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Did SOS McDaniels throw self on the sword ahead of a “travelgate” investigation?

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Did SOS McDaniels throw self on the sword ahead of a “travelgate” investigation?


Did Mr McDaniel, the Bradley County Superintendent of Schools fall on the sword ahead of a “Travelgate” investigation?

 Recently a county wide petition, started by perhaps one of his teachers has been going around on a Change.org format. The 1200 or so in support of McDaniels to remain as BCSOS was phenomenal and indeed showed great support. The loud cry to retain Mr Johnny McDaniels was heard.

Many calls were made by nice people to voice their disgust to the Bradley County School Board about trying to run Johnny out of town. But why is everyone seeing the need to support Johnny McDaniels all of a sudden? What are they defending him seemingly unprovoked? Where is he going? I Google searched quickly and found little to nothing. 

This group of supporters know
something. Maybe they know something we dont? Maybe Mr McDaniels knows why they are calling for him to stay. Maybe Mr McDaniels knows and they don’t so he is just getting blanket support for being a nice guy? But what we do know is those who do know don’t know whatever it is they are supposed to know or they ain’t tellin nobody, poor English purposeful. One thing for sure there is alot of support going around but no one knows why. At least that’s my read on it and I don’t know…….I have a headache. 

My initial thoughts were did he do something wrong and we are refusing to acknowledge or we are in denial? That would make sense. After all, why would so many support a man who could have done something wrong or misguided?  Where are those nagging types that incessantly ask all the questions and always have their noses in smelly places? Would be nice to see some of that go to good use today.

While the questions have lingered and my inquisitive mind left pondering we are still left with questions and very little substance.

Misappropriation of funds? Fraud? These type things have made the headlines for centuries with others. I am only guessing, but something is up. 

No called meetings to recall Mr McDaniels I am aware of.  No allegations of wrong doing….nothing at this point, just a meeting to discuss a buy out of his remaining time. Huh? A buyout? But why? Indifferences between the board and the SOS? I’m not buying it.

Then, I saw Troy Weathers arise from his tomb of political death and start defending Mr McDaniel! Now we are getting somewhere. Past board members defending the SOS, there is a legit reason. Same with Commissioner Mark Hall and his inquiry during the last session of the Commission voicing support and decrying McDaniels being subjected strong armed tactics.

Why are all the resurrected troops speaking out and offering support? Why would Weathers speak up in defense of an ex “boss?” Why would Critchfield be resigning or not? Somebody knows something the general public does not? Is it criminal? Could someone be implicated in something?  Ive seen nothing criminal or suggestive of any wrong doing in the local press. The question remains……why is a buy out being entertained and why is it being done so quickly?

Did Johnny McDaniel possibly jump the gun and ask for a buy out before it “went down”, whatever it is, that’s supposed to go down?

Did he fold his cards before the hand was called?  Is he getting the hell out of Dodge and taking the loot before sunset to prevent a public lynching? 

Lets focus on what we do know or assume we know. 

We do know that a local newspaper in Chattanooga has submitted a FOI, Freedom of Information request for travel records and other items from the SOS. We do know this may have prompted a request for a buyout.

We do know that while attending past school board meetings several taxpaying citizens have asked a bunch of questions regarding travel and spending.

We do know this board and the multi millions in it’s budget is being handled by real businessmen who know how to run “a business and are holding big spenders accountable .

We do know there is a set deduction for travel miles and that may have been consumed just under the IRS radar.

We do know that mileage and travel was logged on snow days for travel time when the schools were closed.

I have heard Las Vegas trips are pretty expensive.

 We do know we have a near  1/4 million dollar travel budget is allocated and all that money may not have been spent wisely.  

I am leary of who may have signed off on bloated travel logs. Did Johnny M sign off on all these itemized expenditures and were they all good decisions?

Regardless of what I ponder, the facts may soon surface and we all will have answers. I guess we wait till the local MSM does their jobs and then we see what their research turns up.

What further questions or inquiries will we have after the alleged travel gate issue is out in the open? Will the MSM find anything to report? Will we still buy Johnny out?
 If wrong doing is discovered why in the world are we offering to buyout the remainder of his term? 160,000.00 can buy a whole lot of paint and plaster for a school. Just sayin? Board we might wanna reassess this proposal once the investigation is divulged.

I personally don’t feel anyone deserves a buyout of $160,000.00 at the taxpayers expense for wrong doing of any kind! 

Good day!

Sources of Information: Remember, these guys work hard for their money. Support them with your hard earned money. 




This blog is strictly my opinion based on the facts I have discovered. There is no intent to harm others or convict others, only to report that which catches my eye while exercising my first amendment rights to redress my elected officials and government. I am constitutionally bound to do so. All parties discussed are innocent until proven otherwise. 

  1. Maybe he thinks, if Obama can do it, I can too!!!!!!


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