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Barrack Obama may be the last sitting president of the US

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Barrack Obama may be the last sitting president of the US


I firmly believe that Barrack Hussein Obama could be our last sitting president.

This position has come with much thought and leaves the remote possibility that the non constitutionally led president could take the drastic step and declare or will himself to be president or King for life.

 I would not surprise me if he took the steps necessary to become the last sitting president, King Obama if you dare. He could use the following strategies to fulfill his inner lust for power. 1)  suspend election laws 2) create a crisis envoking martial law 3) pass legislation to make a third or fourth term possible 4) amend the Constitution in his favor, particularly the 22nd Amendment 5)  ignore the Constitution or the laws of the land and reinstate himself as president for another term 6) ask the UN to elevate his status to a world leader position with authority over the states. It could be that simple for him.

A King Obama or president for life is what I am eluding to. Why not? He has suspended immigration law, pushed a large healthcare tax upon us and bypassed Congress on several occasions leaving Congress irrelevant and meaningless. He obviously has no respect for Congress, the laws of the land or the Constitution. What would possibly keep him from that?

Before you get to busy saying it could never happen consider our fairly recent past. 

George Washington was against term limits and believed that if America wanted him for life they would vote him in to office for multiple terms. He did step down after two terms citing the stability of the country made him rest easy and convinced him his job was done.

Theodore Roosevelt flirted with a third term, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected to a third term and may have made a fourth term as president if his health had held up, leaving us with possibly a dictatorship.

Of course, all these were before the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution was ratified in 1951 which was created mainly because many were afraid that types like FDR may hang on forever and become a  life long resident of the White House. With this amendment all future presidents are sworn to no more than two terms only.

There was even a whisper of good ole Ronald Reagan being elected or appointed to a third term but that was squelched as the Constitution prevailed and that effort was squashed. Ronald Reagan was quoted as not liking the two term limit placed on presidents favoring the run till you get voted out mentality.

Bill Clinton said he didn’t like term limits and tried unsuccessfully to lobby for a third term and even resigned to saying “what is wrong with a president taking a little time off, then running again.

Obama has displayed his love of power early on in his presidential stint. For example, the sitting president held a chairmanship on the UN Security Council for a month in 2009, in essence making him King of the World for a month and very few even have knowledge of this or were aware. This step alone, in my mind paved the way for my train of thought.

From this high post, one of which could have fallen to a lesser person had Obama allowed it but he seized the opportunity as it presented and injected himself as a world leader, King of the World, if you please, if for only a month showing his lust for power, his actions showing his intent.

This move, this self appointed designation,  in typical Obama fashion, was unconstitutional and renders the Constitution irrelevant and ignored.

Article I, Section 9.
No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.

Foreign state in this occurrence being the United Nations which stands rough and ready to knock the United States off it’s sovereign block, it just needs a willing participant.

Congressman Trey Gowdy, in a committee recently questioned if the president had the capacity to suspend election laws for his own benefit? This is a very serious question and sends a ripple to the public that a president is in office as we speak who has the motivation to seek a third, fourth or permanent seat in the White House!  

Why are we holding committee meetings with Constitutional attorneys if their was not at least a hint of the president pursuing this avenue to stay in power. The powers that be are talking about it and it’s a real possibility. I believe Mr Gowdy is sending the first warning shot across the bow that this could be a possibility in 2016.

This ominous picture of the last president being Obama is a serious threat to our freedoms and liberties.

We are one manufactured crisis with  martial law being enforced from a dictatorship for an indefinite time. This president with his self appointed level of importance has the propensity to pull this off. He definitely has the capacity and the ego to think that the US needs him to be the KIng of the US and perhaps the world and it can’t possibly survive without him.

Mark my word! Obama very well could be staging the takeover of our country with a dictatorship and U feel martial law may be his preferred method. The writing is beginning to appear on the wall. The steps are leading up to the throne. I believe we are inching closer to that day.

Ask your self, what would keep him from doing this and do you think it is too far reaching for him to do this in light of the way he has acted the last 5 years. The obvious answer is nothing, not even Congress or the people will stand in his way .

After all the Department of Homeland Security, DHS, is definitely making preparations for something! An upheaval by the people, when this does happen, could be stopped mighty fast with a well armed preservation army such as the DHS. 

Hold on! The ride may get rough!

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