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Muslims killing Christians in record numbers as Americans take notice

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Muslims killing Christians in record numbers as Americans take notice

Recent headlines from several news sources:

“More than 95 percent of all suicide bombing attacks conducted worldwide are carried out by Muslims whether moderates or extremist. They all share a common goal.”


“Every single war or conflict since 9/11/2001 has been initiated or because of aggression by Muslims. Every war, every single one.”

“In the decade since 9/11, fatalities from terrorist attacks have increased by 195 per cent, incidents by 460 per cent and injuries by 224 per cent.”

“Five of the nations ranked least peaceful in the world by the Global Peace Index are Islamic countries.”

“105,000 Christians killed every year, nearly 400 per day are killed by Muslims.”

“More than 1 million Christians and non Muslims killed by Muslims since 9/11/ 2001.”

“260 million killed over many years.” Jihad has been constant and consistent and has one goal in mind. Either you commit to Islam or die.

“Thousands of Coptic Christians in Egypt are being killed by the Muslim Brotherhood today and placed in mass graves.”

60 plus Christians killed this month in Kenya, at a mall, many of the killers recruited from within the United States. A few news outlets have reported that all Muslims must leave the mall or die.

Many Americans are beginning to piece the puzzle together and look at the hard facts above.

Millions upon millions of Christians, Jews and non muslims are being killed daily. Who is doing this killing? You can see it? It’s not a mystery. Why are they doing it? Because it is commanded of them.

And yet we remain silent when our public schools take field trips to mosques, receive copies of the Koran but can’t find “the time” to go to a church. Then when pressure is applied by concerned parents, the schools spontaneously cancel any future trips to religious institutions and stand amazed, wandering why there is resistance to such a simple act of intended tolerance and acceptance.

We sit idly by as our kids are directed to make posters of the 5 pillars of Islam while the 10 Commandments are taken down never to return. We teach tolerance and acceptance for this religion that has no tolerance or acceptance of any kind to any religion outside Islam.

We live in a time when the NAACP, FFRF and other liberal organizations want Christianity to be nowhere near a school but do not budge when any other religions other than Christianity is pushed or prosteltyzed upon our children.

It is obvious this push to open our children’s minds to “all religions” is nothing short of making sure Christianity is the only religion that is not tolerated or accepted.

Parents and teachers want to portray Islam as the religion of peace inside our schools yet the tough reality that those same people we are for some reason protecting would gladly sever you carotids with a very sharp sword simply because you do not believe as they do.

We hurriedly implement Common Core with it’s “global feel” to every student, to every community in the nation while all around them this satanic activity is happening. Like driving a gas truck into a fire!

An environment where it is acceptable for our teachers to praise the “religion of peace” even as they kill 400 Christians a day?

We live in a time where we attempt to separate radical Islam from moderate Islam. While one lies about the other and one asks for forgiveness while either would slit your throat with the zeal of a hunter making his first big game kill!  Two vantage points with a shared dual ideology colliding on the same field of play.

While you attempt to rationalize all this info, remember the ones you protect under the banner of political correctness are the same savages that want you dead.

You are doing no one any favors by speaking up or out for these demonistic souls. While you are plotting to find a way to understand them, they are looking for a way to rid you from the face of this earth. Sheep to slaughter ?

We must speak up! Spread the word and remember Taqiyah is part of their trickery to get you to believe otherwise. 

Remember and its evident in their daily actions, these folks do not have your longevity in mind when they whisper your name and shout Allahu Akbar while the metallic scissoring of the sword lops your blood filled head into the dirt while your demise is sadly considered a victory!

  1. Read any one of Mark Gabriel’s books to learn Islam from a former Imam.
    Jesus and Mohhamed is especially good.


  2. While I no longer reside in Tennessee, I happened across your article on Gov. Haslam’s attempt to implement Sharia law onto your state and signed up to receive your work. You are spot on about these attacks on non-believing Moslems and it is becoming all to increasingly common in today’s world. We are in trouble. I awoke after 9/11, yet sadly, most Americans are still asleep.



  3. […] Terror Attacks in America List of Islamic terrorist attacks – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Muslims killing Christians in record numbers as Americans take notice | Bradley County News Just a few examples A uncivilized , Barbaric " religion" for uncivilized […]


  4. The Noble Qur’an is the correct translation. Its Isa & Musa & Harun & Jakub & Zekerijja & Dejvid & Ibrahim & Salih & Ismajil & Sulejman & Muhamed etc… *the blowers in knots – this Ajet is not translated correctly oh http://quran.com/… Merjema and not Mary. It is not Koran but instead Qur’an… Go to this website and type in Sunnah. Sunnah is not part of Islam but instead its Jews and Cristians and Ortox Hrishchans that attacked America on 9/11/01… George W. Bush thold Americans “Islam is a religion of peace. Terrorists took the religion Islam in vain…” Define words on http://google.com/… In truth there are 2 Osama Bin Laden’s – the one that was Shiia claimed responsability for 9/11/01 and america gave Presidental seat to that Shiia collective even though they are not Muslims but Roman Infiltrators presenting themselves as a group/sect of Muslims but in truth they the Shiia is all Vlah/Ortox Hrishchans – perverted infidels – self mutilating freaks – circumsision/mutilation/error/sihir/pharaohs hosted minions as in perverts that accepted error instead of guidance… Now their noses are off by much due to their perversion and thereby disbelief – their breasts and hearts and bellies manifest error and when they the Gipsys smile at you Humans they are manifesting craft/evil/sihir – they do not like Humans – they rape humans and wand rest of us to be ugly and evil and in error and to manifest error and to be sicklings like them and to recieve Jehenna instead of Jenna like them… Nah… My Lord is the Ever Pure One – Eternal and Absolute. God has His light around this planet – the blue light that can be seen during early morning and troughout the day before night… Allah/God – He has 99 the most beautiful names – An-Noor purified me last time I concluded the recitation of The Noble Qur’an. I defined every word and every simbol and checked the transliteration and copied every Ajet and pronaunced the prophets and messengers names in truth as they are pronaunced in arabic and I corrected this Qur’an and checked names of peoples and places and corrected everything in truth. My Creator and Sustainer is Allah. Allah is An-Noor – The Light and He Purified me. I am certain in faith of the Ahiret/Hereafter and my eyes never zone out and I am not deluded and I dont commit injustice and I am better than all of you in truth. My nose is that of a Human and thereby my skull is not deformed like the skulls of those that are a DNA altoration – Okey? We Humans did not invite you to start wars with us but we invited you to peace and purification – we were denied but why did you perverts attack us in Bosna and elsewhere – why did you send us your infiltrators – why do you sheyytans pretend to be Iman and thereby invent a new name to be called Hodza and you perverts claim to pray istihare but in truth you infidels are infiltrators that host scarred victims so you can exterminate them – and why do you lie to be teachers of Islam when it truth Allah is the best of teachers – why are there Shaiks and Efendija and Bula – why are your noses creeppy looking – why are you all perverts and when an individual comes for Jihad he is betrayed by Shaikh and Efendija and all of those infiltrators that are in truth Vlah/Ortox Hrishchans. There is no American or British English Quran that has been printed that is translated correctly – in truth it was translated in error and its a secterian Koran and Sunnah mentionings has been implemented before Surah 1 and after Surah 114 that contradict Qur’an but it is all those perverted ones who want to rape and exploit and betray and infiltrate and fore themselves and kill kids and old people. The Noble Qur’an and an Encyclopedia for a truthful recitation but I use Google instead. Type in Define: Deity… In Islam a human is to be purified by An-Noor first and that is it. He the human is an Iman/Imam and he will instruct his wife to recite in truth if she desires sexual relations – you can stay purified for a 100 years or more or you could go and delude yourself by watching pornography and then God takes His light and your radiance and thats it. Wrong yourself and it is your own problem. We are not crazed but you sheyytans are. Just because you pervert yourselves does not mean you cant correct yourself and repent and be pure and desire chastity. God desends the light onto a human who is repenting and crying for forgivness of sins that he is reminded of by default – God desends light around and a Melek is there to extract manifested sihir and to give to a humbly submissive human a gift that is from God. Melek replaces error with purity and then Allah/God puts His own light into the heart of a human that has submitted in truth. Certinty of the Ahiret/Hereafter is 100% and then you can conclude the rest of the Surahs in truth. Surah Al-Qadr explains something. Our Qur’an was brought down from Ruh by Melek Dzibril… Month of Ramadan – it is the only night that has blue light instead of dark… I am Musliman and Islam is a religion but as for your Cristianity – no – yours is a cult and not a religion and your text is manifest error and it is evil as a way. There is no Muhammed S.A.V.S. but only Muhammed the messenger and a prophet – there is no circumsizing of boys or girls – that infidelity is invented by pharaohs to practice sihir and to alter a human and to exploit him. Circumsision is in fact mutilation and you perverts that call your self believers never recited the Qur’an in truth and you have allowed vlah/Gipsy perverts to touch your boys and cut / mutilate them without right. In Africa there are Vlah/Gipsy Ortox whores that delude human females by doing something perverted to them but in truth they are sihirbaz who aflicts error by manifesting error and their Ortox/Gipsy petafils mutilate Muslim humans and the mothers of those girls are perverted much – later American Ortox perverts from the white house come to promote – STOP FGM – nah – to slay perverts is what Allah desires for his servants. This is Jihad and you are commanded to give 1/5th of war bounty for Allah and that means if you alone have 5 AK-47’s only 1 goes to people who are in need of it. This is pure – in few days I will recite The Noble Qur’an again on my new laptop – my God is Pure. I love Allah. I dont take my mother or my brother as allies or friends. My religion – I accepted it in truth.


  5. You freaks are not pure – I hame my independence here and smoke you Cracker cowards – I dont have to vote or vave your flag and as for republicans and democrats – I fack you in knowledge. Your democracy – die for it – I know its Ortox means of exploitation. Bosnia has not taken revenge on you Serb/Ortox petafil nation but the ones that are for Allah – they wont be part of Bosnias army but will strive for religion of Allah. Perhaps this would anger you that you are forbidden to protect petafils. YOU PERVERTS.


  6. If someone writes laws they are Ortox – they lie about being Muslim. They want to bring perversion and evil. Allah has pure examples and pure laws. You wronged yourselves. Muslims – in America you have the right to purchase firearms and if your babo and mama dont allow – they are traitors to Allah. They only want immediate but leave behind them a grave day. Go buy it – my Walther PPx 9mmx19 M1 was $420 and I got 2 16+1 rounds clims and a lock for the gun. WD40 is a oil for it. Press the button under the magazine and slide it opn – watch your eyes it is a spring that can be ejected far if you dont use both hands. Advanced Auto Parts has a great corosive remover and you will need to spray the pin part and use cotton swab to clean that area. It corodes by default due to the gun being shaved ito that shape etc… Protect yourself from Ortox Crackers and Ortox Niggros and those that are perverted. Do not transgress but do kill them in self defence. A human can have his organs stolen by freaks like them. You are by law allowed to train your child how to shoot and operate weapons. You have this freedom here. If the COURT has not proclaimed you incompetent then you can buy weapons and explosives RPG heads and lunchers .50 BMG Sniper rifles like M107A1 ETC… African humans are super beautiful – I am not racist but Marthin Luther King was a sheytan – he spoke in error – he was not learned. He spoke manifest error – he is a traitor to Africans. Curse him. All you need is to be here for 180 days and you can buy millions of guns. Check the .gov website if it changed but still this 180 days is a direct infiltration by Ortox of my independence. I dont have to talk to officers at a random trafic stop check point. I call 911 on those Crackers. Dont call them crackers even if you recognise them as Vlah :). When you call 911 to get them fired ask for Internal Affairs and if they are clsed ask to be transferred to the white house or the pentagon and if that doesnt work then do hold paper and pencil and ask for his badge number and demand it because they are public servants and demand their ID and if not and even if yes write the DISTrict # and ask all of them for all of this information and if they fail to comply and laugh at you and host you thereby – laugh at them and say curse you infidels ha ha ha. Tell them they should comply if they were to know what is good for them. Its not a threat but desired compliance… You can have your gun on the front seat or wherever in the car if you dont have a concealed carry id. You can have your AK-47 in the car – I dont care – I absolutly love to witness stuff like that – I would want to jump jump in my seat saying laughing – Thank God! Mmhhwaahh. People from Velitka Kladusa are also Vlah infiltrators so if you are a human avoid them – they killed Muslim babies with Ortox Hrishchan Serbs etc… They are the disgraced perverted freaks. They only want to delude you and speak error and lies thords Islam religion. Check yourselves. Take two beans and look at the mirror and see if your nose resembles the opening in comparison with the beans and if not purify yourself you are a freaking sihir base – your feelings contain error and you are evil as a way.


  7. If a male/boy/man askes a female for her hand in marriage he has to get the permission of her family so Muslim do make sure to explain to your doughter that you want to SEE if he is a HUMAN or a error loving freak. If she is hosted in evil by that freak then slay him – he wants to breathe you out – he wants evil and if she was taken by Vehabi or Salafi or Sunni or Shiia infiltrators – begin Jihad on them – they mutilated your doughter and they are in truth killing your people. Sura 2 Ajet 2… Besim Korkut i A. Smajlovic but this A. Smajlovic is infiltration. Arabic Quran does not have Sunnah or text Mekka 7 Ajets under the title Al-Fatiha. Sura 2 Al-Bakkara has a Q instead of KK. Hitler killed billions of Muslims. He didnt kill Serbs. That was their crusade… Serbs are pharaohs imbreds. Those freaks in Saudi Arabia that have NAFTA are PHARAOS MINIONS. THEY KILL MUSLIMS. They exploit perception. Did you see their noses and beards. They are afraid of the Quran. They are not merciful but perverts that are Satin as in they love sin and perversion. Their perversion is their companion. There are no deamons from hell. Once a pervert is in Jehenna there is no way out. Jinn will never bother you – they cant. Strava is from Olovo but once converted by melting and placed in the bucket of water it becomes Uranium or heavy metal. It causes a radio active energy discharge / radiation that can kill over time. Throw that away in sourage. Its not radiated but it is like a magnet for a humam. RECITE THE NOBLE QURAN. ALLAH WILL COLLECT IT ALL. WHEN YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES YOU WILL PERCIEVE OF THE LIGHT THAT YOU CAN SEE AROUND THIS PLANET AS IN THE LIGHT OF THE 7TH LAYERED SKY AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SLEEP WITHOUT THORMENT… Mekka is not their country – okey? Stay oway from gipsys Muslims – if you betray Allah or your Human race you wronged yourself. If your husband married you and then he marries more and goes onto them – he is perverted. Do not alter what is in your body by default there. He can mary 4 more but only to do what Allah commands him. Allah does not command him but to give them Quran so An-Noor purifies them. He is not allowed to cut your vagina or to cut the flesh of a boy as a tradition to please God. Tradition? Religion? Crischan saying of commanding peace to be uppon someone? S.A.V.S… Allah forbids that. Those want to channel sihir onto your baby boy and baby girl. Do you not see how beautiful you human females are. Do you not see how ugly they are due to their evil. They needed a confirmation from Allah but in truth they didnt want it. As for you females that have earing holes – fffuuyy – error loving perverts. I will never want you. Take that earing and make your earing hole a wound and press HARD with two fingers – thumb and index and press until you hear a pop. Let it heal. You are also a whore looking one if you use makeup. You desire men to stare at you? How are you deluded? What do you manifest? Sex me or Sex me but hmmm No thanks? You facked your breasts and your tummy with error? You are a looser you pervert. How is this KGB/CIA/Roman Infidel/Vlah/Error manifesting freaks? Huh – I dont have to serve you Nazzi facks…


  8. Would you like to get *** for not allowing a comment that is in truth pure?


  9. You are evil as a way and not just that – treates are between two people so if we see that you are not to be trusted we throw your traty at you as in we throw it at you and there is no treaty… Curse your hearts and curse your eyes and curse your breasts infidels ha ha ha. Muslim – Musliman – we dont look alike. You are geneticly degraded. You would not understand the difference between paradise and heavens… Tsc tsc tsc… Everything you wrote here is a lie. You – non belivers attack us and invade us and if we dont attack you as retaliation you perverts attack yourselves and then you want to exterminate us humans. Read the following – we like to take revenge and your text doesnt delude us. I personaly took retribution on every freak that ever attacked me. Now I can walk by them and they wouldnt be capable of understanding that they attacked me at some point. Understand me clearly you altered freaks – we aint your creation and we do not want you as a god. We will always want freedom from your infiltration or we will ruin you when you come forth for agression. Muslim never attacked America – that was your infiltration. You have a creed which perverts you and harms the innocent. You dont know how to comunicate using the English language. You are a pervert – do recall who perverted you… It was illegal for you to force yourself onto others. Its simple – you as a sheyytan invade my country and a rightches leader will invade yours and slay everyone that wants to protect his criminals. this is logic and you dont understand that you are a bunch of thieves. If you kill my child – I will kill you and your child and then some more. Do you understand that you are not going to be ever dominant ove us. You unbelivers want to kill kids and mothers and then invent laws that protect you. Nah – brutal force is what you and yours deserve as lawful recompense. Turks – many are Vlah – they came to Bosna and raped their own Ortox and later we Muslims get killed and Serbs claim it is for what Turks did – nah – forget you all. We know how this infidelity of yours goes. Sheyytan always lies… You will perceive of much more bloodshed for what you unbelivers do to the innocent. My babo already took revenge – my babo killed your bretherine Serbs/Ortox… It is supposebly recognised by the world as self defence but in truth you hate it. Same scenario elsewhere – you attacked humans sheyytans – same recompense will be enforced – thats why you are not allowed to help foreign countries – the people know who is the wrongdoer. Quit writing trash – I am trying to watch sheyytans get massacred – I absolutely love rightchesnes. GRRHHRRGGHHH TPHHGHTH – FREAK – GO SPRINT AT THE PARK PERVERT – SWET OUT THAT YELLOW BROWN SWINE FAT PETAFILER WHORE.


  10. Quran alone… You better recognise.


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