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Incremental change via elected leaders lays groundwork for Agenda 21 fulfillment

In Agenda 21 on September 18, 2014 at 10:51 AM

Incremental change via elected leaders lays groundwork for Agenda 21 fulfillment

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We all have a choice! We are all capable of recognizing right and wrong. We live in a world today where it is most important to know the difference.

We have elected officials and leaders in the communities in which we live who are making decisions that affect our daily lives. Big decisions that will leave us in a situation that will not provide a path to retreat to once bad decisions are made.

Recently, in Bradley County Tennessee, our elected leaders have voted to revise, adopt and accept international building codes and a few have called for stricter environmental regulations to be placed on it’s citizens. A tighter control to push someone else’s agenda upon you the private property owner. 

For some reason, our elected officials are under the belief that to do things right, we must adopt regulations and codes that are from an international body, particularly the United Nations under the guises of Agenda 21.

Many scoff at this thought that somehow the UN is going to reach into our community and dictate to us what and how we are going to structure our community. This in fact is happening and our elected leaders seem oblivious to this fact when a few googled words could provide them the answers they need and resolve any doubt.

Unfortunately too many listen to someone else that may not be as informed. This scenario never ceases to amaze me. Simply dismissing something because it sounds too far fetched? This phenomenon is an interesting study in human nature and it’s ability to drift toward public opinion instead of rock steady facts. 

The device used in this wave of Agenda 21, particularly chapter 7, is locally elected officials. Local Agenda 21 is focused on changing your community or habitat with environmental and international building codes using those you elected, then bypassing them with the same regulations and codes they just enacted. 

The bricks are being laid even as we speak. Many elected officials are willingly going along with the plan to transform our country into a socialist utopia while destroying our individual God given rights. We are at a crossroads. We do not get a second chance to save her.

Incremental small changes will gradually succumb us to this international push to transform our
Nation, our community, Bradley County into something beyond our control, a method to control every aspect of your life and choke you of liberty, sovereignty and property rights.

The people you have elected to office are in charge of making these decisions. We don’t get a do over. Once done it is done.

Remind each commissioner, Mayor and elected official that you will be holding them accountable for each and every decision they make. And when it all hits the fan, tell them you
will not forget them giving away your  rights and your freedom to an international body.

Say no to the adoption of
International Building codes and UN influence on our county.

Many in elected office have tried
to forget about Agenda 21 and it’s influence on our community. They have tried to toss it aside like if I forget about or ignore it, it will go away. It will not go away. Simply refusing to continue to address it will not stop it from progressing and eventually assuming every function your elected officials were elected to perform.

Below is a video that was given to many elected officials in the recent past. I consider it one of the best and most simple video about Agenda 21 for elected officials I have seen.

Please feel free to share it and this blog entry. 

This video provides a description of Agenda 21/sustainable development and how it affects your property rights. 

While it is important to be good stewards of our planet, the sustainable development movement has been co-opted by an aggressive agenda to rewild America (The Wildlands Project) and reduce automobile usage and unnecessary travel by gradually shifting people into high density urban areas supported by mixed use dwellings (Smart Growth.) 

Often the planning process to meet these objectives confiscates private property rights through imminent domain or conservation easements. The outcome is not a safer planet, but rather, an unrecognizable nation most would strongly oppose. When advanced community by community, most do not realize the bigger picture. 

The bigger picture is the elimination of your property rights one regulation or code at a time and herding you into pods on a pre determined growth boundary complete with guidelines to develop your community or build your home. Doesn’t sound desirable to me, what about you?

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