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US Chamber of Commerces Tom Donohue tells Tea Party Freshmen “We will get rid of you”

In Agenda 21, chamber of commerce on September 30, 2011 at 7:52 AM

In light of increasing pressure to increase the National Debt Ceiling recently the Chamber of Commerce Tom Donohue said that if the Tea Party Congressional freshmen do not vote for raising the debt ceiling he says “We will get rid of you!”

Why is he saying these vile things? Because he represents most “big businesses” , “banks” and “corporate America” and he is afraid his lobbyist want be able to get to these freshmen and God forbid they pass legislation that doesn’t favor his big, huge businesses!

I have a feeling the Freshmen are setting the pace and Head Rooster Tom can’t persuade them or buy them, they are for now going to listen to the people who put them in those freshmen positions and not listen to him! Have you ever seen a spoiled child have his toy taken away by another child….um hum, similar!

I am thinking to myself, who is the Chamber of Commerce to threaten any citizen in this country, then I think back to their history, affiliations and motivations.

The Chamber of Commerce has an inflated level of importance in the United States! They have been promoted by to many people, politicians and lobbyists as the “fixer of the job problems in the world” when in fact, by their actions and results they are quite the opposite!

The US Chamber of Commerce is a direct minion or operative of the United Nations at work in th US! It is no big secret that the Chamber is the number one Consultant to the UN assigned in 1945, just a few short months after the UN was formed! The UN riding on the back of the Chamber have found their vehicle of delivery of their Socialist views on the world!

It is no secret today that the UNs view of the US is viewed upon as one of great personal wealth and too many personal freedoms and they realize that to create a Socialist world that breeds their philosophy of what is ours is theirs must be desimminated throughout our culture, wallah the Chamber of Commerce steps in with a shared view of the United Nations and Tom Donohue spouting on frequent occasions his Socialist views discreetly on the citizens of the US!

For Tom Donohue to speak out against the United States Congress about a decision that could affect millions of Americans way of life for many years, perhaps decades to come speaks volumes of the Socialist influence of the Chamber of Commerce and its connection to the United Nations!

Why is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) who are not elected by anyone and have little to no responsibility to the taxpayers are encouraging Congress to spend billions of taxpayers money! Why are they trying so hard to influence the Freshmen lawmakers through fear and intimidation! You know the answer! It is because the more we spend the broker we become, the broker we become the more equal we are to the rest of the world!

Its a simple math equation and America is slowly waking up to the fact that the Chamber is promoting this demise of our country from within and Americans are weighing in now and calling them out just as Tom Donohue is trying to get rid of our Congressmen but from an opposite point of view!

Don’t just take my info provided! Look for yourself, look at the facts all over the globe and the Internet! There is a reason that the Chamber of Commerce is the number one lobbyist group in the US, inside our capital buildings in DC spending 100s of millions with over 150 lobbyist pushing their agenda in Washington DC with allegations and rumors that they are accepting millions from foreign companies! They are attempting to alter the culture and influence of Socialistic ideas directly from the UN! The US Chamber of commerce with all it’s inflated “governmental type influence” on out United States is bad policy and not a preferential route to our economies recovery!

We have in just a few short months seen the debt ceiling increase nearly 3 trillion more dollars while asking for another raise and the Chamber along with a Socialistic President is ruining our country one agenda, one goal, one taxpayer at a time! We must get the Chamber of Commerce out of our country and toss them back to Geneva and Paris to join their number one partner in business… The United Nations!

Watch the video below and ask your self, self does this man have our best interests in mind?


Chuck Fleischman’s Town Hall Summary in Bradley County

In Government on September 5, 2011 at 3:43 AM

A packed house filled the Humanities building room 207 at Lee University on Monday to hear Congressman 3rd District Tennessee Chuck Fleischman speak at his first in a series of Town Hall Meetings.

Among those in attendance was a senior history class from Walker Valley High School who were very attentive and asked informative questions.

Summary of the meeting:

Too much debt!
Mr Fleischman started the morning talking about the Debt crisis our country is facing and eluded to the fact that we are hurting down to the local level and decisions should be made that affect its citizens by realizing we “In the United States we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem, so no new taxes” Mr Fleischman said. Two thirds of our debt is
Foreign debt!

“Presently our total percentage of debt is about 18% of the total debt” he said. “ In 1970 approximately 5% of our our total foreign debt, today it is 47% and that our debt is being bought up by foreign countries like China and Russia. “years ago the American people were funding the debt with war bonds, we are no longer doing that” he continued.
Tax Code!

Chuck went on to say “ I do not like the current tax code, it is broken and we need to work on tax reform”. “Current tax law is volumes of paperwork and the average citizen cannot keep up with it.” If the taxes are lower, we will see more money, people with more money in their pockets spend more.” Mr Fleischman even fielded questions from the audience suggesting that he would support tax reform and would consider the Fair Tax, Flat tax or some other kind of reform.
Not seeing eye to eye!

The President and I don’t always see eye to eye but went on to say that the debate needs to continue on both sides of the aisle when it comes to solving the problems with our economy. The debate in this country needs to continue. He said he disagrees with the Presidents budget which is 25% of GDP and potentially may go to 50 percent of the GDP in the next few years which would be devastating.

“Obamacare, the Health Care Reform Act is a bad bill” He said he would support legislation to repeal this bill. The Healthcare bill will rob Medicare recipients of about 500 billion dollars annually. If Medicare is left alone, by 2020, it will be broke. My immediate plan to save Medicare is to sit down with the nation and talk about the issues and discuss ways to fix it. The Death panels or Beuracratic boards are wrong and we don’t need a board to make life and death decisions.

Debt Ceiling!
I voted against raising the debt ceiling! Many things have been reported wrong when he went to the Speaker of the House and discussed this issue, but thought that raising the ceiling would eventually bankrupt our country.
If you had a magic button?

A question from the group was “I have heard you say we have a debt problem, we have a spending problem not a revenue problem, we need to make changes, if you had a magic button you could push, what would you fix? The answer and the only low point for me was the vague answer I received. The Congressman didn’t seem to have the answer, although he danced around this issue very well he didn’t offer any real solutions.

A member of the audience also encouraged him to elaborate on this issue and he didn’t have the answer that we were looking for. A follow up and a request for a more complete answer will be forthcoming!

Mr Fleischman answered questions about fifteen minutes and was available for photo opportunities and was on his way to Meigs County to conduct another Town Hall Meeting!

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