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Bradley County News surpasses 100,000 readers in 170 countries

In Uncategorized on August 14, 2013 at 8:53 AM

I am humbled by your support! From Canada, to Bahrain, Afghanistan to Kazakstan, to China to Nepal I thank you for your support. You keep reading and sharing I’ll keep creating the news that others will not report.

The news that is often left off the front pages are what we at Bradley County News strive to give to you.

You keep reading, I’ll keep sharing!

Have a great day!

Next goal, 200,000!!!

If you haven’t yet subscribed to this blog, please do so you can receive the news as few others report it.

Thanks again! Without your support I would just be a grumpy ole patriot looking for a way to vent.

I also enjoy your many comments! Keep interacting with me! We must talk about the issues and look for solutions to the ills of our country!

BCNN- Bradley County News Network reaches 20,000 readers in over 80 countries

In Uncategorized on June 3, 2012 at 1:33 PM

Thanks once again for reaching this milestone! The many readers that visit this site are realizing we are in the middle of one of the greatest threats to our county, our country and across the globe. Globalism is replacing our Constitutional Republic. The country is being run by bureaucrats that nonlonger have our best interest in mind but would rather see our community and our children sacrificed to the greater good of the world. Socialism no matter how or who is promoting it or how it is reached is still Socialism.

The political correctness generation is now talking the helm and our country is starting a steep decline. When freedom of speech is limited, a government is tyrannical while raising taxes at every turn, or the people no longer can speak up without fearing their government we have already realized little time is left unless we do something and quick.

Searches to our site from Australia, Uganda, Iraq and many others tells me you are seeking information and you are coming to the BCNN website for that information.

This is so humbling and encouraging in the same sentence.

Bradley County and it’s many bureaucrats in conjunction with Chattanooga and ICLEI in our region are leading the way toward our demise. The West Coast is in shambles and believe it or not Bradley County is leading the way, using methods that the left coast used 20 plus years ago and you know where their economy is.

The epicenter of the east coast is centered in our region because we have leaders who cannot say no to any federal money and who are seeing “hope and change” in our community as the only way to survive.

Endless spending has been proven to not help with our economy. Raising taxes to get us over one hump only to create a mountain on our future generations is not the answer.

Eventually and hopefully soon our leaders will either change their ways and put our representative house in order or step out of the way and let concerned citizens who are not appointed by the good ole boy network to continue that trend.

I like to think that I, through this network, with your assistance, we are making a little difference while reporting the News that doesn’t always make the front pages.

Please continue to read and I will continue to pump out the truth!

Subscribe to this site and get updates everytime a blog or the news is reported. I try to write or construct a news story every other day, time permitting. Spread the word and believe me there is no profit in this for me, only the satisfaction that a breaking news story is getting out to the world. That’s the true advantage of a blog. It’s information that sees the world at an alarming speed!

Good day and thanks for your support!

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