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Breaking News: Haslam/Huffman coming to Cleveland Middle School to do Common Core damage control

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Breaking News:Haslam/Huffman coming to Cleveland Middle School to do Common Core damage control
Gov. Haslam started a very quiet state wide school visit starting today.  

He is going around to schools with Kevin Huffman and Gov. Bredesen to brag about the NAEP results and how wonderful we did.  

But does he divulge how POORLY we did on the NAEP-TMSS (TIMSS is the International testing group) results.  

We were 1 of just 6 states that did worse than previous years while 36 states improved.   

He is trying to make people think CC is working.  But CC was not fully implemented until this year and it is still not completely implemented.  He is doing CC damage control.
PLEASE PLEASE show up in Cleveland tomorrow.   Bring friends, kids, neighbors.  

I know this is short notice but like I said this has not been publicized.  

If you get a chance to speak ask him about the NAEP-TIMSS lined reports that came out two weeks ago showing TN one of only 6 states that declined in MATH results.  

So they only paint the picture they want you to see.
Cleveland Middle School
3635 Georgetown Rd.
Cleveland, TN
Haslam is scheduled to arrive at 11:55am and stay for 20 minutes.  I am sure he going to other schools but his office is not divulging information.  

Get there early and PLEASE bring REPEAL COMMON CORE signs.

A special thanks to Karen Bracken for this information:

Karen Bracken

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