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EPA regulating farm animal “crap” that may runoff into waterways in Bradley County

In Uncategorized on October 10, 2011 at 2:54 PM

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued new pollution control requirements for large livestock feedlots recently that would allow farm operators to avoid having to get a permit if they agree to not let their farm animals crap and put “harmful discharges” into nearby waterways.
The new EPA standard calls for a “zero discharge standard” which basically says farmers , on their own merit will develop elaborate and expensive plans to prevent the runoff of “excessive environmentally damaging nutrients (crap) such as nitrogen and phosphorous into lakes and streams. “
Oh my gosh! Did I just hear myself repeat that? Damaging nutrients like phosphorous and Nitrogen? And they have agreed to police themselves and not allow their animals to excrete (crap) in a normally digestive way provided by nature? Really?
What will happen and I can see the writing on the wall now! Lets let them regulate themselves and they are caught failing at that miserably, we can swoop in with our Federal regulating power and “save the day” and enforce stiff fines and all the while say “I told you you wouldn’t be able to do an adequate job regulating yourself, from here on out we will do it if you don’t mind and thank you very much.
Environmentalist have long complained that animal feedlots , the large operations where hogs and cattle are fattened for slaughter , pollute waterways because of their huge buildup of manure which is piled up and spread across the land. My first gripe with this is why are we cow towing to environmentalist about an issue that is going on on my private property and will likely affect my livelihood and way of making a living because they think that their drinking water may have too much nitrogen or phosphorous.
Environmentalist have also been concerned that these “lax “ rules of self governance through the “zero discharge” rule is letting the farmers get off easy!
Eric Shaefer, a former EPA Enforcement Official says “This regulation allows these industrial meat farms to avoid the Clean Water Act all together by certifying that they have taken voluntary action to avoid discharges.
EPA officials estimated that the requirements will prevent the release into the streams , lakes and other waterways of 56 million pounds of phosphorous, 110 million pounds of nitrogen and 2 billion pounds of sediment!
You know when a cow or pig craps on my farm, will I be compliant and report my self or allow them to swoop down and take my farm? I know my farm animals are going to crap then it is going to rain and any waterway collects rainwater run off ! This again just as they have determined cows milk a pollutant, cow crap a pollutant, hay a pollutant and dust a pollutant you might as well start digging my hole now, cause If I plan to do any farming under the over regulating eye of the EPA, I might as well cash out and pay all my fines and turn my farm over to the Federal government…..wait a minute…that’s what they are hoping I will do…..an afterthought…..the heck with giving it up it is time to stand and fight!!!

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