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Common Core goes green: Next Generation Science Standards on the way

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Common Core goes green: Next Generation Science Standards on the way

Ever since the appointment of Arne Duncan as the Secretary of Education, Governor Bill Haslam elected as our “radical education reformer,” Kevin Huffman,  Secretary of Education in Tennessee, ex husband of Michelle Rhee appointed by Haslam  and our State Representative Kevin Brooks, the recipient of 6,000 dollars of Rhees money our state and our kids have seen this day coming for a while. The perfect storm was formulated.

Common Core is rolling out the green carpet. A liberals dream come true. A radical reformist politicians bucket list has come to fruition.

In a world created by the highest bidder, the next progressive step in common core is to indoctrinate our children using the “green movement” as their platform. 

The big political arm of the green movement is now surfacing in our schools. Science, the EPA and the UNs next big step to further liberalize, globalize our school system in exchange for the minds of our children.

Common Core is teaming up with the “greenies” to provide a multi-pronged effort to promote “fun” contests and activities for students while promoting the new Common Core “state standards” in Science.
As reported by Mary Grabar in Front Page Magazine (See link below), she states  “For example, the Department’s latest Green Strides newsletter (February 28) announced three contests for K-12 students who display their agreement with the government’s position on climate change.”

“In that newsletter, the Department of Education announced that another federal agency, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and its National Environmental Education Foundation, have “launched an exciting video challenge for middle school students called Climate Change in Focus.”  

“In this contest, middle school students are asked to make a video that “expresses why they care about climate change and what they are doing to reduce emissions or to prepare for its impacts.”  

“To win loyalty to the EPA, it is announced that winning videos will be highlighted on the EPA website.”

 “The effort sounds like the kids’ cereal box promotions of yore: the top three entries will receive “cool prizes like a solar charging backpack,” winning class projects will receive special recognition for their school, and the first 100 entrants will receive a year’s subscription to National Geographic Kids Magazine.”

“Another contest, National Wildlife Federation’s Young Reporters for the Environment, invites students “between the ages of 13-21 to report on an environmental issue in their community in an article, photo or photo essay, or short video.”  Entries should “reflect firsthand investigation of topics related to the environment and sustainability in the students’ own communities, draw connections between local and global perspectives, and propose solutions.”

“Students are also encouraged to make nominations for “Champions of the Earth,” a “UN-sponsored award for environment, Green Economy, and sustainability.”  

“Students already get exposed to climate change and sustainability in textbooks which are bought with taxpayer funds, as well as in videos and online materials produced by taxpayer-supported Public Broadcasting.  Many students, of course, have had to sit through Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.”

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)—the next phase of Common Core—will make the situation worse, however,” Grabar continues.  

“Students will be even less capable of distinguishing science from propaganda.  These standards, like those for math and English Language Arts, were produced by Achieve, a nonprofit education group started by corporate leaders and some governors. 

 As in the standards for English Language Arts and math, the NGSS are intended to be transformative, or as Appendix A states, “to reflect a new vision for American science education.”  They call for new “performance expectations” that “focus on understanding and applications as opposed to memorization of facts devoid of context.”

“It is precisely such short shrift to knowledge (dismissively referred to as “memorization”) to which science professors Lawrence S. Lerner and Paul Gross object.  The standards bypass essential math skills in favor of “process,” they asserted last fall at the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation blog.”

“Common Core standards, in all disciplines, are written with a lot of fluff to conceal their emptiness.”

“The Common Core math standards themselves have garnered much criticism among teachers, parents, and students; focusing so much on “process,” they make simple problems bizarrely confusing, as a collection of examples illustrates.”

“With some sarcasm, they write, “It is charming to say ‘. . . students learn science effectively when they actively engage in the practices of science.’”  However, Students will not learn best if they practice science exactly as do real scientists. A firm conclusion in cognitive science contradicts that claim.  Beginners don’t and can’t ‘practice’ as do experts.”  

“Not only do the Next Generation Science Standards shirk the necessary foundations in math and science knowledge, but they explicitly call for including ideological lessons, such as “Human impacts on Earth systems.” 

“For grades K-2, students are to understand. Things people do can affect the environment but they can make choices to reduce their impact.” 

“In grades 3 through 5, students will learn “Societal activities have had major effects on the land, ocean, atmosphere, and even outer space.”  “Societal activities can also help protect Earth’s resources and environments.”  

This is from part ESS3.C of the NGSS standards. “Human impacts on Earth systems” are huge topics, when approached legitimately.  They present quandaries to scientists at the top levels.  Yet NGSS imposes them on kindergartners. The objective, of course, is not teaching legitimate science, but indoctrination.”

Amazingly, ten states have already voluntarily adopted the Standards.
Such efforts, coordinated by the Department of Education, threaten the future of science itself.

BCN Summary:
Common Core is clearly not doing what it was hyped to do. It is clearly time for us to abandon these standards and the curriculum that follows.

Our children are not available for the transformative thinking of liberals and the assault on their minds.

The ABCs and the 3 Rs need to be our focus, not the accumulation of liberal global indoctrination.

Let’s get back to teaching and let’s see less propaganda in our schools.

Please subscribe to her newsletter and read her info frequently. I have met Mary Grabar and heard her speak. She is an expert on this subject and was a big contributor to this blog entry. Please view the link below.

Common Core: Girl Scouts patch for mastering national standards

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Common Core- Girl Scouts patch for mastering national standards

Many years ago Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low assembled 18 girls from Savannah, Georgia, on March 12, 1912, for a local Girl Scout meeting. 

“She believed that all girls should be given the opportunity to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually.”

“With the goal of bringing girls out of isolated home environments and into community service and the open air, Girl Scouts hiked, played basketball, went on camping trips, learned how to tell time by the stars, and studied first aid.”

Today, I personally believe Mrs. Low  is rolling in her grave as she witnesses the Girl Scouts being reformed into a liberal leftist organization that is satisfying the needs of the United Nations, The federal government, the Dept of Education, Dept of Homeland Security.

The “new” Girl Scouts under the tutelage of Anna Maria Chavez, a former Janet Napolitano stooge, a Dept of Homeland Security officer and a former board member of an organization that gave us STEM.

Under her leadership and partnerships with huge corporations and the Chamber of Commerce, the Girl Scouts have ventured into Common Core land and adopted standards just as our nations educational system has done.

Yes, you heard it correctly, the Girl Scouts are assisting with the nationalization of our schools via the the Common Core Standards and have adapted their “badge” designations to provide a legacy patch for fulfilling the standards.

As this Girl Scouts Common Core Standards Badge protocol has rolled out while awarding badges for completing the top down nationalization of our school standards the nation watches as one of the last mom and pop grassroots organizations have succumbed to governmental control.

Click to access CommonCore_brownies_Badges.pdf

The Girl Scouts delivered this paragraph on their website regarding their allegiance with national standards “sold” to our nation as a voluntary, state led effort.

“The Common Core Standards, developed and approved in 2010 by a bipartisan group of governors and educators, provide a shared framework for learning and teaching objectives specifically for English Language Arts and Mathematics for most US students. The 21st Century Skills standards focus on blending subject-skills with life and career skills; information, media, and technology skills; and other key skills necessary to develop multidimensional abilities to succeed in the new century. Financial Literacy standards correlate to national personal finance education.”

Why? Besides the new liberal bureaucratic leadership, I believe it is  probably linked to present or past federal grants, scholarship money or corporate money. In my research, I have not found money switching hands but I’m sure it’s there or will be.

The depth of this move and the people involved you must look beyond the small groups assembled in most every community in this nation. The smaller groups, in my opinion, have been co-opted by a larger force hardly interested in what they think at the receiving end of this takeover.

As with many initiatives across this country and the vastness of these efforts, you must agree that the coordinated effort under a common theme has to be a part of a bigger picture. I don’t believe anyone can deny this and we need to look at the most common organization as the root to our nations demise.

The UNITED NATIONS and UNECOSOC have given Girl Scouts special Consultative Status to implement the 8 Millenium Development Goals, a well known Agenda 21 trap that many of our churches have fallen into as the UN sets up a scenario for a “One World Government with a One World Religion!”

With this information known and exposed it is easy to see why the Girl Scouts are on board to create “Global Citizens”, the new buzzword that essentially means we have handed over our children, our sovereignty and rights to international powers with a big plan with the assistance of many useful idiots on the inside.

The 700 million dollar “corporation” has gotten too big. Yesterday, when I thought of the Girl Scouts I thought of thin mints and teaching girls how to become ladies exposing them to things outside of their homes. Today I see a very sad remnant of Mrs Lows vision developing into just another money hungry organization creating global citizens and being a pawn to the highest bidder. This is truly the saddest statement on our society when the Girl Scouts trade the thin mints for components of socialism. 

With approximately 59 million Alumni of the Girl Scouts you can clearly see the need of international and federal agencies to indoctrinate this population.

More resources for your reading enjoyment.

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(and National) Curriculum Standards




The “New” Girl Scouts!


To see why the Girl Scouts have turned to the left, you need look no further that it’s current leadership.


Remember, this blogs is and always had been a collection of my opinions based and formed on my own research. 

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