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Ebola: National Border Patrol agent reports hundreds from outbreak nations crossing into US

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Ebola: National Border Patrol agent reports hundreds from outbreak nations crossing into US

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Action 4 news reporter Nadia Galindo has reported over the weekend that hundreds of immigrants from Ebola outbreak countries have been caught on the border and allowed to disseminate into the US.

“Immigrants from West African countries have entered the US illegally,” according to Chris Cabrera with the National Border Patrol Council.

“Not too long ago we did catch some people, I believe, from Liberia,” he said.

During the 2013 fiscal year, statistics from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security website show Border Patrol agents apprehended, 

112 immigrants from Guinea, 
231 from Liberia and 
145 immigrants from Sierra Leone

All three countries currently experiencing the most cases of Ebola.

“Our main concern like it’s always been is the health and safety of our agents,” Cabrera said.

He worries agents are not properly protected in the event they come across an immigrant with the Ebola virus.

“Our agents are trained, however, they are not medical professionals,” he said.

Our recent porous border has been the subject of many breeches of security and concern. The US Governments lack of concern for our safety is magnified when stories
like this surface. For years it has been rumored that many immigrants from other countries have illegally crossed into the US, in this case possibly bringing Ebola in to our country.

It would be a shame if some entity were allowing this to happen on purpose. The repeated cries to close the border or ban flights and the lack of response to it seems purposeful and full of intent.

We as a country are in grave danger and it seems those elected to protect us are not doing so. I believe it is time for us to start asking questions and demanding protection.

The overwhelming question to be concerned with is if 488 got caught, how many didn’t?

Sources of info: 

A video of the report by Nadia Galindo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIZ0iRqTAxc


  1. We have seen that radical Islamists think nothing of straping on bombs or flying/driving bombs into buildings in suicide attacks…they will not think twice to purposely infect themselves (or others, including children) with Ebola and just walk across our southern border and disappear (with the help of this administration) into the general population.


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