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Department of Education replacing “Mom and Dad with parent 1 and 2” to halt gender roles

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Department of Education replacing “Mom and Dad with parent 1 and 2” to halt gender roles

The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) has announced it will replace “gender specific terms like ‘mother’ and father’” in the 2014-2015 federal student aid form with neutral language.

The terms “mother” and “father” will no longer be used on the Federal Application for Student Aid.
The new language, “parent one” and “parent two,” is aimed at accommodating students who have grown up in gay households and have either two mothers or two fathers, according to a statement released by the DOE late last month.

“All students should be able to apply for federal student aid within a system that incorporates their unique family dynamics,” said U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in the press release.

The new language will “provide an inclusive form that reflects the diversity of American families,” he added.  

According to Duncan, “gender-specific terms also fail to capture income and other information from one parent when a student’s parents are in a same-sex marriage under state law but not federally recognized under the Defense of Marriage Act.”

A spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Education did not return calls for comment from Campus Reform.

The Federal Application for Student Aid, or FAFSA, determines a student’s eligibility for federal student aid, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

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Please visit the site above many times, it is chocked full of great information.

I’m curious, who will be parent number 1 and who will be parent number 2. Seems this delineates one  to a lesser role? 

A liberal wack a mole socialist agenda is coursing through our educational system and it must cease.

Why aren’t we focused on teaching the kids instead of trying to get them to change their whole thought process and comfort zone and adjust to someone else’s idea of how they think the world should be.

ABC’s, the three R’s, what ever happened to that? 

If you choose an alternative lifestyle, so be it! Godspeed and may you live long and be prosperous. 

My question is this, why should my children be asked to change the way they think because a few choose to do their thing? 

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