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Obama regime silencing insurance executives from reporting Obamacare issues

In Uncategorized on October 30, 2013 at 1:26 PM

Obama regime silencing insurance executives from reporting Obamacare issues

CNN reports today that the Obama regime is attempting to silence critics inside the private insurance industry from speaking out about the unsuccessful Obamacare rollout and plan issues.

Many media outlets are reporting that the Obama regime is telling “healthcare experts” to shut up and remain silent. 

“White House public relations experts from DC have no idea how to run health care.” Many are fearing a backlash from the White House” an insurance expert reiterated!

Robert Laszewzki, of the Insurance Trade Association says, the Obama administration does not trust the Heathcare industry experts, they think they are smarter than us!

Drew Griffin, a CNN investigative reporter says insurance executive are growing fearful of a backlash from the White House PR team that is basically their biggest customer. The US Government currently provides 48 percent of the total revenue for private insurance companies. That number is expected to grow as the US government takes over more of the insurance industry. 

The government with the Obama administrations obvious attempts to squash the fact that many people will not be able to keep their current private healthcare plans or doctors because the demands and changes of Obamacare cannot be met is the flash point. This is causing many to lose their current healthcare plans, a contradictory statement made earlier by the president.

Media sources are reporting that possibly, this week up to 75 percent of those privately covered will lose their current plans and will receive letters of that confirmation in the coming days.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Obama administration is out of control. We, who have been fighting this for years knew a government sponsored takeover would not be good for you. We knew it would be expensive and many would not be able to pay for it. We knew the IRS enforcing this enormous mandated tax on the citizens of this country would be devastating. But, I dare say many expected it to be as bad as it is. 

We must put pressure on our elected officials and encourage these insurance executives to continue to speak out and against this takeover. 

Perhaps the insurance executives were silent for many years prior to the rollout and were greatly participatory in it’s rollout and I think they are now paying for that silence.

The fact is they were misguided by the Obama administration and clearly the people of this country was misled when they were told that you can keep you Doctor and your current healthcare plan. I don’t believe even those inside the insurance Industry saw this coming. 

Many attempted to forewarn but few listened. Now, we must pay for a way overreaching federal government takeover and answer to a dictator that is dead set on doing exactly as he wishes despite the calls now from the left and the right to stop and turn direction.

Please watch this video of live CNN Coverage below and pass this info around. 

It’s the information that Obama regime does not want to get out!  Hiding the message hides the truth and the truth will stop his encompassing plan of plunging our country into the abyss.

Check out this video on YouTube:

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