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TVA time of use rates are gonna break the bank!

In Agenda 21, cleveland utilities on October 12, 2011 at 10:37 AM

Time of day pricing?

What is that?

It is basically a way for you to be charged more for what electricity you use while you are awake, based on your pattern of use! It also pads the pockets of the Utilities companies that are involved! In this case, Cleveland Utilities in Bradley County!

Here is a simplified version of how it works as I see it!

TVA sells electricity to Cleveland utilities at wholesale, the Utility company sells it like retail! Cleveland utilities sells it to you at a strong profit!

In between the Utilities and the consumer (you) is where the water gets a little murky!

Cleveland Utilities brings in a “smart meter” to be placed in 30,000 homes in Cleveland City so that a pattern of use can be established!

The “smart meter” sends a message back to Cleveland Utilities telling them what your pattern of use is! Then Cleveland Utilities applies the cost to you from the grid below and ask you to pay accordingly based on your pattern of usage!  Higher rates for peak(more use)and lower rates for non peak times!

If you are a simple mathematician, here you can pick up on the scam and what will equate to Cleveland Utilities as a big paycheck!

Let’s assume that in a perfect world we do exactly as Cleveland Utilities and TVA desires! We see the peak and off peak times as a roller coaster, a rolling hill, so to speak!

I make a concious effort to do all they tell me! Don’t use power on my peak time and use it more on off peak times! This to me does one thing! It flattens the curve! It makes the hills flatten and a pattern of use established somewhere along a median price, where no high or low use pricing is rewarded! A constant median set at a high price based on poor mathematics and your current pattern of use! Basically according to the rate below the utilities will benefit from the weather forcing you to use electricity at the 16 cent per KWH and not the less convenient 3 cents per KWH as it appears in off peak times!

The smart meters capture all this data and send you a huge bill, and the math of it all based on average use!

The 2035 BCC growth plan calls for great capital input from Cleveland Utilities to fund the growth plan and assists with it multiple millions needed! The City has once again placed the burden of growth on the Citizens of this county and once again are taking food from your families mouth to theirs!

Taxation without any representation, no matter how it is done should not be tolerated! This is essentially a tax on the citizens of Bradley County because it will increase your bill and put more money into the hands of these Non Governmental entities that assist the local government with its efforts. In this capacity, although well representd by our City Mayor and several councilmen! You would think at some point a “conflict of interest” would stop this madness!

Check out these rates below and look at the disparity in time of use!

What happened to the good ole days when you simy used electricity and then you paid your bill! It has goneto  big business, it has moved from providing a service to how much money can I make off the consumer?

From the TVA website:
Seasonal and time-of-day prices are reflecting varying demand for power at different seasons and times of the day.
A typical annual average price could be 5.5 cents per kWh, with pricing varying between 16 cents per kWh on hot, high-demand afternoons in July and August, and 3.5 cents in early morning hours in the fall and spring.
The same prices will apply to all technologies, with the average hourly base price escalated annually by a constant percentage over the length of the contract.
Because prices for generation are higher during periods of peak demand, technologies that operate during peak hours (for example, solar) will receive the benefit of higher prices during those periods.
Pricing Example      
Contract prices escalate 3 percent per year beginning in 2012. TVA can adjust the relevant levels of seasonal and time-of-day prices by 1 percent per year, but the annual average will always escalate at 3 percent. For complete details of pricing, see the Renewable Standard Offer Contract.
Month Time of Day (CPT) Base Price (¢/kWh)
July & August Mon-Fri 12pm-8pm 15.966
Mon-Fri 6am-12pm and 8pm-12am;
Sat & Sun 6am-12am 6.420
Everyday 12am-6am 4.078
June & September Mon-Fri 12pm-8pm 8.139
Mon-Fri 6am-12pm and 8pm-12am;
Sat & Sun 6am-12am 5.263
Everyday 12am-6am 3.963
January & February Mon-Fri 6am-10pm 5.937
Mon-Fri 10pm-12am;
Sat & Sun 6am-12am 4.868
Everyday 12am-6am 4.278
December & March Mon-Fri 6am-10pm 5.596
Mon-Fri 10pm-12am;
Sat & Sun 6am-12am 4.717
Everyday 12am-6am 4.151
April, May, October, & November Mon-Fri 6am-10pm 5.616
Mon-Fri 10pm-12am;
Sat & Sun 6am-12am 4.431
Everyday 12am-6am 3.793

Can you see where bad weather is the friend of the utilities, for that matter, good weather is to their advantage, wait a minute its all favorable to the Utilities company bottom line! Now I get it!!!

Cleveland Utilities not telling the “whole” story about Smart Grid Meters, let me explain

In Agenda 21, cleveland utilities, environment on September 23, 2011 at 9:00 AM

Don’t be fooled by the media blitz hitting Bradley County lately when it comes to the AMR meters or Smart Meters as they are called today, but for some reason Cleveland Utilities has decided to use the acronym AMR’s, the old name when the technology was young!

Lets just debunk the article in the local newspaper as a hyper attempt to make these smart meters sound great, almost Christ like in their attempt to make everyones life better. Yeah, the blasted things may even walk your dog for you if you whistle at a high enough frequency.

The meters are quite the opposite of “christ like” and will result in an invasion of your privacy you have never seen before. But,BUT, BUT Mr. Tom Wheeler says that these meters are not an invasion of your privacy, do not cause health problems, wont burn your house down, will not monitor your daily life or make “big brother” your new live in boyfriend. Heck NO, because he said so, thats why!

Ok, lets assume these meters are benign and Mr Wheeler is right! Ok, ill play along! These meters do nothing extra special and are essentially just like the others in that all they will do! All they do is record your use and we bill you at the end of the month just like we presently do. Then, with the following question I am going to blow you away! Are you ready? I have an excellent idea! Lets leave the monitors that are already in place, save perhaps millions of taxpayers dollars since the new ones are just like the old one. That’s a novel concept I bet noone has thought about! Ok, im done playing!

The reason they are changing to these smart meters is because there is alot of money to be made off being green in todays environment. And there is alot of money to be made off you by TVA and Cleveland Utilities adopting Smart Meters that will show huge profits when this goes full throttle. It is so sad that our elected officials are essentially “back door” taxing you and placing profit and money grabbing before the quality of life of the citizens of Bradley County!

In addition, they are going to be creating a huge revenue stream for Cleveland Utilities to help fund the 2035 BCC Strategic Growth Plan! Its in there, read it! Google it! I didn’t make that up, the consultants we paid about a half million dollars to put that in there. I didnt make that up, promise!

In talking to Cleveland Utilities Tom Wheeler recently attempted to deflect the citizens valid concerns from them regarding the use of Smart Meters to TVA. He kept saying as if TVA was solely to blame “you need to talk to TVA, they are the ones that are coming out with the Time of Day use rates!” Mr. Wheeler, with minimal research I discovered that this is not TVAs fault alone!
Cleveland Utilities, Elster, Energy Axis Systems, the EPA, TVA, and ultimately the United Nations who are deadset on pushing the “green Agenda” on false science. This is a collaborative effort of all listed above to “fool” the people of this great city to believing that this is the best option for them.

With a little research of the companies that many boast as “business partners” to deliver electricity in a highly efficient manner , you can quickly find the information you provided in the Monday, September 19th, 2011 edition of the Banner to be not only misleading but it shows you are turning your head to the truth and deceiving the people or are falsely representing the truth and are deceiving the people you represent.

ELSTER, is the company you chose to implement smart meters and ENERGY AXIS SYSTEMS is the technology within the smart meters and both are in partnership in delivering smart meters across the globe.

From the Elster website at http://www.elster.com/en/press_releases_1099.html, a press release from Elster to the Citizens of Bradley County, at the kickoff of Smart Meters! Pay close attention to the words within it! It is key to noting the intent of this technology. You will see the following statement under the heading of Cleveland Utilities selects Elster for smart grid project “Elster REX2 and A3 Alpha electricity meters will provide Cleveland Utilities with an automated infrastructure that will COLLECT the metering data required to REDUCE system demands and increase energy efficiency. The Smart Meters CAN BE LINKED WITH CONTROLLABLE APPLIANCES AND PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTATS TO MEASURE POWER USEAGE FOR TIME OF DAY PRICING AND HELP REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION DURING PEAK DEMAND!

In addition, enhanced LOAD CONTROL AND PERSONAL ENERGY MONITORING CAPABILITIES will provide consumers insight into their power consumption and ways to curb usage. Let me go on! In the same press release, remember this is a press release to you the general public that is supposed to make this thing look good! Next paragraph!

“With a comprehensive SUITE (or should I say smorgasboard) of software, communications services and meter hardware, the ELSTER ENERGY AXIS solution has been selected for electric smart grid deployments, such as this one, around the world!” This is not my press release, you probably just read it with the link I provided. But of course when I approached Mr Wheeler about this press release, his quote was that’s not exactly what it is about, essentially saying his own press release, which I am sure he signed off on was given the thumbs up by him, then he denies it! Do you see a trend!

I am so thankful for the local newspapers who only manage to tell about 10 percent of the news accurately, because it gives me the opportunity to disprove the hype, expose the leftist media cover up and display the 90 percent that is missing, thus our motto “giving you the other news that doesn’t make the headlines!”

When I saw this recent article I said I cant take the left wing bias any longer on this story, so I did about 6 hours of very easy research and found on the websites of the two suppliers of our Smart Grid meters and found all the information I needed without going any further! These websites are are chocked full of “green initiatives”, “green house gas talk”, “sustainability” and links to the United Nations and their plans to paint the whole world green with their false science!

For the sake of time and space and the desire to not lull you to sleep, I am going to list these findings and number them so they want get lost in the narrative and you switch me off to glance at Dancing with the stars!

From Elsters website I think you can clearly see why we are pushing this technology, it is a green initiative and directly on their website it says under optimization, “(Smart Grid Meters) are reducing the countrys dependence on foreign oil, a campaign whose momentum was picked up by GWB Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, to reduce green house gases (GHBs) emissions and modernize our National Electric Grid!” Off to a fast start and we have established the motive and the why!

Under http://www.energyaxis.com, go there now and look at all those pull down tabs, walk through this with me. I am going through those and pick out what I need you to see to dispel the hyperbole and posturing of Mr Wheeler of Cleveland Utilities.

1) Under the Unifying the smart grid tab, top of page, go there, don’t believe me! It talks about revenue protection as it applies to CUs! “Two way control, protect revenue and decrease utility operating expenses.” If this is true then your bill should go down, but what it does is the opposite, that the profit margin they need. High bills with decreased use…..bam! Revenue generator! This approach, tied in with Time of Day rates “forced” upon us by TVA, the margin of profit for CUs goes up, make sense? Profiteering to pay for the growth plan, sounds logical now huh?

2) Energy Axis Distributing Intelligence tab- (A Privacy issue) Talks about unprecedented amounts of data to be obtained (from you the customer) and says “GRID CONTROL” (didn’t say grid monitoring only like Wheeler says, but CONTROL) operations can be seamlessly MANAGED (again, didn’t say casually monitor you electricity use) through the system. Will provide flexible path routing and configurable message prioritization (meaning we can get any information we need using a set configurable message that we can decipher when we need to).

3) Automative Network Management tab- RF-Radio frequency to remotely execute connect and disconnect, reads remotely and accesses your meter on request and sends data back to the mother ship. A biggie, that Mr Wheeler said did not exist or what did he say “he would be long gone before we used that technology, well you are still alive and Elster is planning on using it! But the website says Updates time of use schedule and functioning over the air, performs upgrades to both radio frequency and meter through “REAL TIME REPORTING! ” Again, Mr Wheeler “your nose should be growing.”

4) Gatekeeper tab- This is a piece of technology within or attached to the box that and I quote, “ does the collecting and transmitting data from thousands of meters, about 1250 to be exact in and around you. Not only will they be collecting your information from thousands per box, you will be exposed to 1,250 other meters that are syncing in with your meter, anybody say cancer? Naaaaah of course not, nobody would knowingly do that to us, they said it would only be the equivalent of less than a single cell phone per year. I have read that this much exposure will be closer to 700 cell phones per day and many towns where these meters are being installed are selling and installing shields for your house to keep you from getting all this exposure.

5) Demand /Home response Area Network tab- This is a rapidly growing category of growth such as “in home displays”, “Smart thermostats” that control your temperature within you home, “load control devices”, did you go by that and not even wince! Go back and read again! “A RAPIDLY GROWING CATEGORY OF GROWTH” the ability to have a display in your home showing you minute to minute, the amount of electricity you are using , Thermometers complete with an RF detector to regulate your thermostat for you, hands free! Isnt this technology grand? And LOAD CONTROL DEVICES that will let you know when a preset “load” is placed on your meter and this will be regulated by Cleveland Utilities so that “you don’t use more than your fair share of electricity, especially during “peak” times.

6) Again at the Partners for Growth, Demand response at the right top of the http://www.energyaxis.com website, not Bradley County News website, the company that is installing and maintain these monitors website. It goes on to talk about Climate Change and the need for this technology, energy efficiency and demand response. Demand response is a fancy word for if you want more electricity than is allotted, you may not get it and if you do, baby you are going to pay for it.

7) Same tab- Demand response pilot programs, of which I am sure Bradley County is a part of or will be since we have such a longstanding, good working relationship with them. It continues to talk about tracking your energy use, UNDERSTANDING CONSUMER BEHAVIOR AND MOTIVATIONAL TRIGGERS, we have learned consumers will modify and change behavior. Wait a minute, did this just say that CU, Tom Wheeler , Elster and Energy Axis was going to MODIFY AND CHANGE our behavior through learned behavior and motivational triggers, SOOOOOOOO, if a motivational trigger is you are sweaty, hot, miserable in your own home, they will learn from that they either charge you the maximum for the useage of your air conditioner or regulate it for you thus invading your home and your sacred privacy place and turn your air down when an RF indicator indicates your “power load”has met its capacity. Folks, this doesn’t sound like the smart grid that Mr. Wheeler has sold to the public? I cant even say anymore! The proof is in the pudding and the pudding is the http://www.energyaxis.com site and Elsters website!

8) Under the Unifying the Smart grid tab, demand response, it talks about Distribution Autoimation, sounds a lot like regulating power to me. And are planning on doing it with Voltage regulators, capacitor banks, automated switches and reclosers, voltage conservation VAR control system. This is also the system that if it misfires or doesn’t collect a signal to monitor the voltage, say a cloud or a school bus (as demonstrated on the website) goes by your house during a “missed signal” period and you have …….yes FIRE! Just as many towns and citizens have reported with the use of Smart Meters.

9) Security tab- There is a whole section or division devoted to hacking and security of your personal history within your house. I pose this question, If there is little to no chance of someone knowing when you are home or when you take a bath, then why have they employed some of the leading Cyber Security Experts from companies such as Microsoft if this system is safe and a sure thing! That’s because hackers stay up on the latest hacking info and are always looking for a hole to crawl through and they need to deflect there attempts just as quickly. Your personal useage information is being sought after for a reason and that is to sell you a product or direct marketing to you.

Now, does this sound like the product that Cleveland Utilities and Mr Wheeler is pushing on you, well he may not know it but it is the technology he purchased and it sounds as if Elster and Energy Axis know how to deliver it! I am 100 percent confident that they will run their equipment the way the have to “to realize the cost savings” and the heck with your input, after all aren’t you guys just a bunch of conspiracy theorists.

You know the interesting thing about a conspiracy is? When a conspiracy theory is supported by fact from the source, it no longer is a conspiracy, it is all of a sudden the truth and it leaves the messenger of the “conspiracy” label looking a little deceptive! What you think? This is not my information from me, it is from the company delivering this Smart Grid Technology via Cleveland Utilities and Tom Wheeler, hope he can sleep at night!

Leave me a comment I enjoy the input!

OLIN CHEMICAL releases mercury in Hiwassee River, thousands of Bradley Countians, others in grave danger!

In environment, local business on September 14, 2011 at 5:11 PM

We have once again easily and with a stiff swing of the broom have swept a local environmental disaster under the proverbial rug of “political correctness” and we maintain the attitude “if we don’t see it then it must not be there!”

50 pounds of Mercury released into the Hiwassee River over a 3 day period of torrential downfall of nearly 13 inches. This is an enormous amount of mercury to be “dumped” on the citizens of Bradley County that will affect many families for many generations.

At this point the water may be free of mercury in Bradley County but the real concern is for the environment and the waterways south of Olin Chemical. A statement recently in a local paper by Cleveland Utilities Director Tom Wheeler that gives the appearence that all is well in Bradley County because you said the water is fine! This goes well beyond the water we drink and you know it. The Chamber of Commerce knows it too. Shame on you for not making this an immediate concern for us, the people of this county that live within the “kill zone” of this tragedy!

Recently, Olin has announced that they are going to stop the production of chemicals that produce Mercury in 2012 and have recently hired a company with literally two months experience to assist with cleanup at a cost of 80 million taxpayer dollars (catch that story in my blogs) all arranged by the ever so helpful Chamber of Commerce and its minions.

Many companies that have stopped using mercury in their production have what the industry calls a “mercury legacy” where mercury waste and storage is leeched into the community for many generations to come into that same Hiwassee River where many of your families recreate daily, putting them at risk of severe disease.

It is well documented that several Olin Chemical plants have mercury storage bins up to 420 tons of mercury. The saddest part of that statement is that the environmental police say they can release 70 pounds a year on a normal year till that supply is leeched into your private property and into the bellies of your children for many generations.

The symptoms of mercury poisoning go from as mild as red cheeks, burning skin, shedding of skin, to more severe cases of tachycardia, hypertension, alzheimers and certain types of cancer, brain damage and death.

Children are easily affected by mercury and stand to lose teeth, hair and nails, kidney dysfunction, memory loss and insomnia. Neurological symptoms are common and are as the other symptoms are usually always irreversible, meaning once you have them it aint going away, particularly in fetuses, infants and young children. Some minor cases seem to get better and can be reversible, once the mercury is removed from the childs vicinity.

Citizens who swim in the waters south of Olin along the Hiwassee and feel they have been exposed to mercury poisoning are encouraged to quickly shed all clothing and bathe with soap and water then seeking treatment from your doctor and train your family of what to look for if symptoms surface.

Many cases of mercury poisoning easily gets misdiagnosed as rhinosinusitis (runny nose) bronchiectasis (congestion)and low sperm counts, infertility! Chronic exposure that is sure to happen with inhabitants south of the Olin plant along the Hiwassee River can accumulate over the years and become fatal.

Interestingly enough the most common contaminant is the consumption of fish and ingestion of that fish by humans. That’s what we do in the Tennessee River, we fish and eat that fish! Animals eat plants and partake from the soil and water and then we consume the animals.

Mercury may also be inhaled and causes many of the same symptoms listed above. One study I saw of fish in the Tennessee River from a random sampling showed extremely high levels of toxicity quantified in milligrams per deciliter at 100 times the accepted range.

With this tragedy being swept under the rug by the political police, we are now in the midst of a tragedy, echoing sentiments of Chernobyl, the likes of Erin Brockovich warning of contaminants in the soil and water and no one cares till the population starts dropping dead or twitching in some river bed on the Hiwassee or the Tennessee River!

Wake up Cleveland!


Lets hold these large Corporations and the minion NGOs (non governmental organizations) that represent them and make them accountable to the citizens that they are placing a slow death upon!

While you sleep Cleveland and I pray every day that hundreds of thousands of people are not affected downstream and wont drink the water or farm the soil, but I am afraid they are and are very active on our rivers , lakes and waterways! Many will become sick and perhaps die because of negligence, lets at least make them realize they just hurt you badly!
This reality is real and it has already happened and God have mercy on us when these pollutants grab hold of your myelin sheaths and rob you of your mind, body and spirit and the many generations to come!
The Environmental group Oceana has been investigating Olin Plants for years and are very concerned with the incidents of the last few days. The pressure they put on them is partially responsible for the recent shut down on mercury production at Olin Chemical!
Contact the CDC or your local health department if you feel you have been exposed to dangerous levels of mercury, south of OLIN Chemical!

Cleveland Utilities to help buy Industrial Park by overcharging you!

In Agenda 21, Industrial Park, International Baccalaureate, Schools on August 12, 2011 at 10:10 AM

The City of Cleveland has committed to 1 million, they are requesting the County to pitch in 3 million and Cleveland Utilities wants to chip in 2 million to assist the City with their 3 million to buy an Industrial Park at an inflated rate from a wealthy businessman who will benefit greatly. Cleveland Utilities chipping in 66% of the cost for the City, sound fishy to you, it does to me?

We live in a monarchy! Our future here in Bradley County is being dictated by a few that stand to have their pockets lined by their “good ole boy” participation! What has this County become? Are our utilities now in the business of city building. At what point do we say this sounds rediculous?

In return for the 2 million, Cleveland Utilities wants 25 acres in the park for a future operations center for its electrical division. Councilman Bill Estes says “I think the County is missing out and Cleveland will be missing out if we don’t develop this land as soon as possible to bring in even more revenue, its not in the County budget. It should be in there. Weve gone on record for 3 million and this is a wonderful overture by the utility board.”

He went on to say the Cleveland/Bradley Development Board, Economic Development Council, Cleveland Board of Public Utilities and Cleveland City Council are all on board with the industrial park.”

“ Where is the County? Where is the leadership in Bradley County to go forward with this project?” Estes further explained.
Let me tell you where the County is on this Mr Estes! The County is listening to the people they represent! The people should be the ones they listen to.

The endless spending as in Washington has got to be reigned in and and foot the bill for your careless spending. Not be high jacked by a few who stand to benefit who are influencing you and your little band of investors. That’s where the County is Mr Estes, and thank God for at least in the moment they have you floating downstream without a paddle and for the most part for years you and your clonies have had your way and have not had to answer to anyone. The gig is up, you are being summoned to be responsible with taxpayer dollars.

Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Gary Farlow said he was “very pleased with the offer.” Further stating it “softens the impact of the City and the County.” Really Mr Farlow, do you realize what you just said. In case you didn’t, let me explain. You just said this donation of hard earned taxpayer dollars that is representative of inflated electrical bills has “softened the blow” for the City. My god did anyone else catch that?

The former Bob Zeige, ie: now Alan Jones Property is appraising at around 5 million dollars (was previously 6 million, but who is counting), the property was purchased for a fraction of that amount. Someone stands to profit a pretty penny from this endeavor and it aint the taxpayer, in fact the taxpayer is being overcharged on its electric bills and the profit to buy up land from private citizens for use by the local government, this is sooooo wrong on soooooo many levels!!!

Often times in Bradley County as we have noticed in the past, a privileged few with a lot of influence sets the tone for all decisions in Bradley County even at the expense of taxpayers and their wallets. No one seems to be watching after the taxpayer, you and me.

Why do we allow this type of behavior at our expense. How does a government look the other way when the collective of taxpayers are saying “NO MORE SPENDING!”

Where is the message missed when a few “power elite” in our town can get away with anything they want?

It seems most “deals”, “opportunities”, and “deal of a lifetime” are often made before an open public discussion is made and above the heads of its citizenry? Where is the justice? Where does it stop?

Lets get back to the unbelievable idea that Cleveland Utilities wants to purchase “prime real estate” for our local governments use. Is there not a conflict of interest in here somewhere? As far as I can tell many of the “big players” are either kin to each other or have a vested interest in the project! At one point does full disclosure come into factor?

Let me sum this offer up and you tell me if it sounds on the up and up!

We have Bob Zeige farm that was purchased by an individual at a “very good price”, this individual then decidedly and heavily marks this price up for sale to the City, which annexed the property a few months prior so it and the revenue would be brought into the city. Members of the City Council are close kin to the individual who purchased the property from Zeige.

The developers who were appointed by none other than the City Mayor who has strong ties to TACIR, (our ICLEI) a tyrranical NGO- Non Governmental Organization and Industrial Development Board who will politically and financially benefit from the purchase of this property, who are mostly developers, contractors and real estate agents.

The State elected officials who are also promoting this and are seemingly in the Mayors pocket for whatever reason, are bringing in the assorted funding for these characters.

We even have past un-electable politicians walking around throwing what little influence they have on bystanders who may feel they can benefit from this free for all.

We have a present member of City Council who used to be a heavy weight for Cleveland Utilities, who was just appointed to replace a deceased councilman, who is now Im sure driving the influence of his past and present position to influence Tom Wheeler, CEO of Cleveland Utilities, (Mr Grid Smart) to put up 2 million of taxpayer profit so they can buy 25 acres of the property for a future “prime spot” in the new Industrial Park.

Wheeeeeew! Sounds like an episode of “As the world turns.” Amazing, the audacity of our own elitists!!! Bradley County, our elected leaders are leading us into a certain demise. We have to wake up and make a stand for our town! The mistakes of DC is being repeated in Bradley County! The writing is on the wall!

Of further interest, the Growth plan calls for Cleveland Utilities to use their generous profit off of you to “help finance” the new growth through 2035. The City of Cleveland is going forward with the Growth plan leaving the County in a dust path because I feel the County is thinking this huge cost will only hurt us in the future with little return to the county.

The City, with its Tyrannical TACIR representative is dead set on moving forward with this terribly expensive venture come hades or high water to realize his own selfish desire to have a metropolitan type government. This seems very self serving if you ask me and awful unthoughtful to the taxpayer who will be asked to foot the bill to help him realize his “dream.”

Now does this seem like a government that is representative of the people and for the people? Absoultely not!

Our representation has long been forgotten and come election day these guys must be replaced and our city government refueled with an energetic cross section that has our best interest in mind……not their own best interests.

Cleveland Utilities assisting the City of Cleveland with purchasing “inflated” land from a vested individual with your hard earned money sounds awful suspicious and full of insider participation to me.

Im for the most part, not a complex person, but I can see the headlights on this southbound train.

Contributing source: Cleveland Daily Banner

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