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Action Alert: Power companies trying to pull plug on Smart Meter Bills in TN

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We need your immediate assistance! Do not delay! This is an action alert sent out by the TN Legislative Team, we appreciate the heads up by Karen Bracken, who has been following this closely.

The Power Companies and their lobbyist are trying to change the wording in the bills which will leave them essentially ineffective. Please call and email the names and numbers provided below. You want change? You must support those that are creating the change! We can not simply sit back and watch as big money and back door power moves destroy our state and country!


The Utility companies are trying to strip the language of our SMART METER bill.  If they are successful the bill will be rendered useless to all Tennesseans.  WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW.
Please spread the word to all patriot members, friends, neighbors and relatives.  We need phone calls and emails to the following Sub Committee and Committee members.   Ask them to support our bill AS WRITTEN.  We The People should come before special interest groups that might give campaign money but the voters are who put you in office and we can take elected officials out of office too.  (REMEMBER MONDAY, FEB. 18 IS A HOLIDAY)  Lets get prepared to hit the phones hard on TUESDAY.  But you can send email NOW!!  Tell the committee members you SUPPORT HB373/SB283 and would like it passed AS WRITTEN.
This is the first ACTION ALERT of the legislative session but it will surely not be the last.   Let them know we are watching and we are paying attention!!!
Smart Meters are a proven carcinogen.  They are an invasion of privacy and the end game is to ration electric, gas and water while raising the costs to the rate payer.  Less energy used=loss of revenue to the utility company=higher cost to you with rationed use!!!  What sounds good today often comes back to bite us years down the road.
I have corrected the phone number for Senator Ken Yager since sending my original email.
Please make 1 phone call to the following and send an email to each member noted below:
HB373 – Sponsored by Rep. Rick Womick  –  Business and Utilities Sub Committee
Committee Officers
Art Swann, Chair   615-714-5481   rep.art.swann@capitol.tn.gov
Kent Calfee615-741-7658   rep.kent.calfee@capitol.tn.gov
Barry Doss615-741-7476    rep.barry.doss@capitol.tn.gov
Curry Todd615-741-1866 rep.curry.todd@capitol.tn.gov
Tim Wirgau615-741-6804    rep.tim.wirgau@capitol.tn.gov
SB283 – Sponsored by Senator Ketron – State & Local Government Committee
Committee Officers
Ken Yager, Chair   615-741-1449  sen.ken.yager@capitol.tn.gov
Jack Johnson, 1st Vice-Chair  615-741-2459 sen.jack.johnson@capitol.tn.gov
Janice Bowling, 2nd Vice-Chair  615-741-6694  sen.janice.bowling@capitol.tn.gov
Mark Green 615-741-2374  sen.mark.green@capitol.tn.gov
Mark Norris 615-741-1967  sen.mark.norris@capitol.tn.gov
John Stevens 615-741-4576 sen.john.stevens@capitol.tn.gov

Barrack Obama: Administrator

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Barack Obama: administrator
By Henry Lamb

Edward Mandel House wrote a terrible novel titled “Philip Dru: Administrator.” The book is a vision of how House believed government should operate. As Woodrow Wilson’s “alter-ego,” he did everything he could to bring about his vision during Wilson’s Presidency, including the design and creation of the League of Nations. House could not have known that some 70 years after his death, Barack Hussein Obama would be in the White House displaying many of the same beliefs and implementing many of the same ideas he had attributed to Philip Dru.

Philip Dru believed that “Our Constitution and our laws served us well for the first hundred years of our existence, but under the conditions of today they are not only obsolete, but even grotesque” (p. 222).

Obama believes that the Constitution (1:29) is an “imperfect” document that is “flawed.”

Philip Dru believed that “Government…was to have representation upon the boards of [every] corporation…. Labor was to have one representative upon the boards of [every] corporation and to share a certain percentage of the earnings above their wages.” (p. 183)

The Washington Post reported in April, 2009: “The Obama administration will play a key role in reshaping General Motors’ board of directors over the next six months, potentially giving it even greater control in the management of the storied American manufacturer.” Slate reported in June, 2009, that: “The United Auto Workers control about 65 percent of Chrysler and 17.5 percent of General Motors.”

Philip Dru believed that: “The strong will help the weak, the rich will share with the poor, and it will not be called charity, but it will be known as justice.” (p. 42).

Barack Obama believes that neither the Constitution nor the Supreme Court go far enough to say what the government must do on behalf of its citizens to redistribute the wealth(1:26)of those who have it in order to achieve social justice.

Philip Dru longed for the day when: “…there were no legislative bodies sitting, and the function of law making was confined to one individual, the Administrator himself.” (p. 221).

Barack Obama ignored the legislative bodies’ requirement in the 1973 War Powers Act that explicitly states:

“The constitutional powers of the President as Commander-in-Chief to introduce United States Armed Forces into hostilities, or into situations where imminent involvement in hostilities is clearly indicated by the circumstances, are exercised only pursuant to:

(1) a declaration of war,

(2) specific statutory authorization, or

(3) a national emergency created by attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces.”

Barack Obama says that dropping bombs and unleashing missiles on Libya does not constitute “hostilities” that require him to get “specific statutory authorization” from Congress (1:23). Obama says that dropping bombs and unleashing missiles on Libya is a “kinetic military action.”

When Congress refused to enact his “Cap & Trade” policy, Obama ordered his EPA director to develop rules and regulations to impose his policy administratively (1:30), without participation of Congress.

When Congress refused to enact his “Dream Act,” Obama ordered his Homeland Security Secretary to enforce only a portion of existing immigration law, thereby imposing the effect of his Dream Act (5:58) administratively.

The Administrative form of government envisioned by Philip Dru is the same form of government originally envisioned for the League of Nations, with one global administrator issuing orders throughout his global agencies. Included in the global regime would be the member nations, each working to crown a single administrator to implement global policies, and issue orders throughout his national agencies.

The United States rejected this vision by rejecting the League of Nations. Franklin D. Roosevelt revived and revised the vision slightly when he created the United Nations. The U.N. vision of global governance now promotes a facilitated “consensus” process that essentially renders legislative bodies unnecessary. This procedure is outlined in Agenda 21 and is implemented through a variety of policies under the generic label “sustainable development.”

Barack Obama has demonstrated his impatience with the legislative process. He has demonstrated his contempt for the U.S. Constitution. He has displayed his willingness to ignore enforcement of immigration and marijuana laws with which he disagrees, while using the rule-making process to create and enforce his policies without Congressional involvement.

When Obama talks, the most common words heard in every speech, regardless of the subject are: “I, and my.” His behavior in office makes him appear to be unaware and unconcerned about anything and everything other than his prestige, his comfort, his fortune, and his future. He looks very much like the Administrator Philip Dru envisioned when “…there were no legislative bodies sitting, and the function of law making was confined to one individual, the Administrator himself.”

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