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Feds Shut Down Entire Police Department after Chief attends Constitutional Sherrifs event

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Feds Shut Down Entire Police Department after Chief attends Constitutional Sherrifs event

January 31, 2014
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Sherrif Shane Harger, of the Jemez New Mexico police department was placed on administrative leave and his entire police force dismantled within hours of returning home from a CSPOA, Constitutional Sherrifs and Peace Officers Association meeting in Las Vegas with 38 others.

Sherrif Richard Mack, founder of CSPOA has confirmed this story as true and definitely did happen.

On Sherrif Hargers way to the airport to board a plane to attend the CSPOA meeting he was questioned by TSA and told he was a “person of interest” thus the reason for the extra questions and requests for his papers.

He was then approached by a “federal agent”, assumed FBI but unknown at this time. The agent asked for his credentials and was told that he was being suspicious and that he gets paid to be suspicious of everyone.

Sherrif Harger was allowed to board the plane after being detained for 35 minutes and questioned and told the TSA and the Federal agent that he was on his way to attend the CSPOA event in Las Vegas. (The event was reportedly recorded and a petition has been filed to obtain the video)

On January 27th, 2014, Sherrif Harger returned home after attending the event.

The following morning, Harger was informed by Sheriff Douglas C. Wood of Sandoval County, New Mexico, that Harger was to dismantle the Jamez Springs Police Department and told to have his officers turn in their equipment.

Jemez, New Mexico Police Department is a small department and employs 10 or so full time, part time and reserve officers.

To date no other reasons for his dismissal has surfaced and one is left only to conclude that it was because he attended the CSPOA meeting just prior to his demise.

At a city Council meeting recently Sherrif Harger approached elected officials for answers. 

In the meeting, Harger was told by 2 council members that a phone call from the TSA and FBI was indeed made over concerns regarding him and his recent actions.

This event is unfolding as we speak and many details are being purposefully withheld and more details will surely surface as they are discovered. 

To date, I am awaiting further emails and details from Sherrif Richard Mack as they come from him.

Note: Our Bradley County Sherrif Jim Ruth and neighboring Hamilton County Sherrif Jim Hammond are both CSPOA Sherrif’s and have vowed to uphold the Constitution and oath they took while in their offices.

As more details surface, I will fshare.

What is CSPOA?

Read Here: http://www.usaprepares.com/government-corruption-2/tsa-harasses-shane-harger-constitutional-chief-of-police-usaprpepares-com-instructor-chief-and-entire-olice-department-wrongfully-fired

Interview with Sherrif Shane Harger confirming story via the Pete Santilli  Show!

  1. Police Chief Shane Harger had his name changed. His new name was on the travel
    documents. He had failed to update his name on his photo ID leading to
    the confusion and confrontation with TSA.

    The City Council of Jemez Springs met Jan 30, 2014 and decided to keep Harger employed.

    These news reports explains it:


    – Look before you leap!


    • Most interesting! But also provides that back story that is often left off the front pages. The reason this blog exists is for this reason. One thing is reported and details are often left out.

      Although this may explain why he was harassed at th airport it still does not exaun the decision to place him on admin leave, later lifted and his whole department dismantled. If your logic stands, a whole dept was dismantled because he changed his name 7 years ago because he possibly feared for his life and lost his whole dept. There may be even more to this story even yet! Thanks for the info, but it still tells me there may be more to this story. Looking before I leap!


    • They kept the Chief but you neglected to mention they did terminate his entire force.

      Be truthful before you trash!


      • At the of this writing, I wasn’t sure if they were terminated or absorbed in other departments. But dismantling, turning in guns and badges leads one to believe they were terminated. No trash all support for Harger and his force. Thanks for the info! Got more send it my way! Details are pretty scarce!


  2. Well there is one thing for sure! These people where ignorant of the truth! They where thinking of the “Constitution ” that our founding fathers gave us! It’s dead and has been since the “Act of 1871”. The ole US of A is a corporation now and has been since then! Don’t believe me research it yourself!! We have all lived a lie for 143 years!!


  3. It’s interesting how Chief Harger’s story kept changing as this story developed. First is was “They are persecuting me because of my politics”, then it was “There was not a 2nd ID”, only finally did the “I have two names” version come out. As a general rule it’s the guys who keeps “adjusting” his story, that doesn’t have integrity on his side of the events. And when he When he resorts to using begging conspiracy pundits like “(Govt Chem trails killed my calves) – Vince Finelli” to spread his version of event’s, that’s a really bad sign.


  4. […] Sherrifs event (They are going after everyone who is looking to support their rights.) http://bradleycountynews.WordPress.com/2014/01/31/feds-shut-down-entire-police-department-after-chie… ————– What is going on in Venezuela RIGHT NOW  (7 min video). Ask why the US mainstream […]


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