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Project Veritas video 2: Hillary Clinton operatives tell others how to commit voter fraud

In Uncategorized on October 18, 2016 at 7:43 PM

Project Veritas video 2: Hillary Clinton operatives tell others how to commit voter fraud

1940 pm

Deep State DNC and Operatives openly tell how to commit voter fraud, incite violence and suppress votes once again.

In an ongoing report that promises more, the DNC and its dark operatives are busy attacking our Republic from an underground approach. These Hillary Clinton operatives are seeking cover of night to do her dirty work.

Wide spread abuse, laws broken now seems to be the narrative for the DNC, Hillary Clinton and her band of evil doers.

Watch this video, get mad if you want and pass around to your friends.

It’s sad we the people have to do the work of MSM and spread the truth. We at BCNN can rely on our friends to spread this “underground” if need be.

Our near 1 million or so readers can spread the news as we have done many times before.

Please visit our site on Facebook also and like us.

Spread the news and let’s take our country back.

BREAKING: James O’Keefe just released VIDEO #2 and it’s even MORE revealing than the first!!!

Project Veritas: Hillary Clintons darkest underground operatives exposed

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Project Veritas: Hillary Clintons darkest underground operatives exposed

1336 pm

Project Veritas went undercover and has exposed the darkest of the darkest we call the Hillary Clinton machine.

Her collaboration with the underground, the shifting of money to the homeless, the AFL-CIO, the DNC, Hillary Super Pacs to “bird dog” and disrupt Trump rallies and events is almost too hard to watch.

To see America and our Republic destroyed from the inside is truly a spectacle to watch. To see these operatives exposed is like seeing the devil for the first time, displaying its pure evil.

I have long suspected that many of the George Soros, DNC types were very active on the ground, but I have never had proof of that notion. Now, in living color that “conspiracy theory” is brought to light in dramatic fashion and these covert demons display their game.

Watch this 15 minute undercover video exposing the lies and the deception happening right before our eyes.

Your Mainstream media will not air this, you will not hear this on CNN, so watch now then share and share again. America needs to see this.

I’m sure this video will not be available long.

I am confident that our near 1 million or so BCNN readers will spread this like wildfire.

You know what you need to do! Go!

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