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Chattanooga City Council Moves Up Annexation Effort, Bradley County next!

In Agenda 21, Government on December 31, 2011 at 10:20 AM

Chattanooga City Council Moves Up Annexation Effort!

Residents of Bradley County listen and listen closely! Our City and County Mayors and State Leaders are now in cahoots with this ICLEI inspired, United Nations led, 16 County, 3 state Regional Growth Plan and are planning to annex much of our county into the city just like Chattanooga is attempting to do!

This means you will pay higher taxes, be under City and County control! We are attempting to be just like Chattanooga and that amazes me! Why are we going to change the landscape of our community? Why are we risking our children’s future? Why are we standing idle as these “useful idiots” change everything?

Bradley County Citizens Against Annexation, BCCAA will and cannot allow this to happen to our community! Let’s band with Chattanooga to stop this in our town, region and state!

Stay tuned for more details!

Chattanoogan.com reports residents in unincorporated areas of Hamilton County are being targeted by City of Chattanooga to move up their annexation effort under the current urban growth plan.

Residents should attend the City Council meeting on Tuesday Jan 3 @ 6pm to challenge the effort.

This would allow the city to annex within the next 12 months areas in their plan.  

Also contact the Chattanooga City Council members and let them know your opinion of their effort!. Homes along Hunter Road would be affected including higher property taxes, storm water fees, zoning restrictions, gun control, etc.

Residents need to get involved, by contacting Hamilton County Residents Against Annexation (www.hcraa.org) to prepare challenge lawsuits against the City of Chattanooga upon second reading. Residents can join 13 existing neighborhoods who have already filed law suites against Chattanooga for forced annexation . The state law allows residents/businesses the right to challenge annexation in court before annexation can occur, but the window is narrow.

Please forward this information to friends, family, home owner organizations (HOA), business owners and churches and ask them to get involved.

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