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Bradley County News surpasses several milestones and looking for advertisers

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Bradley County News surpasses several milestones and looking for advertisers

1800 pm

Bradley County News has surpassed the half million reader mark with near 3,500 daily subscribers in 167 countries and provinces.

The independent news agency that covers the world, yet jeeps locals up on local news is growing by leaps and bounds.

While the MSM reports what the left wants you to see, BCN takes those same stories and flips the coverage often revealing the other side that doesn’t always make it to the front page.

BCN and my tiny staff are more than glad to serve you we realize we could not do it without you, the reader. This blogger or any others do not make this blog great, YOU DO!!!

Please keep reading and if you haven’t subscribed yet please do. And everytime a story is written, you will receive the article written automatically. So, hit that subscribe button.

Long live the 1st Amendment. As long as it is intact we have a voice.

Have a blessed day and thank you for making the BCN staff happy and well recieved. We has survived an onslaught of leftist type backlash and only gotten stronger.

If you are interested in advertising with us please send your request to bradleycountynews@gmail.com

Please subscribe to Bradley County News and each time an article is written you will be sent the blog entry immediately.

What started out as a blog is slowly turning in to your news source for the news that doesn’t always get to the front pages!

Join today! We are in the midst of an information revolution! Join us!

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