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How could a conservative ever vote for Trump, glad you asked.

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How could a conservative ever vote for Trump, glad you asked.


How can I support Trump? Dont you know he sent money to Democrats? Been divorced 3 times? Bankruptcy? A Government shill? Etc, etc, etc.

Gaaaah! These questions day in and day out get so tiring! I get these questions almost daily and my reply each time  is almost the same everytime. 

I long for the day when everyday Americans will wake up and see who is frying their coffee. 

True conservatives and you know who you are make up the majority of the support for Trump. 

Somehow in the scope of this political arena we have accepted the faults of a Presidential candidate and traded it for bringing the fight to the Republican party. The party that left us is being co opted by a man and his people that are willing to fight the establishment.

Go about 14 from the bottom of the GOP field and you have about 3 that are willing to stand and fight the establishment that has done nothing the last 4 years to pave away for this day. We have an anti establishment candidate forging new roads and setting records in the polling so early from the first primary. 

Many have been left shaking their head and frustrated that Trump, Carson and Cruz are leading the pack. This result sends a strong message to the GOP that what they are presenting and packaging is not the desired recipe. People like Reince Priebus and Carl Rove are left sucking for air as their leadership has failed and are still trying to explain away the phenomena that is the anti establishment vote. 

The fathers or leaders of the GOP made a deadly mistake in 2012 and 2014! They made promises they did not or even attempt to keep. Their fodder, their lies were very evident in spite of their voice otherwise. It’s sickening to see these leaders squander away an excellent opportunity to take over the White House for the opportunity to coexist with the DEMs in their own world. The people have seen this fake representation of establishment knighthood and have said enough is enough. It’s time to make America Great Again and the GOP or the DEMs have been bypassed for genuine and deliberate effort by non establishment candidates sticking their head out as the voice of the people.

Fake conservatives, establishment types, RINOs and even DINOs are so left behind in the debate for the next president that they are left looking for answers that to date only true conservatives can answer.

First off, in the current political environment I see no difference right and left now in the two main parties. Nothing. The Republicans are Democrats and Democrats are Republicans. This very public display of affection for each other is so prevalent and fueling the debate to seat a candidate in the White House that is not willing to see the country slide into it’s final demise. Thank God the people are still in control and lifting their voice to assure control of a party that had left control to the people’s  voice. This is the sadness of a party that had lost control and has been unable to read the emotions of it multiple branches.

Meanwhile, I have yet to meet that perfect candidate with no faults or sins. And if I do I’m pretty sure his name will be Jesus Christ. And Trump may argue this point.

The GOP has left me the conservative. I have no meaningful relationship with the GOP because not too long ago the GOP kicked me out of it’s ranks. Even called me a racist and a terrorist. This arrogance and lack of sympathy for a huge voting block has created the dilemma the GOP has created. You see GOP robots like McConnel, Boehner and McCain are out of touch RINOs willing to sacrifice party for the people they represent. Talking heads like Rove and Priebus have created an environment where a large portion of their party has been isolated and left angry and willing to vote for anyone other than the mainstream establishment middle of the road RINO! The one they represent. Quite frankly, the GOP has been taken over by the right within their own party, by default, by design and the direct result of a ship misguided and run ashore. Suck it up butter cup, you built this resistance with your own petty thoughtlessness and ability to see beyond you selfless pitifulness!

 Cruz and Carson  are the exceptions to the same ole same ole.Carson is brilliant, but lacks pizzaz and enthusiasm but is surging in the latest polls. 

Cruz despite his big GS banking background spouse and admitted lack of enthusiasm for the race, with the occasional bout of depression, is a brilliant man with far too little money plus he has a hit on him by the GOP Cartel that will not give him their blessing and will fail miserably on his own. He will ultimately suffer the same tract as Bush but has quite possibly won the VP slot for Trump because he has aligned with him on certain issues.

Then Trump steps into the picture. Please allow me to make my argument as if to answer your simple question of ” How can a conservative like or support Donald Trump. Allow this one disclaimer before I start. Please separate what the establishment RINO type want you to believe and what is actual fact. Go with your own gut and completely forget what Rove and company pretend to believe what is right for a party in disarray ‘

Donald Trump has said he has changed his ways because he didn’t like the direction the country is going. That to me answers alot of doubt, because, I too do not like the direction it is going roughly.

 Like or loathe him, enough true conservatives are polling for him to give him a significant lead with only months left to go till the 2016 elections. This is my frontrunner and why I support him.

He is saying everything I wanna hear and doing everything I wanna do. When he speaks its as if he just read my mind, dug into my brain and rattled out dice onto a table in Vegas. Few candidates have ever done this and I am very confident few others aside from Cruz are able to do that on a regular basis.

This guy, reminiscent of Reagan, who was a staunch Democrat with a big mouth and from Hollywood, Trump from NY.  Heck even Reagans wife dabbled in witchcraft, despite this Reagan became arguably the best President in our history. Few thought Reagan would win, let alone succeed. It just shows how wrong the establishment can be when dealing with the unknown and the power of the people.

I’ll start laying down my case for Trump and ill be most glad to field your comments. Heck, I may even pull some RINOs or some moderates over to board the Trump Train to DC., Then again, we don’t need those types, enough of “the people” are surrounding him. Never mind, do as you please. Then again I may offer a swift kick to their behinds, then again, I don’t wanna dirty my shoes.

The list below could go on longer but I’ll save you from having to think outside the establishment box for an extended amount of time, I know you are not comfortable there and I’ll consider this as I continue.

Reasons I support Trump,

Number 1: 

Trump can speak without a Teleprompter and can put two sentences together and handle adversity with heavy handed questioning and survive. 


He is super tough on immigration which is a problem left unchecked will launch us into 3rd world status with super cheap illegal wages and a working class capable of keeping many people out of work who want to. 


He wants Build a wall to stop the flow and have Mexico pay for it? Wow! Nuff said!


He has pledged to put troops on the ground and attack ISIS and take their seized oil fields and make them ours to assist with paying down the debt. 


He is a smart businessman with tough negotiating skills to decrease our severe trade deficits and would apply tools of the trade to stop the huge leak in our economic world.


He wants to negotiate with other countries to bring jobs and companies back home. 


The businesses are leaving the US because of excess taxes under a system designed to halt the free market. He wants ZERO taxes on businesses so they have incentive to be here. OREOs are now made in Mexico, that should be an unforgivable sin alone and enough reason just to get OREOs back to America in a timely manner. OREOs  made in Mexico…..yuck! It’s un-American !


He sees a 20 trillion dollar debt and is in his own words “can’t wait to bring that down and if we wait any longer we may miss the opportunity to fix it “-Paraphrased. 


He is hinting or at least the rumor is he may be choosing Cruz or Carson as his VP. This would assure us of at least 16 years of production and a move in the right direction.


He is confident yet humble.  Last night in a town hall meeting he joked about his book “Art of the deal” as being the greatest book of all time, then corrected himself mid sentence and said I apologize, the BIBLE is the greatest book of all times, bar none. 


He is tough and chisled enough to be a strong and relentless professor of all he exudes. He has admitted to seeing the err of his earlier days supporting the left. Heck my family was Democrat at one time and if you look back far enough, yours too. 


He knows we are one election from losing all our freedoms. There is a sense of urgency in him that is contagious and has left many wanting his proposed changes quickly.


His cabinet will be filled with those that share his vision. Cruz, Carson, Dowdy………need I say more.

He has received  ire from groups like the Club for Growth, which immediately—and foolishly—called for Trump to be banned from the Republican presidential debates. That alone makes me smile heavily.

Breitbart News recently remarked about the Club for Growths call to strike him from GOP political activities when they were quoted as saying, “perhaps more than any other presidential candidate, (Trump) has already laid out his conservative plan for “making America great again” with crystal clarity, backed up with serious policy prescriptions.

“In his 2011 bestseller, Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again, he explained in great detail the bills and reforms he says will revitalize the American economy, generate jobs, and strengthen and restore America’s standing on the international stage.”

Breitbart News went on to describe 5 more stances that will make their way to policy for Trump in the near future.


Foreign Interventions Must Require Cost-Sharing Plans to Reduce U.S. Costs and Guarantee Veterans and Their Families Are Protected
“Money is itself a weapon,” writes Trump.


Before spending trillions,Trump says the U.S. should implement cost-sharing agreements similar to the one advocated in a September 2010 Government Accountability Office (GAO) study to reduce the cost burden on U.S. taxpayers and provide funds for the families of fallen or wounded soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines. “It’s hardly a radical idea,” writes Trump. “In September 2010, our own GAO and others studied the issue in depth and concluded that a cost-sharing plan is feasible and wise. The report, titled “U.S. Cost-Sharing: Iraq Has a Cumulative Budget Surplus, Offering the Potential for Further Cost-Sharing” noted that the Iraqi government is running a $52.1 billion surplus.  


Trump also pointed out that the Director of the Defense Department’s Office of Net Assessment Andrew Marshall, pointed out that oil revenues could also be used to offset the sticker price for U.S. intervention. “Why are we footing the bill and getting nothing in return?” writes Trump. “I’ll give you the answer. It’s because our so-called ‘leaders’ in Washington know absolutely nothing about negotiations and dealmaking.”


Pass NOPEC Legislation to Break OPEC’s Grip on Energy Prices
In Time to Get Tough, Trump advocated passage of the “No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act (NOPEC—S.394) which would amend the Sherman Antitrust Act to allow the U.S. government to sue OPEC for violating antitrust laws. Trump notes the bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee four times with bipartisan backing, “and in May 2008, the NOPEC bill passed the House” before “President George W. Bush got spooked and threatened to veto the bill” over fears of “retaliatory action” with wars raging in Iraq and Afghanistan.


He wants to bust up the OPEC Cartel. ” Passing NOPEC would have allowed the U.S. to bust up the OPEC cartel.” Trump went on to say, “Imagine how much money the average American would save if we busted the OPEC cartel. Imagine how much stronger economic shape we would be in if we made the Iraqi government agree to a cost-sharing plan that paid us back the $1.5 trillion we’ve dropped on liberating Iraq.”

Trump added, “Just those two acts of leadership alone would represent a huge leap forward for our country.”


“Crack Down on China’s Currency Manipulation by Calculating Taxes on Imports Based on How Much a Manufacturing Country’s Currency is Undervalued”


Trump believes passionately in free trade, but only when the rules are fair and currency is properly valued. He cites a study by the Peterson Institute for International Economics that finds that even a 20 percent revaulation of Chinese currency would create 300,000 to 700,000 American jobs.

“Getting China to stop playing its currency charades can begin whenever we elect a president ready to take decisive action,” writes Trump. “[Obama] could start by signing into law a bill the U.S. House of Representatives approved on a 348 to 79 vote in September 2010. It would allow our government to calculate taxes on imports based on how much the manufacturing country’s currency is undervalued.” 


He speaks tough and with facts. “It’s the utter weakness and failure to fight for American interests from Geithner and Obama that have left us underwriting China’s economic rise and our own economic collapse,” writes Trump. “It’s a plain fact: free trade requires having fair rules that apply to everyone.” he has repeatedly said the Chinese negotiators are smarter than ours, he say he has dealt with them and won, “I have made a living off the Chinese.” 


He has proposed a 5-Point Tax Plan to spawn Job and Wealth Creation.

     1) Trump says the U.S. must repeal the death tax. He cites a CBO study that found the death tax is a proven jobs killer that “will strip $1.6 trillion of small business capital out of the hands of job creators” and will result in a loss of 1.5 million new jobs.

     2) Trump says smart tax policy includes lowering the tax rate on capital gains and dividends. “Capitalism requires capital,” writes Trump. “When government robs capital from investors, it takes away the money that creates jobs.”

     3) Trump would reduce the corporate tax rate to zero. “How can we expect companies to hire American workers and locate their businesses in America when our government taxes them at exorbitant rates for doing so?” writes Trump. “I want to encourage American companies to stay here and hire American workers, and I want foreign companies to relocate their businesses to the United States and create jobs here.”

     4) Trump says he would impose a 20 percent tax on those who outsource jobs overseas. Trump says “for those companies who made the mistake of sending their businesses overseas but have seen the light and are ready to come home and bring jobs with them, they pay zero tax.” This would leave the Chamber of Commerces with little option to leave American companies in the US instead of encouraging outsourcing as the norm.

     5) Trump says its time to implement a fairer and simpler income tax:
     A)  Up to $30,000, you pay 1 percent
     B) From $30,000 to $100,000, you pay 5 percent
     C) From $100,000 to $1 million, you pay 10 percent
     D) On $1 million or above, your rate is 15 percent


Finish the Border Fence and make Mexico pay for it. Done! Let’s do it!


Boot Out Criminal Illegals, and Reform America’s Legal Immigration System, if they want to re-enter they do so legally. Trump cites a 2011 GAO study that found America’s prisons house 351,000 criminal aliens who committed crimes after illegally entering America. “The GAO says that the annual price tag to incarcerate these thugs is $1.1 billion. And get this: criminal aliens have an average of seven arrests.” He says criminal illegal aliens must go.


Trump says the Commander-in-Chief must enforce existing immigration laws and finish the border fence with illegals building it as one of the conditions of their citizenship.

He has vowed to crack down on entitlement fraud. If only !


Says he will end and repeal every word of Obamacare. He has advocated for a single payer system but has hinted at a more conservative approach which I have written a book about titled “WTP, A Healthcare Revolution” a book that will be on the market soon.


Vows to reforming America’s ever-growing welfare state. As he puts it, America needs “a safety net, not a hammock.”


He will take on ISIS head on and said they will be defeated. Trump has said, “he will take back the oil hubs that ISIS controls in Iraq and Syria.”
“[I will] blast the hell out of that oil,” Trump said, and “kill the devil at its head.” And then take their money and apply it to offset our debt.


On Healthcare :
Lets establish competing private plans across state lines. Prices vary greatly between states and the reason is there is no state to state competition. He gave an example of an” HMO plan for a 25-year-old male in California that costs $260 a month while a similar plan with equivalent benefits in New York at the time cost about $1,228.”


Protecting hospitals from catastrophic events. Obama will begin taking DSH, Disproportionate Share Hospitals money away from hospitals very soon. This will injure hospitals by cutting back on the money hospitals rely upon to reimburse them for delivering care to the indigent. This is one big reason Insure TN is being pushed so heavily in our state.


Establish and enhance Government  plans for low-income people, giving them some skin in the game. Contribute a percentage toward their healthcare costs. Perhaps take a co pay from their government assistance for a costly visit to the ER or hospital. Remember the GOP in 2014 ran 35,000 television adds to overturn Obamacare if elected and they did nothing. McConnel and Boehner actually took steps to help to fund Obamacare at the guidance of Democrats.

He said Obamacare was a “job-killing, health care-destroying monstrosity,” and posted “it can’t be reformed, salvaged, or fixed. It’s that bad.”


“Obamacare has to be killed now,” he maintained, “before it grows into an even bigger mess, as it inevitably will.”


He urged Congress to use its constitutional authority over interstate commerce to pass bills allowing citizens in every state to purchase healthcare from providers nationwide. He went on to say increased competition makes sense. 


He has advocated for ACO to become mainstream, Accountable Care Organizations, where a group
of patients direct their care with the undersight of a physician. You gotta read my book addressing this dilemma.


He has said “Let the patient set pricing for a visit to the hospital.”

Imagine if you will a patient needing XYZ procedure going to ABC Hospital and demanding they do the procedure at LMN price. Or give the patient the ability to shop around for the cheapest yet highest quality of care. Patient choice. Oh my! He had me at hello!


HSA: Health Savings Account, a rainy day savings account to funnel healthcare dollars into then withdrawal as needed and make it tax deductible.


TORT Reform:  To prevent frivolous lawsuits that, Trump argues, has resulted in doctors practicing “defensive medicine.” He said doctors were usually ordering excessive testing and procedures to avoid being sued, citing a Pricewaterhouse Coopers study finding such defensive medicine accounts for at least 10 percent of all medical costs.


Capping lawsuits:  Trump describes his plan further “pain and suffering” damages at $100,000 and the enactment of “loser pays” laws in which the loser pays the winner’s legal bills if the suit is determined to be baseless. Interestingly enough, Texas has passed such laws already.


I can’t be bought:

This alone should make you vote for him. He has repeatedly said “I have my own money.” He recently said he turned down a lobbyists gift of 5 million dollars citing that he couldn’t be bought and he didn’t want to hurt his feeling when in 2 years he wanted me to pay back the favor to support his efforts with another country or special interest group.


Speaking to the Military. His simple
Fix is “strengthen it!” To strengthen it in my opinion means to support strong leaders and make it a force to reckon with where our enemies fear us, don’t wanna mess with us and our allies love us.


Funding for countries that hate us: Cut them off! 

The mamsy pansy ways of most politician types has gotten us nowhere. 

With those extremely loyal to Trump, nearing 50 percent in some polls I can’t see how a “consecutive” could not support him. 

His message is resonating with many. I have a hunch many more want to support him but because the machine is slapping their hands they stick to the candidates of their choice not the people’s. 

It is obvious to me that this cycle,the people, the right, the conservatives, the real tea party types, that 45 percent or so that were knocked down by the left and the so called right at the height of their popularity. The GOP made a huge mistake by isolating a huge portion of their base. Now they pay for that betrayal and as far as Im concerned they can wallow in the bed they made and bite the derrière that now wages war with the voice of the people.


Planned Parenthood, he said he would defund it and shut it down.

Conclusion: You show me a candidate that has said he or she will do 1/4 of what he said he would do and I will seriously consider changing my vote. 

Otherwise, I dont feel it will happen. 

True Conservatives stand your ground! Make your wishes visible. We are in too deep to not speak our mind and direct our vote. 

Hold on as long as you can, we have a country to save and make great again. 

Vote Trump about 50 percent are not listening to the establishment, I think you should too.

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