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Senator Alexander, “Ebola… as serious a threat as the Islamic State.”

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Senator Alexander, “Ebola… as serious a threat as the Islamic State.”

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TN US Senator Lamar Alexander while addressing the so called “Ebola pandemic” ahead of Obamas speech on how he is going to stop the spread of Ebola said, “Ebola should be considered as serious a threat as Islamic State.”

Really Mr Alexander? As serious as ISIS.  In light of the fact that the president has called them a JV team and non Islamic, your comment doesn’t make much sense.

This now classified terroristic threat called Ebola is being thrust to the forefront by Mr Alexander prompting fear as a way to pass a liberal money making scheme to several vested individuals with their hands in the Ebola disease cookie jar.

It is no secret George Soros, Bill Gates and the Feds are licking their chops to get the Ebola virus up and running well….then…… ka Ching the money starts pouring in for their multi million dollar investments in hospitals in Africa, patents on vaccines and even ownership, intellectual property of the virus. (I plan to address these subjects further in upcoming posts, research on these items continue)

 Mr Alexander, there have been about 3,000 deaths from EBOLA since 1976. Many of those 40 years have had few to  no deaths from year to year. That’s about 70 deaths per year on average. This virus has been around for 40 years. If  it were going to spread as quickly and as dangerously as you say, wouldn’t it have done it before today?

40,000 per year die of the FLU in the US every year. 10,000 per year die of Rabies every year in Africa. 70 die every year in all of Africa on average of EBOLA according to CDC data. Sure one death is too many but comparatively there is no huge epidemic or pandemic except in your mind and it’s not as dangerous as ISIS.

In fact, many living in Africa are saying all this is fabricated and the diseases are being spread purposefully and are calling reports such as yours lying and propagating to set a bigger agenda. This may be casual thinking but in reports I am researching,the locals are indeed calling it overblown and are angry that martial law and potential forced vaccines are their future.

Where is the crisis? At this point there is not one. Even researchers are looking for a way to justify vaccines at this point simply because the pool is too shallow and they are worried the “Small number of people affected by this Ebola outbreak” will not justify the cost of developing the vaccines or assure their efficacy. They are even trying to combine and develop a rabies/Ebola vaccine just so the numbers would be high enough to justify the expenditure.

Mr Alexander this is a manufactured crisis that is being blown way out of proportion and too many people stand to make billions off your scare tactics. I know there are people that could make sure this get bigger and more out of hand, they have been trying for years.And I can assure you they are giving it their best shot to make an pandemic out of it. Their money and investments rely upon it.

Its an ugly disease and kills people rapidly and for that I feel for the few  comparatively who have died. But ISIS is a much greater threat and your statement says volumes about your lack of  knowledge of a great credible terroristic threat. 

There are billions of Islamists wanting us dead and our heads lopped off and placed on a platter and if they had their way would certainly do so indiscriminately and freely.

Your comparison doesn’t equate. Your misunderstanding and over simplification of a serious terroristic threat shows your ineptness to lead this state into the future and protect it’s citizens.

Stop with the fear mongering. Follow the money trail or just stay tuned and I’ll spell it out for you soon.

Shame on you!

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