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Bradley County News surpasses 100,000 readers in 170 countries

In Uncategorized on August 14, 2013 at 8:53 AM

I am humbled by your support! From Canada, to Bahrain, Afghanistan to Kazakstan, to China to Nepal I thank you for your support. You keep reading and sharing I’ll keep creating the news that others will not report.

The news that is often left off the front pages are what we at Bradley County News strive to give to you.

You keep reading, I’ll keep sharing!

Have a great day!

Next goal, 200,000!!!

If you haven’t yet subscribed to this blog, please do so you can receive the news as few others report it.

Thanks again! Without your support I would just be a grumpy ole patriot looking for a way to vent.

I also enjoy your many comments! Keep interacting with me! We must talk about the issues and look for solutions to the ills of our country!

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