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Common Core: 6th grade Arkansas class asked to revise and edit the outdated Bill of Rights

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Common Core: 6th grade Arkansas class asked to revise and edit the outdated Bill of Rights

A 6th grade in Arkansas has been asked to complete a task.

The task is to form a special committee and bring the “outdated” Bill of Rights up to the 21st century.

The class was asked to form an ad hoc committee to change the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments to the Constitution, into a shell of what it used to be, dismantling it at your convenience, to update the outdated piece of paper.

To study the document and tell us what needs to come out, what needs to stay and add a few if you choose.

It is bone chilling at the casual leisurely pace and rhythm the standards lull our children into thinking that this could be the best way in the near future to make changes.

It completely undermines the constitution and its attached rights as Americans and weakens our republic. 

It reinforces to me that there are people and forces out there dead set on destroying the backbone of our country and will utilize your/our children to attain that goal.

Below in parentheses is the lesson plan using the Common Core standards as it’s guide….the scenario.

“The government of the United States is currently revisiting the Bill of Rights. They have determined that it is outdated and may not remain in it’s current form any longer.”

“Their aim is to ensure that our personal civil liberties and the pursuit of happiness remains guarded into the 21st Century.”
The government has asked for input from experts on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”

“You have been selected to work on a National Revised Bill of Rights Task Force. You have been charged with the task of revising and  editing the Bill of Rights.”

“More specifically you will need to prioritize, prune, and add amendments and turn your ideas into a revised Bill of Rights.”

“Your teams proposal will be submitted in it’s final form as a persuasive presentation to Mrs Knight and Associates.”

What you just read is not a speech made at the United Nations. It was not a speech written by Hitler,  it was not a Muslim Brotherhood cohort plotting to destroy the US from the inside. Nor was it a Bill Ayers mantra  in Chicago directing his weather underground clones to blow up another building.

What you just read was a “lesson plan” to a 6th grade Arkansas elementary school inside the Bryant School District.

Lela Spears, 6th grader mother of the child involved said “the lesson plan” asked the students to revise, omit two, and add two amendments to the outdated Bill of Rights. And when her daughter came home and didn’t exactly feel right about what was being taught, the attentive caring mother alerted the press to these happenings but still has many questions.

Why would any public school be questioning whether the Bill of Rights is a viable part of the Constitution or not. 

Why would they have to do this to a bunch of 6th graders, who may not even know fully what the Bill of Rights stands for?  It’s called conditioning! Influencing tiny minds a little at a time till they are conditioned to think this way and make future decisions as adults on the input they learned as a youth. 

The Constitution is the law of the land and is solely the document that has kept us free and on the course of liberty for 250 plus years. Of what value does presenting anything other that the aforementioned statement have on the education of an American child?

This is the foundation of our country that is being whittled away a little at a time. This is a covert diversion from the path intended to continued greatness for our country, a far cry from the direction our forefathers intended.

 Why is there no discussion of the way to change or amend the Constitution via Congressional action with perhaps a constitutional convention, a majority vote of lawmakers after a lengthy debate? 

Nope, all we have to do is form a committee, empowered by the government because we tire of the way we have done things or because it doesn’t fit into a certain political agenda.

Outdated and may not remain in it’s current form? Really? This is planting the seed of our country’s demise.

This is enabling the thought that tyranny and a monarchy can rule a country and if you can form a governmental committee then you change the structure of what made our country great in one fatal swoop.

It promotes disloyalty and sets up a pattern of thought that if this country and it’s inalienable rights do not fit into your social calendar you can simply form a committee and you can change it.

We are playing a very dangerous game in our country by allowing Common Core into our schools.

Our children, without parent uproar will unknowingly be shifted into the world of “globalists” and “Socialists” where every opportunity to negatively influence our infrastructure will be done with hardly a blink because of the indoctrination throughout out children’s formidable years.

One day our children will be called upon to replace us and take the reigns of leading this country. The country will be saturated with those willing and able to manipulate and destroy the precious documents their forefathers held dearly trivializing it to an outdated document needing a revision.

Our countries demise is being mapped out and the training ground and the tools to accomplish such a task is happening as we speak….in our schools…..by some very sinister individuals….with a definitive plan…….Common Core!

Speak up now and speak up loudly. The doors are closing to never open again as our countries greatness and those born to lead are being softened into politically correct marshmallows, spineless and in much  need  of a teet on which to suckle!

God bless us. 

Lesson plans used by Bryant School district: Achieve the core, Student Achievement, author David Coleman

Who is David Coleman?

Amending the Bill of Rights:


11th Annual Bill of Rights banquet set for December 15th in Dayton.

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WHAT? 11th Annual Tennessee Bill of Rights Banquet                                
WHERE? Rhea Welcome Center, 107 Main Street, Dayton, Tennessee
WHY? Observing the 221st Anniversary of our American Bill of Rights

HOW MUCH? Cost of $18.00 for each adult, Children under 10, $9.00.(Includes tax and gratuity)

WHEN? Saturday Evening December 15, 2012, 6:00 P.M.(Registration starts at 5:30 p.m.)

HOW do we sign up? Reservations must be received by Monday, December 3rd.
WHO is our contact? Sponsored by: The Tennessee Committee for the Bill of Rights, June Griffin, Coordinator, Chairman 265 Crestview, Dayton, TN 37321 (423) 775-0774, jb21@juno.com

WILL WE EAT? Yes! The main entrees will be Steak and delicious vegetables and desserts prepared by our caterer Elizabeth Hawkins. I’m sure there will be plenty of iced cold southern sweet tea and hot coffee available also.
WHO IS SPEAKING? Rooted and grounded in Americanism, this year our Committee has chosen to feature, not only a patriotic Preacher, Rollin Mitchell, but Tennessee sheriffs who have been honored with the display of Americanism documents. These two elements are a part of the State-wide, legislative movement to reinstall our Ten Commandments, and other historical documents.  Many preachers and peace officers have been jeopardized by threatening lawsuits and their accompanying regulations and restrictions, but we are proud to announce that the Volunteer State is once more standing up to resist such further tyrannies. Indiana’s  colorful and fearless Preacher of Righteousness,  former Nazarene Pastor, Rollin Mitchell, is our keynote speaker. We trust he will inspire other men of God to stand up for their God-given Rights and lead our nation back to the Lord. As well, a Mystery Physician, will be giving his controversial and timely testimony. Come see.
We need your reservation in by December 3rd. Please fill out the following and mail it with your check. We look forward to your company at this important gathering!!!  Tennessee is on the move! You will want to be a part of this great banquet and meet your fellow Patriots. None have ever been disappointed.
Mail in application:
Please Indicate:

Reservations for the first 100 guests only!

Adult:​_____ ($18.00)
Child:​_____ ($9.00)







Amount enclosed: $
Mail Reservations to: ​June Griffin, Coordinator/Chairman
Tennessee Committee for the Bill of Rights
265 Crestview, Dayton, TN  37321
Don’t want to miss this meeting!

Clean Water Act: EPA blasts Bradley Counties Wright Brothers Construction with heftiest fine ever

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The EPA sues a local business that employs thousands of workers and feeds perhaps thousands in this county for nearly 3 million dollars, the single largest fine in the history of the EPA under the federL governments green initiative the Clean Water Act!

The Charleston, Tennessee construction company that has provided millions in new roads and enough jobs to offset anything the Chamber of Commerce, Amazon or Wacker have ever tried to do and can you believe not a single word of support in their favor by a single person in the current administration of the city mayor, county executive, the city council, the county mayor, county commissioner, city or county Sherrif or any of their deputies, state representatives x 2, state senator, congressman, US Senator x 2 or the governor in the great state of Tennessee has said a word in their defense! Can you believe it? You know why? The federal government has castrated these leaders who are apparently absent of any cahunas to stand up and dare defend a local that employs hundreds perhaps thousands!

Local State Representative Kevin Brooks 24th District Tennessee who received thousands of dollars in campaign funds from Wright Brothers and not a word I have heard uttered publicly in their defense! People this is America, this is small business doing well and if we can’t defend that great honor to work hard and be successful we might as well just toss in the towel now cause we are doomed! Where are you Mr. Brooks on this issue, come out wherever you are!

We are under attack by the very people you told me that if they did anything like you speak of “we will not let them do it” Well, Mr Commissioner, who sits on the far right of the oval, they are doing what you said would probably never happen, “we would never cast a vote to let something like that happen” Well, that time has come and gone! Eat these words, chew them slowly, digest them rapidly because there are many more fines that will be dealt on to the many good businesses in our county and you know why they will? Because you have given them the power to do so!

The Mayors x 2 and both of their councils have married this beast and have openly refused to stand up and say anything to stop the onslaught of the EPA, DOT and HUD! you accepted millions in federal grants that allowed this to happen! This is on you, current administration of elected representatives! State Representatives Brooks and Watson, while on your state watch, you refused to say a thing, although I begged heavily for you to stop this onslaught! Political correctness is no longer accepted as the excuse! Families and businesses you represen are bow being affected by the Feds because you accept a few dollars I’m grant money in return!

Did you know our sherrifs could tell the EPA to stand down and not fine these job creators! Did you know that? Yes they can! They can protect our county and city and they can officially run them the hell out of Tennessee! They are our guardians!

They took an oath to protect you and the businesses you run! They have this power! They can keep the federal government and the EPA at bay with one strong showing of their badges! Is there anyone that wants to stand up for the working class? Are we too numb? Do we think that whatever the EPA or the Federal government deals out we are obligated to take it? States have rights too and we can step up and protect her!

The obvious problem is noone has a set, they were chopped off when the grant money was accepted! It is so sad that a man of any character has yet to stand up and defend the entrepreneur called Wright Brothers Construction!

Get in line, any other business that dares deal with the devil, accept their money and be expected to jump through their hoops! Farmers, the fines I warned you of many times are coming to you too!

The EPA with some far out idea that the Wright brothers have somehow stopped the spawning of some pink salmon a thousand miles downstream by blocking some 150 linear feet of creek bed with dirt and residue from all the construction they have done is the main problem, good God help us all! This is the crux of the lawsuit and fines of nearly 3 million dollars!

Let’s pretend now that you decide to move a mound of dirt that may somehow, in their personal and professional opinion may block the water to a 2 inch smelt some 350 miles south of us! Let this be your backyard and let’s pretend you own a dairy farm. That dairy farm that you vehemently denied water to by blocking the natural flow of water, you risk having your dairy farm being foreclosed upon because you can’t pay the fines that the EPA brings down on you because “carbon” and minerals can’t flow downstream!

The fines may accumulate every month or so and their is nothing you can do about it! The EPA HAS SEALED THE DEAL!

The regional plan that the Mayors have so willingly signed off on is the real problem! You see they have given you the full shaft! They have sold your soul to the devil! The regional growth plan with the insistence of ICLEI and the Chattanooga planners has made this a reality!

Read the rest of this article in the banner and tell me if we are not in trouble! We are on a dead street and nothing you cam be done to prevent it shirt of replacing all the spineless leaders with a new batch willing to protect our county and state! It’s time!

Let’s just bend over and say as Tony Soprano used to say “fugget bout it” its only a thang!

Below is a copy from the EPAs website boasting of this huge fine which is revenue for them to hire more agents to do the same in greater amounts! This is what they have done in other states before Tennessee!

(Washington, DC – December 12, 2011) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced Wright Brothers Construction Co. and the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) have agreed to pay a $1.5 million dollar penalty and spend more than $1.3 million to offset environmental damages to resolve alleged violations of the Clean Water Act (CWA). The civil penalty is one of the largest ever under the CWA provisions prohibiting the unauthorized discharge of dredged or fill material into waters of the United States.

The proposed Consent Decree in this matter resolves a Clean Water Act (CWA) civil judicial action for violations stemming from the unlawful disposal of excess rock and soil generated from the expansion of U.S. Route 441 and U.S. Route 76 in Rabun County, Ga. 

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) conducted the highway expansion projects and hired Wright Brothers Construction Company (Wright Brothers) to dispose of excess material generated from the projects. The contracts between GDOT and Wright Brothers specifically required Wright Brothers to obtain environmental clearance from GDOT prior to using any site as a fill site. GDOT approved sites that included streams considered to be waters of the United States.

Wright Brothers is headquartered in Charleston, Tenn. and performs site preparation, grading, excavating, highway and heavy construction services.


The Defendants violated Sections 301 and 404 of the CWA by discharging dredged and/or fill material into waters of the United States without, or in violation of, a permit issued under Section 404 of the CWA by the Army Corps of Engineers. 

Between 2004 and 2007, the Defendants buried and/or piped seven primary trout streams while disposing of excess material generated from the U.S. Route 441 and U.S. Route 76 expansion projects.  These actions impacted approximately 2,800 linear feet of stream.

Bill of Rights Banquet, everyone invited!

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You Are Invited to the
10th Annual Tennessee
Bill of Rights Banquet!
To be held at
Rhea Welcome Center, Dayton Tennessee
The main entrees will be
Steak, delicious vegetables and desserts,
Cost of $18.00 
for each adult,
Children under 10,
(Includes tax and gratuity)
Must call from this day forward to reserve your spot at the table!
We are observing the
220th Anniversary
of our
Bill of Rights
Thursday Evening
December 15, 2011
6:00 P.M.

(Registration starts at 5:30 p.m.)
at Rhea Welcome Center
107 Main Street
Dayton, Tennessee
10th Annual Tennessee
Bill of Rights Banquet
Sponsored by:
The Tennessee Committee
  For The
Bill of Rights
June Griffin,
Coordinator, Chairman
265 Crestview
Dayton, TN 37321
(423) 775-0774
This year’s Banquet features John H. Killian, who will be speaking on THE INVOLVEMENT OF SCOT-IRISH IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR. He is Pastor of Maytown Bapt ist Church. He has served as Adjunct Professor for New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, has BA Degree from Tennessee Temple University, Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, is Past President, Alabama Society Sons of the American Revolution, has spoken @ Tea Party rallies across Alabama and Mississippi and is three-time winner John Randolph of Roanoke Oratorical Contest
(national speech contest), as well as Chaplain, Alabama Republican Party. His wife is an elementary school teacher. They have two children.   We need your reservation in by December 3rd. Please fill out the following and mail it with your check. We look forward to your company at this Important Gathering!!!
Name_____________________________________________________________​Please Indicate:
Address____________________________________________________________​Adult:​_____ ($18.00)
City__________________________________ State_________ Zip____________​Child:​_____ ($9.00)
Mail Reservations to:​June Griffin, Coordinator/Chairman
Tennessee Committee for the Bill of Rights
265 Crestview, Dayton, TN  37321

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