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A perfect Islamic storm looming large on the horizon

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A perfect Islamic storm looming large on the horizon

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BCN Note-

God bless America. Hope everyone is safe today as you celebrate this country and it’s independence from evil. Be reminded there are millions of people on this earth that are not happy about it and want to destroy our country and it’s greatness.

Take this history lesson and pass it around. I feel a catastrophic event may be looming and being made possible by Islam. 

 Be alert, hug your family and pray hard that leadership is returned that will see this threat as it is, pure evil and act to protect us!

If and when this day comes, immediately call every “elected politician” who has failed to act and place the blame solely on them.

Happy 4th of July!

By Sonia Bailey  

The perfect storm of events for an Islamic terror attack is brewing for July 4th this year.  The Obama administration and Western leaders are failing to report the truth about Islam and the significance of this date.  It was on the 17th of Ramadan, which just happens to precisely coincide this year with America’s Independence Day, that the greatest and most significant battle in Islamic history took place: the Battle of Badr in 624 AD.  This battle marked the first significant victory for Islam, as well as the beginning of Mohammed’s reign of terror.

Dates are significant for Islamic terrorists.  The date of September 11 was chosen by Islamic terrorists to inflict a horrible carnage on the West because in Islam, that day is remembered as a day of humiliation and defeat: in 1683, the Islamic armies were defeated at the gates of Vienna, and in 1697, they met their final defeat at Belgrade.

If ever there was a date to be remembered and commemorated in Islam, it’s the 17th of Ramadan.  What makes this battle so special to most Muslims is its spiritual significance.  The Koran discusses how Allah and his angels helped the early Muslims win the battle.  This is most certainly a date that the Islamic State holds close to the heart, especially since Mohammed’s victory solidified his position as ruler of the first Islamic State in Medina.  It is a date to be memorialized, underscored by its anniversary on the U.S.’s Independence Day, in ways jihadists know best.

The 17th of Ramadan was the time when Mohammed mandated the killing of captives in battle, and this action is emulated by the Islamic State, as Mohammed is considered the ideal model in Islam for mankind to follow.  It was the time when a simple preacher morphed into a vengeful warlord, eliminating all Jewish tribes once living in Saudi Arabia and changing the way of life for people living in the Arabian Peninsula (now Saudi Arabia) and afterward Asia.  It is a date that Westerners should be made aware of and become familiar with.

In addition to the upcoming commemoration of the Battle of Badr on July 4 of this year, the Islamic State has two other significant events to laud.  First, this summer marks the Islamic State’s first-year anniversary as a self-proclaimed terrorist state.  Second, this month of Ramadan is a time to wage jihad, as Mohammed did.  “Ramadan will have lots of surprises,” the Islamic State promised before the Tunisia, France, and Kuwait attacks.

“This may be potentially the most complex counterterror overlay for this event, ever,” affirmed NYPD’s deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism, John Miller.  Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge defines this heightened threat environment as “one of the most severe we have seen in a decade.”

Do U.S. law enforcement and counterterrorism agencies or the media have any perception of the groundbreaking victory Muslims had in their first major battle against non-Muslims that coincides with July 4 of this year?  Perhaps the extremely high volume of social media Islamic terrorist chatter from overseas to the U.S. to wage jihad on U.S. soil can be attributed to the anniversary of the Battle of Badr falling on July 4.

The West can be sure that ISIS will make good on its promise to kill and maim even more non-believers in celebration of these three events, not to mention a tenfold reward in Paradise for any jihadist killed in action during Ramadan.

The perfect Islamic storm is brewing on the horizon as the Obama and other Western administrations tiptoe around Islam in refusing to link it with terrorism or to call the Islamic State Islamic.  Western civilization will tilt, tip over, and eventually capsize unless citizens become more politically engaged in policymaking and more aware of the Islamic storms that face them so that these storms can be better assessed and properly tackled.  Citizenry must stop relying on leaders when those leaders will not even admit the nature of the jihadist enemy.

As Stephen Coughlin writes, “the nature of today’s jihadist enemies can only be understood within the context of their declared strategic doctrine to dominate the world. Just as we ignored Mein Kampf ‘to our great detriment’ prior to World War II, so we are on the verge of suffering a similar fate today.”  The ironically dual anniversary of July 4 and the Battle of Badr representing two antithetical ideologies is looming large.  Be informed.  Be prepared. 

Ebola 1976: The first case of Ebola  spread by injection, intended as a treatment for Malaria.

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Ebola 1976: The first case of Ebola  spread by injection, intended as a treatment for Malaria.


Even as another healthcare worker has died in Nebraska today, so goes another unplanned and unnecessary death at the hands of a very bad human experiment. 

As in 1976, in 2014 the plague of Africa spreads at the hands of an evil few dead set on creating a pandemic that decreases our population and satisfies a wicked persons taste for death and destruction.

Please continue reading and observe the first case and the last case on the same day. Seems fitting huh?

The first reported cases of Ebola in 1976 numbered around 318. The way it made it’s appearance in the Bumba and Zaire regions is of particular interest and leaves many questions as to it’s origin.

A report surfaced during my research that leaves one to believe that Ebola was created and purposefully spread or less likely, a set of very bad medical mistakes occurred resulting in the widespread  pandemic we are now observing. 

My assumption is it was created, placed in the hospitals and then injected into locals at a very fast rate and as a remedy for malaria. And whomever wanted the man made virus to spread actually got their wish. 

On the heels of announcing an extremely virulent strand of disease that was consuming the community disguised as a Malaria outbreak, the people sought local hospitals and clinics for assistance.  It appears they were poisoned by needles at the bedside with Ebola instead. The initial hemmorhagic was mistaken for Marburg but later named Ebola. As we know the same type of strand spreading panic then is doing it now. This occurrence escapes many when you talk about Ebola.I’m sure it’s out of convenience to those hiding facts and perhaps participation was unknowing, but nonetheless it occurred.

According to an NIH, National Institute of Health article uncovered on science.org site, the index case, in epidemiology, is the FIRST documented case of a disease. 

In this first recorded outbreak the onset of symptoms started on September 1st, 1976, five days AFTER RECIEVING an injection of chloroquine for presumptive malaria at the outpatient clinic at Yambuku Mission Hospital (YMH). Did you catch that statement? The first documented case of Ebola appeared  5 days after a shot for Malaria. This is never mentioned in any way throughout history except on this NIH report that was recorded in 1976 and the link provided below. In all supporting data that I have managed to read there always seems to be that “mysterious” person or that certain unnamed person connected to but not identified to a spontaneous outbreak.
And within one week several other persons who had received injections at YMH also SUFFERED FROM EBOLA haemorrhagic fever, and almrost all subsequent cases had either RECIEVED INJECTIONS at the hospital or had close contact with another case. These are not my words. These are found easily on line at the link provided by the NIH.

Most of these occurred during the first four weeks of the epidemic, after which time the hospital was closed, 11 of the 17 staff members died of the disease also.

Doesnt this seem familiar? Remember in recent history, Case X and a research hospital was also closed after rumor of staff giving injections to the locals infecting them with Ebola? I would love to somehow find this person who is evidently giving the “order” to infect these people in large numbers. I feel in some way that person is closely connected to or involved in the research facilities previously reported.

According to exhaustive research, It appears Ebola is being purposefully spread by random injections and in a particular fashion.  Real time and historical recording of the events around this original outbreak confirm this suspicion.

“All ages and both sexes were affected, but women 15-29 years of age had the highest incidence of disease, a phenomenon strongly related to attendance at prenatal and outpatient clinics at the hospital where they RECIEVED INJECTIONS. Again, the situation worsening by a “mysterious injection” being given to patients at prenatal and outpatient centers.

In the link below, released in 2010, the National Institute of Health recognized that in rural areas a vector such as a rat or a bat was responsible for the spread of ebola, yet in the 26 “outbreaks” in Africa in nearly 40 years, the Urban or high density cases were in Urban areas and infectious vectors were not found.

The disease was hitherto unknown to the people of the affected region. Intensive search for cases in the area of north-eastern Zaire between the Bumba Zone and the Sudan frontier near Nzara and Maridi failed to detect definite evidence of a link between an epidemic of the disease in that country and the outbreak near Bumba. Does this impress you that nowhere else in the country could they find the same strand of the disease as they could in Bumba? They were looking in the wrong direction. They should have been looking in syringes at the clinics and hospitals that were supposed to be treating patients, not infecting them.

Nevertheless it was established that people can and do make the trip between Nzara and Bumba in not more than four days: thus it was regarded as quite possible that an infected person had travelled from Sudan to Yambuku and transferred the virus to a needle of the hospital while receiving an injection at the outpatient clinics.

Further reports of stories of being “injected” with Ebola continued to spread.

The reports continue.


“Discussions with local people and a review of the factory records for the previous two years did not reveal any fatal haemorrhagic disease in Nzara until late June or early July, 1976.”

“At that time, one or two factory workers per week started dying of haemorrhagic disease and subsequently their families or friends who cared for them would manifest the same symptoms. By the first week in September, six factory workers and 25 of their contacts had developed the same syndrome and 21 had died. Of the six factory employees, five worked in one specific end of the cotton factory.” 

“Extensive discussions with friends and families of these workers did not reveal any possible link between them except the factory. None had cared for any pre-existing cases of the disease nor were they ill prior to onset when they might have RECIEVED an injection with a contaminated needle, nor did they have any known contact with monkeys or any other wild animals. Their houses were widely scattered over the area and their social circles were very different.” 

“These reports keep echoing dismay and the improbability that this much could be happening without a common thread.”

“With their only link being the cotton factory, the investigation for an animal reservoir of infection was concentrated in Nzara and specifically in the cotton factory itself. The results of this investigation will be reported elsewhere.”

“Both the incubation period, and the duration of the clinical disease averaged about one week.” 

The report continues. “After 3-4 days of non-specific symptoms and signs, patients typically experienced progressively severe sore throat, developed a maculopapular rash, had intractable abdominal pain, and began to bleed from multiple sites, principally the gastrointestinal tract. Although laboratory determinations were limited and not conclusive, it was concluded that pathogenesis of the disease included non-icteric hepatitis and possibly acute pancreatitis as well as disseminated intravascular coagulation. This syndrome was caused by a virus morphologically similar to Marburg virus, but immunologically distinct. It was named Ebola virus. The agent was isolated from the blood of 8 of 10 suspected cases using Vero cell cultures. Titrations of serial specimens obtained from one patient disclosed persistent viraemia of 106.5-104.5 infectious units from the third day of illness until death on the eighth day. ”

“Ebola virus particles were found in formalin- (It is used, generally in a much more dilute form, as a disinfectant, and anti-bacterial… The disinfectant properties of the solution are due to the presence of formaldehyde, which also gives it a pungent, irritating smell, in the day, formalin was used for disinfecting needles used for giving injections.) The conclusion is that the formalin was tainted and contained the Ebola virus.

Interestingly the Ebola virus ravaging Africa today and spreading in America is the same strand invented and patented by the US Government containing a Marburg component.

Things that make you go hmm?


Continue to read and I will continue to look for answers.

Have a great day!

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