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Bradley County Commission votes NO to Common Core, Yarber gets decision 

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Bradley County Commission votes NO to Common Core, Yarber gets decision 

BCN Note: No one was actually hurt in the writing of this news blog. Humor was added to a very serious subject. The bout was fictional and fun, the details factual. My opinions are below based on my observations of the event as it unfolded.

0749 am

Bradley County TN Commissioners have echoed the efforts of the Bradley County School Board and said NO to Common Core.

Former semi-pro boxer County Commissioner Jeff Yarber, who long ago hung up his gloves, but Tuesday, took them off the shelf and delivered a show of might reminiscent of his days on the circuit.

He stood mighty tall in this setting and went the full 10 rounds and was left shuffling in his corner unscathed.

Throughout the meeting Yarber stepped up, squared up on his opponent, left hand slightly in front of the other, weaved left and right, steps in head low, chin down and delivered a barrage of thunderous blows that left the impression that Common Core is not welcome in our community in any form. Even some of his own debated him but were left in a heap on the canvas of this political arena.

As the debate continued, the formally trained athlete, was fully prepared to go the distance and he did.

The bout started with the introduction for approval of two bills getting cranked up in the House and Senate. 

A vote to back HB 2332 and its Senate companion bill SB 2405 was debated and Jeff Yarber was scrapping the whole time. He took a few jabs off his ample iron jaw while fending off blows to defeat support for these bills. The intent of these bills is to remove Common Core and it’s cronies from our children’s presence, period! The bills are not there so they can be tweaked, renamed or repackaged. They are to be REMOVED, DISCONTINUE! Period!!!

If passed, the House and Senate bills would amend Tennessee Code Annotated section 49-1-302 to say “on July 1, 2014, the state board and the department of education shall DISCONTINUE the use of the Common Core state standards in English language arts and mathematics.” 

At that time, the standards that had been in place before Common Core standards were first being implemented in 2010 “shall become the standards for use by LEAs [local education agencies] and schools until the state board develops and adopts new Tennessee specific standards for English language arts and mathematics.” 

With the final vote pending, just as the Bradley County School Board had done a couple of weeks ago, Yarber and the County Commission stepped up and knocked down the formidable Common Core opponent.

Our buddies on the education board said that Common Core “would be highly disruptive to student growth.” 

During this title match, It was also mentioned that changes like postponing of PARCC assessment tests and tying those scores to teacher licensure, student data collection and non parent or teacher involvement would not be in the best interest of our teachers and ultimately our children.

Let’s not forget the lightweight contender Michelle Rhee of Students First, the ex wife of Heavyweight TN Education Secretary Kevin Huffman and Bantam weight Bill Haslam appointee have advocated, by their support of Students First, for parents to get out of the way so Common Core can be delivered uninterrupted as stated  in past interviews with Rhee. 

How convenient would it be to get parents, teachers, school boards and elected officials out of the way so the deed can be completed. Sounds like a win-win scenario if you ask me.

Like any good story or bout in this case there is always the spoiler. Today that is twofold. Commissioner Jeff Morelock and Bill Winters are once again those wet noodle types among mighty oaks. 

Morelock expressed his understanding of the school board’s resolution was that the board was in favor of the standards as a whole, but some changes needed to be made to them. Did he read the same resolution I did? I dont believe he read the same resolution!  He continued with his drivel of liberalism and said “there were some necessary changes, doing away with the standards would not help.”

Commissioner Bill Winters, Morelocks liberal Co Co buddy chimed in. Remember Yarber is bouncing around doing the rope a dope waiting to be engaged. I know it’s suspenseful but keep reading.

Commissioner Bill Winters said he “had a problem with the fact the Commission’s resolution supported repealing the state standards.”

He sluggishly continued and said ” he would not vote to repeal Common Core because the standards being removed would “tie the hands” of the legislators working to fix the parts of the standards that were not working well.” Hello Bill? The consensus, bills and resolutions are to get rid of it, to DISCONTINUE them, not fix them! Focus! Please allow me to enlighten you in a little constitutional secret. You as an elected official are the voice of the people, you have the authority to limit government intrusion at any level, thus balancing the power! You are a microcosm of the bigger picture Bill! You can do this!

In addition, Winters went on to say he “did not think the vote would be in line with what the local school board wanted.” Really Bill? Once again and please allow me to reiterate, the vote today is to DISCONTINUE the Common Core standards, not fix or tweak them. The vote today! The one before you now! A liberal slant is not the seal of approval and doesnt change the fact that you are voting in a few minutes to DISCONTINUE the standards not fix or tweak them. 

He went on to zap out all the remaining energy out of the room room finishing his monologue “The school board did not ask us to repeal this,” Winters said. He finally gathered enough liberal strength to say “the standards “could be worked for the good of the schools.” Ooooh Yawn, please wake me Jeff Yarber.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION, In the red corner, hailing from Clevegas TN, weighing in at probably a different weight from his previous days, lets here it for the one, the only, the scrapper, the commissioner of all commissioners, a Commissioner every one wants to be………..Jefffffffffff Yarrrrrrrrber! ARE……. YOU……..READY……. TO RUUUUUUUUUUUMBLE?

Commissioner Jeff Yarber relying on strength and momentum from his youth, meets gloves in the middle, and lands the first punch countering  “I am  in favor of Tennessee scrapping the Common Core standards altogether and creating new standards to replace them.” Kaaaa Pooooow!

Side step, 1-2 punch amongst a flurry of undercuts he continues “this means local education would not be “tied in with” the federal government. Yes! Morelock and Winters are punch drunk but not relenting.

Winters and  Morelock countered with a few soft jabs none phasing the Yarber. Yarber counters with a flurry, “Common Core is the problem, and we can do it better!!!!”

The crowd on their feet, Winters and Morelock on their heels, to the mat. Dazzled by the display of skill and precision of this prize fighter reborn, the ref steps in with the 10 count, 1-2-3… 

Commissioner Adam Lowe steps into the ring to finish off the opponent.

The atmosphere now has changed from a prize fight to a tag team WWF wrestling match, please allow the setting to morph in your mind.

A more cautious Lowe yet equally as effective mounts the ropes and from the top rope with bare chest, tight spandex shorts he shouts….. “the state bills in question were “simple” and “straightforward,” though he was not totally certain they were “a step in the right direction.”  The frenzied crowd yells “Deliver the fatal blow Adam! Jump down and deliver the fatal blow. The cautious approach allowed Yarber to suffer a few minor blows to his seasoned jawline but unable to daze him. Lowe is a thinker! He is contemplating his next move.

Lowe balancing on the top row, chest bare, pecs glistening continues….he believes “one of the problems the field of education has been facing has been the attention paid to reforming standards rather than actual teaching methods because “standards don’t have feelings.” “We continue to try to teacher-proof the classroom,” he said.  The standards dont have feelings!” Beautiful. Great skill from such a gifted orator, give the appearence that the standards are a living breathing set of standards. Im loving this approach. The crowd sinks back to it’s seats as Lowe steps down from the top rope.

Nice assist Commissioner Lowe, we need you in Yarbers corner, he needs water and some vasoline on his left eye.

Commissioner Caywood receives the tag from Lowe!

Commissioner Terry Caywood, a little long in the tooth, but still with the vigor and stamina of the young bucs weighs in.. 

Caywood cautiously enters the ring very aware of the mood in the room, the roar of the crowd, he becomes invigorated, picks up Bill Winters and begins to spin him around the ring tossing him into Morelock, like a bowling pin they both fall and he grabs the mike and begins to shout  ” I have spoken with a teacher who said Common Core standards “took all the fun out of teaching.” Take that and put it in your pipe and smoke it, I Imagined Caywood saying that last part. The part he is playing in my mind is quite the opposite, he is really a kind gentle christian man unwilling to engage his peers this way.

And from back of the room, much like Ralphie, from the Christmas Story engaging Scut Farkus and Grover Dill in a fight that won Ralphie some respect in the neighborhood, Commissioner Mel Griffith tags in and says he was “very supportive” of the standards’ goals, but they were not being implemented well.” That splatted onto the mat like an overhydrated cow patty. 

Has he been listening to Morelock and Winters?  Somehow, are we blaming this on the teachers now? Anyway, he tried to punch but couldn’t allow the standards to be done away with, Ralphie is retired quickly.

With the fighting done and the warrior weary State Representative Kevin Brooks steps into the ring with his shiny suit, crisp red tie, neatly tucked, half windsor perhaps, hair motif perfectly aligned and undisturbed, he bounces up uncharacteristically and says “the bills would have the state completely scrapping the current standards, meaning it would “throw out the baby, the bathwater — all of it.” Was that an apology? Or did he see his baby (Common Core) just get tossed out with the bath water? Mr Brooks, the baby (Common Core) and the bath water (the standards) are what we want gone! It’s ok! It’s not a real baby.

He continued, “Instead of completely repealing Common Core, he said he was in favor of making “incremental” changes to the standards and changing the name to reflect those changes.” It is pretty clear that the message being sent is not being absorbed. Our elected bodies are saying NO to Common Core, not parts, not increments, ALL OF IT! To DISCONTINUE IT! Not tweak, rename or repackage the standards!

Question to Mr Brooks? If Common Core is fully repealed does this mean he returns his campaigns number one donor Michelle Rhee and Students First campaign donations? It’s a legit question that needs answering.

Few have worked as hard as Representative Kevin Brooks to
bring RTTT and Common Core to Bradley County. Ok, now I’m getting sweaty from that flurry of punches. Jeff Yarber I need a tag out.

Brooks continues “I have been asked what is the most-debated topic in Nashville right now,” Brooks said. “It is Common Core. (Because parents, teachers and school boards are mad and don’t want it) There’s nothing in me that wants to lower our standard, but the name……the brand……is broken.” 

Ok, do we tweak it and change the name? Florida and other states are doing this also. It does not change the facts. If it walks and talks like a duck? It’s a duck!

Ok let’s pretend this epic battle is coming to an end and my children are safely out of reach of a few of our commissioners for the time being.

The 14-member Commission passed the resolution sponsored by the ex prize fighter Jeff Yarber supporting the state bills with nine in favor, four opposed and one absent. 

Yarber has completed the bout and by KO, he chalks up another win.

Wait! There was one more breath of life left in the two on the mat. In one final expression of defiance his eyes slightly swollen, Bill Winters tarries to center ring facing Yarber and 8 other Commissioners and whispers, “I propose a substitute motion to pass a resolution simply saying the Commission supported the school board’s resolution and not mentioning the proposed state bills.” And he collapses to the mat. That motion failed!

Known as an observer and more of a ring manager Commissioner Mark Hall countered with his own motion right before the event concluded, he quips “lets have a work session to be discussed further,” As if to be saying, in other words let me delay this vote so I can find out what this Common Core thingy is. The motion failed! Several Commissioners reminded him this matter had already been discussed in previous meetings.

Enters Dan Rawls posing as the clean up crew, while lifting chairs, kicking aside popcorn boxes and candy wrappers, shouting from the observation deck, crowd dispersing around him he shouts “the passage of this resolution was “brave, calling it “a big vote.” 

The big victor tonight was Commissioner Jeff Yarber and the kids of our county. He stepped up for the teachers, Students, parents all over the county. 

Lowe deserves an assist. 

Yarber stands tall after this bout, the victor.

When all was said and done the County Commission as our elected representatives did what they needed to do.

In a big way, standing in the gap for the kids, parents and teachers who have been left out of the process but are now speaking up and winning small battles to regain our educational system from the hands of the federal government./

Source of quotes: Cleveland Daily Banner. Please continue to read this fine paper and buy it daily, they get paid to deliver the news, I report for free!


Dear Senator Tracy, voting NO against status quo is a good thing in 4th District

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Dear Senator Tracy, voting NO against status quo is a good thing in 4th District

0634 am

Tn State Senator Jim Tracy was recently quoted belittling Congressman Scott Dejarais’ voting record  saying “As I’m traveling around 16 counties in the 4th District, people are tired of somebody just voting ‘NO’ all the time.” 

Hello? McFly? Mr Tracy? Are you sleeping under a rock? We want someone voting NO in DC. Geesh!

In today’s world of liberal progressives, Republican elitists and RINOs all sounding alike it is truly refreshing to see someone vote against the grain and cast a NO vote on occasion. We dont want a political puppet parroting Obamas every move.

Congressman Dejarlais has quite a respectable, conservative reputation for being a man among a bunch of liberal progressive boys in DC.

He frequently votes no on several mainstream items such as the last budget bill that severely cut veterans benefits, improved illegal immigrant benefits and took away some of our second amendment freedoms.

He also voted NO to the Monsanto Protection Act provision that called for unlabeling GMO, Genetically Modified Organisms. 

Perhaps he was referring to the budget cuts or voting NO to fund Obamacare. 

He voted NO because he ignored Nancy Pelosi types and read the bill before voting. This creates an environment for a NO vote, Mr Tracy.

What YES votes would Mr Tracy vote for if he doesnt like NO votes? The ones mentioned above? I’m afraid we know this answer. Why would anyone in the 4th District vote YES to anything on Obama, Reid or Pelosi’s liberal agenda? 

Does Tracy really think attacking an incumbent candidate that votes NO when appropriate, against Obamas liberal left agenda, would really score him points or votes in this case, in the 4th?

State Senator Tracy, take a seat buddy! There is a real man at the congressional wheel in DC. You are way out of touch with the 4th if you think  NO is a bad thing. Bow out of this race please, its embarrassing. There are plenty of YES men in Washington, D.C. already!

We like his NO votes and are sending Dejarlais back to DC. 

From the office of Congressman Dejarlais:

Dear Bradley County News,

In a recent interview with the Murfreesboro Post my opponent in this race stated, “As I’m traveling around 16 counties in the 4th District, people are tired of somebody just voting ‘no’ all the time.” 

This is not the first time state Senator Jim Tracy has made this statement attacking my voting record. 

But that begs the question, what exactly would a Congressman Jim Tracy support?

Perhaps he disagrees with my several ‘no’ votes against any attempt to raise our nation’s debt limit? Perhaps he would have voted for the Ryan-Murray budget deal that imposed unconscionable cuts on our military retirees? Or maybe the senator would have cast a ‘yes’ vote for all of the government funding bills that locked in wasteful Washington spending and funded ObamaCare?

It is no secret that I say ‘no’ quite a bit in Washington. But what can I support that President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Reid would also agree with? We hold totally different views for the future of this country.

And it is not just the White House and the Senate I have had to oppose. I have stood up against my own party when I felt they were abandoning the conservative principles we hold here in Tennessee’s Fourth District.

When I ran for Congress I promised I would be a conservative voice in Washington.I believe I have kept that promise. In fact, National Journal listed my voting record as the fourth most conservative in the House of Representatives and Congressional Quarterly ranked me as one of the top five Republican Members of Congress who consistently opposes President Obama’s agenda.

Now it is true that putting principle before politics does not come without a cost. I do not have many friends among the deep-pocketed K Street lobbyists. However I do sleep easy at night knowing my vote is not for sale. 

I hope the media will ask my opponent which one of my votes he disagrees with or even what he would do differently in Congress. Voters deserve an answer.

I am proud of my voting record because despite what state Senator Tracy might claim, I know that is exactly what the people I work for want: saying no to the Washington status quo.
Dr. Scott DesJarlais
U.S. Representative, TN-04

Bradley County School Board says “NO” to Common Core

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Bradley County School Board says “NO” to Common Core

0909 am

The Bradley County Board of Education in Cleveland Tennessee, has passed a  resolution that says no to Common Core, with all  7 board members voting unanimously in favor.

The measure was drafted by board member Charlie Rose, a long time board member with the ability to influence decision making in our county on school issues. Select members of the board to include Chris Turner, contributed time and facts to the compilation of this resolution.

The resolution addresses and cites  many concerns about Common Core implementation in Bradley County  to include cost, lack of teacher, student and parent involvement, inadequate testing components, teacher licensure and data collection of students.

Common Core has been labeled the nationalization of our schools by many critics with unique ties to socialism and a system of John Dewey and pedagogical theory. 

Many have said it is another step toward Socialism by indoctrination of our children.

The realization of a top down globalization of our schools and how the federal government plans to control every aspect of your child’s education is a big motivator for stopping Common Core in it’s tracks and our school board has taken a definite step in the right direction by signing this resolution.

Common Core is heavily centered on teaching to a test without real learning of the basic tenets of education, like the three R’s. Teachers need to have the ability to teach without constant interruptions from the federal government.

This resolution has pushed the debate beyond talk, sent a strong message to elected and appointed leaders that teachers, parents and now board members do not want Common Core in our County.

Common Cores empty promises and unproven results with Socialist overtones has forced the Bradley County Board to act. 

Local control of our schools must be established and this resolution sends that message. 

Our school system as it exists in Bradley County already has higher grade standards and results than Common Core promises to achieve. Why change to a system that will at best dumb our children down to the national standard?

It doesn’t make sense and our local school board has pointed out this truth. Is “improving” our system worth a loss to our children? 

The Bradley County School Board has responded positively to
parent and teacher concerns despite the continued efforts of Johnny McDaniel and Martin Ringstaff of their undying support of Common Core!  

The likes of Bill Haslam, Kevin Huffman, Michelle Rhee and our elected reps have made good money off this venture and stand to gain even more  if Common Core is allowed to advance.

Some detractors claim this resolution has no teeth and carries no real weight. I also heard this with the Agenda 21 resolution coming out of our TN State house early last session. Don’t dismiss this as “just a resolution.” 

Bold statements such as this carry alot of clout in this town. Many pushing for radical education change wouldn’t dare raise their heads and oppose a board that says no, political suicide comes to mind. 

With RTTT/Common Core money already spent, our reality is now we have a burdensome, costly program lingering in our midst that smells of nationalization of our public schools with still no means to pay for it. 

The Common Core debate has now been shifted from a conversation of heresay and rumors to one of confirmation with no doubt about the boards intent.

I emailed my first District school board member Chris Turner and asked for a statement from him regarding this resolution and how it was formed, 

“The board was asked by the county commission to quantify the impact of common core implementation on our students and teachers.”

Mr. Rose was tasked with authoring the resolution and I gladly offered conclusions from my research.”

 “Major points I thought should be quantified include the fact that costs for implementing PARCC have not been finalized or communicated to local school systems and the tax payers of Bradley County.”

“Also, impact on teacher evaluation of the global conversation to PARCC has no formal remedy.”

“The biggest issue to me has been the recent pro-common core message claiming improvements in test schools, such as NAEP,  as the sole result of radical reforms made by our Commisioner of Education.” 

“The real impact to these results has been the meaningful changes in state standards made in 2009 implemented by our teachers.”

” Common Core is no silver bullet, Turner continued.”

“There are no quick fixes. Ask any classroom teacher and they’ll tell you that results take hard work and time.” 

“The results we’re getting are the return on investment from the hard work of our students, parents, and our teachers,” he concluded.

These words by my representative are wise and was constructed from much thought, research, teacher input and parents concerns. These statements and the resolution were not made on a whim. It was well thought out and deliberate.

The message to all sent by this board is our kids are not for sale, our teachers are not puppets,the parents and this board are not idiots.

I believe it is important to review The main points inside this resolution and I have compiled it below. 

These main points are from the Bradley County School Board resolution, shortened somewhat but content remains, a link is provided for exact details.

The Bradley County School Board Resolution on Common Core.

Click to access Bradley_County_Board_Of_Education_CC.pdf

1) The implementation of the Common Core Standards could be highly disruptive to student growth.

2) The CCS, Common Core Standards, with current TN Standards dilutes the effectiveness of teacher lesson planning.

3) The Board recommends that the use of PARCC assessment results not be used as part of TVAAS for the purpose of teacher evaluation, licensure, renewal or removal.

4) The Board rejects the collection of personal student data without consent.

5) Rejects the sharing of Personally Identifiable Information, PII, without consent.

6) The implementation resources of Common Core Standards for the teachers of Bradley County TN schools have been variable and dependent upon the source of training and professional development.

7) The variation above has created the opportunity for inconsistency of the implementation of Common Core standards.

8) Bradley County will be tasked with implementing Common Core Standards regardless of the fact that teacher evaluation and student achievement gains will be measured with EOC/TCAP assessments based solely on current TN standards.

9) It does not have a PARCC assessment plan that assures that every student in Bradley County will have equivalent instructional time to cover and reinforce standards prior to administration of PARCC assessments. 

10) Will distort student growth data thence teacher evaluation as measured by the TVAAS system.

11) Has no money set aside for per student test adminstration for the current EOC/ TCAP test.

We the people have created this change. Concerned teachers, angry parents, tax payers and voters have spoken. The politicial puppets that beat the steady drum of Common Core regardless of the consequences on our children must now hear from you.

Let it be forever etched in every citizens mind that this week the Bradley County School Board in Cleveland Tennessee stood side by side many in the fight against Common Core. 

The result is our children and their loved ones were considered. The elected body that represents them sent a resounding message and are willing to stand up against the grain and the lure of an almighty dollar.

I hope the news of this bold stance spreads across our state and nation and more school boards do the same.

Bradley School Board member Chris Turner sums it up best when he said, 

“It (the resolution) expresses the facts and wipes away the opinions and rumors.” 

“Above our lowly school board as elected officials, time and action will tell the story.”

Links of interest concerning this subject:


Directors of Schools hang on to Common Core despite huge opposition.


BCN Note- There are many that have been involved in this and many issues and my hat is off to you. Extended credit goes out to those warriors that stand and fight in local and state issues. I believe information’s the key. Keep supporting this venue. We are taking our state back one community at a time.

BCC 2035 Growth plan gets thumbs up, suggest bypassing County Commission for approval and changes

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BCC 2035 Growth plan gets thumbs up, suggest bypassing County Commission for approval and changes

Bradley County planning meeting:
February 11, 2014
Tuesday, 6 pm
Bradley County Courthouse


Tuesday evening the Bradley County Planning Commission voted to move forward with the BCC 2035 Growth Plan with one NO vote coming from member Mike Graves.

The wildly unpopular plan that has met much County disapproval over the last 2 years was approved regardless of the people’s voice.

In fact, approximately one year ago at a 3 day Charette the plan per community survey was knocked down with a 73 percent unfavorable ruling. 

The results were so bad that an Independent team using video cameras had to compile the results for public consumption because Mr Dale did not want to publish the terrible results. 

Greg Dale of McBride Dale and Clarion, at the Charette, was quoted as saying in all his years he has never seen one community come together and voice this much opposition over a growth plan.

The evening meeting at the Bradley County Courthouse was a relatively short one lasting nearly an hour. Interestingly enough, upon entering the room, before the meeting, I overheard one unknown person say from the front of the room “aaah, get prepared for a long night!” 

I interpreted that statement to mean a local unelected board is going to have to listen to the people that have to pay the bills and maybe answer a few questions and they will not like it. These responses evoked upon entering the room are small victories and confirm my saying “that where the flak is heaviest, the target is confirmed.” It reinforces the reason we do what we do. I wiped the grin off my face in anticipation of what was to come and listened closely.

Indeed, the night was short as the usual drain of business was gotten out of the way, the commission proceeded toward approval.

A few rezoning questions were answered and a few projects approved. The meeting went off without a hitch and we heard from a few residents from the Hopewell/Georgetown area.

The newly appointed County Planner Bentley Thomas  was conducting the meeting and moving right along until……a statement was made that caused many jaws to drop in the room.

Mr Thomas suggested and I’m
paraphrasing (I didn’t bring my recorder) that it be considered in the future, that this body, the Planning Commission become the ultimate decision maker when it comes to implementation and changes made to the BCC Growth Plan, simply bypassing the County Commissioners all together and leave the decision making up to planning commission. You know, bypass the voting body that represents the people of Bradley County and do what you want. 

A lead balloon would have bounced better than that suggestion did. Discussion and the opinions of audience participants after the meeting suggested this man had probably been prompted by “higher powers” to test the waters and see how this approach would fly. Well it didn’t sit well particularly with the citizens in the room.

I quickly texted a few friends in the room to confirm what I just heard was right and indeed I heard correctly. I fully expect to see the local media leave this very important issue out of any future articles, how be it that the circumvention of the citizens and their elected representatives be reported in a liberal media outlet.

What a revelation? What an epic power grab by elitist? An attempt to bypass the people and the duly elected to turn  all the power over to a dictatorial and perhaps unconstitutional order of procedure. Will be interesting to see how the County Commission reacts to this  one.

Planning member Mike Graves answered Commissioner Tom Cryes request for comments from the commission about objections to the plan. Mr Graves voiced that in it’s current form he could not provide a yes vote to move forward and would vote NO. There was little discussion about the specifics of the  issues and he didn’t go into great detail.

Prior to the final vote, small talk took over the tone of the meeting and a general feeling in the air was that very few, if any, had even read the “new and revised ” plan they were getting ready to approve. It was a Nancy Pelosi type moment, “Let’s read it after we approve it, to see what is in it.” 

A few of the Commissioners were approached after the meeting and told BCN that they had looked over it and read the summary of the document. None questioned could provide detail or specifics of the plan. Also, no copy of the plans were available but Mr Thomas offered to email me a link to the plan.

Local activist, County Commissioner Candidate and Tea Party of SETN Dan Rawls approached the bench and asked a few questions before the approval vote was cast.

“Is this plan tied into the 16 County Regional plan” was the first question lobbied toward Mr Thomas and the Commission. 

Mr Thomas replied and said the BCC 2035 plan was tied to the 16 County  Regional Plan but couldnt specify how or in what capacity. He went on to say it was mentioned but could not recall on what page or exactly what it said. Concerns over duplicating our efforts was expressed and why duplicate and spend money we don’t have. 

Mr Rawls also encouraged the Commission to read both plans and familiarize themselves with it before they went much further into the approval process.

Despite objections and the assumed non reading of the plan, the vote was then cast with one NO vote and the approval to move forward on the plan was approved.

Candid encounter with waiter about GMO corn leaves patron amazed

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Candid encounter with waiter about GMO corn leaves patron amazed

0827 am

Dining in my favorite neighborhood restaurant one evening I asked the very nice waiter for a menu. The menu is simple tonight he replied and it features what many consider their favorite veggie, corn. 

The waiter takes my order and shortly thereafter arrives with two pieces of corn, slathered and dripping with butter, salt and pepper, just the way I have eaten it my entire life. 

The waiter states to me before I consume this delightful delicacy, I must warn you of the dangers of consuming one of those ears of corn. A puzzled look is now painted across your face.

Please explain. Certainly is the reply from the very assured waiter with ample certainty, it was more than expected from such a young lad. The words began to flow freely and hinted of one too many expressos supplied by a generous Barrista for sure..

On the left is a natural ear of corn, untainted, fresh, purely organic and grown in farmer Smiths field just down the road a bit. Oh fantastic that sounds marvelous.

And the one on the right? Well this is your second option. Although it looks identical to the other one it is much different.

How so, I quickly reply? The one on the right is a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) or a GAUF product, Genetically Adulterated Unlabeled Food. Oh you say, please explain further.

It goes something like this, the very knowledgeable waiter continued. Some years ago near a Round Up chemical dump, yes, the weed killer company. Scientists noticed that at the back of their facility there was a plant that was not dying when exposed to round up. This intrigued the scientists, they extracted this gene protective mutation and they all came to the conclusion, let’s put this in peoples food and let them eat it. After all, it will preserve the food, eliminate world poverty and we can grow plants and they will not die even in the harshest of environments. The scientists and corporate America really loved it, and so goes the capitalist entrepreneur.

Bt-Toxin or Bacillus Thuringenisis, is inside that corn on the right and is chemically laden, genetically modified and “Round Up ready.” Please ignore my cander, I am sure you are aware the term Round Up Ready is ominous and does denounce that it is interwoven with it and it is interesting that you cannot kill that ear of corn with that product. NO, I didnt know! Remember, this is a restaraunt and your choice of which food you eat is completely up to you and please don’t shout. I do want you to enjoy your dining experience and leave completely satisfied. 

Ignoring my hunger pangs, I listened further as the waiter had now wooed me into a trance with his rhythmic tone and he continues. Ok, you see, Bt- Toxin is a naturally occurring product in nature, can be found at your local feed and seed store and is largely an accepted form of natural pesticide applied to our food, no huge risk, although still harmful if consumed is mostly washed off before consumption, the sun shines down on it and degrades back into the earth from where it came. We also wash our corn very well before we serve it and I can assure you that corn has been washed, I do it myself, a little sous chef type activity to pick up few extra dollars, any way! Do you know how many products we consume that cintain GMO corn? Lots and lots! Where was I?

Oh yeah, what you may not know this but the two ears of corn before you are very different. The ear of corn on the left is natural as can be, the one on the right has Bt interwoven within it, in it’s DNA, in it’s gene pool. This is the naturally occurring pesticide we talked of earlier. Did you take note that I said now it’s inside of it? It’s thousands of times more concentrated than if merely sprayed  on the outside of the plant and washed off. That’s the big difference and that’s what makes it deadly.

You may also find it interesting that many studies have stated that the consumption of the chemical is
perfectly safe and that it will cause no harm, because it’s naturally occurring in our environment. 

Even Snopes has claimed that reports of Bt-Toxin being harmful is false even though Snopes acknowledges that scientists have debunked that claim in their report, yet they still say it is safe. It’s one if those situations where you say the data is inconclusive and the info is sit 50/50, uuh, I’ll go with the corporate giant and not some nerdy scientist. I’ve also heard Snopes is a couple of people living in a basement sitting around debunking people’s statement to appease a leftist agenda. Dont know it, just heard it!

Recently, an ENSSA (European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility) report as soon as December 10, 2013 said that 297 Scientists have now signed on and said that Bt-Toxin and GMO food is harmful and may have a very damaging effect on the bodies of those that consume, causing numerous health problems and cancer.

Even the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency ignored it’s own advisory panel that suggested that more studies need to be done on humans before being placed on the market. The EPA decided to side with food and seed giant Monsanto and clear the way to place these chemicals inside our food supply anyway.

I am now Intrigued, lost in the conversation and slowly pushing the corn to the middle of the table out of my reach but not before asking, “why is there concern that it may harm my body?”

I’m glad you asked as the waiter continued. Very few studies have been done on humans, I only know of one study and it was not conclusive and did not declare it safe. 

Rats, insects and Rhesus Monkeys are relatively cheap, disposable and can be tested in high numbers. After all, if large numbers of humans died in preliminary experiments like our lab rats and insects did it would not be a lucrative venture for Monsanto and other GMO companies, so the study goes on.

Many scientists have looked at the effect of Bt Toxins on the body and and based on these studies came to this conclusion.

The end result and the short version of many scientific tests is that insects died when the integrity of their stomach lining was compromised when exposed to Bt. High levels of Bt has also been detected in women, in cord blood, suggesting the crossing of that almost impenetrable blood brain membrane or barrier that protects babies. 

One study suggested that the Bt-Toxin, even after one feeding may attach to the lining of the stomach of a human and colonize, meaning it will preserve itself, replicate and disperse at intervals throughout your lifetime creating an environment for future sickness and cancer that will manifest itself at a later date. No such data that I am aware of has been collected or reported referring to an increase in sickness or cluster cancer rates and high consumption of Bt. It has been said this may be why so many of our bees are dying off colony population diminishing rapidly.

What we do know is Scientists have concluded that the Bt Toxin and the two versions produced by  Monsanto causes at the very least an antigenic and antiallergic response.

This means that genes and tissue within your body are mutilated or altered when exposed to Bt and or an allergic response ensues causing things such as asthma and or autism when crossing the blood brain barrier.

The body releases an interleukin or cytokine response when exposed to a foreign antigen or substance. This may cause abdominal pain, flu like symptoms, a general malaise or just not feeling well. Let me remind you this is a bacteria and can cause sickness.

These markers can be detected in your blood when you go to the Doctor. This type of response is seen when your body is exposed to allergens in the environment and is seen with many types of cancer after consuming.

The waiter continues, my father is in the healthcare profession and he says you would not believe the amount of people that enter the hospital daily with many forms of stomach pain and related ailments. Many are treated but may not get diagnosed correctly and may never find out why they are hurting or sick. 

He is skeptical and says it could be because of something in the environment or some foreign substance they consumed like Bt, but he doesn’t know for sure.

I am so sorry sir, please forgive me, I must get to other customers, I talk way too much but can I now serve you the corn you requested or do you need more time to decide. 

I believe I have come to a conclusion, you can keep both ears, I’ll go home hungry tonight and contemplate that home garden and growing my own food! Yeah that’s what ill do. 

Well sir, did I tell you that Monsanto now owns most of the worlds seeds, and the government has passed a Farm bill that says you can’t grow your own food and one of your local Tennessee state Senators just voted to block labeling of GMO products on your…..food…..sir, man on the ground……..sir? Are you alright? Are you ok! Please someone dial 911!!!!

This was a fictional story, but if it had been for real, the facts and the results would be the same.

Please share with your friends.


Snopes report acknowledges report and test results from scientist and still call report False! It appears they rendered their decision on the fact that Bt id a naturally occurring ingredient but didn’t recognize that Bt and GMO food is inside the plant, a part of it’s structure not merely in it’s surface, which can be easily washed off. Go figure.

ENSSER Report claiming 297 scientist say GMO good is unsafe

Students First, a vehicle for radical change in TN schools

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Students First, a vehicle for radical change in TN schools

1024 am

Students First is a radical PAC, a lobbyist group with a socialistic leader as it’s front!

That leader is Michelle Rhee, ex wife of Haslam education czar Kevin Huffman.

Ladies and gentlemen we are in the midst of a revolution and we are not even engaging the enemy of this assault at our front door.

Parents, teachers, taxpayers, citizens, Principals, teachers, administrators, school boards, elected officials and all adults who may dare stand in the way of this nationalization of our schools are not included in this evolution towards socialistic reform in our state. Please step aside, you are now an afterthought and an obstacle to real change.

Students first using it’s platform to change everything about our schools is using big money to buy this change in Tennessee that are you witnessing.

Kevin Huffman, the education secretary in TN, the Haslam appointee, who used to be married to Michelle Rhee of whom they share children and founder of Students First is the radical socialist in charge of betraying the students of TN and subjecting them to the iniquities of a failed agenda that has faced controversy and failure everywhere she has attempted to inject her extreme agenda.

Who is Michelle Rhee? She is a child that has not been able to grow up! She was perhaps the sheltered child that never met her parents expectations and rigid standards customary of her culture. She obviously, in my opinion, never quite measured up to their rigid curriculum of her parents. So with youthful and reckless abandon she somehow thinks she is qualified to lead radical reform inside TN and across the nation injecting her childhood hurt into Tennesssee schools. 

Her childhood has somehow left her with a radical agenda and an unsolicited entry into our school system with the audacity to think that her unproven ways are the sole solution to fix our schools shortcomings.

Reeling from her DC ultimate failure and cheating scandal she sought to bring a brand of education that obviously doesn’t work inside a free republic. Moving children aggressively beyond where they were created an environment and culture that promoted cheating resulting in falsely inflated results.

As a Teach for America fellow at an inner-city Baltimore school in 1993 she reminisces, “Day in and day out, I struggled with my students,” she writes. “They simply wouldn’t listen. I would routinely spend the day alternating between screaming at the children, bribing them, and giving them the silent treatment for their misdeeds. None of it worked.” It was even reported that at one point in her career she resorted to placing duct tape over their mouths so they would listen. For Gods sake she was not even a teacher, she was a Bureaucrat placed in a classroom, a place where only a “real” teacher need be!

During her tenure at DC Public Schools, 2007 to 2010, she gutted the standing system and began to overhaul it. Radical anti teacher, anti union, and basically anti school measures took place. 

Sure one could reduce that all this change was necessary and essential. But the results were not as radical as the changes to
The system and they were definitely  not longstanding. Among the critics it was stated that her change did not last after she was run out of town by a new Mayor. It didn’t have legs and didn’t produce any real change. We are now relying on her unproven and controversy riddled system to work inside Tennessee!

Governor Haslam, several legislators and Senators have taken multiple thousands of Students First lobby money to implement the changes that are so controversial to us today. 

Can you believe any politician would give up his or her soul for Michelle Rhee and Students First to enact the failed system that she advocates for the minds and lives of our children. It would really surprise you at those folks who gladly accepted thousands  of dollars to enact socialistic change and pacify a Governor that is way past his day of reckoning. Perhaps in another blog do I dare address that issue!

Remember, she has no proven system or one that has endured the test of time, yet we in Tennessee migrate to her as if she is the messiah. 

But all we are really interested in is the money she hands to buy your compliance. Michelle Rhees and Students First legacy still haunts her and follows her wherever she goes.Her greatest achievement to date is that perhaps any gains in standardized testing performance was produced at her own hand, by cheating or providing the culture for it.

The embattled Rhee was implicated in the largest cheating scandal in our educational history. She was tagged with having the largest erasures from wrong to right answers on standardized tests in DC. A charge that today she denies. But the legacy follows her and leaves doubt as to the validity and substantiality of her radical reform measures. She has even attempted to cover this ordeal up but her memos and conversations  with educational leaders has crippled her efforts to hide this fiasco.

191 teachers, 70 schools, public and charter were involved in a mass 
cheating scandal that rocked Rhees legacy and offered many doubts as to the effectiveness of her change of cheating as the policy.

As John Merrow of AFT reflects on the failure Washington DC, the leader of the American Federation of Teachers concluded, “Rhee’s overzealous fixation on testing and measurement, and her efforts to silence and fire anyone who questioned her reckless, destabilizing strategies, ultimately failed D.C.’s kids.” 

“Under Rhee’s tenure, DC-CAS scores showed little or no gain, and the performance gap between low-income and upper-income students actually widened. Schools were destabilized by the constant churn of teachers and principals being fired, relocated or leaving out of frustration. Our children deserved better.”

Rhees response to the widespread cheating when confronted answered with a memo that states: What did Rhee do when the evidence in the memo was presented to her?

Apparently she followed Sanford’s number one recommendation as listed in the memo, she was quoted saying “That we keep this Erasure study really close hold. No more people in the know than necessary until we have more conclusive results.”

Concerned with Michelle Rhees and Students First legacy? Here are a few disturbing facts. 25, the number of D.C. schools closed during Rhee’s tenure,
 which began in June 2007 and lasted until October 2010. Twenty-three schools were closed in 2008 alone.

1/3, 1 333.3 Teachers of the 4,000 teachers on the DCPS payroll on Sept. 1, 2007 were gone by 2011, through firings, layoffs and attrition.

You think through her plan to better American schools she is actually relying on parents to assist and guide the education of our children? Think again. She said this when asked about her goals to turn around education. “My goal is to ensure that laws, leaders, and policies are making students – not adults – our top priority!”

In her book, Radical: Fighting to put Students First she says, “Rhee’s awakening to the potential of every child is blessed with a great teacher, her rage at realizing that adults with special interests are blocking badly needed change.

Using the StudentsFirst State Policy Report Card (SPRC), a tool of radical change, to facilitate States to take over our schools, and not in a good way. This reform measure takes our schools and teachers away from local school boards, superintendents and discourages parent or teacher involvement, essentially removing those obstacles called Adults or Teachers from the equation by manipulation, performance measures thus tightening control and eliminating their voice. 

This overtaking of our educational system with no decision making from those pesky “Adults” can only lead to a recipe for disaster, complete control of our schools by our “state led” and eventually fed led and nationalization of our schools. Can you see a pattern developing here. 

She went on to say, remove the obstacles (adults, parents) and real change can take place.

In essence what she is saying is “Let’s take our schools away from the teachers, adults, parents, school board, taxpayers, Superintendents and principals and turn them over to the state and DOE and we can have real education reform.”

From her bio on the StudentsFirst website Ms. Rhee is partnering with school districts, state education agencies, non-profit organizations and unions to transform the way schools and other organizations recruit, select and train highly qualified teachers in difficult-to-staff schools.

Another radical change that has been enacted in TN is the teacher performance evaluation that allows a teacher to be evaluated to keep their licensure based largely on how a student performs on standardized tests. A 5 tier grading system largely based on how well a student does on a standardized test that will put their employment, licensure and careers at great risk.

Again, adults removed from the equation, caring locally invested teachers, many who have grown up and been raised in the community they teach, plucked out of their schools and replaced with radical robots with a six week summer training course under their belt using  compliant “adults” brainwashed and made to conduct accordingly via the TFA, Teach for America, or Rhees very own. TNTP, The New Teacher Project.

Interesting to note, teachers from these two organizations do not need to be teachers, trained in education or certified as education instructors, to be inserted into these school replacing these “bad adult teachers” , they just need to have a strong desire to educate and a degree .

In fact, although boasting an educational background, Michelle Rhee has a bachelor’s degree in government from Cornell University and a master’s in public policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. 

Hardly a teacher, yet given the authority to change our states educational grid. 

We have a bureaucratic stooge deadset on the nationalization of our schools and an eventual takeover of our schools by the federal government and the Department of Education.

We are in the midst of takeover. Your child is the victim. Our elected officials have played you and I and we have given up our student sovereignty for the almighty dollar.

We rushed into RTTT with its millions to create change. Who had called for this change? A politician leading the charge? We can trace this societal change back to a few visionaries blinded by greed and the ability to “bring the bacon” back to Tennessee. 

Surely we can agree that perhaps we need to focus on areas for improvement. Yet I think we can agree that replacing what we have with a moronic scheme of deprivation and inadequacies is hardly the answer!

Shane Harger saga reveals a murderous plot for the Constitutional Sherrif

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Shane Harger saga reveals a murderous plot for the Constitutional Sherrif

0623 am

In typical fashion, lazy, half arse reporting has led to an explanation from a blogger with no other gift than intuition and the joy of discovering details in the rabbit holes called conspiracy to reveal the truth about Shane Harger.

We have a true Constitutional Sherrif that is caught up in one of the most prolific trials of the century in Albuquerque while the justice system seems to turn their heads to the iniquities of the Chavez family with way more power and position than they deserve while inflicting great pain and suffering on an officer of the law.

The mainstream media, many of whom has been contacting me via email and concerned enough about my reporting to engage me and say “the reason Mr Harger was detained at the airport was because he has two names and that was the reason he was hassled at the airport!”
Really? This Sherrif lost his whole force, his career because he had a name change to protect him from a vindictive family deadset on avenging their son? Really?  “Look before you leap” was what one mainstream media robot told me as I was reporting the happenings according to Mr Harger referring that I should gather the facts before reporting falsely. 

This is hilarious to me as my findings reveal much more than what was reported on that day he was placed on leave. A Sherrif was attempting to board an airplane with a name discrepancy should not return, lose his job, his men and his career. 

Clearly, he lost his job because he was making a stand against the federal government, essentially stating that he would protect the rights of his citizenry. Oh ye of little knowledge please digress to where you surfaced, a hole in the ground with very little oxygen, a place where lower life forms exist.

The truth is a Sherrif was on his way to a CSPOA event. Was stopped by TSA and 4 or 5 FBI agents, detained for 35 minutes, questioned and allowed to board the plane, attend the Constitutional Sherrifs Convention, return home and discover his team had been dismantled and his job once again on the line.

I dare say I understand the name controversy at the airport. Braxton Haze is now his legally changed name, no this is not the first time
It has been revealed and no I did not blow his cover, the mainstream media, the TSA and the FBI did that.

What you may not know is his  identity needed to be hidden because the Chavez family had plans to make him  worm food and seemingly the system that protects you and I was not there for him, so he had to fend for himself!

Please review the series of events below and you decide if his actions at the airport were warranted. It still does not explain why he was placed on leave and his department dismantled.

Did he avoid giving his real name for a reason? When I first heard this the day after reporting, I said to myself there is another story and a reason he had a name discrepancy. The media outlets I reviewed made it seem like he was being deceptive and had something to hide, in essence lie to the TSA and the FBI agents.

 Did he deserve to lose his job and his men in his department? 

Did his group of Village idiots, er, councilman come to a conclusion based on fact or because the TSA or FBI set off false alarms based on a name concern they had while at the airport. 

Were there feelings hurt? 

Were they Chavez operatives? Perhaps the Albuquerque Police Chief was? Don’t know but after reading the timeline below you may feel the same way I do. 

The conspiracy can widen or we can reduce this to a man who was right for standing for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights or was he living inside a murder plot with many tentacles left out there yet to silence him.

Please take a few more minutes and review the events encircling this story and make your decision. 

I am awaiting a return email from Sherrif Richard Mack. I hope to hear from him soon on this subject and I will report what he says.

In the meantime, please pray for Sherrif Shane Harger, aka, Braxton Haze as he faces these demons while combating those trying to put an end to our republic! 

Here is a summary of his account and the reason he hid his identity.

The beginning and reason for bis name change. While a rookie cop at the Valencia Sherrifs department, Deputy Shane Harger was summoned to a 911 call to the home of a fellow police office Levi Chavez, where his wife reportedly shot herself. Long story short, Harger didn’t believe she killed her self instead stating that her death happened at the hands of another person. Of course this didn’t sit well with Chavez or his family and set into effect a series of events that left Harger in a life and death situation, leaving him concerned for his own safety and welfare.

2 months later- 
        While at a DWI instructors class in Albuquerque, Harger was offered another job, on the spot, with the Guadalupe Sherrifs Department by their Sherrif. He obviously was looking for an out to escape the murder/suicide that was surely stressing him and his family, so he took it.

 The man that approached Harger and offered him a job was Sherrif Robert Chavez, Levi’s uncle. The family connection was not made by Harger until later. 
2008- Harger was invited to a “drinking party” at Robert Chavez’s home. While the Sherrif was “obviously inebriated” he explained that part of his job would be to look for Mexican nationals and seize “certain types of vehicles that can be used for the sheriff’s department.”

2009- Robert Chavez was arrested for alleged DWI and resigned as Sherrif.
Harger commenting on the seizure of vehicles and the diversion of those vehicle to certain towing services with connections to Chavez said, “We were given specific instructions to use one particular towing service in Santa Rosa, no others, regardless of standard procedures through dispatch that wreckers are to be called via rotation,” he said. 

“Once the vehicles were removed from the roadway, that wrecker service would take them to their impound yard, and I have no knowledge as to what took place with those vehicles after that point.”

Stranger things happen. Harger states he was approached by the Guadalupe County Emergency Management coordinator, shortly after being given his instructions from Sherrif Chavez.
The coordinator was none other than Levi Chavez Sr, Levi’s father, and asked Harger about his career and whether he liked living in Guadalupe County. 

“Then, out of nowhere, he brought up the fact that I was the initial officer on the Tera Chavez case,” he said. 

“He just came out and said that, you know, “Aren’t you the one that’s investigating my son’s case?”

“I said, ‘Well, who is your son?’ he said his son was Levi Chavez Jr., at which point the “hair stood up on the back of my neck, he then disclosed that Robert Chavez was Levi Chavez Jr.’s uncle. … “And I just found myself right smack-dab in the middle of all of them.”
Levi Chavez Sr. then had a discussion with Harger and told him if he testified favorably for Levi Jr. the case would go away.

 Levi Sr. said: “You know, we know you’re going to make the right choice in this matter. …You’re going to work here for a long time.” “You’re going to have a good career here.”

Can you see the plot thickening and the reason Mr Shane Harger quit his jobs, fled the state and changed his name? The plot thickens.
Harger was keeping detailed files on what he believed was happening in Guadalupe County. The jig was up and now he was concerned over his own safety and began to share his own concerns with others. He notified a fellow police officer and contacted the local FBI agent assigned to his area.

Harger, more alert to his surroundings heard that two people, one an undercover narcotics office died of a self-inflicted gunshot wounds both dying from Robert Chavez’s duty weapon during the 1990s and were both ruled suicides. This case begs to be reopened, but that is another blog..
Summer 2008- Harger was becoming more and more uneasy with his working arrangement and the chess game that was being played with his life. One wrong move and he is dead.
The sheriff, of whom was still his employer, had begun demanding that he submit his fuel records, “which was something he had never done before,” according to the deposition. 

Robert Chavez had also told him to leave his service vehicle at the department.

One evening shortly after these demands, Harger noticed a deputy in an unmarked vehicle sitting in his driveway. This raised alarms in his mind.

On one particular night Harger upon returning to his home had realized his home had been vandalized. While surveying his home he realized the only thing missing was a manila folder that contained written documentation about the vehicle towing operation, the Tera Chavez case and notes about Harger’s interactions with Robert Chavez and Levi Chavez Sr. The fingerprints are now pointing to an obvious family plot.

“I had information and belief that there was, in fact, an automobile-theft ring which was organized, facilitated, coordinated and/or propagated through and for the Chavez family,” Harger said in his deposition. 

With the discovery of the break in at his ranch home he contacted the FBI and a fellow police officer.

“I called him while leaving my property in fear for my life and told him that if he didn’t hear from me within eight hours, that he needed to contact the Attorney General’s Office and start looking for my body.”

Of course by now you can see the writing on the wall and Harger was fired. 

Shortly after being fired he said he was followed once by a truck owned by the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office and again after he moved back to Valencia County. I don’t know about you but I am seeing a series of events leading up to another homicide or suicide as the manner goes. 

Harger also said he received several “death threats from anonymous sources which, based on reasonable inferences, I believe to be the Chavez family,” according to the deposition. 

Over concerns about him leaving the state, Harger replied “I left because of this case,” he said. 

 Levi Chavez II was eventually acquitted of the murder of Tera Chavez.  The city of Albuquerque paid $230,000 and was dropped as a defendant!

Soooo, now we are back to square one! A constitutional Sherrif returning from a weekend trip to Las Vegas, forced to give up his true identity at the hands of the federal government, ie, TSA and the FBI who couldn’t seemingly leave well enough alone and just had to call the village idiots and create a
problem where none existed prior to their intrusion.

The saga continues. The evil people who are attempting to squash a Sherrif while vowing to protect the citizens via the Constitution has been destroyed or at least hampered  in his pursuit. 

If there is a positive to come out of this, it is that at least when the federal government attempts to destroy a Sherrif for applying the Bill of Rights and the Constitution it does not go unnoticed and unchallenged and the people respond accordingly! 


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