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Obama gets denied! Van Irion proves in Georgia court that Obama illegal to run for office!

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Van is busy these days! He has a lawsuit pending in DC regarding Obamacare and now he is challenging Obamas eligibility to run for office and is winning! Praying for you everyday Van! Take it to him and don’t let up! I consider Van a dear friend! We have been through it together! We got your back Van! Keep on keeping on!

Georgia Court Ruled Against Obama


Breaking CCA News!  This morning the Georgia Court of Administrative Hearings denied Obama’s motion to dismiss our ballot challenge. More importantly, the court’s opinion ruled in our favor on all procedural and state law issues, leaving only one thing left to decide: Whether Obama is a natural-born-citizen under the Constitution.

Remember that no court has ever addressed this issue! As you know our argument is very simple. We argue that the Supreme Court has defined “natural-born-citizen” as a person with two U.S. citizen parents, and Obama admits that his father was never a U.S. citizen.

Others have raised many legal theories and asserted numerous facts regarding Obama’s past, his identity, his parentage, and his qualifications to hold office. None of those others have EVER succeeded in having a single court address the substantive issues they raised. Every one of those cases have been dismissed on procedural grounds without considering the substantive arguments at issue. Liberty Legal Foundation will now be the first to appear before a court that has affirmatively stated that it will decide the Constitutional question.

The hearing is set for 9AM on January 26th in Atlanta, Georgia.

As you know, we have similar cases filed in Tennessee state court and Federal court in Arizona. Hopefully the Georgia court will set the groundwork for victories across the country. If any court rules that Obama is not Constitutionally qualified to hold the office of President, it will be a major victory and should make international news. All the motions are located on our website on the Georgia Ballot Challenge page.

Let us all pray that 2012 will finally be the year the courts uphold the Constitution on this critical issue. It is certainly wonderful to start the year with a win!

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