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Shane Harger saga reveals a murderous plot for the Constitutional Sherrif

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Shane Harger saga reveals a murderous plot for the Constitutional Sherrif

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In typical fashion, lazy, half arse reporting has led to an explanation from a blogger with no other gift than intuition and the joy of discovering details in the rabbit holes called conspiracy to reveal the truth about Shane Harger.

We have a true Constitutional Sherrif that is caught up in one of the most prolific trials of the century in Albuquerque while the justice system seems to turn their heads to the iniquities of the Chavez family with way more power and position than they deserve while inflicting great pain and suffering on an officer of the law.

The mainstream media, many of whom has been contacting me via email and concerned enough about my reporting to engage me and say “the reason Mr Harger was detained at the airport was because he has two names and that was the reason he was hassled at the airport!”
Really? This Sherrif lost his whole force, his career because he had a name change to protect him from a vindictive family deadset on avenging their son? Really?  “Look before you leap” was what one mainstream media robot told me as I was reporting the happenings according to Mr Harger referring that I should gather the facts before reporting falsely. 

This is hilarious to me as my findings reveal much more than what was reported on that day he was placed on leave. A Sherrif was attempting to board an airplane with a name discrepancy should not return, lose his job, his men and his career. 

Clearly, he lost his job because he was making a stand against the federal government, essentially stating that he would protect the rights of his citizenry. Oh ye of little knowledge please digress to where you surfaced, a hole in the ground with very little oxygen, a place where lower life forms exist.

The truth is a Sherrif was on his way to a CSPOA event. Was stopped by TSA and 4 or 5 FBI agents, detained for 35 minutes, questioned and allowed to board the plane, attend the Constitutional Sherrifs Convention, return home and discover his team had been dismantled and his job once again on the line.

I dare say I understand the name controversy at the airport. Braxton Haze is now his legally changed name, no this is not the first time
It has been revealed and no I did not blow his cover, the mainstream media, the TSA and the FBI did that.

What you may not know is his  identity needed to be hidden because the Chavez family had plans to make him  worm food and seemingly the system that protects you and I was not there for him, so he had to fend for himself!

Please review the series of events below and you decide if his actions at the airport were warranted. It still does not explain why he was placed on leave and his department dismantled.

Did he avoid giving his real name for a reason? When I first heard this the day after reporting, I said to myself there is another story and a reason he had a name discrepancy. The media outlets I reviewed made it seem like he was being deceptive and had something to hide, in essence lie to the TSA and the FBI agents.

 Did he deserve to lose his job and his men in his department? 

Did his group of Village idiots, er, councilman come to a conclusion based on fact or because the TSA or FBI set off false alarms based on a name concern they had while at the airport. 

Were there feelings hurt? 

Were they Chavez operatives? Perhaps the Albuquerque Police Chief was? Don’t know but after reading the timeline below you may feel the same way I do. 

The conspiracy can widen or we can reduce this to a man who was right for standing for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights or was he living inside a murder plot with many tentacles left out there yet to silence him.

Please take a few more minutes and review the events encircling this story and make your decision. 

I am awaiting a return email from Sherrif Richard Mack. I hope to hear from him soon on this subject and I will report what he says.

In the meantime, please pray for Sherrif Shane Harger, aka, Braxton Haze as he faces these demons while combating those trying to put an end to our republic! 

Here is a summary of his account and the reason he hid his identity.

The beginning and reason for bis name change. While a rookie cop at the Valencia Sherrifs department, Deputy Shane Harger was summoned to a 911 call to the home of a fellow police office Levi Chavez, where his wife reportedly shot herself. Long story short, Harger didn’t believe she killed her self instead stating that her death happened at the hands of another person. Of course this didn’t sit well with Chavez or his family and set into effect a series of events that left Harger in a life and death situation, leaving him concerned for his own safety and welfare.

2 months later- 
        While at a DWI instructors class in Albuquerque, Harger was offered another job, on the spot, with the Guadalupe Sherrifs Department by their Sherrif. He obviously was looking for an out to escape the murder/suicide that was surely stressing him and his family, so he took it.

 The man that approached Harger and offered him a job was Sherrif Robert Chavez, Levi’s uncle. The family connection was not made by Harger until later. 
2008- Harger was invited to a “drinking party” at Robert Chavez’s home. While the Sherrif was “obviously inebriated” he explained that part of his job would be to look for Mexican nationals and seize “certain types of vehicles that can be used for the sheriff’s department.”

2009- Robert Chavez was arrested for alleged DWI and resigned as Sherrif.
Harger commenting on the seizure of vehicles and the diversion of those vehicle to certain towing services with connections to Chavez said, “We were given specific instructions to use one particular towing service in Santa Rosa, no others, regardless of standard procedures through dispatch that wreckers are to be called via rotation,” he said. 

“Once the vehicles were removed from the roadway, that wrecker service would take them to their impound yard, and I have no knowledge as to what took place with those vehicles after that point.”

Stranger things happen. Harger states he was approached by the Guadalupe County Emergency Management coordinator, shortly after being given his instructions from Sherrif Chavez.
The coordinator was none other than Levi Chavez Sr, Levi’s father, and asked Harger about his career and whether he liked living in Guadalupe County. 

“Then, out of nowhere, he brought up the fact that I was the initial officer on the Tera Chavez case,” he said. 

“He just came out and said that, you know, “Aren’t you the one that’s investigating my son’s case?”

“I said, ‘Well, who is your son?’ he said his son was Levi Chavez Jr., at which point the “hair stood up on the back of my neck, he then disclosed that Robert Chavez was Levi Chavez Jr.’s uncle. … “And I just found myself right smack-dab in the middle of all of them.”
Levi Chavez Sr. then had a discussion with Harger and told him if he testified favorably for Levi Jr. the case would go away.

 Levi Sr. said: “You know, we know you’re going to make the right choice in this matter. …You’re going to work here for a long time.” “You’re going to have a good career here.”

Can you see the plot thickening and the reason Mr Shane Harger quit his jobs, fled the state and changed his name? The plot thickens.
Harger was keeping detailed files on what he believed was happening in Guadalupe County. The jig was up and now he was concerned over his own safety and began to share his own concerns with others. He notified a fellow police officer and contacted the local FBI agent assigned to his area.

Harger, more alert to his surroundings heard that two people, one an undercover narcotics office died of a self-inflicted gunshot wounds both dying from Robert Chavez’s duty weapon during the 1990s and were both ruled suicides. This case begs to be reopened, but that is another blog..
Summer 2008- Harger was becoming more and more uneasy with his working arrangement and the chess game that was being played with his life. One wrong move and he is dead.
The sheriff, of whom was still his employer, had begun demanding that he submit his fuel records, “which was something he had never done before,” according to the deposition. 

Robert Chavez had also told him to leave his service vehicle at the department.

One evening shortly after these demands, Harger noticed a deputy in an unmarked vehicle sitting in his driveway. This raised alarms in his mind.

On one particular night Harger upon returning to his home had realized his home had been vandalized. While surveying his home he realized the only thing missing was a manila folder that contained written documentation about the vehicle towing operation, the Tera Chavez case and notes about Harger’s interactions with Robert Chavez and Levi Chavez Sr. The fingerprints are now pointing to an obvious family plot.

“I had information and belief that there was, in fact, an automobile-theft ring which was organized, facilitated, coordinated and/or propagated through and for the Chavez family,” Harger said in his deposition. 

With the discovery of the break in at his ranch home he contacted the FBI and a fellow police officer.

“I called him while leaving my property in fear for my life and told him that if he didn’t hear from me within eight hours, that he needed to contact the Attorney General’s Office and start looking for my body.”

Of course by now you can see the writing on the wall and Harger was fired. 

Shortly after being fired he said he was followed once by a truck owned by the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office and again after he moved back to Valencia County. I don’t know about you but I am seeing a series of events leading up to another homicide or suicide as the manner goes. 

Harger also said he received several “death threats from anonymous sources which, based on reasonable inferences, I believe to be the Chavez family,” according to the deposition. 

Over concerns about him leaving the state, Harger replied “I left because of this case,” he said. 

 Levi Chavez II was eventually acquitted of the murder of Tera Chavez.  The city of Albuquerque paid $230,000 and was dropped as a defendant!

Soooo, now we are back to square one! A constitutional Sherrif returning from a weekend trip to Las Vegas, forced to give up his true identity at the hands of the federal government, ie, TSA and the FBI who couldn’t seemingly leave well enough alone and just had to call the village idiots and create a
problem where none existed prior to their intrusion.

The saga continues. The evil people who are attempting to squash a Sherrif while vowing to protect the citizens via the Constitution has been destroyed or at least hampered  in his pursuit. 

If there is a positive to come out of this, it is that at least when the federal government attempts to destroy a Sherrif for applying the Bill of Rights and the Constitution it does not go unnoticed and unchallenged and the people respond accordingly! 


46 Reasons to Repeal ALL of Obamacare NOW

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June 28, 2012
50 now 46 Reasons to Repeal ALL of Obamacare NOW

Provisions 10,15,24 and 34 were struck down!

Before you read this remember this is mostly the financial side and how it will affect the state and ultimately you! I am working on a post of the more scary stuff and how it will directly affect you. All the more reason to repeal or nullify this horrible encroachment on you and your way of life! This will more than likely back fire in our faces and all I can say is we were warned and we didn’t send a strong enough message!

A special thanks to the Jim DeMint office for putting these provisions together!


Today the Supreme Court struck down portions of Obamacare as unconstitutional –states cannot be “dragooned” into expanding their Medicaid programs according to the law’s dictates. However, a list of 50 particularly onerous or egregious provisions in Obamacare (with sections from the statute duly noted) reveals just how much of this bad law remains. By the most generous interpretation, the Court struck down only four of the 50 egregious policies, illustrating why Congress should immediately repeal the entire measure once and for all.  Among many other bad policies, the law:

1.Imposes $800 billion in tax increases, including no fewer than 12 separate provisions breaking candidate Obama’s “firm pledge” during his campaign that he would not raise “any of your taxes” (Sections 9001-9016)

2.Forces Americans to purchase a product for the first time ever (Section 1501)

3. Creates a board of 15 unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats to make binding rulings on how to reduce Medicare spending (Section 3403)

4. Pays over $800 billion in subsidies straight to health insurance companies (Sections 1401, 1402, and 1412)

5. Requires all individuals to buy government-approved health insurance plans, imposing new mandates that will raise individual insurance premiums by an average of $2,100 per family (Section 1302)

6. Forces seniors to lose their current health care, by enacting Medicare Advantage cuts that by 2017 will cut enrollment in half, and cut plan choices by two-thirds (Section 3201)

7. Imposes a 40 percent tax on health benefits, a direct contradiction of Barack Obama’s campaign promises (Section 9001)

8. Relies upon government bureaucrats to “issue guidance on best practices of plain language writing” (Section 1311(e)(3)(B))

9. Provides special benefits to residents of Libby, Montana — home of Max Baucus, the powerful Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, who helped write the law even though he says he hasn’t read it (Section 10323)

10. Imposes what a Democrat Governor called the “mother of all unfunded mandates” – new, Washington-dictated requirements of at least $118 billion – at a time when states already face budget deficits totaling a collective $175 billion (Section 2001)

11.  Imposes reductions in Medicare spending that, according to the program’s non-partisan actuary, would cause 40 percent of all Medicare providers to become unprofitable, and could lead to their exit from the program (Section 3401)

12.  Raises premiums on more than 17 million seniors participating in Medicare Part D, so that Big Pharma can benefit from its “rock-solid deal” struck behind closed doors with President Obama and Congressional Democrats (Section 3301)

13.  Creates an institute to undertake research that, according to one draft Committee report prepared by Democrats, could mean that “more expensive [treatments] will no longer be prescribed” (Section 6301)

14.  Creates a multi-billion dollar “slush fund” doled out solely by federal bureaucrats, which has already been used to fund things like bike paths (Section 4002)

15.  Subjects states to myriad new lawsuits, by forcing them to assume legal liability for delivering services to Medicaid patients for the first time in that program’s history (Section 2304)

16.  Permits taxpayer dollars to flow to health plans that fund abortion, in a sharp deviation from prior practice under Democrat and Republican Administrations (Section 1303)

17.  Empowers bureaucrats on a board that has ruled against mammograms and against prostate cancer screenings to make binding determinations about what types of preventive services should be covered (Sections 2713 and 4104)

18.  Precludes poor individuals from having a choice of health care plans by automatically dumping them in the Medicaid program (Section 1413(a))

19.  Creates a new entitlement program that one Democrat called “a Ponzi scheme of the first order, the kind of thing that Bernie Madoff would have been proud of” — a scheme so unsustainable even the Administration was forced to admit it would not work (Section 8002)

20.  Provides $5 billion in taxpayer dollars to a fund that has largely served to bail out unions and other organizations who made unsustainable health care promises to retirees that they cannot afford (Section 1102)

21.  Creates a tax credit so convoluted it requires seven different worksheets to determine eligibility (Section 1421)

22.  Imposes multiple penalties on those who marry, by reducing subsidies (and increasing taxes) for married couples when compared to two individuals cohabiting together (Sections 1401-02)

23.  Extends the Medicare “payroll tax” to unearned income for the first time ever, including new taxes on the sale of some homes (Section 1402)

24.  Impedes state flexibility by requiring Medicaid programs to offer a specific package of benefits, including benefits like family planning services (Sections 2001(a)(2), 2001(c), 1302(b), and 2303(c))

25.  Requires individuals to go to the doctor and get a prescription in order to spend their own Flexible Spending Account money on over-the-counter medicines (Section 9003)

26.  Expands the definition of “low-income” to make 63 percent of non-elderly Americans eligible for “low-income” subsidized insurance (Section 1401)

27.  Imposes a new tax on the makers of goods like pacemakers and hearing aids (Section 9009)

28.  Creates an insurance reimbursement scheme that could result in the federal government obtaining Americans’ medical records (Section 1343)

29.  Permits states to make individuals presumptively eligible for Medicaid for unlimited 60-day periods, thus allowing any individual to receive taxpayer-funded assistance ad infinitum (Section 2303(b))

30.  Allows individuals to purchase insurance on government exchanges — and to receive taxpayer-funded insurance subsidies — WITHOUT verifying their identity as American citizens (Section 1411)

31.  Gives $300 million in higher Medicaid reimbursements to one state as part of the infamous “Louisiana Purchase” — described by ABC News as “what…it take[s] to get a wavering senator to vote for health care reform” (Section 2006)

32.  Raises taxes on firms who cannot afford to buy coverage for their workers (Section 1513)

33.  Forces younger Americans to pay double-digit premium increases so that older workers can pay slightly less (Section 1201)

34.  Prohibits states from modifying their Medicaid programs to include things like modest anti-fraud protections (Section 2001)

35.  Includes a special provision increasing federal payments just for Tennessee (Section 1203(b))

36.  Allows individuals to purchase health insurance across state lines — but only if politicians and bureaucrats agree to allow citizens this privilege (Section 1333)

37.  Allows the HHS Secretary and federal bureaucrats to grant waivers exempting people from Obamacare’s onerous mandates, over half of which have gone to members of union plans (Section 1001)

38.  Creates a pseudo-government-run plan overseen by the federal government (Section 1334)

39.  Removes a demonstration project designed to force government-run Medicare to compete on a level playing field with private plans (Section 1102(f))

40.  Gives the Secretary of HHS an UNLIMITED amount of federal funds to spend funding state insurance Exchanges (Section 1311(a))

41.  Creates a grant program that could be used by liberal groups like ACORN or AARP to conduct “public education activities” surrounding Obamacare (Section 1311(i))

42.  Applies new federal mandates to pre-Obamacare insurance policies, thus proving that you CAN’T keep the insurance plan you had — and liked — before the law passed (Sections 2301 and 10103)

43.  Prohibits individuals harmed by federal bureaucrats from challenging those decisions, either in court or through regulatory processes (Sections 3001, 3003, 3007, 3008, 3021, 3022, 3025, 3133, 3403, 5501, 6001, and 6401)

44.  Earmarks $100 million for “construction of a health care facility,” a “sweetheart deal” inserted by a Democrat Senator trying to win re-election (Section 10502)

45.  Puts yet another Medicaid unfunded mandate on states, by raising payments to primary care physicians, but only for two years, forcing states to come up with another method of funding this unsustainable promise when federal funding expires (Section 1202)

46.  Imposes price controls that have had the effect of costing jobs in the short time since they were first implemented (Section 1001)

47.  Prohibits individuals from spending federal insurance subsidies outside government-approved Exchanges (Section 1401(a))

48.  Provides a special increase in federal hospital payments just for Hawaii (Section 10201(e)(1))

49.  Imposes new reporting requirements that will cost businesses millions of dollars, and affect thousands of restaurants and other establishments across the country (Section 4205)

50.  Codifies 159 new boards, bureaucracies, and programs

The Supreme Court may have struck some of these onerous provisions, but the only way to ensure that ALL these provisions are eliminated — and never return — is to repeal ALL of this unconstitutional law immediately.

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