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Liberal Lamar Video: Not the “Conservative” you think he is

In Uncategorized on August 29, 2013 at 9:51 PM

Liberal Lamar Video:  Not the “Conservative” you think he is

I am not going to comment…….much! 

The video speaks volumes and must be passed around to your friends and groups!

Liberal Lamar Alexander is a left wing liberal with connections to alliances that would make the most staunch Democrat look like a right winger! 

Watch this stunning video! 

Take the time to watch it and absorb the content. You will clearly see that Liberal Lamar is not a friend of the people! 

He is not one of us in his little plaid shirt walking across the state looking for a vote! 

He is clearly a DC insider with enough people, PACS and special interest groups in his pocket to make his pants fall down!

Please watch and share! 

There will be news shared with you real soon about his replacement. A vetting process is in progress for Liberal Lamars replacement! 

Stay tuned!

We have to change the minds of the people who see him in a different light. 

Liberal Lamar is NOT a conservative and we need alot of people to know that!

Watch and share! Please!


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