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Medicaid expansion higher than expected, spells doom for enrollees 

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Medicaid expansion higher than expected, spells doom for enrollees 

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Who could have seen this one coming? 

Medicaid expansion under Obamacare is 91 percent higher than states expected. 

Of the states initially choosing to expand Medicaid under Obamacare have seen enrollee numbers explode from an estimated 3.6 million to nearly 7 million, a whopping 91 percent increase.

Remember the Tennessee Medicaid expansion in the early 1990s that resulted in 300 percent debt above expected costs and enrollment shoving the state into near bankruptcy, a failing credit rating, a near state income tax and consumption of nearly 40 percent of the states total budget? 

The end result in TN, the Governor had to cut 10s of thousands of enrollees from the roster of TNCARE enrollees just to stop the bleeding.

The trouble with “free healthcare” under a state plan via Obamacare is exactly that, it’s free!

If you throw out a free state program via the federal government to those who unfortunately have very little, it will be ravenously and uncontrollably consumed. Consumed much like a wild animal being thrown a steak. 

You can stand at any Emergency Room in the nation and see the waste and over utilization inside a free, expanded healthcare program. The doors are brimming with consumers trying to get a chunk of that free healthcare pie.

The continual rotation of these patients night after night, day in and day out is only understood by a caregiver that works in this environment. 

The system has no checks and balances and does not encourage frugality nor discourage habitual practices and use of the ER as the main source for their primary care.

Costs will continue to sore and few will restrain. At this pace it is easy to see private healthcare premiums will continue to rise and their benefits dwindle because free healthcare will consume all the resources. 

This allowance for overspending seems purposeful. This seems to stimulate the record high healthcare CEO salaries among Insurance executives. This would explain loads and would definitely explain the lack of oversight of such a massive expansion.

The hospitals are at an advantage here and are calling for expansion to tap into the steady stream of federal tax revenue to protect their bottom line. Sadly, this only kicks the can down the road and doesn’t solve our current problem the one we initially set out to fix. 

Hospitals are reluctant to discourage utilization instead preferring to overutilize to maximize a return on the care rendered while never really expecting to get 100 percent of their costs recovered. They are simply tossing out the net and recovering as much revenue as possible to stay alive.

Our healthcare system will never be fixed by encouraging frugal utilization because lower billable costs will result in lower income streams, thus our dilemma and conclusion that healthcare cost will never be reduced because to reduce or manage costs downward will spell financial disaster for those delivering that care.  We have to lower costs inside the machine and decrease that demand which would offer incentive to restrain spending. Attacking Big Pharma costs for medication cost crimes would also be a sensible maneuver if we truly want to knock down escalating costs.

There is no incentive not to consume or penalty for doing so inside our healthcare system for the reasons aforementioned. 

The free fall begins and will continue if certain legislator have their way. 

We are not fixing anything by expanding Medicaid or introducing INSURE TN, ie, Obamacare to the masses we are only perpetuating the delivery of 100s of million of new federal tax dollars and dumping them on a huge healthcare sponge that has no restraint nor does it encourage restraint. 

It’s paradoxically the same as giving a heroin addict a syringe and endless supply of cash and telling him to be thrifty with it’s use. 

The recipients of free healthcare see this as an entitlement and under these conditions cost control will not happen nor will over consumption be squelched. 

Costs will inevitably be beyond state budget restraints and many will eventually receive benefits and then have them taken away when states realize they can’t support the weight of a continuous drain on it’s resources.

Remember the Affordable Care Act, Insure TN, Medicaid expansion was to be sexy beast designed to entice 100s of thousands into free healthcare with the promise of federal aid to cover 100 percent of the costs of the new enrollees. The ugly, not so sexy side is, the federal government is not refunding 100 percent as promised.

In 2017, the federal government’s portion of the bill will start scaling back, eventually down to 90% and then as if to add insult to injury, the states are on the hook for 50% of the administration costs incurred in signing up new Medicaid enrollees.

For example, In Kentucky, they had 311,000 new Medicaid enrollees in fiscal year 2014, doubling their original estimates. 

Kentucky is now being forced to revise its Medicaid cost estimate from $33 million to $74 million for fiscal year 2017, and the projection for 2021 is now a staggering $363 million. 

Kentucky will be forced soon to remove many from it’s enrollees from their insurance plans as Tennessee did in the 90s after over enrollment and cost factors proved too much for the states budget.

Please see the graph below provided by FGA, the Foundation for Government Accountability.

As per the graph above it shows “17 states were over their projected 2014 enrollment, and 16 states had already enrolled more than they projected for the lifetime of expansion.”

As per uncoverobamacare.com, “According to an AP analysis of state budget projections, at least 14 states have new Medicaid enrollments that have exceeded their original projections, Medicaid enrollments, and cost details in the expansion states. At least seven have increased their costs estimates for 2017 like Kentucky had to do.”

The AP report continues, “California had enrolled nearly 2.3 million people, almost three times what they estimated. Washington’s enrollment more than doubled. Oregon’s enrollments are 73% higher than projected. Michigan’s estimated costs increased by 50%. Ohio’s projected costs more than doubled!” 

As you can see we are fixing nothing by expanding Medicaid, implementing Insure Tn or Obamacare.

We are only enabling the demise of a system crippled by many years of overspending inside an anemic reimbursement structure. 

We have created the monster, now it’s time to tame it, if we dare.

Thanks to the following sources for their most excellent facts and statements. I would encourage my readers to consume from these sources regularly. They have many more fantastic articles to view.




NY joins KY as Common Core test failures mount across the nation

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NY joins KY as Common Core test failures mount across the nation

Common Core Grade Report:

Kentucky- FAIL

New York- FAIL

Tennessee- Pending but expected to fail.

New York has now joined Kentucky this week in announcing the dismal failure of Common Core in their states.

The end of year assessment tests are in and it aint purdy!

New York reports only 31 percent are competent on assessment tests using Common Core as it’s standard. Some New York school districts have reported only a 5 percent competency rate. Similar scores for Kentucky. 

Dismal by all standards. If this were an domestic animal, my daddy would have taken it out in the woods and shot it…….in the head…….twice!!!

Conclusion and realization? Common Core aint working and it comes as no surprise to those that saw this coming. 

Common Core really is a hyped up mess, make up dripping down her face and looking for a prom date….and one heel broken and an ugly date.

Besides being a top down nationalization of our schools, it is mostly unproven and promotes equalization of all students by teaching down to the lowest denominator. Think about that for a moment. Dumbing down to the lowest denominator? Which child from your childhood comes to mind, never mind, it’s too visual right now, I’m about to go hug my higher than the standard child and hang on for dear life to prevent the slide backward. 

It is the dumbing down of our school system, our children.

It is the socialist model. 

Who would have thought that revamping math to an unrecognizable entity, shifting a focus to reading technical manuals instead of the literary masters while erasing multiple choice for essay answers would raise scores?

I surely didnt! 

Supporters of Common Core are saying it will take about 5 years to get it right and see tests improve. 5 years? 

A whole generation of students finish 8th grade and graduate before we get it right? 

In the meantime a student dumb as a box of rocks tries to get into college , can’t pass the exam, then gets a job where he can’t even read the men’s bathroom sign or fill out a job application or form a complete sentence.  What a nice trade we have brokered?

Parents and teachers should be sideways over this. This curriculum, ie new common core standards were implemented without a smidgen of shared information. 

A group of high paid politicians inside an NGO, Non Governmental Organization called NGA and an ultra liberal education think tank, CCSSO decided our schools need a new direction and they just do it without a bit of input from those receiving the golden wiener. 

Even our elected officials didn’t know what they were voting for. Our elected officials pulled the Nancy Pelosi look alike vote, vote for it then see what is in it.  

Our houses voted and had somewhat of an idea there was some new standards in there but got the message that it was business as usual for it was standards they have seen before. The exchange of 500 million dollars for their “yes” vote quickly closed the mouths of any objections. 

The vote for Race to the Top was signed and the standards were not even developed, yet they hurriedly went from John to prostitute and the transaction was complete. 

You would think at least a questionnaire for our teachers or parents to fill out would be in line before prostituting out our children to the highest bidder. 

Bureaucrats inside liberal think tanks take a bribe of 500 million dollars from Barrack Hussein Obama to overhaul Tennessee’s educational system and now we are the bend over lover that never gets formally introduced to mom and dad.

Teachers get the short end of this deal. They get bypassed for input into the new standards and as a bonus get told that if they say anything they will be living in a cardboard box across the street from the nearest retail business searching for food from inside the four walls of a dumpster.

The distrust of our teachers drives this program. Teachers are gonna get blamed for these bad test scores that dont even have the supporting teaching materials to accompany these new standards. After all, they are expensive and it will take a while to get them. God bless our teachers as we witness the walls colliding on them as Common Core sinks it’s fangs into their careers! 

So, when “the teacher” fails, their pay drops off and they are replaced by trained robots from DC or recycled through some dirty teacher washing machine and sent back to the front lines with day old drool from the left side of their face onto a snug bib around their neck.  

Teachers are not able to do what they know how to do. They are stuck teaching to a test that has no rules or established guidelines. 

When this failure happens across Tennessee and it will, the Feds will gobble up the bad schools, do away with school boards and local control and wallah, top down federalization of our schools under the stealthy hand of a Marxist from the White House.

Folks Common Core has never been tested! It has no template or precedence. It has not been tweaked, this is the first roll out. 

Even cars get their tires kicked and get a spin around the block before a price tag gets placed on the rear passenger window. 

Its being pushed by multi billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates who live high enough up in the hills to be starved of the necessary oxygen to make rational decisions. 

Their endless supply of do as I say grants are paving the way to this nightmare and the money they stand to make on the much needed software and supporting materials will give them enough ka ching well into the next millennium.

Where do we go when we hit bottom? When Tennessee like New York and Kentucky gets an F? 

What happens to a generation of children that missed out on a pretty good education and leaves for the workforce about two bricks shy of a full load? 

What about the students left in lower grades that now must survive in a post common core world where an educational system has been brought to ruins and forced to look for an alternative…again! 

We now have our second generation unable to count, read or place 3 blocks vertically in a row?Wow! 

What a price to pay for a revolution on education by DC elitist and promoted by those with less than lofty goals for our country. 

Then again, perhaps they did accomplish one goal. Failure and embarrassment for our country and a bunch of kids with hardly an education.

For now plant your feet, brace for the oncoming high speed train wreck. It’s speeding down the track and we know where it’s headed.

Talk to your elected leaders and let’s stop common core in it’s tracks!

Choo choo chooooooo!!!





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