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Tennessee TSA Boasts of being first to discard your 4th Amendment Rights

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TSA Releases VIPR Venom on Tennessee Highways

This issue is very serious for all Bradley Countians and Tennesseeans! The TSA is boasting they are the first to fight Terrorism in the country using this method! The VIPR! Wow! Our country and our rights are disappearing faster than we can keep up with! Illegal search and seizure! No cause needed! Just a suspicion to search your person and your vehicle! They can look at you on the road and motion for you to pull over then violate your 4th Amendment rights all in the name of combating terrorism! We are gonna get used to the police getting up and personal and once again accept it as the usual and customary way of daily business! Folks the Constitution is there for a reason! That is to protect you from a runaway government! With no constraints we no longer are free! We no longer make our own choices! We no longer can travel where we want or say what we want! This is encroaching on every thing that has made our country great for over 200 years! The simple rules, that dividing line that separates us from the communist nations that rule with an iron fist is slowly eroding away! God bless this country! God bless the people! We are going to need it! Enjoy the read!
If you thought the “Transportation Security Administration” would limit itself to conducting unconstitutional searches at airports, think again.  The agency intends to assert jurisdiction over our nation’s highways, waterways, and railroads as well.  TSA launched a new campaign of random checkpoints on Tennessee highways last week, complete with a sinister military-style acronym–VIP(E)R—as a name for the program.

As with TSA’s random searches at airports, these roadside searches are not based on any actual suspicion of criminal activity or any factual evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever by those detained.  They are, in effect, completely random.  So first we are told by the U.S. Supreme Court that American citizens have no 4thamendment protections at border crossings, even when standing on U.S. soil.  Now TSA takes the next logical step and simply detains and searches U.S. citizens at wholly internal checkpoints. 

The slippery slope is here.  When does it end?  How many more infringements on our liberties, our property, and our basic human rights to travel freely will it take before people become fed up enough to demand respect from their government?  When will we demand that the government heed obvious constitutional limitations, and stop treating ordinary Americans as criminal suspects in the absence of probable cause?

The real tragedy occurs when Americans incrementally become accustomed to this treatment on the roads just as they have become accustomed to it in the airports. We already accept arriving at the airport 2 or more hours before a flight to get through security; will we soon have to build in an extra 2 or 3 hours into our road trips to allow for checkpoint traffic? 

Worse, some people are lulled into a false sense of security and are actually grateful for this added police presence!  Should we really hail the expansion of the police state as an enhancement to safety?  I submit that an attitude of acquiescence to TSA authority is thoroughly dangerous, un-American, and insulting to earlier freedom-loving generations who built this country.

I am certain people will complain about this, once they have to sit in stopped traffic for a few extra hours to allow for random searches of cars.  However, I am also certain it merely will take another “foiled” plot to silence many people into gladly accepting more government mismanagement of safety. 

Vigilant, observant, law-abiding, gun-owning citizens defend themselves and stop crimes every day before police can respond.  That is the source of real security in America:  the 2nd Amendment right to defend oneself.  The answer is for people to be empowered to protect themselves.  Yet how many weapons might these checkpoints confiscate?  Even when individual go through all the legal hoops of licensing and permits, the chances of harassment or outright confiscation of weapons and detention of citizens when those weapons are found at a TSA checkpoint is extremely high. 

Disarming the highways and filling them full of jack-booted thugs demanding to see our papers is no way to make them safer.  Instead, it is a great way to expand government surveillance powers and tighten the noose around our liberties.

Source: AP report

Cleveland Coast Guard Flotilla hosts Veterans Day Dance

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Come and enjoy a celebration of those who have given so much for your freedom! Help my buddy Steve McClain raise money for his flotilla by honoring all veterans on this day! Hope to see you there!
Community Dance
Triple S Entertainment’s B Man
November 11, 2011
Location: Cleveland Middle School
3635 Georgetown Rd., Cleveland, TN 37312

Call: 479-3726, 802-5593, or 421-7391

Email: jada4986@juno.com or semclain1@aol.com

Time: 8pm to 11pm


Bradley County Mayor Davis says “the time is right” , referring to 16 County coalition to move forward with sustainable development, (Agenda 21)

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A big, huge push by the US Chamber of Commerce and the local Chamber along side our locally elected leaders like Mayors Gary Davis and Mayor Tom Rowland have once again made a deal with the devil and in this case the United Nations via the ever so willing Chamber of Commerce!

The regional, 16 County, 3 state coalition will be one of the most government encroaching and expensive events in our lifetime! There will be billions, if not trillions of your tax payer dollars wasted and spent in the name of job creation! Hello, the Chamber spent hundreds of millions of dollars in Bradley County last year and only netted around 200 or so net jobs (source: Cleveland Banner regarding recent award to the Chambers Doug Berry)

If we haven’t learned our lesson by now, it us evident we will never learn! The Chamber of Commerce is a front for the UN with their fully expressed intent of outsourcing our American jobs to “spread the wealth” to other countries! It’s on their website and the US Chamber President Tom Donohue is encouraging it!

Our Mayors making this comittment to this project tells me they need a good dose of “term limits” placed on them by the voters of this county!

They are seeing the “federal money” flowing into their coffers! This has very little to do with jobs! Please, if it did we would not have gone from just over a 1 percent unemployment rate to a near 10 percent in a few short years since they were elected!

Our country us broke and our county is broke and yet we continue to spend, spend, spend! That means to you and me that must foot the bill for this and that is tax, tax and tax us some more to pay for it ! Our property rights are gonna be non existent! The farm you used to own, gone! The reasonable property tax rate you now have, gone!

Our leaders have run amuck and it is time to speak up! Plan to attend the conference below and speak out against this unwanted agenda!

The article below from the Chattanooga times Free Press!
Groundwork To Launch Regional Growth Planning Process Reaches Milestone
posted October 14, 2011

A stakeholder group consisting of elected, business, and philanthropic leaders from the tri-state region of Southeast Tennessee, Northwest Georgia and Northeast Alabama which encompasses three metropolitan statistical areas has announced a major milestone in the effort to lay the groundwork to launch a 40-year regional growth planning process. 

Efforts to identify a team of expert firms to help organize and facilitate the effort have progressed through a request for qualifications, a request for proposals, and reference checks to narrow the field of contenders to three finalist teams:

Wallace Roberts & Todd; Gresham Smith & Partners; PlaceMatters; Ann Coulter; Neathawk Dubuque& Packett; Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness; Center for Neighborhood Technology; Leslee T. Alexander Consulting; Constructive Technologies Group; and RERC Strategic Advisors.

McBride Dale Clarion; Clarion Associates; Fregonese Associates; Kimley-Horn and Associates; Brown Pearman Russell; BAE Urban Economics; Opticos Design, Inc; Ann Coulter; PlaceMatters; The Ochs Center for Metropolitan Studies; and Neathawk Dubuque & Packett.

Renaissance Planning Group; Cambridge Systematics; ICF International; Barge, Waggoner, Sumner & Cannon; Ann Coulter; Neathawk Dubuque & Packett; Robert Grow Consulting; and The Ochs Center for Metropolitan Studies.

All of the finalist teams include local firms, and the companies that comprise the teams reflect the depth and breadth of experience necessary to complete a truly comprehensive regional planning process including expertise in community engagement, many different types of planning, financial analysis, data collection, and the establishment of community metrics.

According to Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger, the effort is designed to pioneer a new kind of long-term, region-wide planning. “Our goal is to create a kind of business plan for the region,” said County Mayor Coppinger. “In addition to incorporating traditional planning topics, the process will include financial analysis. We also aim to establish a set of numeric benchmarks, so we will be able to assess results as we implement the plan and make course corrections whenever necessary.”

All three of these expert teams will make a presentation during an open public meeting on Nov. 17 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Chattanoogan Hotel. Everyone in the region is invited to attend the meeting and provide feedback on the finalists. Event organizers are also planning to broadcast the event via local television and a web cast to make the public meeting widely accessible to people from across the region.

“This is a continuation of the public visioning and community engagement processes that have been transforming Chattanooga and the surrounding region since the early 1980s,” said Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield. “Our community pioneered this approach, and we know that the key to success is making sure everyone has the opportunity to express their values, priorities, and ideas. This effort depends on empowering citizens to identify common ground solutions that inspire enthusiastic and wide-spread cooperation.”

Bradley County Mayor Gary Davis confirmed that the time is right to broaden planning efforts to promote cooperation in the greater region. “Cities and counties across the area have benefited tremendously from localized planning efforts, but job seekers, dollars and traffic cross state and county lines without a second thought,” said County Mayor Davis. “This is an opportunity to coordinate so that we can make the most of our shared opportunities and work together to solve our shared challenges.”

Commissioner Mike Babb, chairman of the Whitfield County Board of Commissioners, pointed to the importance of engaging citizens to set priorities. “Through this process people will have an opportunity to express their thoughts about the issues we face as a community,” said Commissioner Babb. “That feedback will serve as a guide to local leaders as we strive to better steward financial and other community resources in accordance with the priorities of the people we serve.”

“We don’t have to agree on everything, but failing to cooperate when it benefits citizens would be foolish,” said Georgia State Senator Jeff Mullis. “This planning process will enhance coordination among localities without taking away any of their authority or independence.”

“In my mind, the regional planning process is about job creation,” said Tom Edd Wilson, president and CEO of the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce. “We’re competing against the whole world to retain and recruit employers. Coming together as a team on economic development will give us a tremendous advantage in making the most of our economic opportunities while preserving the quality of life that makes us so attractive to the companies we already have.”

Brian Anderson, president and CEO of the Dalton-Whitfield Chamber of Commerce also emphasized how long-term planning benefits the local economy. “Successful companies are constantly planning for the future and figuring out how to adapt to rapidly changing conditions,” said Mr. Anderson. “In these uncertain times, we need an on-going process for implementing that kind of strategic approach across our region.”

“Most folks don’t think about roads until there is a traffic jam or pipes until one breaks,” said Gary Farlow, president and CEO of the Cleveland-Bradley Chamber of Commerce. “But the continued success of our employers depends on proactively ensuring the soundness of the infrastructure that speeds the flow of commerce.”

Following the public meeting on Nov. 17, the stakeholder group which has been working to launch the regional growth planning process will weigh public feedback and other requirements set forth in the selection process to determine which of the finalist teams will coordinate the effort with the aim of starting the process during the first part of 2012.

1. Which counties are included in the footprint for the planning process? 
Alabama Counties: Dekalb and Jackson
Georgia Counties: Catoosa, Dade, Murray, Walker, Whitfield (anchored by city of Dalton)
Tennessee Counties: Bledsoe, Bradley (anchored by city of Cleveland), Hamilton (anchored by city of Chattanooga), Marion, McMinn, Meigs, Polk, Rhea and Sequatchie

2. What organizations and companies have participated in the stakeholder group to launch the process?
The stakeholder group that has come together to fund and launch the regional growth planning process consists of strong representation from local government, business, and philanthropy including:

City of Chattanooga, Hamilton County, city of Cleveland, Bradley County, Whitfield County, Top of Alabama Regional Council of Governments, Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency, EPB, Northwest Georgia Regional Commission, Southeast Tennessee Development District, Urban League of Greater Chattanooga, Benwood Foundation, Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, Lyndhurst Foundation, Maclellan Foundation, CBL and Associates, Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, McKee Foods, Greater Dalton Chamber of Commerce, Shaw Industries, Cleveland-Bradley Chamber of Commerce, Unum, and CreateHere.

3. What is the value of this process to local governments?
By giving local governments the ability to cooperatively plan and coordinate with neighboring jurisdictions, the process will help elected officials focus on the greatest impact for the most people with the least expenditure, while reducing duplication of efforts.

To play a lead role in starting an economic legacy of job creation founded in regional cooperation to ensure continued prosperity for citizens, children, and grandchildren.

By giving citizens an opportunity to express their values, priorities, and ideas, the planning process will provide local governments with the ability to better steward financial resources in accordance with the priorities of their constituents.

The process will also serve to inform residents of the challenges their home communities share with those across the region and to engage them in developing solutions with broad support.

4. What is the value of this process to local citizens?
A process for effectively managing the accelerated growth the region is already experiencing through unprecedented investments by a number of industries.

A seat at the table in planning how the region can become more prosperous and generate additional economic opportunities for ourselves and children.

A forum for better understanding the “big picture” of the region and expressing their ideas, values, and priorities.

The opportunity to join with others in preserving and enhancing what makes the communities special.

TVA time of use rates are gonna break the bank!

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Time of day pricing?

What is that?

It is basically a way for you to be charged more for what electricity you use while you are awake, based on your pattern of use! It also pads the pockets of the Utilities companies that are involved! In this case, Cleveland Utilities in Bradley County!

Here is a simplified version of how it works as I see it!

TVA sells electricity to Cleveland utilities at wholesale, the Utility company sells it like retail! Cleveland utilities sells it to you at a strong profit!

In between the Utilities and the consumer (you) is where the water gets a little murky!

Cleveland Utilities brings in a “smart meter” to be placed in 30,000 homes in Cleveland City so that a pattern of use can be established!

The “smart meter” sends a message back to Cleveland Utilities telling them what your pattern of use is! Then Cleveland Utilities applies the cost to you from the grid below and ask you to pay accordingly based on your pattern of usage!  Higher rates for peak(more use)and lower rates for non peak times!

If you are a simple mathematician, here you can pick up on the scam and what will equate to Cleveland Utilities as a big paycheck!

Let’s assume that in a perfect world we do exactly as Cleveland Utilities and TVA desires! We see the peak and off peak times as a roller coaster, a rolling hill, so to speak!

I make a concious effort to do all they tell me! Don’t use power on my peak time and use it more on off peak times! This to me does one thing! It flattens the curve! It makes the hills flatten and a pattern of use established somewhere along a median price, where no high or low use pricing is rewarded! A constant median set at a high price based on poor mathematics and your current pattern of use! Basically according to the rate below the utilities will benefit from the weather forcing you to use electricity at the 16 cent per KWH and not the less convenient 3 cents per KWH as it appears in off peak times!

The smart meters capture all this data and send you a huge bill, and the math of it all based on average use!

The 2035 BCC growth plan calls for great capital input from Cleveland Utilities to fund the growth plan and assists with it multiple millions needed! The City has once again placed the burden of growth on the Citizens of this county and once again are taking food from your families mouth to theirs!

Taxation without any representation, no matter how it is done should not be tolerated! This is essentially a tax on the citizens of Bradley County because it will increase your bill and put more money into the hands of these Non Governmental entities that assist the local government with its efforts. In this capacity, although well representd by our City Mayor and several councilmen! You would think at some point a “conflict of interest” would stop this madness!

Check out these rates below and look at the disparity in time of use!

What happened to the good ole days when you simy used electricity and then you paid your bill! It has goneto  big business, it has moved from providing a service to how much money can I make off the consumer?

From the TVA website:
Seasonal and time-of-day prices are reflecting varying demand for power at different seasons and times of the day.
A typical annual average price could be 5.5 cents per kWh, with pricing varying between 16 cents per kWh on hot, high-demand afternoons in July and August, and 3.5 cents in early morning hours in the fall and spring.
The same prices will apply to all technologies, with the average hourly base price escalated annually by a constant percentage over the length of the contract.
Because prices for generation are higher during periods of peak demand, technologies that operate during peak hours (for example, solar) will receive the benefit of higher prices during those periods.
Pricing Example      
Contract prices escalate 3 percent per year beginning in 2012. TVA can adjust the relevant levels of seasonal and time-of-day prices by 1 percent per year, but the annual average will always escalate at 3 percent. For complete details of pricing, see the Renewable Standard Offer Contract.
Month Time of Day (CPT) Base Price (¢/kWh)
July & August Mon-Fri 12pm-8pm 15.966
Mon-Fri 6am-12pm and 8pm-12am;
Sat & Sun 6am-12am 6.420
Everyday 12am-6am 4.078
June & September Mon-Fri 12pm-8pm 8.139
Mon-Fri 6am-12pm and 8pm-12am;
Sat & Sun 6am-12am 5.263
Everyday 12am-6am 3.963
January & February Mon-Fri 6am-10pm 5.937
Mon-Fri 10pm-12am;
Sat & Sun 6am-12am 4.868
Everyday 12am-6am 4.278
December & March Mon-Fri 6am-10pm 5.596
Mon-Fri 10pm-12am;
Sat & Sun 6am-12am 4.717
Everyday 12am-6am 4.151
April, May, October, & November Mon-Fri 6am-10pm 5.616
Mon-Fri 10pm-12am;
Sat & Sun 6am-12am 4.431
Everyday 12am-6am 3.793

Can you see where bad weather is the friend of the utilities, for that matter, good weather is to their advantage, wait a minute its all favorable to the Utilities company bottom line! Now I get it!!!

US Chamber of Commerces Tom Donohue tells Tea Party Freshmen “We will get rid of you”

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In light of increasing pressure to increase the National Debt Ceiling recently the Chamber of Commerce Tom Donohue said that if the Tea Party Congressional freshmen do not vote for raising the debt ceiling he says “We will get rid of you!”

Why is he saying these vile things? Because he represents most “big businesses” , “banks” and “corporate America” and he is afraid his lobbyist want be able to get to these freshmen and God forbid they pass legislation that doesn’t favor his big, huge businesses!

I have a feeling the Freshmen are setting the pace and Head Rooster Tom can’t persuade them or buy them, they are for now going to listen to the people who put them in those freshmen positions and not listen to him! Have you ever seen a spoiled child have his toy taken away by another child….um hum, similar!

I am thinking to myself, who is the Chamber of Commerce to threaten any citizen in this country, then I think back to their history, affiliations and motivations.

The Chamber of Commerce has an inflated level of importance in the United States! They have been promoted by to many people, politicians and lobbyists as the “fixer of the job problems in the world” when in fact, by their actions and results they are quite the opposite!

The US Chamber of Commerce is a direct minion or operative of the United Nations at work in th US! It is no big secret that the Chamber is the number one Consultant to the UN assigned in 1945, just a few short months after the UN was formed! The UN riding on the back of the Chamber have found their vehicle of delivery of their Socialist views on the world!

It is no secret today that the UNs view of the US is viewed upon as one of great personal wealth and too many personal freedoms and they realize that to create a Socialist world that breeds their philosophy of what is ours is theirs must be desimminated throughout our culture, wallah the Chamber of Commerce steps in with a shared view of the United Nations and Tom Donohue spouting on frequent occasions his Socialist views discreetly on the citizens of the US!

For Tom Donohue to speak out against the United States Congress about a decision that could affect millions of Americans way of life for many years, perhaps decades to come speaks volumes of the Socialist influence of the Chamber of Commerce and its connection to the United Nations!

Why is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) who are not elected by anyone and have little to no responsibility to the taxpayers are encouraging Congress to spend billions of taxpayers money! Why are they trying so hard to influence the Freshmen lawmakers through fear and intimidation! You know the answer! It is because the more we spend the broker we become, the broker we become the more equal we are to the rest of the world!

Its a simple math equation and America is slowly waking up to the fact that the Chamber is promoting this demise of our country from within and Americans are weighing in now and calling them out just as Tom Donohue is trying to get rid of our Congressmen but from an opposite point of view!

Don’t just take my info provided! Look for yourself, look at the facts all over the globe and the Internet! There is a reason that the Chamber of Commerce is the number one lobbyist group in the US, inside our capital buildings in DC spending 100s of millions with over 150 lobbyist pushing their agenda in Washington DC with allegations and rumors that they are accepting millions from foreign companies! They are attempting to alter the culture and influence of Socialistic ideas directly from the UN! The US Chamber of commerce with all it’s inflated “governmental type influence” on out United States is bad policy and not a preferential route to our economies recovery!

We have in just a few short months seen the debt ceiling increase nearly 3 trillion more dollars while asking for another raise and the Chamber along with a Socialistic President is ruining our country one agenda, one goal, one taxpayer at a time! We must get the Chamber of Commerce out of our country and toss them back to Geneva and Paris to join their number one partner in business… The United Nations!

Watch the video below and ask your self, self does this man have our best interests in mind?



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 Ever wander why we had zero job growth in the US last month, want to know why our unemployment rate remains around 10 percent? Look no further than the Chamber of Commerce! Do you realize the Chamber boasts 3 million companies within it’s grasp and they are “supposed to be creating the jobs! ” Let’s put this in very simple terms, say of my nine year old who asked me the other day while discussing jobs at the dinner table, she said Dad, if they have 3 million people in their group why don’t they ask every one in that group to hire 1 person each and the Jobs needed would be decreased by 3 million and just keep doing that over and over till everyone had a job! Beautiful right? The mind of a 9 year old she is a genius! The only deterrent to her simple yet logical plan is the Chamber of Commerce doesn’t really want to create jobs in the US they want to ship them over seas to improve everyone else’s economies just as the United Nations would love to have them do and they are willingly complying to their demands and it is now no secret of their devotion to destroy America because under Socialism if other countries are benefiting and we share the wealth, the Chamber under the guises of the UN have fulfilled their mission! We must get the Chamber of Commerce and their false leadership out of our country and out of every town, city and county in our great nation! The Chamber of Commerce is a front for the United Nations! There is no doubt about it, just look at the outcomes! We are a nation that has been fooled long enough! It is now time to tell the Chamber and the UN it’s time to go! Below is a letter written by Betty Freauf a woman way ahead of her time! Enjoy the read!

By Betty Freauf
January 1, 2002
Most people, including Chamber of Commerce members, would be astonished to learn the extent of power that organization exerts over international, national, state and local policies. With the exception of a few leaders at the top, most members never learn about the inner sanctum of the Chamber which appears to think locally but actually acts globally.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other blankets were formed in 1912 and the International Chamber in 1919. Individual Chambers were invited to join these blanket organizations and most of them did. Their existence helps to explain why separate Chambers of Commerce all over the country — even the world — frequently adopt similar local policies or support the same legislation. (1)

The International Chamber of Commerce is one of many international/ national non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which have consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Organizations associated with the United Nations through the ECOSOC have surrendered their own sovereignty to the United Nations’ world dictatorship. They belong to the regional government world management system. They cannot be counted on to support the U.S. 
constitution. (2)

Along with the Chamber of Commerce, we find other NGO interlocks such as the International Planned Parenthood, International Free Trade Unions, World Assembly of Youth, League of Red Cross Societies, International Social Security Association, World Veterans Federation. At last count 2012 international and national organizations have consultative status. (3)

The Economic and Social Council was the one thing lacking in the old League of Nations that was replaced by the United Nations. The ECOSOC opened the way for the Chamber to have direct and continuous influence upon international affairs, even though it was a non-governmental organization.

The “NGO community” may be referred to as the New Global International that is refining and expanding the mission of the Socialists International. (4)


The idea of a “civil society” (ostensibly represented by the NGOs) is a way of presenting the process as if it were a democratic one when, in fact, it isn’t at all. The U.N. uses NGO delegates to essentially stack the deck at its policy conventions in order to easily ratify its predetermined platform. (5)

The ECOSOC passed a resolution in 1996 stipulating that NGOs with consultative status must “be in conformity with the spirit, purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations” and that the organizations “shall undertake to support the work of the United Nations.” (6)

While some groups may have joined the United Nations in an NGO status hoping to be a small ripple in a big pond, the outcome could be frustrating and disheartening because of the evil one-world forces against them.

And while we are hearing about wars and rumors of war, perhaps Robert Hunter with the Center for Strategic and International Studies said it best: “It is important that it goes right because it is getting the American people used to this kind of operation… it is creeping the American people up on the idea of accepting the use of American forces under United Nations command.” (7)

The Chamber of Commerce gets it direction from the International Chamber of Commerce which has special recognition at the United Nations. Unfortunately, the Chamber presidents don’t know this. Most of them are good local folks who want to help their community. (8)

The United Nations continues to serve, as it has since its inception in 1945, as a major Marxist spy and propaganda apparatus and a hotbed of anti-Americanism. (9)


Multinational corporations and tax-exempt foundations, in cooperation with the U.S. government, your local schools and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are restructuring not only our educational system by preparing children for a one world government and alienating them from their parents in the process, but our free society as well. The Chamber hierarchy has been up to its eyeballs working for world government ever since the foundation of the United Nations, which is nothing more than a Communist front.

The New York Times (7/11/1998 P. 9) said, “After heavy lobbying by the computer industry and the Clinton administration, the Senate rejected a proposal to tighten control of the sale of American supercomputers to China and Russia and instead voted for further study of the issues…” So it was the computer companies and the Chamber of Commerce which pressured the GOP for Red Sales and the sunset of U.S. Security. (10)

The alleged defrocked former leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, who has never renounced his love, admiration and respect for Marxist/Leninist ideology,  is now ensconced in the commandant’s residence of the Presidio in San Francisco. He lives there and operates his Gorbachev Foundation USA from those beautiful grounds. (11)

And from its confines issues pronouncements about the coming global despotism envisioned by his Soviet predecessors, such as Lenin, Stalin, Brezhnev and Andropov. (12)

His 1994 World Forum concentrated on “fundamental challenges and opportunities confronting humanity as we enter the next century… we are giving birth to the first global civilization… Inherent within the Forum is the potential for establishing a global brain trust to continue into the next century… and to provide the framework for stability and regulated human interactions…” (13)

Bill Gates and other corporation executives attended “The State of the World Forum” in San Francisco in 1995. This Forum is a thinly veiled call for convergence and world government. (14)

Truly, we have not only helped wheel this latest Trojan Horse inside the gates, we are stabling it in the finest of sumptuous quarters and feeding it the most delectable of our abundant produce -the fertile, febrile brains of our highly impressionable youth. (15)

It has been frequently observed that history repeats itself, and that those who will not learn the lessons of the past are condemned to repeat them. Lenin understood the appeal of potential trade and bragged that, when the time came to hang the capitalist class, they would be competing for the contract to provide the rope. (16)

So if some Americans are wondering about the “state of the union” and why it is in the shape it is in, we need look no further than the Chamber of Commerce and other NGOs. While your local Chamber members may be vehemently opposed to much of what the International Chamber supports, they have no say in the real decision making any more than dues-paying teachers to their unions. The leaders at the top are the final authority.

(1) 1994 Winter Edition, Florida Forum News. Article by Erica Carle
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© 2002 Betty Freauf – All Rights Reserved

Betty Freauf is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, a precinct worker for many years and twice ran unsuccessfully for the Oregon state legislature. The Republican tradition is to stay neutral in Primary races but in Betty’s case, they supported her opponent.  E-Mail: bettyfreauf@webtv.com 


Cleveland Utilities not telling the “whole” story about Smart Grid Meters, let me explain

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Don’t be fooled by the media blitz hitting Bradley County lately when it comes to the AMR meters or Smart Meters as they are called today, but for some reason Cleveland Utilities has decided to use the acronym AMR’s, the old name when the technology was young!

Lets just debunk the article in the local newspaper as a hyper attempt to make these smart meters sound great, almost Christ like in their attempt to make everyones life better. Yeah, the blasted things may even walk your dog for you if you whistle at a high enough frequency.

The meters are quite the opposite of “christ like” and will result in an invasion of your privacy you have never seen before. But,BUT, BUT Mr. Tom Wheeler says that these meters are not an invasion of your privacy, do not cause health problems, wont burn your house down, will not monitor your daily life or make “big brother” your new live in boyfriend. Heck NO, because he said so, thats why!

Ok, lets assume these meters are benign and Mr Wheeler is right! Ok, ill play along! These meters do nothing extra special and are essentially just like the others in that all they will do! All they do is record your use and we bill you at the end of the month just like we presently do. Then, with the following question I am going to blow you away! Are you ready? I have an excellent idea! Lets leave the monitors that are already in place, save perhaps millions of taxpayers dollars since the new ones are just like the old one. That’s a novel concept I bet noone has thought about! Ok, im done playing!

The reason they are changing to these smart meters is because there is alot of money to be made off being green in todays environment. And there is alot of money to be made off you by TVA and Cleveland Utilities adopting Smart Meters that will show huge profits when this goes full throttle. It is so sad that our elected officials are essentially “back door” taxing you and placing profit and money grabbing before the quality of life of the citizens of Bradley County!

In addition, they are going to be creating a huge revenue stream for Cleveland Utilities to help fund the 2035 BCC Strategic Growth Plan! Its in there, read it! Google it! I didn’t make that up, the consultants we paid about a half million dollars to put that in there. I didnt make that up, promise!

In talking to Cleveland Utilities Tom Wheeler recently attempted to deflect the citizens valid concerns from them regarding the use of Smart Meters to TVA. He kept saying as if TVA was solely to blame “you need to talk to TVA, they are the ones that are coming out with the Time of Day use rates!” Mr. Wheeler, with minimal research I discovered that this is not TVAs fault alone!
Cleveland Utilities, Elster, Energy Axis Systems, the EPA, TVA, and ultimately the United Nations who are deadset on pushing the “green Agenda” on false science. This is a collaborative effort of all listed above to “fool” the people of this great city to believing that this is the best option for them.

With a little research of the companies that many boast as “business partners” to deliver electricity in a highly efficient manner , you can quickly find the information you provided in the Monday, September 19th, 2011 edition of the Banner to be not only misleading but it shows you are turning your head to the truth and deceiving the people or are falsely representing the truth and are deceiving the people you represent.

ELSTER, is the company you chose to implement smart meters and ENERGY AXIS SYSTEMS is the technology within the smart meters and both are in partnership in delivering smart meters across the globe.

From the Elster website at http://www.elster.com/en/press_releases_1099.html, a press release from Elster to the Citizens of Bradley County, at the kickoff of Smart Meters! Pay close attention to the words within it! It is key to noting the intent of this technology. You will see the following statement under the heading of Cleveland Utilities selects Elster for smart grid project “Elster REX2 and A3 Alpha electricity meters will provide Cleveland Utilities with an automated infrastructure that will COLLECT the metering data required to REDUCE system demands and increase energy efficiency. The Smart Meters CAN BE LINKED WITH CONTROLLABLE APPLIANCES AND PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTATS TO MEASURE POWER USEAGE FOR TIME OF DAY PRICING AND HELP REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION DURING PEAK DEMAND!

In addition, enhanced LOAD CONTROL AND PERSONAL ENERGY MONITORING CAPABILITIES will provide consumers insight into their power consumption and ways to curb usage. Let me go on! In the same press release, remember this is a press release to you the general public that is supposed to make this thing look good! Next paragraph!

“With a comprehensive SUITE (or should I say smorgasboard) of software, communications services and meter hardware, the ELSTER ENERGY AXIS solution has been selected for electric smart grid deployments, such as this one, around the world!” This is not my press release, you probably just read it with the link I provided. But of course when I approached Mr Wheeler about this press release, his quote was that’s not exactly what it is about, essentially saying his own press release, which I am sure he signed off on was given the thumbs up by him, then he denies it! Do you see a trend!

I am so thankful for the local newspapers who only manage to tell about 10 percent of the news accurately, because it gives me the opportunity to disprove the hype, expose the leftist media cover up and display the 90 percent that is missing, thus our motto “giving you the other news that doesn’t make the headlines!”

When I saw this recent article I said I cant take the left wing bias any longer on this story, so I did about 6 hours of very easy research and found on the websites of the two suppliers of our Smart Grid meters and found all the information I needed without going any further! These websites are are chocked full of “green initiatives”, “green house gas talk”, “sustainability” and links to the United Nations and their plans to paint the whole world green with their false science!

For the sake of time and space and the desire to not lull you to sleep, I am going to list these findings and number them so they want get lost in the narrative and you switch me off to glance at Dancing with the stars!

From Elsters website I think you can clearly see why we are pushing this technology, it is a green initiative and directly on their website it says under optimization, “(Smart Grid Meters) are reducing the countrys dependence on foreign oil, a campaign whose momentum was picked up by GWB Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, to reduce green house gases (GHBs) emissions and modernize our National Electric Grid!” Off to a fast start and we have established the motive and the why!

Under http://www.energyaxis.com, go there now and look at all those pull down tabs, walk through this with me. I am going through those and pick out what I need you to see to dispel the hyperbole and posturing of Mr Wheeler of Cleveland Utilities.

1) Under the Unifying the smart grid tab, top of page, go there, don’t believe me! It talks about revenue protection as it applies to CUs! “Two way control, protect revenue and decrease utility operating expenses.” If this is true then your bill should go down, but what it does is the opposite, that the profit margin they need. High bills with decreased use…..bam! Revenue generator! This approach, tied in with Time of Day rates “forced” upon us by TVA, the margin of profit for CUs goes up, make sense? Profiteering to pay for the growth plan, sounds logical now huh?

2) Energy Axis Distributing Intelligence tab- (A Privacy issue) Talks about unprecedented amounts of data to be obtained (from you the customer) and says “GRID CONTROL” (didn’t say grid monitoring only like Wheeler says, but CONTROL) operations can be seamlessly MANAGED (again, didn’t say casually monitor you electricity use) through the system. Will provide flexible path routing and configurable message prioritization (meaning we can get any information we need using a set configurable message that we can decipher when we need to).

3) Automative Network Management tab- RF-Radio frequency to remotely execute connect and disconnect, reads remotely and accesses your meter on request and sends data back to the mother ship. A biggie, that Mr Wheeler said did not exist or what did he say “he would be long gone before we used that technology, well you are still alive and Elster is planning on using it! But the website says Updates time of use schedule and functioning over the air, performs upgrades to both radio frequency and meter through “REAL TIME REPORTING! ” Again, Mr Wheeler “your nose should be growing.”

4) Gatekeeper tab- This is a piece of technology within or attached to the box that and I quote, “ does the collecting and transmitting data from thousands of meters, about 1250 to be exact in and around you. Not only will they be collecting your information from thousands per box, you will be exposed to 1,250 other meters that are syncing in with your meter, anybody say cancer? Naaaaah of course not, nobody would knowingly do that to us, they said it would only be the equivalent of less than a single cell phone per year. I have read that this much exposure will be closer to 700 cell phones per day and many towns where these meters are being installed are selling and installing shields for your house to keep you from getting all this exposure.

5) Demand /Home response Area Network tab- This is a rapidly growing category of growth such as “in home displays”, “Smart thermostats” that control your temperature within you home, “load control devices”, did you go by that and not even wince! Go back and read again! “A RAPIDLY GROWING CATEGORY OF GROWTH” the ability to have a display in your home showing you minute to minute, the amount of electricity you are using , Thermometers complete with an RF detector to regulate your thermostat for you, hands free! Isnt this technology grand? And LOAD CONTROL DEVICES that will let you know when a preset “load” is placed on your meter and this will be regulated by Cleveland Utilities so that “you don’t use more than your fair share of electricity, especially during “peak” times.

6) Again at the Partners for Growth, Demand response at the right top of the http://www.energyaxis.com website, not Bradley County News website, the company that is installing and maintain these monitors website. It goes on to talk about Climate Change and the need for this technology, energy efficiency and demand response. Demand response is a fancy word for if you want more electricity than is allotted, you may not get it and if you do, baby you are going to pay for it.

7) Same tab- Demand response pilot programs, of which I am sure Bradley County is a part of or will be since we have such a longstanding, good working relationship with them. It continues to talk about tracking your energy use, UNDERSTANDING CONSUMER BEHAVIOR AND MOTIVATIONAL TRIGGERS, we have learned consumers will modify and change behavior. Wait a minute, did this just say that CU, Tom Wheeler , Elster and Energy Axis was going to MODIFY AND CHANGE our behavior through learned behavior and motivational triggers, SOOOOOOOO, if a motivational trigger is you are sweaty, hot, miserable in your own home, they will learn from that they either charge you the maximum for the useage of your air conditioner or regulate it for you thus invading your home and your sacred privacy place and turn your air down when an RF indicator indicates your “power load”has met its capacity. Folks, this doesn’t sound like the smart grid that Mr. Wheeler has sold to the public? I cant even say anymore! The proof is in the pudding and the pudding is the http://www.energyaxis.com site and Elsters website!

8) Under the Unifying the Smart grid tab, demand response, it talks about Distribution Autoimation, sounds a lot like regulating power to me. And are planning on doing it with Voltage regulators, capacitor banks, automated switches and reclosers, voltage conservation VAR control system. This is also the system that if it misfires or doesn’t collect a signal to monitor the voltage, say a cloud or a school bus (as demonstrated on the website) goes by your house during a “missed signal” period and you have …….yes FIRE! Just as many towns and citizens have reported with the use of Smart Meters.

9) Security tab- There is a whole section or division devoted to hacking and security of your personal history within your house. I pose this question, If there is little to no chance of someone knowing when you are home or when you take a bath, then why have they employed some of the leading Cyber Security Experts from companies such as Microsoft if this system is safe and a sure thing! That’s because hackers stay up on the latest hacking info and are always looking for a hole to crawl through and they need to deflect there attempts just as quickly. Your personal useage information is being sought after for a reason and that is to sell you a product or direct marketing to you.

Now, does this sound like the product that Cleveland Utilities and Mr Wheeler is pushing on you, well he may not know it but it is the technology he purchased and it sounds as if Elster and Energy Axis know how to deliver it! I am 100 percent confident that they will run their equipment the way the have to “to realize the cost savings” and the heck with your input, after all aren’t you guys just a bunch of conspiracy theorists.

You know the interesting thing about a conspiracy is? When a conspiracy theory is supported by fact from the source, it no longer is a conspiracy, it is all of a sudden the truth and it leaves the messenger of the “conspiracy” label looking a little deceptive! What you think? This is not my information from me, it is from the company delivering this Smart Grid Technology via Cleveland Utilities and Tom Wheeler, hope he can sleep at night!

Leave me a comment I enjoy the input!

EPA regulations will stifle farmers in Bradley County

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This is worth another post! I am feeling pretty prophetic right now! Wow the Presidents Executive Order version of Cap and trade did not waste any time attacking our farmers with their environmental BS! Read again, this was posted approximately a month ago on this site! My connection to Facebook has been altered also and many articles are vanishing from this site! Guess 1st amendment rights only applies to select groups and only if it doesn’t offend anyone!

The far reaching of the effects of the EPA via The Clean Air Act will soon be stifling our Bradley County farmers and their businesses by regulating and fining them for the amount of GHG (GreenHouse Gases) their farm animals and produce emit!

Sound outrageous, to bad to to be true? As, we sleep, the Obama Administration is bypassing any resistance from many organizations and citizens to essentially pass elements of the defunct Cap and Trade Act which still lives with the existance of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) via the Clean Air Act!

Since 1970 the Clean Air Act has been a bill passed by Congress. The most ominous sign regarding this bill is that many are revising and amending the bill as frequently as in 1990, 1997, 2005, April 2007 and as recently as July 1, 2011. This tells me that through many decades current administrations are still making this Act relevant. The premise that it is still around, is that it perhaps oozes of international involvement and is an important cog in the sustainable community wheel.

In 2007, the EPA was given authority to regulate GHG’s by an opinion of the US Supreme Court on cars and vehicles. On January 2, 2011, these regulations will apply to “stationary emitters” ie farms, produce and Agricultural businesses. July 1, 2011 Entities emitting only GHG’s will be required to obtain permits under the Clean Air Act.

This will greatly be enhanced by the current Executive Order 13575 and 13576 to further regulate “the rural community” by the Presidents Council on Rural Development. Makes sense to me that once they fine,tax and regulate you out of existence, they claim your land and convert it to some type of “Government Playground.”

Under the Clean Air Act, once the GHG’s emission rules become final, certain provisions that are expected to impose potentially costly and burdensome requirements on agriculture, farms, small business and the economy in general.

Title V of the Act requires “major sources” by statute, this means farms, business, etc that emit more than 100 tons of pollutants per year to obtain permits to continue operating and even stiffer permit fines and fees for those emitting 250 tons per year. This new amendment will regulate many farms not previously included.

The USDA recently commented to the EPA that “even very small farms would meet the 100 tons per year emission thresholds. Many of our farms in Bradley County will be included in this threshold and face many new regulations with fines and fees just to operate.
According to the USDA, in America, these regulations will directly affect 99% of Dairy Producers, 96.8% of hog inventory, 95% of hog production, and 90% of beef production. This will result in many farms across the Country and Bradley County to face stiff fines, taxes, fees and tons of new regulation. The USDA lows balls the impact on local farmers in the 100s of millions.

The EPA realizes this will be “a significant impact” on farmers and that permitting authorities will be “overwhelmed” by the increase numbers of entities subject to these new GHG requirements. So, they have introduced “ a tailoring rule” to introduce this to our farmers slowly over the next few years.

For the record the Farm Bureau has spoken out against the new regulations and I would encourage you to contact your local Farm Bureau and encourage they resist this with a vengeance, before it is too late.

How will these new regulations impact you in Bradley County. With these fines, taxes and regulations how can any farmers in the country or Bradley County survive.

Estimated per offense penalties, taxes and fines per event;
1) $ 175.00 per dairy cow
2) $ 87.50 per head of beef cattle
3) $ 20.00 per hog

Can you see how the fines, permits and taxes could add up quickly with a large farm or the immediate impact on a small Bradley County farmer, just barely making it day to day to have thousands per event added to his or her debt load.

With this thought in mind the EPA’s budget has been increased by 34 % recently and an estimated 43 million being dedicated to the enforcement of these new GHG regulations. Ozone meters will be placed in the general vicinity of every applicable farm and monitored for your farms emissions of GHG’s with expectations to decrease your emissions by 70%. That is unobtainable according to many farmers and will result in many of our farmers simply going out of business and losing their land. This new enforement of regulations are expected to cost the farmers 4.2 billion annually according to EPA estimates.

Of course, this cost will be passed on to the consumer by the farmer which will reflect higher food prices and further strain on your personal budget. The Green movement must be halted, bad science and estimates are driving this regulation, speak up now or lose the whole farm.

God Bless our farmers, we must keep them alive and well and out from under government control. They are the backbone of our country and should remain so.

Details of this article obtained from the Florida Farm Bureau, the USDA and EPA websites. Thanks for you contribution to this article.

Chamber of Commerce assists United Nations in implementing Sustainable Development in Bradley County and the U.S.

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The Chamber of Commerce is being influenced by the United Nations to implement Agenda 21, Sustainable Development and Growth in about every town in our nation and in Bradley County, Tennessee!

The United Nations is directing our local officials to create an environment to “grow our communities to eventually control you, your property and every aspect of your community.” This is no longer a “conspiracy” that permeates from the bowels of conservatism and grassroots organizations. This is well documented, slowy coming to fruition with the plan being perfected with the eagerness of our locally elected officials. This is now reality, this is Agenda 21 in action.

Lets call it Socialism, lets call it one step away from Communism with a sprinkle of Marxism! Why not? It is time we face these demons and quit hiding behind the conspiracy label because we are afraid we are going to be labeled as out of the mainstream by so called, want to be elitists with too much of a self assigned power trip to recognize our town is being consumed by Islands of Socialism. The insidious “creeping” of Socialism into our society is at times overwhelming. To digest the degree of influence the United Nation and Socialists have at present on our own county is unpalatable at best. When our country is being destroyed from the inside by clusters of socialists dead set on destroying this country, it is time to do the out of step maneuver and say enough is enough and this madness must stop.

Many self serving politicians will be quick to dismiss this claim I am making in this article and I cant say I dont blame them in some way or another. If I was a participant in the Countys demise and was decieving a great number of people and ruining their future generations of a quality of life, I too would find a way to discredit the information being printed in this blog. I believe this is natural and is an expected response from the so called “well intended leaders!”

I believe our local state, county and city leaders are at one of two points of view when it comes to witnessing this influx of Socialism into Bradley County! We are either in denial or all knowing in our approach to the dealings of our County. We are at a crucial crossroads in our discovery of this creeping of Socialism!

We must fight or surrender for the last of our liberties from an encroaching United Nations. Our mindset is one of “it cant be, because our leaders are good people and they wouldnt make bad decisions or let this happen to us.” I believe this also, we do have some good people in our local government, but we also have a few sinister human beings that have sold our town to the devil and are participating, as I said, in the know or in denial of our recognition of the United Nations influence on our community.

We are seeing a very deliberate plan pulled off here and it is disguised in the form of Sustainable Development, Social and Economical Justice. Look at the signs, the signs are waving you and must stand and recognize this plan. We must stop this insurgence into our daily lives. Sure it looks kind, Christ like, caring and thoughtful on the outside, but believe me it is quite the opposite.

Lets begin to peel the layers off! This may take a few articles to unfold this diabolical plan, but we must start somewhere!

Understanding the role of the Chamber of Commerce in the World, Internationally, in the United States and at the local level while realizing that all are intertwined and are all working in sync to accomplish United Nations Objectives and Goals.

Defined: The Chamber of Commerce in the US is an American lobbying group representing the interests of many business and trade associations. It is not an agency of the United States Government, which makes it a United Nations created NGO or Non Governmental Organization. This means they are not a governemnt entity but carry out and work closely with governments to accomplish UN goals with little to no accountability to the tax payer citizen and all the power of the Federal Government.

The Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest lobbyist groups in the U.S spending more money than all othe organizations on a yearly basis. Some of the Chambers biggest members and donors are Goldman Sachs, Chevron, Texaco and Aegon. There is also ongoing debate and investigations that a great protion of their money is coming from foreign countries such as India, the Soviet Union and China!

Positions of the US Chamber on issues include: Supporting Corporate Globalization, opposes financial regulation, opposes healthcare reform, opposes action on climate change, supports the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, neutral on abortion and gay marriage, opposes mandatory immigration status checks by employers, and supported allowing corporations to spend unlimited sums on electioneering.

The Chamber spent 91.7 million lobbying in 2008 and 144.5 million in 2009. The Chambers lobbying expenditures in 2009 were 5 times higher than the next highest spender Exxon Mobil at 27.4 million. In that year the Chamber had more than 150 lobbyist from 25 different firms working on its behalf in 2009.

As of 2010, the Chamber had a worldwide network of 115 American Chamber of Commerce affiliates located in 108 countries. The Chamber maintains that it uses no “foreign monies” to fund lobbyist that drive policy in DC, but boasts of many multinational affiliations for many years and boasts annual revenues of 200 million dollars. An interesting note the Chamber is not required to produce records of its coffers or fundraising, so this at the very least suggests that it would be very simple to hide the fact that foreign donations are buying votes in Washington DC.

Many large Corporations have withdrawn from the US Chamber of Commerce over assertions that foreign monies were used to influence votes. A few of those companies are Exelon Corp, PG&E, PNM Resources, Apple and Nike. Although Toyota threatened to leave at present they are still a part of the Chamber.

Hilary Rosen, former CEO of the Recording Association of America stated that “their aggressive ways are out of step with a new generation of business leadership who are looking for a more cooperative relationship with Washington”, NIKE added “they feel that they can better influence the policy by being part of the conversation.

The ICC- International Chamber of Commerce- The Worlds only truly global business organization responds by being more assertive in expressing business views. ICC activities cover a broad spectrum, from arbitration, dispute resolution to making the case for open trade and the market economy system, business self regulations, fighting corruption or combating commercial crime. ICC has direct access to national governemnts all over the world (although they boast they have nothing to do with governments) through its national committees. The organizations Paris based secretariat feeds business views into governemntal organizations that directly affect business operations.

A few issues the ICC supports are as follows: The ICC International Arbitration courts are expanding by 500 or so cases per year, makes reccomendations to the World Trade Organization (WTO), Speaks for World Business on issues as imtellectual property rights, transport policy, trade law or the environment. meets with Leaders at the annual G8 summit, at the United Nation summits on Sustainable Development (Agenda 21) financing for development and the information society, ICC spearheads the business contribution. ICC IS THE MAIN BUSINESS PARTNER OF THE UNITED NATIONS AND IT AGENCIES! Source (page 1 on the ICC website under “what is it” tab 14th line down) Next paragraph down, Together with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) ICC helps with some of the worlds poorest countries.

A year after the United Nations was formed in 1945, the Chamber of Commerce ICC was granted the highest level Consultative status with the United Nations and its specialized agencies giving them the power to negotiate and implement United Nations while discussing with G20 and G8 participants the goals and objectives of the UN. (To see a further link of the UN to ICC to the USCOC please read the article by Erical Carle, dated October 2005, titled The Chamber of Commerce-Part 1 Its power and Goals, 2nd paragraph)

I hope by now you see the enormity of this Organization and its influence on our communities and states via the UN and the ICC to the US Chamber of Commerce. The setup was needed as I doubt few know that a Chamber of Commerce exist beyond our local community. I think when you see how large it is in the scheme of things I think you will be able to see the bigger picture and the direct influence the United Nations has on our daily lives and the plan that is being unfolded and driven by the individual “small Chambers.” Agenda 21 is a very complex plan and it is being delivered by a very skillful clan of ruthless, untiring and consistent enemy.

Now, the rubber must hit the road and I am going to encourage you to do your own research as well, based on the information you have recieved by me. In no way can you simply read along and expect to become an educated expert without doing further research. This report will only scratch the surface but the main theme I want you to think about and apply is if you step away with nothing, take this nugget with you.

I think you can agree that something is awry in the US and the world and the United Nations has a big hand in it! If there is not a concerted effort by a “higher power” to change the way you live, then what is it?

What is driving all this sustainable development especially in a down economy and near total collapse of our economy and social structure?

Why is there “sustainable development” in just about every town in the United States and why is it being called Agenda 21 or Sustainable growth if it were not a piece of a bigger plan.

Open your mind for a few minutes! This is not a joke!

Real events are happening and the United Nations is within our borders using the Chamber of Commerce and elected officials to drive this bigger plan. If you look around, read, it will slowly start coming together and you will see that a bigger animal than us is loose on our community.


Across America- A cross in every yard!

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“ACross America” is a work-in-progress and a vision of a local Bradley County resident. The vision is to see white crosses in yards across our community, other counties and states, until a cross stands in every yard throughout this country as a personal witness of faith, and to unite this nation so that it once again stands as one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all. How powerful it would be to see tens of thousands of yards bearing witness to the only One who can bring true hope and change to the individual, to the family, to the nation, and to His church giving Him the Glory!
“ACross America” began earlier this year and made its first distribution of over 1000 crosses at Cleveland First Baptist Church. Since that time, this local project has made, painted and distributed an average of 1000 crosses a month. ACross America is supported solely by donations which 100% goes into the next production of crosses. These crosses are made, painted and distributed by  faithful volunteers.  
It is said that America is no longer a Christian nation. Even our current President has repeatedly made this reference. As Christians, we are challenged at every turn, and our voices are being silenced.  Past and present decisions and levels of “tolerance” have blurred our society into a shameful, nearly unrecognizable state.  We have allowed our values to become so compromised, until those values have little to no value today.  
Project Background
Two years ago in a small town in Michigan an atheist was successful in having crosses removed at a bridge.  With the support of other activist he tried to have other crosses removed from public view.  At that point the residents decided enough is enough, and hundreds of residents made simple white crosses and placed them in their front yards. That expression of faith resulted in all opposition leaving the town. Those simple white crosses still stand in the yards of Christians in Frankenmuth, Michigan.
Just as the small community in Michigan stood strong in their expression of faith, ACross America invites everyone to stand strong as a witness to their faith. Rather than ‘chasing someone out of town’, ACross America is ‘inviting SomeOne into town’.
Please pray for this vision to spread across our land…touching the lives of those who pass by as well as those who occupy the home where a cross is planted. Let’s make the ACross America project EPIDEMIC!
Pray for others to be encouraged and motivated to make and distribute crosses until the view from the heavens appears as a field of crosses as testimony to our Creator and In Whom We Trust.


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