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Bradley County Schools Director Cash says “information about Islam is  “just a tool” teachers can use.

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Bradley County Schools Director Cash says “information about Islam is  “just a tool” teachers can use.

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The Cleveland Bradley Ministerial Association conducted a question and answer session recently in Cleveland Tennessee, inviting several local and private education leaders to share topics that are going on in their school systems. 

The association is seeking ministers and educators to come together to unite in their efforts to to enhance goals that will improve literacy scores across the county.

According to the Cleveland Daily Banner, a forum of four local leaders spoke to the group Wednesday: Dr. Bill Balzano, president of Tennessee Christian Preparatory School; Dr. Linda Cash, director of Bradley County Schools; Dr. Jeff Elliott, supervisor of curriculum and instruction for Cleveland City Schools; and Ramona Kim, principal of United Christian Academy.

Among the goals discussed was our county wide literacy rate of around 50 percent, Superintendent Linda Cash called this unacceptable. 

Many of the leaders provided input into what could make our schools better and what could better prepare them to excel and prepare them for college and beyond.

In summary from the Cleveland Daily Banner article, among the subjects listed to raise the schools literacy rates were promoting Coach Dungys book, “An Uncommon Life”, Read 20, dance and music classes, the “one-to-one initiative”, early reading and math, improving graduation rates and ACT scores, walkingthe halls praying, providing meals for teachers, landscaping schools, learning of their personal faiths, the K-12 program, etc.

After the introduction and small talk, in a question and answer session, the blended group was directed to Common Core, referring to the The Shahada and the 5 pillars of Islam being taught in public schools by an unnamed group member.

The Cleveland Daily Banner said the organizations unnamed member asked the school leaders about the religion of Islam being taught in schools, calling it “a harmful virus.” 

“The unnamed source referenced information about Islam allegedly being taught in seventh-grade history classes  in Tennessee public schools.”

TN Christian Preparatory Schools Director Dr Bill Balzano spoke first and said “Though there may be information about something in a textbook, he said one must actually look at an individual teacher’s syllabus and curriculum map to see what will be covered and when.”

“Though TCPS is a Christian school, he noted junior and senior students are taught some passages from Islam’s governing book, the Quran, in their Bible classes. Balzano said students must know what other religions believe in order to effectively defend their Christian faith.”

Jeff Elliott the Cleveland City Schools director of instruction and curriculum said “Cleveland’s schools do not push one religion over the others, and all classes are being taught in accordance with state standards which dictate students learn about religions to help them understand history.”

“Cleveland City Schools has also seen a continually increasing population of students learning English as a second language, and he said schools are seeing more students from families practicing different religions.”

“Elliott said students learning more about other religions can help them better relate to other people.”

“He added churches have the most important roles to play in making sure Christian students are knowledgeable about their faith.”

Most interesting to me during this charade was the comments made by the new Director of Bradley County Schools Linda Cash stating “textbooks which may feature information about Islam are JUST A TOOL teachers can use. They have to follow the standards that tell them to teach about various faiths, but they can use a variety of resources.”

Considering the words of Cash, We have now evolved from a Christian based school system to the teaching of Islam as a “tool” to teach our kids. 

She further stated we have to teach the standards (that contains the creed of Islam) to our children to teach them about other faiths. 

Many would say the the public school system is not who they would prefer teaching their child about faith.  Many parents would gladly take on that task within the family and at their places of worship.

Cash continued, “teachers are not going into a tremendous amount of depth when talking about religion.”

“Nothing is taught in isolation,” Cash said, adding that no one religion is taught without the others. 

I deem it ironic that not too long ago the Christian faith and prayer were literally removed from our schools and now that Islam wants us to be inclusive, we teach all religions now!

Dr Linda Cash has now endorsed the teaching of Islam in our Bradley County Schools. Regarding my own children, they have had little exposure to Islam or other faiths in school to date. With her statement supporting teaching Islam as a tool, it may drastically change the teaching environment as teachers may see her comments as a green light.   

Dr Linda Cashs statements could potentially lead to handing our kids over to the influence and will of Islam.   

Maury County TN Schools, particularly Spring Hill High School has been blasted recently for teaching Shahada and the 5 pillars of Islam, requiring their students to memorize the passage and proclaim Allah as the one and only god and Muhammed his servant and prophet, and then administering TCAP tests covering the subject. They were also told to write it on paper as “Allah is the one and only god and Muhammed is his servant” (see Brietbart news link below) All this under the direction of Common Core standards.

My thoughts are if it’s on TCAP, it must be taught in our schools, all of them. Thus, the emphasis on Dr Cashs words when she said teaching Islam is just a tool for teachers to use when they teach.  

The Shahada is a very dangerous Islamic “prayer” for our children to utter while proclaiming Muhammed as a prophet.

It is multifaceted and has many tentacles and is the creed for Islam. 

In very simple terms, by comparison, it’s basically the Christians version of the “Road to Salvation, the Romans Road, the Sinners Prayer or the path to salvation with specified duties to live a faithful life.

In Islam, to become a Muslim according to the Koran, the Hadith and the teachings of Muhammed you must say a prayer or passage to gain entrance to Jennah (Paradise) and to become a devout follower of Allah via Muhammed. That prayer is the Shahada and its proclamation that Allah is the only god and  Muhammed is the prophet. This is the  same prayer that our kids are memorizing and TCAP testing on.

The following is a direct quote from an Islamic website on the subject of Shahada.

“The complete statement of the creed of the Muslim is:
“Ash-shadu anna Laa elaha illa lah. Ash-shadu anna Muhammadar Rasoolulah.” (I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger).

“Every Muslim has been taught that the key to “Jennah” (Paradise) is the statement in Arabic:
  “Laa illaha illa lah.”  (There is none worthy of worship except Allah.) ”

“Many Muslims believe that as long as they have made this statement, nothing will harm them. They think they will be granted Paradise because of this mere verbal statement of the Shahadah.”

“There is no question that the mere saying of the shahadah: “I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger” is not sufficient for salvation.”

The article continues to elude to the fact that some Muslims only believe the Shahada is their path to Paradise when in fact the Pillars of Islam must be followed also. 

“True scholars of Islam are quick to tell us that this testimony of faith is our “Muftah ul Jennah” (Key to Paradise). The famous follower Wahb ibn Munabbih was once asked;
“Isn’t the statement of “La ilaha illa-lah” the key to Paradise?” 

He answered; “YES! But every key has ridges. If you come with the key that has the right ridges, the door will open for you. Yet if you do not have the right ridges the door will not open for you.” 

Much like the Christian faith and the prayer of repentance, the mere words are not enough, but must be followed by the statement of baptism and living the life, such as obeying the 10 Commandments and following the teachings of Jesus and messages of God almighty.

The 9 conditions of the Shahada are known as:
1) Knowledge  
2) Certainty  
3) Acceptance  
4) Submission  
5) Truth  
6) Sincerity  
7) Love  
8) Denial  
9) Adherence

Your kids are memorizing this prayer and proclamation in your schools!

The Five Pillars of Islam is essentially their rule book for Paradise after proclaiming the acknowledgement of Shahada, Muhammed is the prophet.

The 5 pillars from the Hadith of Gabriel:

1) Faith or belief in the Oneness of God and the finality of the prophethood of Muhammad;
2) Establishment of the daily prayers;
3) Concern for and almsgiving to the needy;
4) Self-purification through fasting 
5)The pilgrimage to Makkah for those who are able.
6) The one that is frequently left out for obvious reasons is Jihad or Holy war on non believers.

Your kids unbeknownst to you have unknowingly pronounced their faith to Allah and Muhammed through the Shahada and introduced to the 5 pillars to live as a righteous Muslim. 

It is a stretch but like myself, to become a Christian I professed my sins and asked God to come into my life, and now your child by professing the Shahada and proclaiming Muhammed as his prophet and servant he or she has submitted and made a faith statement to Allah.

Think about it! If we use the same path of accepting Christ and uttering the sinners prayer to become a follower of Christ doesn’t it make sense that now, technically by virtue of a prayer, your child is now a follower of Islam and Allah?   

What an evil and  ingenious indoctrination “tool” to deliver your your children to Allah . What a statement this makes to Islamic leaders who are very aware of what Shahada is and the tools involved in influencing your children.

Your kids under the direction of our esteemed educators and political leaders have created the path, the “tool” to expose and convert millions of our kids and submit them to the will of Allah. 

The above scenario should enrage you! It amazes me at the lack of concern for what is being taught in our schools and the level of acceptance to co-exist with a political ideology that promotes the desire to conquer your country and dominate your religious beliefs. 

Can you imagine the uproar if our schools chose to make our kids memorize the sinners prayer and the path to conversion, follow Jesus Christ, pronouncing him as our Lord and Savior? The roof would be lifted from these schools and every teacher fired but instead your child in essence has been converted to Islam and you stand unknowing and unaware.

Islam and the teachings of Islam has been creeping into our lives and now the conversion has been placed in overdrive. Stunningly, the reactionary silence is deafening.

I personally doubt Dr Cash knows of the extent to which Islam is trying to gain control of our children. I also doubt she knows of the level of
Influence her simple statement can have on our children’s life. But her acceptance of Islam being taught in our schools as a tool is well worth providing her with the knowledge to retract her statement.

Please contact her or the school boards and let her know her words can be very damaging to our kids.



Sources of information: Please take the time to visit the sites below, they are full of great information. 


“Allah is the only god, Muhammed is the prophet, Shahada, 5 Pillars of Islam are the creed of Islam” are being taught in TN Schools most recently in Maury County at Spring Hill High School.



Disclaimer: As with all my posts they are only my opinion based on researching the facts. My expressed opinions are to be used as a source of information only. I encourage us all to live peacefully and bring no harm to no one. If you choose to act and harm then that choice is solely yours! Have a blessed day and share this article.

  1. Great and informative article. Amazing amount of information. Thanks. Remember however that the sinner’s prayer is only valid if the sinner praying is honestly open and ready for salvation. Merely saying the words doesn’t equate salvation. Checking with your children to see how they feel about Islam should reveal much. I pray that many read this and get more involved with their children’s education.


    • Thanks for your comments. Yes I am aware and was very careful with the wording. But to many Muslims that obviously don’t follow our beliefs what a statement it makes to scores of Muslims that perhaps millions of American kids just made a faith statement submitting to the will of Allah. It’s a building block and it’s being established in our public schools and condoned by those we elect to represent us. Sure it’s a small gesture, but it’s the beginning of the end. It’s a deliberate attempt to indoctrinate or at the very least pace the way for Islam and Sharia to be easily accepted. Keep sharing! This info needs to be out there. A side note, interestingly this Dr Cash who at the time was Asst Director of Robertson County schools raised alot of stink by allowing her teachers to hang the 5 pillars on the walls of one of their schools a few months back. Same one and now Bradley County has the pleasure.


  2. I really believe you misinterpret many things. You also fail to understand the power of knowledge. Simply learning about another religion is by no means accepting it. You are a prime example of how freedom of speech can be dangerous. Keep spreading the ignorance, fear, and hatred. You are doing a great of it so far. By the way, the subject of Dr. Cash’s quote is, “textbook” not “information.” The textbook is “just a tool.” Sensational journalism at its finest.


    • JJ, you are definitely entitled to your opinion, I just don’t agree with it. Differing of opinions are the great leveler and our great country has offered this arrangement. Can you imagine what a boring place it would be if we all shared the same thoughts? The power of knowledge I understand immensely, that’s why I do what I do. The direct quote from Dr Cash you got half right but I commend you for your effort. Cash said textbooks which may feature information about Islam are “just a tool” teachers can use. See, the information in the textbooks is what I was referring too, but hey we will probably never agree at this point, we are just splitting hairs. The textbooks contain information, ahhh never mind, it’s futile. We both can agree that FOS can be dangerous but in this arrangement only half of us will ever be right. In my opinion, FOS can also be very beneficial, I guess it depends which way you lean when it is read. Appreciate your comments and I knew eventually I would write something again you didn’t approve of, at least you are still reading, that’s my goal. Have a blessed day and rest assured I’ll write something else you loathe.


  3. Well the headline of this article is a total misquote from what Mrs. Cash actually said. I find it fitting that you can’t find any information on the author of this sensationalist crap. All this does it stoke the fire already burning in this area due to the recent events in Chattanooga. One of the killed was a shipmate of mine and even though it stings when it hits close to home I’m not going to ignorantly start hating every person of the Islamic faith. JJ, you were quick and accurate in your words. The nameless author is obviously too afraid to put their name on this trash.


    • Thank you very much for your comment and I’m sorry for your loss as this was a tragedy for all of us. Our servicemen and women are very dear to us and we can’t underestimate their impact on our freedom. The title of the article was chosen as a direct quote. She did say textbook and the Informatiin contained within is just a tool for the teachers to use. I thought it would be to the reader to assume that the information came from the textbooks as part of the Common Core Curriculum that the teachers and students read daily. I thought of it as redundant. Perhaps I will learn from it and move on. Is there any portion besides my “bad” choice of an article title you have issues with? I’m pretty sure the content is on mark as many hours of research go into the article. I find it interesting that I am being attacked for reporting sinister activity going on with kids in our public schools.This is a tragedy that our kids are being subjected to the 5 pillars and not the 3 Rs. I spend a great deal of time explaining the theory of life to my children and what God means to us as a family personally. Making my child recite the first tenants of conversion to Islam, saying Allah is the one and only god and proclaiming Muhammed is his servant and prophet is overkill and crosses the boundary of pronouncing or denouncing their faith. I have had deep involvement with Islam and have personally seen it’s bad side, the one they dont try to show you as it would offend them. This is by design. The Islamic ideology is to destroy unbelievers and spread the message to all. They are commanded to kill us. I’m not wanting my child involved with such a group with such deep seated hate. Lets look at Europe, the middle east, Germany and Sweden at our future if we don’t keep this in check. This is not a benign populace of people. They are deliberate in their actions and are gaining steam in their endeavors. I just don’t want my children exposed to it. My tax dollars are being spent to indoctrinate my child into another religion. If that’s ok with you then maybe we will never meet eye to eye. Regardless, keep reading and me and my ample staff will continue writing. God bless and have a great day.


  4. I guess Ms. Cash is unaware of the subpoenas handed out across the state of Tennessee regarding this very subject. The ACLJ has taken up this fight and we’re finally going to get some traction on this travesty being taught in our schools.


  5. So now they are teaching our children in Bradley county how to become a terrorist?


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