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Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis ordered released from jail

In Uncategorized on September 8, 2015 at 4:09 PM

Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis ordered released from jail

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Kim Davis has been released from jail after six days for refusing to give up her religious rights. 

Civil Rights works both ways and on the job, even “all people” still have rights. 

The federal government via the SCOTUS is NOT law that applies to the states and should not use their branch of government to practice activism from a bench.

We have 3 representative forms of government that was set up to protect us all. We have 1 branch,the SCOTUS, has asserted itself as an active branch of government that is making laws with no checks and balances, making opinions alone without the other branches.

The 10th Amendment coupled with our Civil Rights are for everyone, not just an adamant few who don’t believe the way I do. 

TN and KY state law and the Constitution say marriage is between one man and one woman. 

State rights should be respected and no federal law should stand that takes away our rights. If the people do not want it and with our collective voice say we do not want it, it should not stand.

I understand same sex marriage and go do your thing, there are many out there that will marry you. Just don’t take my rights away while pursuing yours.

This is not the end! 

I firmly believe in light of federal tyrannical behavior that the people will rise and the will of the people will be held high.

The People in America still have a voice. We can speak for all. And those forcing her to jail, believe it or not, have the same rights as she does. 

Equal means that your rights are no different than mine and for me to give up mine does not make us equal.

If she continues to resist, then we have a greater debate and we send a message to those attempting to induce political activism on us for a tyrannical government that will continue to exercise tyranny as long as we allow it.

Please sound off and offer your opinion in the comments section below.

The debate needs to happen and while debating hopefully we learn something.

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