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HR 628: UN to regulate internet, possible vote in Congress Thursday

In Uncategorized on June 3, 2012 at 12:14 PM

The House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Communications and Technology will take up the issue of turning control of the internet over to the United Nations this THURSDAY!

As many continue to call the many actions of the UNITED NATIONS conspiracy or a farce the UN continues to attempt to take over every function that we now freely enjoy as Americans.

The same people that are calling this hostile, blatant takeover of our country a conspiracy or imaginary are either complicit or are totally ignorant of the news around them.

We can no longer delay with these tactics of our elected officials. Our country is in grave danger and we cannot offer excuses or vilify those that are warning of our demise. We must act now!

The UN wants our sovereignty, our freedom, money and our coveted way of life. They know very well that we have the greatest GDP that rivals China and to control our Internet and our way of life would definitely make them a lot wealthier, thus the ability to spread the wealth to other countries and give them control over most of the world using regulatory fines to enhance the UN bank roll.

Sounds like a really bad Alfred Hitchcock or Steven Spielberg movie doesn’t it? Large international powerhouse takes over the Internet from the United States. Also taking their guns, business and their property? But, it’s happening and the push is on now with the combined, coordinated efforts of our relentless bureaucrats and their clones.

This Thursday a possible vote could go forward out of the Energy and Commerce Committee to give the rights of our Internet and all its regulatory control over to the UNITED NATIONS!

Why are we still involved with the UN? Why are we weekly seeing bills or resolutions come before our Congress and put to a vote. Why are we allowing an international body to have access to our borders, much less our representative bodies? The answer is simple! Many within the bureaucratic machine, like the Chamber of Commerce, who has “Chief Consultation Status” with the UN, have full reign and access to our representatives complete with their multi million dollar lobbying efforts that are swaying these votes to fruition. That’s why!

It is high time we take back control of our government! We must perform a lot of R and R! Remove and Replace these vile representatives who continue to be influenced by wealthy lobbyist that are buying these votes and padding their pockets with cash.

Control of the Internet would mean a very healthy means of freedom of speech would be squelched or halted altogether. Grassroots citizens like you and I would no longer have access to the masses quickly. The UN would not allow free speech or any of our numerous other liberties to be expressed in this format. You would be silenced!

Speak up now, loudly and often! Let Congress know we do not want the UNITED NATIONS regulating our Internet and essentially stepping into our living rooms and saying “you can’t say or do that!”

Members of the Committee are on this link. Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn is our State Representative on this committee!

CALL CONGRESS TODAY at 202-224-3121, just ask for your Congressman or woman and ask them nicely to not vote for this resolution if it makes it to the floor.

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