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Bradley County, Chattanooga region receive their “Death, Color Zone” designations

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Bradley County News Network

This is an urgent notice to all citizens living in Bradley County and the Chattanooga Region. Your Mayors have voluntarily taken the necessary steps to place you into a specified “Death Color Zones! Your property rights are at extreme risk! YOU WILL EVENTUALLY LOSE YOUR PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS!

The Mayors of 16 surrounding counties in 3 States have knowingly, willingly and covertly placed you into your very own “Death, Color Zone!” Their willing participation to sign on with the Chattanooga Regional Growth plan with ICLEI, a well documented component in the implementation of Agenda 21, has put us at great risk and will have a long lasting effect on our county and region for generations to come.

Because of recent actions of a collective of Mayors at the direction of The Southeast Tennessee Economic Development Council, its Board Chairman, Bradley County Mayor Gary Davis and Cleveland Mayor Tom Rowland we…

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