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GOP’s Tim Rudd to conservatives: no one outside of any political organization has the right to interfere with another organization’s (vetting) process

In Uncategorized on June 3, 2012 at 2:08 AM

The GOP has created a firestorm with Conservative 912 and Tea Party groups over their recent letter asking that Republican candidates not participate in a questionnaire as part of their vetting process.

Mr Tim Rudd basically saying we can do our own vetting, thank you very much. We don’t need the people helping us choose a candidate, especially the conservatives. Not exactly his wording but the understanding of the message is the same.

This divide and ever more difficult balancing act by the GOP of what to do with those pesky conservatives is getting wider. For several years now the GOP has benefitted from the Conservative/Tea Party types and this is the thanks we get. I personally don’t tie into one particular party for obvious reasons but it just so happens that more of what I agree with politically and socially happens to be likeminded with the R side of the aisle. So, in turn I should get a say so in the vetting process.

This type of logic leads me to the next scenario. Is it time for a conservative convention? A Tea Party or 9/12 convention? I have reserved my thoughts on this for years but now the GOP is attempting to keep us out of the selection process. I say it is time we vet our own and the heck with the other parties. I sat it is high time we start pushing our own representatives to the positions we desire.

It has been a long time coming and now that both sides of the aisles are starting to look more of the same it may be time to press the button and go forward. We as conservative groups have matured and caught up to all the deceit and lies going on in out nation by the same people that the parties are placing on the ballot. No longer can we be ignored, used and tossed aside with the bathwater.

Locally it doesn’t appear that all GOP groups are acting the same. I believe there are still groups like ours in Bradley County that are willing to embrace the conservatives and even recently speaking out against a wheel tax.

From my vantage point it appears the GOP as a whole is not getting the message that the people still want a say so in the people who will represent them. The vetting process should always be conducted and I don’t believe the vetting process should be influenced by a few within the GOP.

Mr Rudd, you also posed the scenario that what if the GOP came into our camp and tried to tell us who to vote for or who to vet that we would say it was unfair. Essentially you are already doing that. I personally think the exchange would be more than welcome by conservatives. Then you send out a scathing letter to incumbents and candidates asking that this not happen.

We are way past the day when a RINO, because of his name recognition or he is kin to someone or has x amount of money in his pocket to be selected as my representative. It should be collaborative and if the GOP doesn’t appreciate that then I want to see the millions of conservatives at future conservative conventions making our own choices, likely crushing GOP chances of survival. Now that’s a scenario that may cause some to rethink this egregious act.

Here is the letter that was passed along to me by 9/12 and Tea Party leaders.

Sen. Jim Tracy
Rep. Joe Carr
Rep. Rick Womack
Rep. Mike Sparks
Richard Garvin
Dawn White
Ryan Harring

Dear Fellow Republicans and Candidates for Republican Nomination,

Recently a non-Republican organization (9/12) sent out a “vetting” questionnaire and requested that you attend a debate sponsored by them. I urge you not to participate in this unauthorized “vetting” process. No organization outside the Republican Party has the right or responsibility to vet, interview or determine who the Republican Party’s nominee should be. 

I both encourage individuals and non-partisan organizations to be involved in the political process. But, no one outside of any political organization has the right to interfere with another organization’s process. What would be the response if the Republican Party Executive Committee ask members of the Democratic Party, Libertarian Party, John Birch Society, Campaign For Liberty, 9 /12, League of Women Voters, the Tea Party or the Chamber of Commerce to report to the next GOP meeting for us to vet who should either lead those organizations or be nominees for their political parties? The response would be outrage, power grab, unethical, etc.

Any individual from any outside organization that is a Republican should volunteer and participate in the Republican Primary in support of one of our candidates, but not on behalf of an outside organization. Organizations like 9/12, the Small Business Alliance or the Middle Tennessee Property Rights Coalition can and should get involved in the General election by supporting either the Democratic, Republican or Independent candidates. —- But not in OUR GOP PRIMARY!

The only people that should “VET” our Republican candidates are Republican Caucus or Primary voters and the Republican Party leadership. We ask that you respectfully decline participating in their or any other outside “Vetting Process” and respect the Republican Party’s process.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Tim Rudd
Republican State Executive Committeeman

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