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OSCE- “We are not an agency of the UN”, exposing myth number one

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In the last week the OSCE-(Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, formerly the Helsinki Commission, spurred by the United Nations desire to improve relations between the Worlds two nuclear superpowers Russia and the United States in the 70s, has gone on the offensive regarding the use of OSCE observers at 44 US polling sites.

In the fashion of the UN when during the exposure of Agenda 21, the OSCE is denying they are part of the United Nations and are attempting to discredit those who criticize their actions.

On there website http://www.OSCE.org, has begun to attack those exposing their intent by choosing several items mentioned in past blogs and adamantly denying those charges.

As you may be aware, reporting news at it happens requires extensive research and it’s readers demand that the information be accurate and factual. Creating a news story based on facts is fun to me, it gives me an outlet to vent and is very therapeutic in that I gain great pleasure and insight in revealing something that many have never heard of and the leftist media refuses to report.

With that said, I take great offense to reading that the OSCE has started spinning the truth to prevent exposure and are using my credibility as a vice to relay the version they choose not necessarily the truth.

The purpose of this blog is to show their deceptive techniques as lies and spin. I recently came across the opinion piece on their site and have decided to counter these lies with the truth and offer some insight into this stealthy organization. Sit back, relax and enjoy the debate. Remember, as UN most political situations you have to put the puzzle together before you can see the truth. Here goes.

Directly from the OSCE website:

OSCE: Establishing the facts.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen numerous misleading media reports regarding the role of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe in observing the upcoming general elections in the United States on 6 November.

In addition, we have been the recipient of countless messages from concerned citizens about our presence in the United States.

In response, here are a few facts that we hope will help dispel some of the rumors that have been circulating.

1. A huge lie.
1. The Organization for Security and Co-operation (OSCE) is not an agency of the United Nations. See below for BCN response.

2. Not a complete truth. They do my h more than observe and learn.
2. OSCE election observers are bound by a strict code of conduct, requiring them to maintain impartiality in the conduct of their duties, to perform those duties in an unobtrusive manner, and to not interfere in the elections in the United States in any way. They are not election police or referees. They will not play any role in counting votes or resolving election disputes. Their only role is to observe the process and to report on the degree to which that process meets the commitments that the United States has agreed to uphold.

3. A lie.
3. OSCE observers have not been invited by one political faction to investigate claims against any other political faction. The OSCE observers have been invited by the United States Government. In fact, the OSCE has already observed a number of US elections, including previous general elections in 2004 and 2008 and mid-term elections in 2002, 2006, and 2010, always at the invitation of the respective administration that was in office at the time of the election.

4. A lie.
4. The presence of OSCE observers is not in violation of US law. In fact, the OSCE is very aware that individual states have their own laws regarding the presence of observers at polling stations, and OSCE observers have never violated these laws in any of the five US elections already observed, and they will not do so this time.

5. A partial lie.
5. The United States is one of the founding members of the OSCE, having been a part of the Organization since it was first established in 1975 as an important multilateral forum for dialogue between East and West at the height of the Cold War. Click here to see the Organization’s timeline.

6. A partial lie.
6. The OSCE has a longstanding invitation to monitor elections in every one of its participating States. The invitation can be found in the Organization’s Copenhagen Document, which was signed on behalf of the United States in 1990 by then-Secretary of State James Baker, under the Republican administration of George H. W. Bush. Baker, a native of the state of Texas, had previously been chief of staff under President Ronald Reagan.

7. A lie.
7. Since agreeing to the principles of election observation, the United States has been a strong supporter of this practice, as both Democratic and Republican administrations have made it a standard practice over the years to invite OSCE observers to monitor both general and mid-term congressional elections.

8. A lie.
8. Over the past twenty-plus years, citizens of the United States have taken part in OSCE election observation missions to many other countries, including places like Albania, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Kazakhstan, Russia, and the United Kingdom.


Bradley County News (BCN) response to lie number 1: I will attempt to address all lies and partial lies by Tuesday if time allows. In the meantime this organization is a big part of the UN.

Lie number 1: OSCE IS PART OF UN. From OSCE website.

The OSCE recognizes that the United Nations Security Council bears primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. Thus, the United Nations is the OSCE’s primary partner organization. In 1992, the participating States declared the OSCE (at that time CSCE) to be “a regional arrangement in the sense of Chapter VIII of the Charter of the United Nations”. In 1993, a Framework for Co-operation and Co-ordination between the United Nations Secretariat and the CSCE was agreed upon, and in the same year the UN granted the CSCE observer status.

The 2005 World Summit called on the United Nations to expand consultation and co-operation with regional organizations. On 17 October 2005, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution (S/RES/1631) which provided for further enhancing co-operation between regional organizations and the Security Council.

The two organizations maintain close contacts and co-operation through elaborate mechanisms of high-level dialogue, as well as co-ordination and information-sharing at staff-level:

The OSCE has observer status in the UN General Assembly, while the UN is invited to participate in OSCE Ministerial Council and Summit meetings. UN representatives are frequently invited to address the OSCE Permanent Council. 

Representatives of relevant United Nations entities are invited to participate in the main annual OSCE events, including the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting, the Economic Forum and the Annual Security Review Conference.

Annual UN-OSCE staff-level meetings serve as an important venue for exchange of information and co-ordination of activities.
OSCE field operations co-operate closely with UN agencies and missions. For example, the OSCE Mission in Kosovo is an integral part of the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), and the OSCE Mission to Georgia supports the United Nations conflict settlement efforts in Abkhazia, Georgia

OSCE following UN Charter:

ABC NEWS REPORT: United Nations will observe US elections.

UN signs on with UN Security Council

Click to access osce_support_1373_1624.pdf


Let’s borrow some Clintonesque type logic to “What is an agency?” the definition below explains it well.

See agency in American Heritage Dictionary 4


noun pl. a·gen·cies

1) The condition of being in action; operation.

2) The means or mode of acting; instrumentality.

3) A business or service authorized to act for others: an employment agency.

4) An administrative division of a government or international body.

Can you see the obvious and forthright lie? The OSCE stating they are not an agency of the UN is very misleading and could have very dire circumstances for the US if the elections are somehow disrupted by one of these leftist fringe groups.

Tea Party leader fires back about fliers

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Tea Party leader fires back about fliers

The ironic thing is there is not one mistruth is in this flyer! And our elected officials have stirred up one hell of a balew over it! It is all true! I am holding a document and would gladly provide a copy that clearly states that 300 homes in the downtown area will be “demolished and redeveloped” just as the flyer warns.

The mix up is that it is my belief that not even the Mayor is fully informed of the growth plan that he and his council have voted on and approved recently!

This is the price they pay for allowing 3rd parties and NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) such as industrial boards, Chamber of Commerce or economic development appointees or committee members to make all the in between vote decisions for them. Then when the informed taxpayer, in this instance, an informed tea partier does his due diligence, researches numerous documents and presents facts to our elected officials they have that deer in the headlight look as if seeing it for the first time.

I have a very alert, well educated and intelligent group of individuals in the tea party and they are willing to go to bat to stop this type of spin on the truth even if it means great personal conflict or loss! It is a belief in the constitution, that if followed will flush out many who do not belong in office.

We can no longer sit back and trust our elected officials with the rings at a full gallop. We must, as concerned citizens, pull back on the bit and slow the stallion down while occasionally having to break them with a steady firm hand.

Our politician bureaucrat types are attempting to discredit and silence any person that speaks the truth in an open venue, such as passing flyers out to the public.

Not one single mistruth permeates this flyer! The biggest lie told on this story comes from a very misinformed Mayor and council that is not even aware of the plans inside the plan they voted to enact just a few short months ago.

To make up for their information inadequacy they strike at the first person who happens to tell them something they have never heard or seen and instead of researching the data or “googling” the information as suggested, they assume the information is false and start a campaign against this valiant man and his family!

The campaign hoisted by this administration is irrehensible and truly has hurt those in it’s path! The ability of one person and it’s seven henchmen along with a willing press to do absolutely no research of any of the data in question is the true destructive component of a government and it’s governors that are sorely inconsiderate of their electorate.

I would truly be ashamed if this were my doing and hurting a family the way some have. The mental anguish this has placed on this person is almost unbearable and has caused a fine upstanding citizen to go underground to avoid tyranny from a runaway government.

Not a single reporter or elected representative that I am aware of has even bothered to raise a hand to research the facts. If they did they would clearly see that the information that is being hotly contested would bare out the truth and provide the answers and end the debate over truth or non truth.

It’s like Nancy Pelosi suggested on the Obamacare health care bill, sign it then we will read it later! The taxpayers are pretty aware of what is coming down the pike, it’s the elected officials that would sign on a paper bag without knowing what was in the bag, if it meant federal dollars coming their way!

Source: http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2012/jun/20/tea-party-leader-fires-back-about-fliers/?local

CLEVELAND, Tenn. — The head of the Tea Party of Bradley County said Tuesday that Mayor Tom Rowland should resign after taking a stand against a flier — written by a tea party member — that says the city wants to destroy the homes in some Cleveland neighborhoods.

Donny Harwood, local tea party chairman, said Rowland thinks he is king.

The Cleveland City Council also voted unanimously to request a police investigation into the flier, a decision that Harwood says is “to basically manhunt down the source of the flier and have him arrested or brought up on charges.”

Harwood said the man who put out the flier recently joined the Bradley tea party and is “now in fear of his safety and well-being. I had to listen as his family wept in the background on a phone conversation because this mayor unjustifiably put out a bounty on his head!”

In his emailed statement, Harwood said the mayor and all the City Council, plus city planner Greg Thomas, should resign.

Rowland said Tuesday that “the job of city government is to protect its citizens and that includes misinformation that could put fear into senior citizens.”

Rowland has said there is no plan to destroy homes in the neighborhoods through a plan being developed by Bradley County, Cleveland and Charleston to accommodate growth for the next 25 years.

“The neighborhoods where the fliers were circulated are established neighborhoods where people have lived for two or three generations,” Rowland said. “They should not be given misinformation that creates fear.

“The council simply asked for an investigation to determine the source of the fliers so they can be given correct information. Of course, if any criminal laws are violated, that is a different matter,” Rowland said.

Calling the city government “runaway,” Harwood said that if he or the man who put out the flier are harmed, that the mayor, the council and Thomas “should be held responsible and investigated to the fullest extent of the law!”

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