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ACLJ sending open records requests to all school districts in TN regarding teaching of Islam

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ACLJ sending open records requests to all school districts in TN regarding teaching of Islam

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The American Center for Law & Justice, a legal advocacy group for conservative Christian causes, is sending open records request letters to all Tennessee school districts for information on teaching Islam, reports The Tennessean.

State Senate Education Chairman Dolores Gresham, meanwhile, is calling on the state Department of Education to caution all schools against Islamic indoctrination.

In a recent meeting held by the Bradley Ministerial Association in Bradley County Tn, the notion seems to be, based on a series of comments, Islam will be taught as a “tool” for learning. The school leaders stated that they must teach to the standards which contains the teaching of Islam, to include memorizing the Shahada and the 5 Pillars of Islam. Now we will see if they intend to teach it.

Many schools and parents are reporting a series of teachings accumulating to 3 and 4 weeks on the study of Islam and other teachings. This is indoctrination. We must adhere to the 3 Rs not the 5 Pillars and spend our time wisely. Our kids could learn alot of other things within that extra month of study beside being indoctrinated to Islam.

For schools stepping over the line they will more than likely be issued subpoenas for teaching adverse and excessive religious topics in our schools and then be forced to stop or face a lawsuit or jail time.

Much of this Islamic teaching is heavily funded by the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Iran, Qatar and Saudia Arabia to slant the standards to contain a heavy influence of the Middle Eastern Culture.

From the Tennessean:

Cece Heil, Senior Counsel with the ACLJ, said open records requests have gone to all 146 Tennessee public school districts because of the concerns voiced by parents to the organization.

“Although a school may teach curriculum on religion, it must be objective,” Heil said in an email. “It may not prefer one religion over other religions without running afoul of the Establishment Clause. After receiving specific complaints from parents, it seems that some school (districts) may have crossed this line.”

The time and depth Islam has been taught in schools has been scrutinized recently by Tennessee lawmakers and community members representing multiple districts.

The state provides academic standards, which Tennessee Department of Education Commissioner Candice McQueen said are designed to provide a deep understanding of how world religions have affected world history.

…The ACLJ letters are requesting records and information on what students are learning about Islam and other religions, how students are being taught and what resources teachers are using.

News release from Senate Republican Caucus

NASHVILLE – Senate Education Committee Chairman Dolores Gresham (R-Somerville) has requested Tennessee Commissioner Candice McQueen issue a letter instructing local school districts to use caution to ensure that students are educated rather than indoctrinated while teaching religious beliefs and how they impact world history.

The letter comes after recent objections were raised by parents in several Tennessee counties regarding the teaching of Islamic practices in middle school curriculum. Some parents claim their children were required to memorize the five pillars of Islam and to write “Allah is the only God” as part of an assignment.

“Over the past few weeks, members of the General Assembly have received an increasing number of messages from constituents over the curriculum being used in Tennessee 7th grade Social Studies classrooms,” the letter said. “Most of these concerns surround the teaching of Islamic tenets in Tennessee classrooms. While we understand the importance of teaching world history to our students, we must be prudent in our approach so it is clear that we are educating rather than indoctrinating.”

“To help ensure that our State is providing the best quality education to our children we request that the Department of Education issue a letter instructing our local school districts to use caution when teaching religious beliefs and how they impact world history,” the letter concluded.

Here is the last article written on this subject. It shows the local community school leaders more than willing to submit to the teachings of Islam in our schools.


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  1. Finally, some good news, thanks. geo. slawson

    Sent using Hushmail


  2. I will always teach on Islam as well as all of the other major religions regardless of the standards or the ignorance of the Tea Party. Join me in my class before you pass judgement. That is what educated journalists do. Don’t worry, bud, you might get there someday. Keep attempting to be a writer much like you are trying to be a doctor.


  3. This is what my generation called “Brain Washing” the kids!!!!! What a dam shame our country has gotten to this point!


    • Yes, you are correct. Many people and or groups wants the mind of your child. Dont allow academia to take their brain and mold it from the left. Demand more from them, heck I
      Would even suggest they teach the 3 Rs and not religion. Adding and subtracting is easier.


  4. Let’s make this simple for you. Do not write on material you are not fully educated on. Many are laughing at your expense because of your extreme ignorance. The simple solution, come sit in a class (or several) to see what is being said. What you may find is quite surprising. If you are able to use a slither of logical, then ask yourself a couple of questioins. One, are not the majority of teachers (especially in this region of the country) of the Christian faith? Secondly, are not the majority of teachers parents as well? I am a Christian and am fervent in my faith. I am also a parent. I would never attempt to convert anyone to another religion, intentional or not.

    I am going to level with you. Your writings disgust me. They are full of half truths and conspiracy theories. You are a pseudo-intellectual at best.

    Come sit in my class next semester as I teach my world’s religion lesson. You might be surprised and enlightened.

    I would beg of you to take down your writings but I know your ego, which has gotten in front of your intellect, will not allow you to do so.

    The alarming thing about this whole issue is the amount of ignorant folks who would agree with you. But this is not surprising. It is the Tea Party. Also, the majority of folks who are going to agree with you on this blog as well as Facebook posts, are folks who will fail, just as you have, to reach out to the real sources that can assist everyone in this issue. Ask a teacher. We can teach you, if you pay attention.


    • Thanks again for your comments. Your thoughts are why I write my blog because I know there is dissenting views out there, inenjoy knowing I have reached my target. This gives me resolve that I am being effective in my writing. It’s that whole where the flak is heaviest confirming the target. Odd thing is I didn’t write this story. Much of what was written was by Jay Sekulow of ACLJ and or his staff and given credit as a source of information. “JJ” I have accepted your invitation to
      Listen to you teach before and the response to my acceptance was mute. Again, send me your information and I will listen to you teach your class but you have to follow up on the details. When, where? I would be thrilled. I can’t just show up at every school looking for a world religion class. I personally doubt it would solve anything but who knows. As far as the laughter, just like in elementary and high school I take my mothers advice and quote “sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” even makes me feel better as I quote my mother. Yes I edited some of your personal comments, 1) because I can, 2) unfortunately I have to protect my family from the Psychos out there. Im sure you can relate. Although no secret, it’s just the tiny precautions that may make a difference. My tiny staff and I do what we feel is necessary when the crazies get out of hand. And as you know they are out there. I just ask that my readers have the decency to adhere to that simple request. As for my reading disgusting you, thank you. I don’t write this blog to make anyone feel good, although about a half a million feel pretty good. “JJ” I don’t seek to personally offend you but you are bringing your distaste to me. And you are making this personal. I do this as a type of therapy, it’s a hobby, and me and my tiny staff love to express our first amendment rights given to me inside the US Constitution. As a literary scholar and a teacher of World religion, you should know first hand that every spoken word does not land softly. I would love to sit down and have a cup of coffee some day, bet we would have more in common than not. I say this last point with good intent with hopes it lands softly. Regarding my writings disgusting you, i have a quick fix, please dont read. You make it sound as if I force this blog down your throat. The unsubscribe button works as well as the subscribe one did. It’s a simple fix and offers you the luxury of never hearing me or my tiny staff uttering another word. I would encourage you to stay on because I gain great pleasure from you reading and responding to our posts. It’s why I write them. Have a blessed day and I hope you keep reading them it gives me a sense of purpose.


      • I’m glad you receive the warm and fuzzies and believe you have as sense of purpose. I have requested from you before a way to contact you to give you my info so you can sit in my classroom but you refused. I’m not giving my info out on a blog where everyone can see it.


    • Oh, almost forgot. Can you be a little more specific with your evaluation of the content that is packed full of conspiracies and half truths? And remember I live by the adage, just because you disagree with it doesn’t make you right and me wrong, it’s just differing opinion, depending on your vantage point. I would appreciate it. Thanks.


  5. You should do the same for CA. My grandson was exposed to this in junior high (middle school) here earlier this year. There’s NO reason schools can’t video tape teachers teaching this! It only takes as long as it takes a teacher to teach it, which they are doing anyhow & without parents consent, putting these kids at a FAR higher risk to be sucked into Internet indoctrination. Schools need to leave religious teachings to parents!
    Learning about religions is fine but teaching of the religion itself, the language, etc. is simply wrong!
    We are at war with the radicals… Are they teaching that? Of course not! The Obama administration doesn’t even have clear goals in what we are doing in the middle East!
    Organizations that have terrorist ties, according to our allies, like CAIR & others (Saudi Arabia, Egypt & others have these groups on their terrorist watchlist, we apparently do not???) Have entered floats in Veteran’s Day Parades, such as in OK, and many are outraged by the fact that we are at war with these radicals!
    Why should we share a Veteran’s Day Parade with those we are at war with? Those who want to kill us?


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