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Afghan troops raping child sex slaves on bases, US Soldiers told to ignore

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Afghan troops raping child sex slaves on bases, US Soldiers told to ignore

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Kabul, Afghanistan- Little boys and even some young girls are being raped and abused on US bases by Afghan Soldiers as US soldiers are told to ignore their cries.

Reportedly, this behavior with child sex slaves has been accepted on our military bases for years. Only recently have our troops, risking adverse reaction been vocal. The horror and the cover up is obviously more than they can stand.

According to a NY Times article, “In his last phone call home, Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley Jr. told his father what was troubling him: From his bunk in southern Afghanistan, he could hear Afghan police officers sexually abusing boys they had brought to the base.”

“At night we can hear them screaming, but we’re not allowed to do anything about it,” the Marine’s father, Gregory Buckley Sr., recalled his son telling him before he was shot to death at the base in 2012 (by a sex slave, possibly at the command of an Afghan Commander.) 

He urged his son to tell his superiors. “My son said that his officers told him to look the other way because it’s their culture.” (It’s Sharia Law)

Many other US Soldiers are being ousted from the military and several commanders relieved of their duty for taking a stance against these horrific acts, while many remain silent to preserve their careers.

They are called “Tea Boys” that are called on to do domestic work and be sex slaves to Afghan troops. 

The little boys are trained at a very young age to dress like girls and dance among the troops before being devoured like a sheep to a lion all in the name of some sort of sick reverence to a god and his messenger.

The NY Times reports “Rampant sexual abuse of children has long been a problem in Afghanistan, particularly among armed commanders who dominate much of the rural landscape and can bully the population. The practice is called bacha bazi, literally “boy play,” and American soldiers and Marines have been instructed not to intervene — in some cases, not even when their Afghan allies have abused boys on military bases, according to interviews and court records.”

“The policy has endured as American forces have recruited and organized Afghan militias to help hold territory against the Taliban. But soldiers and Marines have been increasingly troubled that instead of weeding out pedophiles, the American military was arming them in some cases and placing them as the commanders of villages — and doing little when they began abusing children.”

 It has long been established that sex with children is acceptable while homosexuality is not in middle eastern culture. The moral difference shows the degree of decay our world has descended.

Tying little boys to your bed post to await you to come from the battlefield is a level of sick that few will ever have to endure or understand.

One US soldier states he walked into a room and found several men lying asleep with several child sex slaves between them stating he knows it goes on he just can’t say anything about it.

The Quran accompanied by the Surah has several passages that makes this “lifestyle” choice acceptable in the eyes of it’s tormentors. 

Quran 52:24

Round about them will serve, (devoted) to them, young male servants (handsome) as Pearls well-guarded.

Note also the following:

Surah 76:19

Allah promises fresh youths to Muslim men. And round about them shall go youths never altering in age; when you see them you will think them to be scattered pearls.

These children having to endure this type of torture is uncalled for and a culture like this should never be accepted. We can not simply accept this part of Sharia Law to be our norm.

Our US Soldiers and it’s Commander in Chief should never levy this type behavior as common place because of another’s political ideology. 

It should never be acceptable to watch this blatant, grossly horrific behavior to be ignored. Neither should our soldiers have to face this moral dilemma and abuse of human rights.  

Looking the other way simply because we have chosen to ally with these Afghan troops is an injustice to the human race inside this culture. 

Sadly this type behavior is being repeated frequently and the perpetrators are left untouched because of a politically religious sect that says this is their norm and accepted as law in their ideology.

God bless our troops and shall they endure yet another atrocity under the command of Barrack Hussein Obama. 

God bless these children who suffer at the hands of these evil people in the midst of its protectors.

Sources of info: Please read and support these sources regularly.





ACLJ sending open records requests to all school districts in TN regarding teaching of Islam

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ACLJ sending open records requests to all school districts in TN regarding teaching of Islam

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The American Center for Law & Justice, a legal advocacy group for conservative Christian causes, is sending open records request letters to all Tennessee school districts for information on teaching Islam, reports The Tennessean.

State Senate Education Chairman Dolores Gresham, meanwhile, is calling on the state Department of Education to caution all schools against Islamic indoctrination.

In a recent meeting held by the Bradley Ministerial Association in Bradley County Tn, the notion seems to be, based on a series of comments, Islam will be taught as a “tool” for learning. The school leaders stated that they must teach to the standards which contains the teaching of Islam, to include memorizing the Shahada and the 5 Pillars of Islam. Now we will see if they intend to teach it.

Many schools and parents are reporting a series of teachings accumulating to 3 and 4 weeks on the study of Islam and other teachings. This is indoctrination. We must adhere to the 3 Rs not the 5 Pillars and spend our time wisely. Our kids could learn alot of other things within that extra month of study beside being indoctrinated to Islam.

For schools stepping over the line they will more than likely be issued subpoenas for teaching adverse and excessive religious topics in our schools and then be forced to stop or face a lawsuit or jail time.

Much of this Islamic teaching is heavily funded by the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Iran, Qatar and Saudia Arabia to slant the standards to contain a heavy influence of the Middle Eastern Culture.

From the Tennessean:

Cece Heil, Senior Counsel with the ACLJ, said open records requests have gone to all 146 Tennessee public school districts because of the concerns voiced by parents to the organization.

“Although a school may teach curriculum on religion, it must be objective,” Heil said in an email. “It may not prefer one religion over other religions without running afoul of the Establishment Clause. After receiving specific complaints from parents, it seems that some school (districts) may have crossed this line.”

The time and depth Islam has been taught in schools has been scrutinized recently by Tennessee lawmakers and community members representing multiple districts.

The state provides academic standards, which Tennessee Department of Education Commissioner Candice McQueen said are designed to provide a deep understanding of how world religions have affected world history.

…The ACLJ letters are requesting records and information on what students are learning about Islam and other religions, how students are being taught and what resources teachers are using.

News release from Senate Republican Caucus

NASHVILLE – Senate Education Committee Chairman Dolores Gresham (R-Somerville) has requested Tennessee Commissioner Candice McQueen issue a letter instructing local school districts to use caution to ensure that students are educated rather than indoctrinated while teaching religious beliefs and how they impact world history.

The letter comes after recent objections were raised by parents in several Tennessee counties regarding the teaching of Islamic practices in middle school curriculum. Some parents claim their children were required to memorize the five pillars of Islam and to write “Allah is the only God” as part of an assignment.

“Over the past few weeks, members of the General Assembly have received an increasing number of messages from constituents over the curriculum being used in Tennessee 7th grade Social Studies classrooms,” the letter said. “Most of these concerns surround the teaching of Islamic tenets in Tennessee classrooms. While we understand the importance of teaching world history to our students, we must be prudent in our approach so it is clear that we are educating rather than indoctrinating.”

“To help ensure that our State is providing the best quality education to our children we request that the Department of Education issue a letter instructing our local school districts to use caution when teaching religious beliefs and how they impact world history,” the letter concluded.

Here is the last article written on this subject. It shows the local community school leaders more than willing to submit to the teachings of Islam in our schools.


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Germany Arrests ISIS Recruiter Posing as Asylum Seeker, US fueling immigrant crisis

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Germany Arrests ISIS Recruiter Posing as Asylum Seeker, US fueling immigrant crisis

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Just hours before Secretary of State John Kerry announced that the US will accept nearly a 1/4 million Syrian refugees in 2016 and 2017, Germany arrests an ISIS leader and recruiter posing as a refugee.

It has long been suspected that this influx of Middle Eastern refugees “screened by the UN” are an Army of Islamist fighters and not all refugees.

In recent weeks we have seen the pictures of the refugees and you are only seeing pictures of burly men trying to cross the borders  Some have even suggested that less than 15 percent are actually Syrian.

Recent secret documents have been discovered via the FOIA, Freedom of Information Act that Barrack Hussein Obama and his staff are deliberately been fueling the unrest that is resulting in 100s of thousands of “refugees” pounding on our borders for entrance.

The super secret program called PSD-11 calls for the overthrow of several middle eastern governments that have resulted in the unrest and the formation of ISIS and the strengthening of the Muslim Brotherhood. I will report more on PSD-11 later, continue to read about ISIS using the crisis as a way to grow its army with the help of the US Government.

The Clarion Project and it’s crack staff have reported very well on this dilemma. Please read below and subscribe to their website for more information.

Fake passports, terrorists in disguise and the machinations of Saudi Arabia make the refugee crisis in Europe more complicated than it seems.

The Islamic State and other Islamists are trying to manipulate the refugee crisis, which they partially created, in order to undermine European security.

A 21-year old from Morocco has been arrested by German authorities at a refugee center near Stuttgart on suspicion of being an Islamic State recruiter. The man was sought under a European arrest warrant issued by Spanish authorities. He used a false identity to pose as an asylum seeker.

According to The New Observer, this is the first time German authorities have arrested a terror suspect masquerading as an asylum seeker.

At the same time it was reported the German government seized 10,000 fake Syrian passports, which are being sold to those seeking to gain entry to the EU for around $1,500 each. Possession of a Syrian passport makes claiming asylum a lot easier.

Out of 213,000 migrants who arrived in April, only 44,000 were from Syria, according to figures from Eurostat, the official EU statistics agency. Others come from a variety of countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, and across North Africa.

Clarion has previously reported on the delicate balancing act now required of Europe’s policy makers in response to the crisis. The Islamic State has said it is importing fighters into Europe disguised as refugees. These numbers will be compounded by the threat from returning European citizens who fought as jihadists in Syria.

ISIS is also profiting from the lucrative people-smuggling industry that has sprung up as the Syrian Civil War has worsened. Time magazine reported earlier this year it had seen intelligence reports saying ISIS had deliberately attacked refugee camps and created additional refugees to create more refugees – and thus more customers for its people-smuggling operation.  

Queen Rania of Jordan, whose country has so far taken in 1.4 million refugees, called on Europe to take in more asylum seekers, warning that failure to do so “risks creating a defeated and disillusioned generation,’ she said, ‘who, at their most desperate, could be susceptible to extremists’ ideology.”

Yet Saudi Arabia and the other wealthy countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have slammed their doors, refusing to accept any Syrian refugees.
Instead, Saudi Arabia has offered to construct 200 mosques in Germany for Syrian refugees who arrive there, something Oxford Professor and prominent atheist Richard Dawkins branded a “sick joke.” He asked on Twitter, “Is it conceivable that Saudi seriously thinks MOSQUES will contribute to the welfare of the migrants in Germany?”

This shows the intent of Saudi Arabia – not to help those fleeing the war, but to use them as pawns in their attempt to spread their Wahhabist form of Islam (the root of all Sunni Islamist movements) around the world.

Europe must be careful in balancing its humanitarian obligations with its security needs. 

BCN- The US should stop the influx of these ISIS insurgents across our borders. Call your Senators and Congressmen and women and have this stop the influx of these terrorists into our country.

It is war, the enemy is breeching our borders and our current form of Government is encouraging and sponsoring it.

Source of information:

Please visit their sites frequently, there is plenty of information to devour.


PSD 11- Obamas secret plan gave rise to ISIS, Benghazi and Muslim Brotherhood

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PSD 11- Obamas secret plan gave rise to ISIS, Benghazi and Muslim Brotherhood


Do you recall watching the Lybian Civil war on TV? The photos of numerous meetings held by John McCain with ISIS leaders? The unrest in Egypt, Yemen? The Arab Spring?

The document or action that directed and responsible for all this turmoil was called The Presidential Study Directive 11 or PSD-11 for short.

Barrack Hussein Obama essentially has destroyed the Middle East and destabilized it’s inhabitants with a single 18 page document called PSD 11 creating the flood of Islamic immigrants to seek refuge in all parts of the world.

The report unavailable to the general public has had leaks describing the US, Obama backing middle eastern forms of government in the form of the Arab Spring. The report allegedly says that Obama, possible CIA operatives worked with Islamic activists while financially supporting their combined efforts to overthrow select governments.
I recall watching the TV and thinking  why is America not intervening or at least sending in a team to defuse the  tension and eventual downfall of several Islamic regimes. It seemed so orchestrated and had the appearance of being serene and orderly, little did I know the US and Obama was involved all along.

Little did the world know that one man representing the United States was pulling the strings and causing all this unrest and strife that resulted in 10s if thousands of Christians murdered and women raped.

PSD 11 remains classified but many lawsuits are pending, attempting to use the FOIA, Freedom Of Information Act to release the secret document. To date, the White House and the Obama regime are fighting tooth and nail to keep the document sealed.

As reported in Front Page Magazine “Directive 11 brought together activists and operatives at multiple agencies to come up with a “tailored” approach for regime change in each country.” 

“The goal was to “manage” the political transitions. It tossed aside American national security interests by insisting that Islamist regimes would be equally committed to fighting terrorism and cooperating with Israel. Its greatest gymnastic feat may have been arguing that the best way to achieve political stability in the region was through regime change.”

“What little we know about the resulting classified 18-page report is that it used euphemisms to call for aiding Islamist takeovers in parts of the Middle East. Four countries were targeted. Of those four, we only know for certain that Egypt and Yemen were on the list. But we do know for certain the outcome.”

“Egypt fell to the Muslim Brotherhood, which collaborated with Al Qaeda, Hamas and Iran, before being undone by a counterrevolution. Yemen is currently controlled by Iran’s Houthi terrorists and Al Qaeda.”

“According to a New York Times story, Obama’s Directive 11 agenda appeared to resemble Che or Castro as he “pressed his advisers to study popular uprisings in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia to determine which ones worked and which did not.”

“The story also noted that he “is drawn to Indonesia, where he spent several years as a child, which ousted its longtime leader, Suharto, in 1998.”

“The coup against Mubarak with its coordination of liberals, Islamists and the military did strongly resemble what happened in Indonesia. The most ominous similarity may be that the Muslim mobs in Indonesia targeted the Chinese, many of whom are Christians, while the Muslim mobs in Egypt targeted Coptic Christians.”

“Both were talented groups that were disproportionately successful because they lacked the traditional Islamic hostility to education, integrity and achievement. Islamist demagogues had succeeded in associating them with the regime and promoted attacks on them as part of the anti-regime protests.”

“Chinese stores were looted and thousands of Chinese women were raped by rampaging Muslims. Just as in Egypt, the protesters and their media allies spread the claim that these atrocities committed by Muslim protesters were the work of the regime’s secret police. That remains the official story today.”

The Front Page article continues, “Suharto’s fall paved the way for the rise of the Prosperous Justice Party, which was founded a few months after his resignation and has become one of the largest parties in the Indonesian parliament. PJP was set up by the Muslim Brotherhood’s local arm in Indonesia.”

“His successor, Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, was more explicitly Islamist than Suharto and his Association of Muslim Intellectuals (ICMI) conducted a campaign against Christians, Hindus and Buddhists. It helped purge non-Muslims from government while Islamizing the government and Indonesia’s key institutions.”

“Habibie had been the Chairman of ICMI and ICMI’s Islamists played a key role in moving Suharto out and moving him in. It was obvious why Obama would have considered the Islamization of Indonesia and the purge of Christians under the guise of democratic political change to be a fine example for Egypt.”

“While we don’t know the full contents of Directive 11 and unless a new administration decides to open the vaults of the old regime, we may never know. But we do know a good deal about the results.”

“Obama’s insistence that human rights be made a core national security interest paved the way for political and military interventions on behalf of Islamists.”

“Obama had never been interested in human rights; his record of pandering to the world’s worst genocide plotters and perpetrators from Iran to Turkey to Sudan made that clear. When he said “human rights”, Obama really meant “Islamist power”.

“That was why Obama refused to intervene when the Muslim Brotherhood conducted real genocide in Sudan, but did interfere in Libya on behalf of the Brotherhood using a phony claim of genocide.”

“Positioning Samantha Power in the Office of Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights at the National Security Council was part of the process that made over the NSC from national security to servicing a progressive wish list of Islamist terrorist groups that were to be transformed into national governments.”

“Power, along with Gayle Smith and Dennis Ross, led the Directive 11 project.”

“Secret proceedings were used to spawn regime change infrastructure. Some of these tools had official names, such as “The Office of The Special Coordinator For Middle East Transitions” which currently reports directly to former ambassador Anne Patterson who told Coptic Christians not to protest against Morsi. After being driven out of the country by angry mobs over her support for the Muslim Brotherhood tyranny, she was promoted to Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs.”

“The Office” is still focused on “outreach to emergent political, economic and social forces in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya” even though counterrevolutions have pushed out Islamists in Egypt and Tunisia, while Libya is in the middle of a bloody civil war in which an alliance of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda controls the nation’s capital.”

“But even as Morsi’s abuses of power were driving outraged Egyptians into the streets, Gayle Smith, one of the three leaders of Directive 11, reached out to the “International Union of Muslim Scholars”, a Muslim Brotherhood group that supported terrorism against American soldiers in Iraq and which was now looking for American support for its Islamist terrorist brigades in the Syrian Civil War.”

“The men and women responsible for Directive 11 were making it clear that they had learned nothing.”

Front Page Magazine charges that “Directive 11 ended up giving us the Islamic State through its Arab Spring. PSD-11’s twisted claim that regional stability could only be achieved through Islamist regime change tore apart the region and turned it into a playground for terrorists. ISIS is simply the biggest and toughest of the terror groups that were able to thrive in the environment of violent civil wars created by Obama’s Directive 11.”

“During the Arab Spring protests, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit had told Hillary Clinton that his government could not hand over power to the Muslim Brotherhood. “My daughter gets to go out at night. And, God damn it, I’m not going to turn this country over to people who will turn back the clock on her rights.”

“But that was exactly what Hillary Clinton and Obama were after. And they got it. Countless women were raped in Egypt. Beyond Egypt, Hillary and Obama’s policy saw Yazidi women actually sold into slavery.”

“Directive 11 codified the left’s dirty alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood into our foreign policy. Its support for Islamist takeovers paved the way for riots and civil wars culminating in the violence that birthed ISIS and covered the region in blood.”

And it remains secret to this day.

BCN Note: I will end this by saying and it will eventually be proven that the man currently holding office in the White House is no friend of this country. He is using his rank and position to promote Islamic unrest in the Middle East leading to the eventual rise of Islamic Power to unstoppable levels.

To say that the White House has been taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood and a radical Ilsamist may be a believable story based on these findings and reflecting upon the actions of this regime.

It took me a while to discover the origin of all this orchestrated chaos and the non chalant reaction to it. My conclusion? We have an enemy in the White House.

The unrest, murders and rapes being orchestrated by the president of the United States is high treason, an abomination and he should be punished to the highest level of the law.




Bradley County Schools Director Cash says “information about Islam is  “just a tool” teachers can use.

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Bradley County Schools Director Cash says “information about Islam is  “just a tool” teachers can use.

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The Cleveland Bradley Ministerial Association conducted a question and answer session recently in Cleveland Tennessee, inviting several local and private education leaders to share topics that are going on in their school systems. 

The association is seeking ministers and educators to come together to unite in their efforts to to enhance goals that will improve literacy scores across the county.

According to the Cleveland Daily Banner, a forum of four local leaders spoke to the group Wednesday: Dr. Bill Balzano, president of Tennessee Christian Preparatory School; Dr. Linda Cash, director of Bradley County Schools; Dr. Jeff Elliott, supervisor of curriculum and instruction for Cleveland City Schools; and Ramona Kim, principal of United Christian Academy.

Among the goals discussed was our county wide literacy rate of around 50 percent, Superintendent Linda Cash called this unacceptable. 

Many of the leaders provided input into what could make our schools better and what could better prepare them to excel and prepare them for college and beyond.

In summary from the Cleveland Daily Banner article, among the subjects listed to raise the schools literacy rates were promoting Coach Dungys book, “An Uncommon Life”, Read 20, dance and music classes, the “one-to-one initiative”, early reading and math, improving graduation rates and ACT scores, walkingthe halls praying, providing meals for teachers, landscaping schools, learning of their personal faiths, the K-12 program, etc.

After the introduction and small talk, in a question and answer session, the blended group was directed to Common Core, referring to the The Shahada and the 5 pillars of Islam being taught in public schools by an unnamed group member.

The Cleveland Daily Banner said the organizations unnamed member asked the school leaders about the religion of Islam being taught in schools, calling it “a harmful virus.” 

“The unnamed source referenced information about Islam allegedly being taught in seventh-grade history classes  in Tennessee public schools.”

TN Christian Preparatory Schools Director Dr Bill Balzano spoke first and said “Though there may be information about something in a textbook, he said one must actually look at an individual teacher’s syllabus and curriculum map to see what will be covered and when.”

“Though TCPS is a Christian school, he noted junior and senior students are taught some passages from Islam’s governing book, the Quran, in their Bible classes. Balzano said students must know what other religions believe in order to effectively defend their Christian faith.”

Jeff Elliott the Cleveland City Schools director of instruction and curriculum said “Cleveland’s schools do not push one religion over the others, and all classes are being taught in accordance with state standards which dictate students learn about religions to help them understand history.”

“Cleveland City Schools has also seen a continually increasing population of students learning English as a second language, and he said schools are seeing more students from families practicing different religions.”

“Elliott said students learning more about other religions can help them better relate to other people.”

“He added churches have the most important roles to play in making sure Christian students are knowledgeable about their faith.”

Most interesting to me during this charade was the comments made by the new Director of Bradley County Schools Linda Cash stating “textbooks which may feature information about Islam are JUST A TOOL teachers can use. They have to follow the standards that tell them to teach about various faiths, but they can use a variety of resources.”

Considering the words of Cash, We have now evolved from a Christian based school system to the teaching of Islam as a “tool” to teach our kids. 

She further stated we have to teach the standards (that contains the creed of Islam) to our children to teach them about other faiths. 

Many would say the the public school system is not who they would prefer teaching their child about faith.  Many parents would gladly take on that task within the family and at their places of worship.

Cash continued, “teachers are not going into a tremendous amount of depth when talking about religion.”

“Nothing is taught in isolation,” Cash said, adding that no one religion is taught without the others. 

I deem it ironic that not too long ago the Christian faith and prayer were literally removed from our schools and now that Islam wants us to be inclusive, we teach all religions now!

Dr Linda Cash has now endorsed the teaching of Islam in our Bradley County Schools. Regarding my own children, they have had little exposure to Islam or other faiths in school to date. With her statement supporting teaching Islam as a tool, it may drastically change the teaching environment as teachers may see her comments as a green light.   

Dr Linda Cashs statements could potentially lead to handing our kids over to the influence and will of Islam.   

Maury County TN Schools, particularly Spring Hill High School has been blasted recently for teaching Shahada and the 5 pillars of Islam, requiring their students to memorize the passage and proclaim Allah as the one and only god and Muhammed his servant and prophet, and then administering TCAP tests covering the subject. They were also told to write it on paper as “Allah is the one and only god and Muhammed is his servant” (see Brietbart news link below) All this under the direction of Common Core standards.

My thoughts are if it’s on TCAP, it must be taught in our schools, all of them. Thus, the emphasis on Dr Cashs words when she said teaching Islam is just a tool for teachers to use when they teach.  

The Shahada is a very dangerous Islamic “prayer” for our children to utter while proclaiming Muhammed as a prophet.

It is multifaceted and has many tentacles and is the creed for Islam. 

In very simple terms, by comparison, it’s basically the Christians version of the “Road to Salvation, the Romans Road, the Sinners Prayer or the path to salvation with specified duties to live a faithful life.

In Islam, to become a Muslim according to the Koran, the Hadith and the teachings of Muhammed you must say a prayer or passage to gain entrance to Jennah (Paradise) and to become a devout follower of Allah via Muhammed. That prayer is the Shahada and its proclamation that Allah is the only god and  Muhammed is the prophet. This is the  same prayer that our kids are memorizing and TCAP testing on.

The following is a direct quote from an Islamic website on the subject of Shahada.

“The complete statement of the creed of the Muslim is:
“Ash-shadu anna Laa elaha illa lah. Ash-shadu anna Muhammadar Rasoolulah.” (I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger).

“Every Muslim has been taught that the key to “Jennah” (Paradise) is the statement in Arabic:
  “Laa illaha illa lah.”  (There is none worthy of worship except Allah.) ”

“Many Muslims believe that as long as they have made this statement, nothing will harm them. They think they will be granted Paradise because of this mere verbal statement of the Shahadah.”

“There is no question that the mere saying of the shahadah: “I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger” is not sufficient for salvation.”

The article continues to elude to the fact that some Muslims only believe the Shahada is their path to Paradise when in fact the Pillars of Islam must be followed also. 

“True scholars of Islam are quick to tell us that this testimony of faith is our “Muftah ul Jennah” (Key to Paradise). The famous follower Wahb ibn Munabbih was once asked;
“Isn’t the statement of “La ilaha illa-lah” the key to Paradise?” 

He answered; “YES! But every key has ridges. If you come with the key that has the right ridges, the door will open for you. Yet if you do not have the right ridges the door will not open for you.” 

Much like the Christian faith and the prayer of repentance, the mere words are not enough, but must be followed by the statement of baptism and living the life, such as obeying the 10 Commandments and following the teachings of Jesus and messages of God almighty.

The 9 conditions of the Shahada are known as:
1) Knowledge  
2) Certainty  
3) Acceptance  
4) Submission  
5) Truth  
6) Sincerity  
7) Love  
8) Denial  
9) Adherence

Your kids are memorizing this prayer and proclamation in your schools!

The Five Pillars of Islam is essentially their rule book for Paradise after proclaiming the acknowledgement of Shahada, Muhammed is the prophet.

The 5 pillars from the Hadith of Gabriel:

1) Faith or belief in the Oneness of God and the finality of the prophethood of Muhammad;
2) Establishment of the daily prayers;
3) Concern for and almsgiving to the needy;
4) Self-purification through fasting 
5)The pilgrimage to Makkah for those who are able.
6) The one that is frequently left out for obvious reasons is Jihad or Holy war on non believers.

Your kids unbeknownst to you have unknowingly pronounced their faith to Allah and Muhammed through the Shahada and introduced to the 5 pillars to live as a righteous Muslim. 

It is a stretch but like myself, to become a Christian I professed my sins and asked God to come into my life, and now your child by professing the Shahada and proclaiming Muhammed as his prophet and servant he or she has submitted and made a faith statement to Allah.

Think about it! If we use the same path of accepting Christ and uttering the sinners prayer to become a follower of Christ doesn’t it make sense that now, technically by virtue of a prayer, your child is now a follower of Islam and Allah?   

What an evil and  ingenious indoctrination “tool” to deliver your your children to Allah . What a statement this makes to Islamic leaders who are very aware of what Shahada is and the tools involved in influencing your children.

Your kids under the direction of our esteemed educators and political leaders have created the path, the “tool” to expose and convert millions of our kids and submit them to the will of Allah. 

The above scenario should enrage you! It amazes me at the lack of concern for what is being taught in our schools and the level of acceptance to co-exist with a political ideology that promotes the desire to conquer your country and dominate your religious beliefs. 

Can you imagine the uproar if our schools chose to make our kids memorize the sinners prayer and the path to conversion, follow Jesus Christ, pronouncing him as our Lord and Savior? The roof would be lifted from these schools and every teacher fired but instead your child in essence has been converted to Islam and you stand unknowing and unaware.

Islam and the teachings of Islam has been creeping into our lives and now the conversion has been placed in overdrive. Stunningly, the reactionary silence is deafening.

I personally doubt Dr Cash knows of the extent to which Islam is trying to gain control of our children. I also doubt she knows of the level of
Influence her simple statement can have on our children’s life. But her acceptance of Islam being taught in our schools as a tool is well worth providing her with the knowledge to retract her statement.

Please contact her or the school boards and let her know her words can be very damaging to our kids.



Sources of information: Please take the time to visit the sites below, they are full of great information. 


“Allah is the only god, Muhammed is the prophet, Shahada, 5 Pillars of Islam are the creed of Islam” are being taught in TN Schools most recently in Maury County at Spring Hill High School.



Disclaimer: As with all my posts they are only my opinion based on researching the facts. My expressed opinions are to be used as a source of information only. I encourage us all to live peacefully and bring no harm to no one. If you choose to act and harm then that choice is solely yours! Have a blessed day and share this article.

How could a conservative ever vote for Trump, glad you asked.

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How could a conservative ever vote for Trump, glad you asked.


How can I support Trump? Dont you know he sent money to Democrats? Been divorced 3 times? Bankruptcy? A Government shill? Etc, etc, etc.

Gaaaah! These questions day in and day out get so tiring! I get these questions almost daily and my reply each time  is almost the same everytime. 

I long for the day when everyday Americans will wake up and see who is frying their coffee. 

True conservatives and you know who you are make up the majority of the support for Trump. 

Somehow in the scope of this political arena we have accepted the faults of a Presidential candidate and traded it for bringing the fight to the Republican party. The party that left us is being co opted by a man and his people that are willing to fight the establishment.

Go about 14 from the bottom of the GOP field and you have about 3 that are willing to stand and fight the establishment that has done nothing the last 4 years to pave away for this day. We have an anti establishment candidate forging new roads and setting records in the polling so early from the first primary. 

Many have been left shaking their head and frustrated that Trump, Carson and Cruz are leading the pack. This result sends a strong message to the GOP that what they are presenting and packaging is not the desired recipe. People like Reince Priebus and Carl Rove are left sucking for air as their leadership has failed and are still trying to explain away the phenomena that is the anti establishment vote. 

The fathers or leaders of the GOP made a deadly mistake in 2012 and 2014! They made promises they did not or even attempt to keep. Their fodder, their lies were very evident in spite of their voice otherwise. It’s sickening to see these leaders squander away an excellent opportunity to take over the White House for the opportunity to coexist with the DEMs in their own world. The people have seen this fake representation of establishment knighthood and have said enough is enough. It’s time to make America Great Again and the GOP or the DEMs have been bypassed for genuine and deliberate effort by non establishment candidates sticking their head out as the voice of the people.

Fake conservatives, establishment types, RINOs and even DINOs are so left behind in the debate for the next president that they are left looking for answers that to date only true conservatives can answer.

First off, in the current political environment I see no difference right and left now in the two main parties. Nothing. The Republicans are Democrats and Democrats are Republicans. This very public display of affection for each other is so prevalent and fueling the debate to seat a candidate in the White House that is not willing to see the country slide into it’s final demise. Thank God the people are still in control and lifting their voice to assure control of a party that had left control to the people’s  voice. This is the sadness of a party that had lost control and has been unable to read the emotions of it multiple branches.

Meanwhile, I have yet to meet that perfect candidate with no faults or sins. And if I do I’m pretty sure his name will be Jesus Christ. And Trump may argue this point.

The GOP has left me the conservative. I have no meaningful relationship with the GOP because not too long ago the GOP kicked me out of it’s ranks. Even called me a racist and a terrorist. This arrogance and lack of sympathy for a huge voting block has created the dilemma the GOP has created. You see GOP robots like McConnel, Boehner and McCain are out of touch RINOs willing to sacrifice party for the people they represent. Talking heads like Rove and Priebus have created an environment where a large portion of their party has been isolated and left angry and willing to vote for anyone other than the mainstream establishment middle of the road RINO! The one they represent. Quite frankly, the GOP has been taken over by the right within their own party, by default, by design and the direct result of a ship misguided and run ashore. Suck it up butter cup, you built this resistance with your own petty thoughtlessness and ability to see beyond you selfless pitifulness!

 Cruz and Carson  are the exceptions to the same ole same ole.Carson is brilliant, but lacks pizzaz and enthusiasm but is surging in the latest polls. 

Cruz despite his big GS banking background spouse and admitted lack of enthusiasm for the race, with the occasional bout of depression, is a brilliant man with far too little money plus he has a hit on him by the GOP Cartel that will not give him their blessing and will fail miserably on his own. He will ultimately suffer the same tract as Bush but has quite possibly won the VP slot for Trump because he has aligned with him on certain issues.

Then Trump steps into the picture. Please allow me to make my argument as if to answer your simple question of ” How can a conservative like or support Donald Trump. Allow this one disclaimer before I start. Please separate what the establishment RINO type want you to believe and what is actual fact. Go with your own gut and completely forget what Rove and company pretend to believe what is right for a party in disarray ‘

Donald Trump has said he has changed his ways because he didn’t like the direction the country is going. That to me answers alot of doubt, because, I too do not like the direction it is going roughly.

 Like or loathe him, enough true conservatives are polling for him to give him a significant lead with only months left to go till the 2016 elections. This is my frontrunner and why I support him.

He is saying everything I wanna hear and doing everything I wanna do. When he speaks its as if he just read my mind, dug into my brain and rattled out dice onto a table in Vegas. Few candidates have ever done this and I am very confident few others aside from Cruz are able to do that on a regular basis.

This guy, reminiscent of Reagan, who was a staunch Democrat with a big mouth and from Hollywood, Trump from NY.  Heck even Reagans wife dabbled in witchcraft, despite this Reagan became arguably the best President in our history. Few thought Reagan would win, let alone succeed. It just shows how wrong the establishment can be when dealing with the unknown and the power of the people.

I’ll start laying down my case for Trump and ill be most glad to field your comments. Heck, I may even pull some RINOs or some moderates over to board the Trump Train to DC., Then again, we don’t need those types, enough of “the people” are surrounding him. Never mind, do as you please. Then again I may offer a swift kick to their behinds, then again, I don’t wanna dirty my shoes.

The list below could go on longer but I’ll save you from having to think outside the establishment box for an extended amount of time, I know you are not comfortable there and I’ll consider this as I continue.

Reasons I support Trump,

Number 1: 

Trump can speak without a Teleprompter and can put two sentences together and handle adversity with heavy handed questioning and survive. 


He is super tough on immigration which is a problem left unchecked will launch us into 3rd world status with super cheap illegal wages and a working class capable of keeping many people out of work who want to. 


He wants Build a wall to stop the flow and have Mexico pay for it? Wow! Nuff said!


He has pledged to put troops on the ground and attack ISIS and take their seized oil fields and make them ours to assist with paying down the debt. 


He is a smart businessman with tough negotiating skills to decrease our severe trade deficits and would apply tools of the trade to stop the huge leak in our economic world.


He wants to negotiate with other countries to bring jobs and companies back home. 


The businesses are leaving the US because of excess taxes under a system designed to halt the free market. He wants ZERO taxes on businesses so they have incentive to be here. OREOs are now made in Mexico, that should be an unforgivable sin alone and enough reason just to get OREOs back to America in a timely manner. OREOs  made in Mexico…..yuck! It’s un-American !


He sees a 20 trillion dollar debt and is in his own words “can’t wait to bring that down and if we wait any longer we may miss the opportunity to fix it “-Paraphrased. 


He is hinting or at least the rumor is he may be choosing Cruz or Carson as his VP. This would assure us of at least 16 years of production and a move in the right direction.


He is confident yet humble.  Last night in a town hall meeting he joked about his book “Art of the deal” as being the greatest book of all time, then corrected himself mid sentence and said I apologize, the BIBLE is the greatest book of all times, bar none. 


He is tough and chisled enough to be a strong and relentless professor of all he exudes. He has admitted to seeing the err of his earlier days supporting the left. Heck my family was Democrat at one time and if you look back far enough, yours too. 


He knows we are one election from losing all our freedoms. There is a sense of urgency in him that is contagious and has left many wanting his proposed changes quickly.


His cabinet will be filled with those that share his vision. Cruz, Carson, Dowdy………need I say more.

He has received  ire from groups like the Club for Growth, which immediately—and foolishly—called for Trump to be banned from the Republican presidential debates. That alone makes me smile heavily.

Breitbart News recently remarked about the Club for Growths call to strike him from GOP political activities when they were quoted as saying, “perhaps more than any other presidential candidate, (Trump) has already laid out his conservative plan for “making America great again” with crystal clarity, backed up with serious policy prescriptions.

“In his 2011 bestseller, Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again, he explained in great detail the bills and reforms he says will revitalize the American economy, generate jobs, and strengthen and restore America’s standing on the international stage.”

Breitbart News went on to describe 5 more stances that will make their way to policy for Trump in the near future.


Foreign Interventions Must Require Cost-Sharing Plans to Reduce U.S. Costs and Guarantee Veterans and Their Families Are Protected
“Money is itself a weapon,” writes Trump.


Before spending trillions,Trump says the U.S. should implement cost-sharing agreements similar to the one advocated in a September 2010 Government Accountability Office (GAO) study to reduce the cost burden on U.S. taxpayers and provide funds for the families of fallen or wounded soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines. “It’s hardly a radical idea,” writes Trump. “In September 2010, our own GAO and others studied the issue in depth and concluded that a cost-sharing plan is feasible and wise. The report, titled “U.S. Cost-Sharing: Iraq Has a Cumulative Budget Surplus, Offering the Potential for Further Cost-Sharing” noted that the Iraqi government is running a $52.1 billion surplus.  


Trump also pointed out that the Director of the Defense Department’s Office of Net Assessment Andrew Marshall, pointed out that oil revenues could also be used to offset the sticker price for U.S. intervention. “Why are we footing the bill and getting nothing in return?” writes Trump. “I’ll give you the answer. It’s because our so-called ‘leaders’ in Washington know absolutely nothing about negotiations and dealmaking.”


Pass NOPEC Legislation to Break OPEC’s Grip on Energy Prices
In Time to Get Tough, Trump advocated passage of the “No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act (NOPEC—S.394) which would amend the Sherman Antitrust Act to allow the U.S. government to sue OPEC for violating antitrust laws. Trump notes the bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee four times with bipartisan backing, “and in May 2008, the NOPEC bill passed the House” before “President George W. Bush got spooked and threatened to veto the bill” over fears of “retaliatory action” with wars raging in Iraq and Afghanistan.


He wants to bust up the OPEC Cartel. ” Passing NOPEC would have allowed the U.S. to bust up the OPEC cartel.” Trump went on to say, “Imagine how much money the average American would save if we busted the OPEC cartel. Imagine how much stronger economic shape we would be in if we made the Iraqi government agree to a cost-sharing plan that paid us back the $1.5 trillion we’ve dropped on liberating Iraq.”

Trump added, “Just those two acts of leadership alone would represent a huge leap forward for our country.”


“Crack Down on China’s Currency Manipulation by Calculating Taxes on Imports Based on How Much a Manufacturing Country’s Currency is Undervalued”


Trump believes passionately in free trade, but only when the rules are fair and currency is properly valued. He cites a study by the Peterson Institute for International Economics that finds that even a 20 percent revaulation of Chinese currency would create 300,000 to 700,000 American jobs.

“Getting China to stop playing its currency charades can begin whenever we elect a president ready to take decisive action,” writes Trump. “[Obama] could start by signing into law a bill the U.S. House of Representatives approved on a 348 to 79 vote in September 2010. It would allow our government to calculate taxes on imports based on how much the manufacturing country’s currency is undervalued.” 


He speaks tough and with facts. “It’s the utter weakness and failure to fight for American interests from Geithner and Obama that have left us underwriting China’s economic rise and our own economic collapse,” writes Trump. “It’s a plain fact: free trade requires having fair rules that apply to everyone.” he has repeatedly said the Chinese negotiators are smarter than ours, he say he has dealt with them and won, “I have made a living off the Chinese.” 


He has proposed a 5-Point Tax Plan to spawn Job and Wealth Creation.

     1) Trump says the U.S. must repeal the death tax. He cites a CBO study that found the death tax is a proven jobs killer that “will strip $1.6 trillion of small business capital out of the hands of job creators” and will result in a loss of 1.5 million new jobs.

     2) Trump says smart tax policy includes lowering the tax rate on capital gains and dividends. “Capitalism requires capital,” writes Trump. “When government robs capital from investors, it takes away the money that creates jobs.”

     3) Trump would reduce the corporate tax rate to zero. “How can we expect companies to hire American workers and locate their businesses in America when our government taxes them at exorbitant rates for doing so?” writes Trump. “I want to encourage American companies to stay here and hire American workers, and I want foreign companies to relocate their businesses to the United States and create jobs here.”

     4) Trump says he would impose a 20 percent tax on those who outsource jobs overseas. Trump says “for those companies who made the mistake of sending their businesses overseas but have seen the light and are ready to come home and bring jobs with them, they pay zero tax.” This would leave the Chamber of Commerces with little option to leave American companies in the US instead of encouraging outsourcing as the norm.

     5) Trump says its time to implement a fairer and simpler income tax:
     A)  Up to $30,000, you pay 1 percent
     B) From $30,000 to $100,000, you pay 5 percent
     C) From $100,000 to $1 million, you pay 10 percent
     D) On $1 million or above, your rate is 15 percent


Finish the Border Fence and make Mexico pay for it. Done! Let’s do it!


Boot Out Criminal Illegals, and Reform America’s Legal Immigration System, if they want to re-enter they do so legally. Trump cites a 2011 GAO study that found America’s prisons house 351,000 criminal aliens who committed crimes after illegally entering America. “The GAO says that the annual price tag to incarcerate these thugs is $1.1 billion. And get this: criminal aliens have an average of seven arrests.” He says criminal illegal aliens must go.


Trump says the Commander-in-Chief must enforce existing immigration laws and finish the border fence with illegals building it as one of the conditions of their citizenship.

He has vowed to crack down on entitlement fraud. If only !


Says he will end and repeal every word of Obamacare. He has advocated for a single payer system but has hinted at a more conservative approach which I have written a book about titled “WTP, A Healthcare Revolution” a book that will be on the market soon.


Vows to reforming America’s ever-growing welfare state. As he puts it, America needs “a safety net, not a hammock.”


He will take on ISIS head on and said they will be defeated. Trump has said, “he will take back the oil hubs that ISIS controls in Iraq and Syria.”
“[I will] blast the hell out of that oil,” Trump said, and “kill the devil at its head.” And then take their money and apply it to offset our debt.


On Healthcare :
Lets establish competing private plans across state lines. Prices vary greatly between states and the reason is there is no state to state competition. He gave an example of an” HMO plan for a 25-year-old male in California that costs $260 a month while a similar plan with equivalent benefits in New York at the time cost about $1,228.”


Protecting hospitals from catastrophic events. Obama will begin taking DSH, Disproportionate Share Hospitals money away from hospitals very soon. This will injure hospitals by cutting back on the money hospitals rely upon to reimburse them for delivering care to the indigent. This is one big reason Insure TN is being pushed so heavily in our state.


Establish and enhance Government  plans for low-income people, giving them some skin in the game. Contribute a percentage toward their healthcare costs. Perhaps take a co pay from their government assistance for a costly visit to the ER or hospital. Remember the GOP in 2014 ran 35,000 television adds to overturn Obamacare if elected and they did nothing. McConnel and Boehner actually took steps to help to fund Obamacare at the guidance of Democrats.

He said Obamacare was a “job-killing, health care-destroying monstrosity,” and posted “it can’t be reformed, salvaged, or fixed. It’s that bad.”


“Obamacare has to be killed now,” he maintained, “before it grows into an even bigger mess, as it inevitably will.”


He urged Congress to use its constitutional authority over interstate commerce to pass bills allowing citizens in every state to purchase healthcare from providers nationwide. He went on to say increased competition makes sense. 


He has advocated for ACO to become mainstream, Accountable Care Organizations, where a group
of patients direct their care with the undersight of a physician. You gotta read my book addressing this dilemma.


He has said “Let the patient set pricing for a visit to the hospital.”

Imagine if you will a patient needing XYZ procedure going to ABC Hospital and demanding they do the procedure at LMN price. Or give the patient the ability to shop around for the cheapest yet highest quality of care. Patient choice. Oh my! He had me at hello!


HSA: Health Savings Account, a rainy day savings account to funnel healthcare dollars into then withdrawal as needed and make it tax deductible.


TORT Reform:  To prevent frivolous lawsuits that, Trump argues, has resulted in doctors practicing “defensive medicine.” He said doctors were usually ordering excessive testing and procedures to avoid being sued, citing a Pricewaterhouse Coopers study finding such defensive medicine accounts for at least 10 percent of all medical costs.


Capping lawsuits:  Trump describes his plan further “pain and suffering” damages at $100,000 and the enactment of “loser pays” laws in which the loser pays the winner’s legal bills if the suit is determined to be baseless. Interestingly enough, Texas has passed such laws already.


I can’t be bought:

This alone should make you vote for him. He has repeatedly said “I have my own money.” He recently said he turned down a lobbyists gift of 5 million dollars citing that he couldn’t be bought and he didn’t want to hurt his feeling when in 2 years he wanted me to pay back the favor to support his efforts with another country or special interest group.


Speaking to the Military. His simple
Fix is “strengthen it!” To strengthen it in my opinion means to support strong leaders and make it a force to reckon with where our enemies fear us, don’t wanna mess with us and our allies love us.


Funding for countries that hate us: Cut them off! 

The mamsy pansy ways of most politician types has gotten us nowhere. 

With those extremely loyal to Trump, nearing 50 percent in some polls I can’t see how a “consecutive” could not support him. 

His message is resonating with many. I have a hunch many more want to support him but because the machine is slapping their hands they stick to the candidates of their choice not the people’s. 

It is obvious to me that this cycle,the people, the right, the conservatives, the real tea party types, that 45 percent or so that were knocked down by the left and the so called right at the height of their popularity. The GOP made a huge mistake by isolating a huge portion of their base. Now they pay for that betrayal and as far as Im concerned they can wallow in the bed they made and bite the derrière that now wages war with the voice of the people.


Planned Parenthood, he said he would defund it and shut it down.

Conclusion: You show me a candidate that has said he or she will do 1/4 of what he said he would do and I will seriously consider changing my vote. 

Otherwise, I dont feel it will happen. 

True Conservatives stand your ground! Make your wishes visible. We are in too deep to not speak our mind and direct our vote. 

Hold on as long as you can, we have a country to save and make great again. 

Vote Trump about 50 percent are not listening to the establishment, I think you should too.

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Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis ordered released from jail

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Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis ordered released from jail

1554 pm

Kim Davis has been released from jail after six days for refusing to give up her religious rights. 

Civil Rights works both ways and on the job, even “all people” still have rights. 

The federal government via the SCOTUS is NOT law that applies to the states and should not use their branch of government to practice activism from a bench.

We have 3 representative forms of government that was set up to protect us all. We have 1 branch,the SCOTUS, has asserted itself as an active branch of government that is making laws with no checks and balances, making opinions alone without the other branches.

The 10th Amendment coupled with our Civil Rights are for everyone, not just an adamant few who don’t believe the way I do. 

TN and KY state law and the Constitution say marriage is between one man and one woman. 

State rights should be respected and no federal law should stand that takes away our rights. If the people do not want it and with our collective voice say we do not want it, it should not stand.

I understand same sex marriage and go do your thing, there are many out there that will marry you. Just don’t take my rights away while pursuing yours.

This is not the end! 

I firmly believe in light of federal tyrannical behavior that the people will rise and the will of the people will be held high.

The People in America still have a voice. We can speak for all. And those forcing her to jail, believe it or not, have the same rights as she does. 

Equal means that your rights are no different than mine and for me to give up mine does not make us equal.

If she continues to resist, then we have a greater debate and we send a message to those attempting to induce political activism on us for a tyrannical government that will continue to exercise tyranny as long as we allow it.

Please sound off and offer your opinion in the comments section below.

The debate needs to happen and while debating hopefully we learn something.

CAIR condemns Sheriff Hammonds remarks demanding US DOJ investigate civil rights violations

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CAIR condemns Sheriff Hammonds remarks demanding US DOJ investigate civil rights violations

0725 am

As sure as the sun is set to rise every morning in Chattanooga Tennessee, so was the expected response by the Muslim Brotherhood front group, Hamas tied, designated Terrorist Group CAIR demanding extra protection for Muslims after Tennessee sheriff calls for enhanced monitoring of potential Muslim terrorists in Tennessee.

CAIR today said it will call on the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate the civil rights implications of “raw anti-Muslim bigotry” expressed by a Hamilton County  Sheriff, Jim Hammond, who  recently said that Islam is communism with a god and is a huge threat to constitutional government.

Considering the most recent terrorist attack by Mohammed Youseff  Abdullahzeez that killed 5 US Service members in downtown Chattanooga, this is a very smart move by the Sheriff to protect the citizens of his city.

According to Nooga.com, the hate group, CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations is asking public officials to protect the civil rights of Tennessee Muslims after recent remarks from Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond.

“They want Tennessee,” Hammond said. “They’re building mosques as fast as they can in Tennessee. For us to sit back and do nothing is wrong.”

Speaking at a Pachyderm luncheon Monday, Hammond urged other Tennessee sheriffs to monitor Muslims throughout the state for illegal and questionable activity.

He said Islam is a “state, wrapped in a religion so they can get the tax breaks, so they cannot have government intrusion into their mosques. They are able to use our own system against us.”

Hammonds continued with his verbal assault against Islam extremists stating “Islam is very good at what they do. They have built a structure to take over this country. And many of the pieces are in place.”

CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said in a statement to the Chattanooga Times Free Press,

“Given Sheriff Hammond’s extremist views and his stated plan to act on and spread those views, it is incumbent on state and federal officials to take appropriate action to protect the civil and legal rights of the state’s Muslim population.” 

Hammond also said Muhammad Abdulazeez was motivated by jihad in fatally shooting five service members July 16 in Chattanooga. Coincidentally Abdullahzeez was a “regular” worshipper at the local mosque, ISGC, Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga with known financial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

“I can stand up here and tell you, as your sheriff, I’m convinced that this was Islamic terrorism,” he said.

Hammond went on to defend his position by saying he was not against all Muslims just the extreme radical ones, not the entire religion.

Rapid firing back against CAIRs accusations Hammond said that he is against anyone, Muslim, Buddhist or Christian who want to replace constitutional government with religious laws (Sharia Law)

He concluded his defense by stating that “Law abiding Muslims have nothing to worry about.”

Ibrahim Hooper quipped back and said be would like to see some kind of formal condemnation of such attitudes by state and federal officials, further stating we shouldn’t have to ask for these things but we do.

In light of the current trend of violence or Jihad against Americans, Christians and people abroad it is high time that we take Sheriff Hammonds advice and closely monitor the activities of radical Islam and collectively ask for  closer monitoring of their activities. Just as they have destroyed the culture in Europe, they will also in Chattanooga Tennessee and the US.

Fellow Tennesseans, Sheriff Hammonds comments are a shot across the bow warning Chattanooga and the state of Tennessee that Hijra (Conquest by immigration) and Jihad (Holy War) are upon us and the city is becoming inundated with violent extremism. According to local sources radical Islamists are flocking to our city in droves as the Jihadist influence is spreading. 

The call to stop this must be heeded before it is to late.

Please contact your legislators and elected local officials and demand that they take Sheriff Hammonds warnings literally as a man on the front lines, demanding this one sided war against Christians and all Americans stop.

Remember your silence is your consent.

Disclaimer: As with all my posts these comments are my opinion and are not intended to harm anyone, only inform. Any action taken to
harm others is solely your own. 

My preferred weapon is information and my belief is to have a revolution we must share information and encourage all to act responsibly and precisely.

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Chattanooga TN Sheriff says “Islam is communism with a god”

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Chattanooga TN Sheriff says Islam is “communism with a god”

0506 am

Recently Chattanooga Tennessee Sheriff, speaking to the Hamilton
County Pachyderm Club called Islam communism with a god! 

As Sheriff Hammonds words ricocheted off the walls of the Pachyderm Club, we will surely see many upset Islamists in Chattanooga. 

I’m sure like clock work CAIR, the local MOA-Muslims of America terrorists and the ISGC, ie, the Muslim Brotherhood will soon attack the Sheriff. 

Hammond making these statements seems more concerned about the safety of Chattanooga residents and less about offending the non PC terrorists in our community.

According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, “Hammond spent three years training police officers in the Middle East and previously served as a chaplain’s yeoman in the U.S. Navy, said that Islam is “the strongest infringement that we’ve had in our country as a constitutional government since communism.”

The CTFP interview continued, “According to Hammond, more than 2,000 mosques or Islamic centers have opened in the U.S. in the last 24 years and he warned that citizens and law enforcement need to be move vigilant about Islamic activities.”

In the past, Hammond has stepped up and shown his support for the Constitution taking a pledge to be a Constitutional Sheriff, committing his office to assure that federal officers cannot have jurisdiction over his city in the state of TN. A measure supported by many true conservatives across the state and nation.

Sheriff Hammond plans to speak with Tennessee sheriffs soon “to help monitor activity of Muslims throughout the state.” “And he wants to meet with education leaders to discuss mentions of Islam and Christianity in textbooks.”

According to the article
in the Chattanooga Times Free Press “he stressed that he was not trying to say all Muslims are dangerous and want to overthrow the U.S. government. But he said enough of them were.”

“Even if only 5 percent of the 1.2 billion to 1.5 billion Muslims out there want to perform jihad, that’s a lot of people,” Hammond said.

“Hammond added that the July 16 attack in Chattanooga was definitely Islamic terrorism.”

“I can stand up here as your sheriff and say this is Islamic terrorism,” Hammond said. “Was he (I’m assuming he is speaking of Mohammed Abdullahzeez, the Islamic Terrorists that took the lives of our soldiers in Chattanooga) given instructions, I don’t know. The FBI might not ever know.”

I will reiterate and take Sheriff Hammonds words a step further and state that all of Islam whether moderate or radical are attempting to destroy all of our country. 

They are taking incremental steps and we are allowing Sharia Law to creep into our country. This is no more evident than in Chattanooga Tennessee. 

Sweeping change is coming to Chattanooga Tennessee and a very dangerous environment is being set up. 

We, in Chattanooga have enough Islamic sympathizers that are willing to see Islamic terrorism flourish in spite of recent attacks on our populace. We have just enough willing to accept Terrorism instead of condemning it.

And this attitude, this environment will allow Islamist terrorism to take root and freely breed in our city and destroy it from within. 

It started with a terrorist attack and the murder of our soldiers, next it will be shoving Islam down your throat with politically correct statements defending Islam as a peaceful loving religion incapable of doing the the things Mohammed Abdullahzeez did to our city and it’s soldiers. Tomorrow, we remain silent as not to offend a political ideology that is on the move and serving jihads to it’s inhabitants and the movement thrives.

Take heed. 

That 5 percent that Sheriff Hammond spoke of, and I personally think it’s much higher are setting up the political structure right now to take over out city and our country. 

Terrorists from all over the state and nation have been emboldened by the Abdullahzeez murders and “copycats” are sure to migrate to our area, receive support from local mosques and Imans then act all over again. This pattern of activity is being echoed all over the globe.

Chattanooga is a prime target of radical/moderate Islam and is well positioned to embed it’s tentacles into our community whether we allow
it or not. A bevy of migrants, refugees and their families are on their way to Chattanooga. Brace for it’s onslaught and decide where you will stand. Islam is on the move in our city and state and it in recent weeks has targeted Chattanooga.

CAIR and the likes will surely come after Sheriff Hammond for his statements. 

We need to make sure we are willing to stand with great force with this brave Sheriff as he takes on terrorism in his city.

The Islamist “anti propaganda” team is well organized and is vicious in it’s  defense of people who speak against jihadist/terrorists in their ranks.

Stand and salute Sheriff Hammond Chattanoogans. 

He will be lonely on this non PC island as the attacks come without your support.

Surely, RINOs and establishment politicians will run from this perceived controversy and the people will suffer as they succumb to the will of Islam.

It will happen. 

It’s happening all over the country.

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As with all my posts, they are my opinion based on facts and hours of research. My blog and posts should be taken as that….my opinion, only.

None of my posts are intended to cause any harm and any harm resulting from actions taken with the 
info provided is solely your decision, not mine.

My preferred weapon in this war on our country is information. An Information Revolution can only happen when We the People are informed and take civil action to inform others.

I am only exercising my first amendment rights while they still exist.

Haters move on, but please don’t do so before sharing this article with your friends. 

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