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ICLEI Director of Sustainability Davy Crockett resigns position in Chattanooga TN

In Uncategorized on May 23, 2012 at 8:34 AM

Shortly after a meeting with the Tea Party of Chattanooga, Davy Crockett resigns. Could it be because of the heat he felt from the Tea Party questioning or the witty presentation by Greg Juster or the direct and poignant questions from Mark West that did it?

More than likely according to a few members of the CTP, of whom I will leave anonymous because I didn’t tell them I would be using details of the conversation on my blog.

When I spoke with them they all told me he didn’t really act as if he had a good grasp on the position appointment by ICLEI. Few questions bounced off Mr Crockett without a knowledge or origin of the questions. For instance, he did not know what the position entailed or ICLEI’s rigid guidelines for the job. Many questions fielded by him were not answered very well and many times the crowd of tea partiers had to provide the answers for him and he even approached several people and said let me see that paper and then the paper was tossed back to the provider with a chuckle from his lady sidekicks.

One of two things happened in the last few days and one or two things will happen. Mr Crockett either realized that what he was doing was very harmful to Chattanooga or ICLEI told them to get rid of this highly inept presenter of Agenda 21/Sustainability Officer who can’t even defend himself from the basic of questions. Now the region will see his replacement and that replacement could be a hardcore ICLEI soldier with fire in his eyes or the region starting with Chattanooga do away with ICLEI all together. I wish the latter!

The battle from here on out will be tougher or we have won a decisive battle where the victor is the tea party or ICLEI has only begun to fight and the push will be on with his successor, I don’t hope for the latter! Either way today is a victory for the citizen, the object of a misguided and misled government.

Hail to the TEA PARTY! Lay secure in your victory today for tomorrow the mortar fire is sure to resume.

Chattanooga: Crockett steps down as city sustainability director Cliff Hightower

David Crockett, director of the Office of Sustainability, announced this morning in a news release that he would step down from his position.

City officials said he would leave his position at the end of June.

Mayor Ron Littlefield placed Crockett into the director’s office in December 2009. He earns a salary of around $76,000 annually.

Crockett represented District 3 on the City Council from 1990 to 2001. He ran for mayor in 2001 and lost to former Mayor Bob Corker.

For more information, read todays edition of the Times Free Press.

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