been like trying to pull a bad tooth from a sleeping bear. 

Just the thought of trying to get “cost figures” from our elected and non-elected reps has proven to be quite a daunting and elusive task.

I have posed the question via email to several folks locally and have either not gotten an answer, totally ignored my question or have offered that it’s paid for by federal grants, no strings attached.

If one of these are truly your answer you are either oblivious or are trying to hide the cost fearing the publics backlash of such an expensive and unproven program.

It is pretty safe to assume that when I meet high resistance or avoidance of a question, there is a pretty good reason for it. Someone is trying to hide the facts.

Either way our schools get nationalized, our kids indoctrinated while the taxpayer gets duped once again.

I had to do a little research, which has now become one of my favorite pastimes and I had to look no further than the NGO, Non Governmental Organization, (a term first used by the UN in 1945, by the way) The NCSL, National Conference of State Legislators, where every legislator is an honorary member and their level of involvement on committees from there is an additional choice.

Jessica Mathews, a historian and Pulitzer Prize winner, once said this about NGOs  in Foreign Affairs in 1997:  “For all their strengths, NGOs are special interests. The best of them … often suffer from tunnel vision, judging every public act by how it affects their particular interest”. Since NGOs do have to worry about policy trade-offs, the overall impact of their cause might bring more harm to society.

No time has been wasted, as several of  our local reps have taken to the task of implementing Common Core in our communities and working quitely behind the scenes, seemingly trying to not look at the cost factor.

Take Todd Gardenhire,  Delores Gresham, Kevin Brooks (also an ALEC education committee member), Harry Brooks, Stacey Campfield for instance. They are deeply involved in this NGO (NCSL) and no one has barely heard of this organization. Again, a big opportunity for them to affect state policy, but very little oversight or accountability. Sources below:



Let’s cut to the chase and begin to see what this will potentially cost our state and our community.

Since no one has offered to relinquish the “Golden Budget” on their own, I found a nugget on the NCSL website, a presentation by Patrick Murphy in 2011, presumably to NCSL committee members, perhaps updated numbers are out there but I couldn’t find them.

Click to access PatrickMurphyPPT.pdf

In this presentation he touched on many issues that may affect the Common Core cost outcome to include the unknown, retooling teacher programs, technology infrastructure, staff training, staff reductions, changes in leadership, future market costs, costs not adjusted per state, existing costs and factors with no control like inflation or individual community adjustment costs for data, assessment and software upgrades.

From what I can gather and he has lumped the cost into three different paths, the business as usual approach (the most costly), Bare bones(mostly online) and a mix of the two (lowest cost). 

These approaches will be determined by the school districts approach using the technology provided and what upgrades may be needed to their present environment and their desire to spend the extra cash this program demands. 

The business as usual seems to take the lesser demand on the present infrastructure, this seems to be the least path of resistance, requiring the least change, yet the most expensive up front. So, we will use the business as usual model to form our costs to implement Common Core in our community, Bradley County.

In summary the gross costs per pupil in all states using the business as usual model will be about 289 dollars per child and 2,000 per teacher, I am assuming per year.

Lets take the number of kids in Cleveland/Bradley County: roughly 15,100. Using the numbers provided by NCSL above that’s a high end, business as usual, around 4.4 million add in fixed costs of 4 million  provided by NCSL and that’s around 8.4million.

With 15 ,100 students in Bradley County and a 17-18 students per teacher ratio that equates to about 888 teachers or let’s round to 900. 900 times 2,000 per teacher head and we have an additional  1.8 million in cost.

Combined teacher and student cost is estimated to be about 10.2 million for Bradley County. 

Now factor in all the Bill Gates computer software, training, upgrades, system parts and things that go whizz and you safely have another 2  to 3 million and around 13.2 million seems to be the implementation costs for Common Core. 

Tennessee has about 1 million students and that could equate to billions, I’ll let you do the math.

I am sure there will be people alot smarter than me look at the “numbers” I have provided and come up with another number and dispute my numbers. But you know what? I haven’t seen anyone else even attempt to take a stab at it but I bet I’m not too far off. And from your vantage point that’s the easy route to take.

I, too would attempt to hide these costs. Our community or state does not have this type of surplus. 132 million over 10 years. I feel my taxes going up as I peck away at the keyboard.

Look at the provided presentation and look at the numbers. Come to your own conclusion.

My conclusion;  I believe we need to talk with our elected leaders, look at the decisions they are making and take the needed steps to protect our children from this horrible set of standards that will dictate the curriculum. Thus leaving our teachers with no option other than to be a pawn of the federal government inside our sovereign state.

Other sources of info:




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