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Ultra-resistant lice found in Tennessee, OTC treatment 100 percent ineffective

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Ultra-resistant lice found in Tennessee, OTC treatment 100 percent ineffective

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According to researchers at Southern Illinois University, Ultra resistant lice are in 25 states and every species, 100 percent, of lice tested in Tennessee is resistant to current OTC treatment.

Dr Yoon, speaking at an American Chemical Society conference recently said that Pyrethrin OTC medications are no longer effective in 104 of 109 species found across the United States.

To put it simply, the receptors on the lice have mutated to the point that the Pyrethrins no longer fit into those receptors thus not killing the Ultra-Resistant lice.

As with germs via the use of improper or inappropriate use over years has created super bugs resistant to many antibiotics. The same phenomena is taking place today with lice and is putting many people at risk of greater disease and infection.

Outside of current treatment soap, water and nit combs as the most effective treatment. In other words, you learn to live with them hoping to back them down enough to be comfortable.

Researchers have said that in states where the lice are not yet 100 percent resistant, making sure to apply that second application of Pyrethrins and convincing your child to leave it in their hair for the recommended time with a plastic cover is killing non resistant licenser now. Many parents are not wanting to expose their children to chemical this long thus fueling the ultra resistant strand of lice spreading across the US.

Tennesseans as other states have been told to wash clothing/bedding and individually pick them out of your hair to keep them in check.

They did suggest shaving your head as one other option but many school kids are not keen on adopting that hairstyle this early in the school year.

I’m going to the barber now and getting myself some antihistamines. I hope you don’t get it, but if you do seek treatment. Either way, it’s getting very hard to make them go away.

Scratch, scratch!


Disclaimer: Please talk to your Doctor about treatment for your head lice. I am not a physician and any action without your Doctors advice is irresponsible. Any treatment I have suggested for my self is for me only, your Doctor can suggest you a treatment regimen and I would recommend that. 

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