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CDC Chief Frieden is lying, Ebola is “airborne”

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CDC Chief Frieden is lying, Ebola is “airborne” 

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Red Alert: 

Anthony Banbury, chief of the UN’s Ebola mission, says there is a chance the deadly virus could mutate to become infectious through the air!!! In other words it could become AIRBORNE!

Anthony Banbury, the Secretary General’s Special Representative, said that aid workers are racing against time to bring the epidemic under control, in case the Ebola virus mutates and becomes even harder to deal with.

“The longer it moves around in human hosts in the virulent melting pot that is West Africa, the more chances increase that it could mutate,” he told the Telegraph. “It is a nightmare scenario [that it could become AIRBORNE], and unlikely, but it can’t be ruled out.”

He admitted that the international community had been “a bit late” to respond to the epidemic, but that it was “not too late” and that aid workers needed to “hit [Ebola] hard” to rein in the deadly disease.

There has never been a virus transmitted in this manner that converts to a RESPIRATORY virus, and there is no evidence that this has ever occurred in the epidemiology,” he said at a discussion programme on the virus in London on Wednesday night. He mentioned HIV and Hepatitis B as example of viruses transmitted by bodily fluids that had “never converted to a respiratory virus”.


The UN now says it could be airborne! I will never agree with the UN again but their statement warrants a post and with this point only I agree. 

There is no other method that could spread this easily and this fast. Ladies and gentlemen, the EBOLA virus has gained wings and become airborne!

The recent increase in activity, the rate and ease of spread and the strengthened virility of Ebola leads one to think that there is definitely something different about the Ebola virus today than in the last 40 years. This fact is not being divulged to the general public by many agencies within our own government. 

I have come to the conclusion that we are not being told the truth about Ebola, facts hidden and the reason for it being on earth deliberately hidden from view by millions of Americans… I’ll take my predetermined thoughts and unravel them with you.

While many trust our government for their every need want and desire, I frankly do not! One truth is the facts don’t lie. What is abundant are those people saying they don’t exist or doesnt muster enough content to validate or warrant producing an article. The blogosphere has now become the unfettered truth for the masses.

Fact: More people have died from Ebola in 2014 than in the 40 years combined in the world. Estimated up to 1/2 million by years end.

Fact: The majority of new infections in 2014 have been in and around Sierra Leone. 

Fact: Kenema Biological experimental lab in Sierra Leone is the epicenter of most new Ebola infections.

Fact: Scientists and healthcare workers that have been treating Ebola for many years untouched are suddenly dying and contracting Ebola. Nurses go on strike at the Kenema lab and quit over safety and ethics concerns, sick workers are transported to the USA.

Fact: Marburg and Lassa viruses in combination with Ebola have been reported in the epicenters. Both of these are AIRBORNE and are capable of flying through the air, just as in Africa. 

Fact: The DOD, Department of Defense, the CDC have funded the Kenema lab and Tulane University for nearly 10 years as part of their Biomedical Weapons Program. They honed and created the virus that is killing Americans today!

All these facts above have a common theme. The distribution route, virility and transmission mode has changed and is spreading much faster this year than in the previous 40 years.  ITS AIRBORNE!

I do not mind going on record as the first to say so! We are in dire straits and our country is under fire from DC elitists and multi billionaire investors who would rather see you suffer than them not see a return on their investment.

The virus called Ebola has been fundamentally engineered to the point that it has now become the perfect biological warfare experiment capable of spreading like wildfire and killing about half within it’s wake. I believe the lethality and the pandemic being created  is purposeful and well orchestrated.

Many events surrounding Ebola/Lassa and the Marburg hemorrhagic viruses have been ignored, downplayed or distorted all to keep the truth from catching the publics interest. 

In fact, while it is happening articles about the facts above are scarce and the truth is not getting out. At least partially to blame are the many pundits and “fact finding” opportunists. These entities are spending alot of time detracting the truth and attacking those of us attempting to unveil this terrible tragedy. You should be ashamed of your self for plotting self against the  American people for some type of weirded out personal gain!

Most of the information obtained and provided comes from local news sources in Africa and the surrounding nations. These relationships with local reporters have been formed so you can get the truth as it happens in real time. Very few are reporting the news as it is happening and this is a shame.

The CDC, NIH, the CIA, USAMRIID, DOD, Tulane University and many other players in our Federal Government are deliberately and purposefully nourishing this Ebola outbreak into a pandemic. They need this to turn a profit and benefit off this disease.

The CDC has vehemently denied that the current strand of Ebola that is spreading at a record pace is not airborne. The truth is the newest EBOLA/LASSA/MARBURG VIRUS IS AIRBORNE. The latest strand is airborne and was created by the CDC and the federal government you have grown to trust.

This latest disease owned by our federal government has been experimented with till it finally went airborne. I believe this is the intended route as it perfects the viral replication that can wipe out perhaps the greatest portion of our
population. Just as the elite predict and plan for.

Before the NDAA compliant DHS circles my home and takes me off to an unknown location, allow me to explain myself.

Please take the time to look at what is really happening in America. It’s time to expand your mind and listen to another voice, then as always, you decide for your self what you want to believe.

Recently, the US Department of Defense (USAMRIID) & Tulane University released a bioengineered Airborne, Ebola/Lassa/Marburg Hybrid report in Sierra Leone. This description confirms my hypothesis that this Ebola strand was created and bioengineered to become airborne. The United States Government had spread this particular strand of disease to most of Africa and now has plans for America. 

Many bio pharmaceutical companies like Glaxo, Monsanto, Crucell and Tekmira are being funded to research and develop a vaccine by our government and the Department of Defense and are dead set on being the first to develop the vaccine and receive the royalties that are sure to come. Much wealth comes to the company who develops a vaccine that “saves the day” and becomes the US’s savior amongst the masses. A cure for what ails America. 

You are being exposed to a multi strain virus with the informal tag of a hybrid combination bioengineered respiratory illness that is killing Americans and Africans in the same way. I said respiratory and by that I mean Airborne and yes you can simply inhale and it will attach to your lung tissue with a vengeance. The CDC is lying and so is Tom Frieden, Director of the CDC
and Americas new Baghdad Betty or Hanoi Jane.

Several scientists and researchers have admitted that droplet infection occurs, in fact, the US Army has successfully aerolized it as a bioweapon but the CDC and it’s director, Tom Frieden have failed to use the airborne route as a way to transmit this disease. This makes him appear like he is lying or hiding a truth. His recent comments that “we may need to rethink, the way we think about Ebola in the US.” This leads me to think an airborne transmission announcement is inevitable. He owes it to the millions of Americans he has put at risk!

This combination bioengineered Ebola/Lassa/Marburg virus from Central Africa has quickly spread to America. The many being infected rapidly and without constraint leaves airborne as the only other undiscussed possibility. It’s the only way it can spread this fast without any other explanation. Nina Pham, the first Nurse to contract the Ebola is surely thinking she did everything she could do.  Despite Frieden saying she is to blame for “breeching protocol” as a nurse, she must be thinking an airborne route is surely a possibility.

Our health community is going to be weakened and many will suffer death because the CDC and Frieden conducting the Ebola Outbreak are the same ones that created this strand of Ebola virus. This is at the very least a conflict of interest if not criminal. I laugh at the thought that the man sent to save America is also the same one to kill America. Take his proverbial head off! Frieden is working off an agenda. He has many puppet masters pulling his strings and it’s darn time to replace him…….immediately! 

The  USAMRIID and Tulane University Biomedical labs have created a dastardly combination drug containing the Ebola supervirus and the Lassa/Marburg Fever disease, both inventions of the US Government! And all 3 affecting you today!

A known Ebola strain from Central-Africa was used as the base, and was bioengeneered to become a new hybrid respiratory illness (a combination of Ebola Virus/Marburg & Lassa Hemorrhagic Fever, weaponized via Tulane University & USAMRIID at Fort Detrich Maryland making it become a genetic variant of the original strain. 

This bioengineered hybrid, genetically altered to perfection has allowed for airborne human-to-human transmission and an extended incubation period to increase it’s spread and threat. It has been slightly toned down by joining the two together and an ideal desired mortality rate is reduced to around 40%.

MDS online reports the following, Ebola (EBOV) is passed from human-to-human transmission which occurs via direct contact with blood or bodily fluids from an infected person (including embalming of an infected dead person or by contact with contaminated medical equipment, particularly needles and syringes.
[for link go to http://www.msdsonline.com]

That statement is very true.

Where we have failed to venture is that the “other” disease Lassa/Marburg applied to the Ebola cocktail is the reason it goes airborne.

According to the CDC, the Lassa (LASV)/Marburg Virus is acquired by Inhalation of tiny particles of infective material (aerosol) is believed to be the most significant means of exposure.
[go to link www.cdc.gov for further details]

The LassaMarburg virus is spread by the Airborne route! This is a very important statement by the CDC. The Marburg and Lassa virus inside an Ebola strand is a very potent combination capable of knocking out 10 to 15 percent of our population just as Bill Gates has predicted.

When the CDC and other talking heads say the EBOLA virus is spread only by human contact, this is a very true statement. 

What they fail to mention is the LASSA/MARBURG virus is the catalyst that propels it through the air, makes it airborne. There is also some research out there that if someone creates a virus that mutates with the flu virus, we may see deaths unheard of in our history. This combination virus may explain the ease that this virus is spreading in 2014. Bill Gates and his predictions for a world with no greater than 1 billion people is getting closer to it’s goal.

I believe the Ebola virus was chosen due to it’s unusually high mortality rate and it’s unique bio- warfare properties.

These potent FIloviruses have been thought of as excellent biological weapons since Ebolas known inception in 1976. Most Ebola viruses have very high mortality rates with the exception of the Reston and Ivory Coast varieties. 

The scope of the 5 known viruses have a known death rate of 20 to 90 percent depending on the strand. 

The combination effect of Ebola with Marburg and  Lassa has shown to be very stable and has the ability to infect larger populations with very little bio chemical effort, much the way the virus is being spread today. The recent outbreak in Uganda has seen the virility of this combination virus.
[Go to link www.navytimes.com for more details]

July 2014- A direct quote from the CDC on this latest outbreak: Volume 20, number 7-“Sierra Leone Africa is seeing a widespread Acute Viral Febrile Illness in their community.  Initial results indicate that the infecting virus was most closely related to EBOV, except for 1 SUDV-reactive patient sample. This finding was unexpected because the assumption was that any ebolavirus would more likely be TAFV, the only species described in West Africa.” “Although the serum samples were able to neutralize EBOV only at a low level (1:40 dilution), it is possible that the virus is an EBOV genetic variant. Did you catch that? The final determination was that the virus detected is an EBOLA GENETIC VARIANT. EBOLA B, LASSA and MARBURG viruses created by your very own CDC, Frieden and our US government are wholly responsible.
(Go to link to wwwnc.cdc.gov]

July 31, 2014 
A quote rom the IBT, International Business Times in New York- “Guinea 339 dead, 460 diagnosed with this NEW gene variant supervirus, with a 73% mortality rate and a 5-9 day incubation = Ebola-Zaires (natural Ebola-Zaire) in Sierra Leone has 233 dead and 533 diagnosed, a 43 percent mortality rate and a 9 to 21 day incubation period. This is the new Ebola/Lassa/Marburg bioengineered hybrid, airborne disease.”
[link to http://www.ibtimes.com]

This leads us to the conclusion that the virus that is killing hundreds with ease is the current strain of Ebola and it should concern us greatly. 

It is now a respiratory acquired mutant strain unlike any virus we have ever seen in modern times. A hybrid bioengineered weaponized virus has been created and unleashed.

We are seeing the result of a US Department/Tulane University/CDC experiment either perfected or the result of a big mistake in a Kenema bioweapons lab in Sierra Leonne that escaped and got way out of control. I want to think the latter but my gut tells me it’s the first option.

Either way this Ebola/Lassa pandemic, if it fully fulminates will be the disease that will kill thousands if not millions within the next year. 

Barrack Obama on July 31, 2014, just in time for the new outbreak and  the unleashing of the newest biological warfare weapon on the American people updated by Executive Order a Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases
“(b) Severe acute respiratory syndromes, which are diseases that are associated with fever and signs and symptoms of pneumonia or other respiratory illness, are capable of being transmitted from person to person, and that either are causing, or have the potential to cause, a pandemic, or, upon infection, are highly likely to cause mortality or serious morbidity if not properly controlled. This subsection does not apply to influenza.”
[link to http://www.whitehouse.gov]

Somehow he knew. The Ebola strand we see right now was invented and patented one month before he took office. This orchestration of events is so predictable yet we may choose to simply believe this is happening.

July 31, 2014, the bioengineered “respiratory” variation of the Ebola virus (EBOV/L/M variant was released on Sierra Leone by USAMRIID and Tulane University.

The Sierra Leone people were unknowingly used in the biggest Ebola/Lassa/Marburg Fever experiments of our time. 

Local African people were used as hosts (which were made immune-carriers to the new hybrid virus they then unknowingly spread) as part of a Tulane University “Ebola testing” project being held in 3 regions of Africa (Sierra Leone, the Republic of Guinea, and Liberia). 

Locals were coaxed into the Kenema labs as part of a deviant scheme by Tulane University and the USAMRIID program to inject locals with this new hybrid without them knowing and then upon their return being sick, obtain blood samples from them to develop a vaccine from the live hosts and then monitoring them perhaps administering experimental drugs to see if they responded appropriately. Rememeber, the patent gave them the ability to propagate this virus unchecked.

This was July 2014. Not in our history. This is our present danger. I thought we had evolved beyond experimenting and sacrificing lives for a biological weapon. 

Let’s look at the events leading up to the American outbreak and the involvement of Tulane University and the Department of Defense.

“The Tulane University Biosafety Plan states “Select Agents (SA) – Biological agents that may be used for the purposes related to bioterrorism and which are thus regulated by the Select Agent Program (42 CFR Part 72).
[link to tulane.edu)

“The Lassa/Marburf Fever Program at Tulane University has a long-standing partnership with the Lassa/Marburg Fever Program at the KGH, Kenema General Hospital. When it was established in 2004, Tulane was contracted as the principle implementing partner of the Mano River Unione Lassa Fever Network program (MRU-LFN), a diverse group of organizations working together to develop national and regional prevention and control strategies for Lassa Fever, as well as focusing on building the capacity of the laboratory at the hospital. Since then, the work conducted by Tulane and its partners at KGH has grown to include new lines of research and public health surveillance.”
[link to vhfc.org]

Then something went terribly wrong with the Tulane, DOD bioweapon program at KGH.

Let’s look at what we do know then you decide.

July 17, 2014
Glenn Thomas WHO Spokesman, Ebola researcher and 100 scientists on way to Australia from Africa shot down. Scientists hint they may squeal about Kenema weapons plant. Malaysian flight MH17 is shot down over Ukraine, Lead World Health Organization spokesperson and Researcher  dies over Ukraine, destroyed by BUK missiles.

Head researcher and Scientist at Kenema labs, two nurses and several healthcare workers in Seirra Leone die from Ebola exposure. 

The Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Sierra Leone on July 23, 2014 ordered Tulane University to stop Ebola testing at the height of a world wide Ebola outbreak. Why?
[link to http://www.facebook.com (secure)]

July 29, 2104
Worst outbreak ever of Ebola in Sierra Leonne, let’s note here that the same virus there and seeing record numbers is the same virus that is destroying America! The virus was made by our government and is being used against us now! 

August 2,2014
Dr Kent Brantley arrives from Africa with Ebola for treatment with Zmapp drug. He walked in and was from the Kenema labs.

August 5, 2014
Nurse Nancy Writebol transported from Africa to Atlanta Ga. With EBOLA for treatment with Zmapp drug. 

August 30, 2014
WHO warns of Ebola outbreak in Senegal.

September 2,2014
Monrovia’s John F. Kennedy hospital nurses go on strike citing lack of protective equipment, PPEs as reason. Russian troops take over Monrovia after safety concerns at Kenema Biological warfare lab fail to contain lab of outbreak of Ebola. Tulane University and US military relieved of duty.

September 5, 2014
Dr. Rick Sacra, an American missionary who also contracted Ebola in Liberia arrives in Omaha Nebraska.

September 20, 2014
Sierra Leonne President shuts down Kenema Biological Weapons lab at Kenema hospital. Near decade long reaearch by Tulane University stopped

October 6,2014
Ashoka Mukpo, an American Freelance reporter arrives in Omaha Nebraska with Ebola.

October 1, 2014
WHO warns of Ebola outbreak in the USA, United States of America.

A sad, sad day for America! 

We are seeing at the very least an attempt by an elite company of puppeteers to weaken and perhaps destroy America. Have you wondered lately why there is no focus on this disease or attempt to stop it? Have you noticed? It’s pretty obvious.

October 4,2014
Dr Rick Sacra re-admitted to hospital in Massachusetts with respiratory illness, “unrelated to Ebola!”

October 9, 2014
WHO warns of Ebola outbreak in Spain

UN asked by Liberian government to investigate war crimes for US bio weapons being used on Africans by the Sierra Leone government.

Locals say they are killing us with their vaccines and bio weapons. 

The Ebola Outbreak goes global after 40 years of non movement and all of a sudden its all over the place. Sounds a little fishy to me.

The first case of this new created and specifically engineered Ebola virus with the distinct ability to infect potentially millions of Americans has been unleashed upon America with relative ease. One after another the body count escalates.

Next comes state and national quarantines, forced vaccines and then possibly martial law to contain the threat.

It will seem almost instantaneously that a vaccine, a fast tracked new drug will be be released to save the world from this awful disease. All of a sudden now that its affecting Americans we find a cure. Reminder Crucell has had a vaccine for nearly 7 years. Why hasn’t the technology been available before today?

Many investors like Bill and Melinda Gates become wealthier and the US Government has once again pulled the wool over a naive populace who is now just ready to see a miracle worker step up and assume a leadership role in light of a crime gone unpunished. 

The Sierra Leone Ebola hybrid strain (EBOV/LASV/Marburg as it is being labeled is very easily traceable by it’s unique genetic make up makes a very efficient, yet not too deadly a  biochemical weapon with a kill rate of about 40%. 

We wouldn’t want to kill 90 percent of our population now would we? 
That would be too far disastrous so we keep it around 40 percent. 

With the newly acquired and mediated death rate with the ability to spread this disease by human to human contact with airborne capability we have witnessed the creation of an extremely deadly virus that will have killed unknown amounts of our populace before they even know what hit them. 

With these three strands combined into one supervirus we have begun to destroy the population of our

Are you beginning to see it yet?

An Ebola strand with a high death rate combined with an airborne Lassa/Marburg hemmorhagic virus we have the perfect combination vehicle to spread this to many and in a very short time. 

Since 1976, when we had the origination of the EBOLA/ Marburg virus and one theme seems to remain consistent. Our government, our military, our scientists, our elite pulling the puppet strings in DC have had a common theme. Stick with the viruses that kill many with the least amount of effort. Sickening as it is, the virus and it’s epidemeology remains consistent through the years.

Click to access bulletin_1978_56(2)_271-293.pdf

Source and inspiration for the information provided. Please visit this site frequently as many more articles await of possible interest to you.

The Lassa program and Tulane University

Ebola: Caregiver gets Ebola in Texas as health systems weaknesses exposed

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Ebola: Caregiver gets Ebola in Texas as health systems weaknesses exposed

0905 am

A care provider has fallen while giving their all. The name is not important. What has happened today puts an exclamation point on several subjects and exposes a healthcare system that is not quite ready for the onslaught.

A provider of care taking care of a patient and getting sick happens everyday. A provider dying during that process is a tragedy. And in this moment a caregiver stands in the path of death.

Caregivers in any setting, any range is pretty much a thankless job. We often receive the ire of a drug seeker or a “gimme” patient that thinks a care giver is a punching bag. The expectations of a caregiver goes way beyond normal thinking. The daily grind is just that grinding at best but what keeps us in the game is that one case where years of experience and training is applied and a life saved or a life changed. That is one reason we often do so without complaining.  You may say our lives and the daily stress we endure shortens our lives. I say it secures a different level of favoritism in the afterlife. Wishful thinking perhaps but a not so lofty goal.

While our healthcare system is or was at least before it was dismantled by our federal government the greatest one on the Earth, hands down and by far from any who dare compete. 

One flaw we as caregivers have is we are human and humans are not perfect and have faults. The next scenario is we do not have the training or equipment to remain safe  in place.

With those faults or perhaps our attempt to not make a mistake we over compensate or over guess and we allow an error or a breech in our infection control defenses. Seemingly our best effort within an inadequate system is and will not be enough.

For years, we attempt to keep the spread of disease to a minimum and often we sacrifice our health for the betterment of those we care for.

While setting up this next statement as to not take away from our collective effort we do have breeches in our infection control efforts.

To imagine a world where there is no spread of disease would be to live in a fantasy world.

The spread of disease was bound to happen. It’s gonna happen. Every patient we come into contact with we fear spreading disease into our own bodies and we do so on a small percentage.

Tests confirmed overnight put a healthcare worker in dire straits and has awakened the world to the prospect that Ebola is here and it must be dealt with. Personally, healthcare givers are an open target and have the cross hairs firmly planted on their chests. Is the most we can do is to hope we do not fall victim. Our system should meet our demands and not only rely on the system to step up to meet our needs. The system should take care of us and make us a priority without us begging them to do so.

Our masks do not fit with 100 percent accuracy. We have isolation rooms, PPE equipment, wash our hands incessantly but it’s not a sure thing. We have to date have received no specific training. We joke that when that day arrives when we must face the Ebola virus we will be in big trouble. Our training hours with this disease are at zero right now. I have seen one sheet of paper that speaks of signs and symptoms but any knowledge gained is self taught to date. Most every hospital will be within a few miles of or taking care of an Ebola patient within the next six months or feel many of our brothers or sister in arms will be sick or dying. Our healthcare system in its current form will see many more healthcare workers get sick and die before this is done. Many healthcare workers in Africa went on strike when the spread and ineffective equipment put them in grave danger. I feel with the added stress and demands to care for patients within a system that is not prepared many more caregivers will start echoing nurses in Africa
and doing the same out of desperation out of concern for our own lives.

We need to support our hospitals and their workers. We are not prepared for this disease. As I sit here and listen to “specialists” from the CDC and others say “we just have to give them supportive care and get them to a much better supplied hospital,” my stomach is sickened. Allow me to spread the bad news. There are not better equipped hospitals. We pretty much have the same protective equipment. It’s not efficient. It’s not 100 percent. It has it’s holes. It will not be enough.

Let’s pray this disease that was created for whatever reason is contained and soon. We are facing a scourge that could wipe out a chunk of our population and we will watch the wealthy benefit greatly from our demise. I guess we deal with that and call it capitalism.

Today, as I watch the spread of this disease and the ease and quickness of it I will go on record and say I am convinced it’s gone airborne! 

Yes, I said the dirty word. Initially, Ebola was considered airborne but that was squelched by those who would look hypocritical and careless if now they admit that scenario.

For now I sleep and when I awaken I pray that all healthcare workers in the line of fire will be safe and then demand more protection as it seems our best is not good enough.

Don’t believe the words of bureaucrats saying you are heroic and are saving the world with your sacrifice. This is equivalent to blowing smoke up your backside. We do not intend to be guinea pigs used by a system that has created this disease.

Demand change in our healthcare system. Demand better equipment and training. We deserve that much. Contact your elected leaders and demand they push our healthcare system to make the needed change to keep us safe.

Source of information:

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