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Shane Harger saga reveals a murderous plot for the Constitutional Sherrif

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Shane Harger saga reveals a murderous plot for the Constitutional Sherrif

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In typical fashion, lazy, half arse reporting has led to an explanation from a blogger with no other gift than intuition and the joy of discovering details in the rabbit holes called conspiracy to reveal the truth about Shane Harger.

We have a true Constitutional Sherrif that is caught up in one of the most prolific trials of the century in Albuquerque while the justice system seems to turn their heads to the iniquities of the Chavez family with way more power and position than they deserve while inflicting great pain and suffering on an officer of the law.

The mainstream media, many of whom has been contacting me via email and concerned enough about my reporting to engage me and say “the reason Mr Harger was detained at the airport was because he has two names and that was the reason he was hassled at the airport!”
Really? This Sherrif lost his whole force, his career because he had a name change to protect him from a vindictive family deadset on avenging their son? Really?  “Look before you leap” was what one mainstream media robot told me as I was reporting the happenings according to Mr Harger referring that I should gather the facts before reporting falsely. 

This is hilarious to me as my findings reveal much more than what was reported on that day he was placed on leave. A Sherrif was attempting to board an airplane with a name discrepancy should not return, lose his job, his men and his career. 

Clearly, he lost his job because he was making a stand against the federal government, essentially stating that he would protect the rights of his citizenry. Oh ye of little knowledge please digress to where you surfaced, a hole in the ground with very little oxygen, a place where lower life forms exist.

The truth is a Sherrif was on his way to a CSPOA event. Was stopped by TSA and 4 or 5 FBI agents, detained for 35 minutes, questioned and allowed to board the plane, attend the Constitutional Sherrifs Convention, return home and discover his team had been dismantled and his job once again on the line.

I dare say I understand the name controversy at the airport. Braxton Haze is now his legally changed name, no this is not the first time
It has been revealed and no I did not blow his cover, the mainstream media, the TSA and the FBI did that.

What you may not know is his  identity needed to be hidden because the Chavez family had plans to make him  worm food and seemingly the system that protects you and I was not there for him, so he had to fend for himself!

Please review the series of events below and you decide if his actions at the airport were warranted. It still does not explain why he was placed on leave and his department dismantled.

Did he avoid giving his real name for a reason? When I first heard this the day after reporting, I said to myself there is another story and a reason he had a name discrepancy. The media outlets I reviewed made it seem like he was being deceptive and had something to hide, in essence lie to the TSA and the FBI agents.

 Did he deserve to lose his job and his men in his department? 

Did his group of Village idiots, er, councilman come to a conclusion based on fact or because the TSA or FBI set off false alarms based on a name concern they had while at the airport. 

Were there feelings hurt? 

Were they Chavez operatives? Perhaps the Albuquerque Police Chief was? Don’t know but after reading the timeline below you may feel the same way I do. 

The conspiracy can widen or we can reduce this to a man who was right for standing for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights or was he living inside a murder plot with many tentacles left out there yet to silence him.

Please take a few more minutes and review the events encircling this story and make your decision. 

I am awaiting a return email from Sherrif Richard Mack. I hope to hear from him soon on this subject and I will report what he says.

In the meantime, please pray for Sherrif Shane Harger, aka, Braxton Haze as he faces these demons while combating those trying to put an end to our republic! 

Here is a summary of his account and the reason he hid his identity.

The beginning and reason for bis name change. While a rookie cop at the Valencia Sherrifs department, Deputy Shane Harger was summoned to a 911 call to the home of a fellow police office Levi Chavez, where his wife reportedly shot herself. Long story short, Harger didn’t believe she killed her self instead stating that her death happened at the hands of another person. Of course this didn’t sit well with Chavez or his family and set into effect a series of events that left Harger in a life and death situation, leaving him concerned for his own safety and welfare.

2 months later- 
        While at a DWI instructors class in Albuquerque, Harger was offered another job, on the spot, with the Guadalupe Sherrifs Department by their Sherrif. He obviously was looking for an out to escape the murder/suicide that was surely stressing him and his family, so he took it.

 The man that approached Harger and offered him a job was Sherrif Robert Chavez, Levi’s uncle. The family connection was not made by Harger until later. 
2008- Harger was invited to a “drinking party” at Robert Chavez’s home. While the Sherrif was “obviously inebriated” he explained that part of his job would be to look for Mexican nationals and seize “certain types of vehicles that can be used for the sheriff’s department.”

2009- Robert Chavez was arrested for alleged DWI and resigned as Sherrif.
Harger commenting on the seizure of vehicles and the diversion of those vehicle to certain towing services with connections to Chavez said, “We were given specific instructions to use one particular towing service in Santa Rosa, no others, regardless of standard procedures through dispatch that wreckers are to be called via rotation,” he said. 

“Once the vehicles were removed from the roadway, that wrecker service would take them to their impound yard, and I have no knowledge as to what took place with those vehicles after that point.”

Stranger things happen. Harger states he was approached by the Guadalupe County Emergency Management coordinator, shortly after being given his instructions from Sherrif Chavez.
The coordinator was none other than Levi Chavez Sr, Levi’s father, and asked Harger about his career and whether he liked living in Guadalupe County. 

“Then, out of nowhere, he brought up the fact that I was the initial officer on the Tera Chavez case,” he said. 

“He just came out and said that, you know, “Aren’t you the one that’s investigating my son’s case?”

“I said, ‘Well, who is your son?’ he said his son was Levi Chavez Jr., at which point the “hair stood up on the back of my neck, he then disclosed that Robert Chavez was Levi Chavez Jr.’s uncle. … “And I just found myself right smack-dab in the middle of all of them.”
Levi Chavez Sr. then had a discussion with Harger and told him if he testified favorably for Levi Jr. the case would go away.

 Levi Sr. said: “You know, we know you’re going to make the right choice in this matter. …You’re going to work here for a long time.” “You’re going to have a good career here.”

Can you see the plot thickening and the reason Mr Shane Harger quit his jobs, fled the state and changed his name? The plot thickens.
Harger was keeping detailed files on what he believed was happening in Guadalupe County. The jig was up and now he was concerned over his own safety and began to share his own concerns with others. He notified a fellow police officer and contacted the local FBI agent assigned to his area.

Harger, more alert to his surroundings heard that two people, one an undercover narcotics office died of a self-inflicted gunshot wounds both dying from Robert Chavez’s duty weapon during the 1990s and were both ruled suicides. This case begs to be reopened, but that is another blog..
Summer 2008- Harger was becoming more and more uneasy with his working arrangement and the chess game that was being played with his life. One wrong move and he is dead.
The sheriff, of whom was still his employer, had begun demanding that he submit his fuel records, “which was something he had never done before,” according to the deposition. 

Robert Chavez had also told him to leave his service vehicle at the department.

One evening shortly after these demands, Harger noticed a deputy in an unmarked vehicle sitting in his driveway. This raised alarms in his mind.

On one particular night Harger upon returning to his home had realized his home had been vandalized. While surveying his home he realized the only thing missing was a manila folder that contained written documentation about the vehicle towing operation, the Tera Chavez case and notes about Harger’s interactions with Robert Chavez and Levi Chavez Sr. The fingerprints are now pointing to an obvious family plot.

“I had information and belief that there was, in fact, an automobile-theft ring which was organized, facilitated, coordinated and/or propagated through and for the Chavez family,” Harger said in his deposition. 

With the discovery of the break in at his ranch home he contacted the FBI and a fellow police officer.

“I called him while leaving my property in fear for my life and told him that if he didn’t hear from me within eight hours, that he needed to contact the Attorney General’s Office and start looking for my body.”

Of course by now you can see the writing on the wall and Harger was fired. 

Shortly after being fired he said he was followed once by a truck owned by the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office and again after he moved back to Valencia County. I don’t know about you but I am seeing a series of events leading up to another homicide or suicide as the manner goes. 

Harger also said he received several “death threats from anonymous sources which, based on reasonable inferences, I believe to be the Chavez family,” according to the deposition. 

Over concerns about him leaving the state, Harger replied “I left because of this case,” he said. 

 Levi Chavez II was eventually acquitted of the murder of Tera Chavez.  The city of Albuquerque paid $230,000 and was dropped as a defendant!

Soooo, now we are back to square one! A constitutional Sherrif returning from a weekend trip to Las Vegas, forced to give up his true identity at the hands of the federal government, ie, TSA and the FBI who couldn’t seemingly leave well enough alone and just had to call the village idiots and create a
problem where none existed prior to their intrusion.

The saga continues. The evil people who are attempting to squash a Sherrif while vowing to protect the citizens via the Constitution has been destroyed or at least hampered  in his pursuit. 

If there is a positive to come out of this, it is that at least when the federal government attempts to destroy a Sherrif for applying the Bill of Rights and the Constitution it does not go unnoticed and unchallenged and the people respond accordingly! 


Feds Shut Down Entire Police Department after Chief attends Constitutional Sherrifs event

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Feds Shut Down Entire Police Department after Chief attends Constitutional Sherrifs event

January 31, 2014
0655 am

Sherrif Shane Harger, of the Jemez New Mexico police department was placed on administrative leave and his entire police force dismantled within hours of returning home from a CSPOA, Constitutional Sherrifs and Peace Officers Association meeting in Las Vegas with 38 others.

Sherrif Richard Mack, founder of CSPOA has confirmed this story as true and definitely did happen.

On Sherrif Hargers way to the airport to board a plane to attend the CSPOA meeting he was questioned by TSA and told he was a “person of interest” thus the reason for the extra questions and requests for his papers.

He was then approached by a “federal agent”, assumed FBI but unknown at this time. The agent asked for his credentials and was told that he was being suspicious and that he gets paid to be suspicious of everyone.

Sherrif Harger was allowed to board the plane after being detained for 35 minutes and questioned and told the TSA and the Federal agent that he was on his way to attend the CSPOA event in Las Vegas. (The event was reportedly recorded and a petition has been filed to obtain the video)

On January 27th, 2014, Sherrif Harger returned home after attending the event.

The following morning, Harger was informed by Sheriff Douglas C. Wood of Sandoval County, New Mexico, that Harger was to dismantle the Jamez Springs Police Department and told to have his officers turn in their equipment.

Jemez, New Mexico Police Department is a small department and employs 10 or so full time, part time and reserve officers.

To date no other reasons for his dismissal has surfaced and one is left only to conclude that it was because he attended the CSPOA meeting just prior to his demise.

At a city Council meeting recently Sherrif Harger approached elected officials for answers. 

In the meeting, Harger was told by 2 council members that a phone call from the TSA and FBI was indeed made over concerns regarding him and his recent actions.

This event is unfolding as we speak and many details are being purposefully withheld and more details will surely surface as they are discovered. 

To date, I am awaiting further emails and details from Sherrif Richard Mack as they come from him.

Note: Our Bradley County Sherrif Jim Ruth and neighboring Hamilton County Sherrif Jim Hammond are both CSPOA Sherrif’s and have vowed to uphold the Constitution and oath they took while in their offices.

As more details surface, I will fshare.

What is CSPOA?

Read Here: http://www.usaprepares.com/government-corruption-2/tsa-harasses-shane-harger-constitutional-chief-of-police-usaprpepares-com-instructor-chief-and-entire-olice-department-wrongfully-fired

Interview with Sherrif Shane Harger confirming story via the Pete Santilli  Show!

Bradley County Sherrif Jim Ruth joins Arpaio and Mack saying NO to Obama gun control

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Posted on February 01, 2013

Sheriffs have risen up all over our great nation to stand up against the unconstitutional gun control measures being taken.

BCN Note: I have to say this is a very proud moment for my county. Sherrif Jim Ruth has stepped out and is standing tall among Sherrifs in Tennessee and across the nation. He along with Jim Hammond of Hamilton County are the first and only to stand against the onslaught of Obama gun control actions from Tennessee. This list of impressive constitutionalists are upholding their oath to the citizens of their respective towns.

When and I do believe the Feds under Obama executive orders or the authorization of the UN will be at our doors very soon to take our guns. Constitutional Sherrifs are the last defense between a tyrannical government and taking your guns. They are really the only ones that can stop them. How you may ask? The Sherrif makes a stand and deputizes every willing person in sight and we simply make a loud and persuasive argument for them to turn around and return to DC. It’s that easy. The trick being our Sherrif has to make the buck stop with him first.

After several people talking with Sherrif Ruth for the last couple of weeks, watching videos and exposing him to the realities of what can happen if the federal government oversteps it’s boundaries he summarized it best when he was quoted as saying ” I don’t think we realize how bad of shape out country really is in!”

If your Sherrif is not on this list, what are you waiting for? Have them contact CSPOA and sign up and stand with Ruth, Arpaio, Mack and many others.

The following is a list of sheriffs and state sheriff’s associations from who have vowed to uphold and defend the Constitution against Obama’s unlawful gun control measures.  I applaud these public servants for their courage and conviction.  

I call on sheriffs all over this nation to add their voices to the growing numbers of faithful protectors of our freedom. -Richard Mack

Constitutional Duty of the Sheriff – Richard Mack

Sheriffs and associations who have made public statements committing to protect their citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights from Obama’s gun control efforts will be added.  Some of these sheriffs are members of the CSPOA, but inclusion in this list does not necessarily mean they are a member.


1. Utah Sheriffs Association

2. Florida Sheriffs Association

3. Georgia Sheriffs Association

4. Colorado Sheriffs Association

5. New Mexico Sheriffs Association

6. Nebraska Sheriffs Association

7. Wyoming Sheriffs Association

8. Indiana Sheriffs Association


Disclaimer: While we encourage all sheriffs, their departments and peace officers to join CSPOA, the above list was created to identify those county sheriffs who have gone on record to uphold their oath by having made public statements, written open letters or called our office and asked to be included in the list of sheriffs and peace officers standing against gun control.  This DOES NOT mean they are members of the CSPOA.

Name County State
1 Blake Dorning Madison Alabama
2 Ana Franklin Morgan Alabama
3 Andy Hughes Houston Alabama
4 Jay Jones Lee Alabama
5 Huey Hoss Mack Baldwin Alabama
6 Kevin Davis Chilton Alabama
7 Scott Mascher Yavapai Arizona
8 Joe Arpaio Maricopa Arizona
9 Tom Sheahan Mohave Arizona
10 Paul Babeu Pinal Arizona
11 Mark J. Dannels Cochise Arizona
12 Leon Wilmot Yuma Arizona
13 Mike Moore Boone Arkansas
14 Adam Christianson Stanislaus Ca
15 Jon Lopey Siskiyou California
16 Tom Bosenko Shasta California
17 John D’Agostini El Dorado California
18 David Hencraft Tehama California
19 Dean Growden Lassen California
20 Dean Wilson Del Norte California
21 Mike Poindexter Modoc California
22 Thomas Allman Mendocino Ca
23 Mike Downey Humboldt California
24 Margaret Mims Fresno California
25 Greg Hagwood Plumas California
26 Bruce Haney Trinity California
27 Martin Ryan Amador California
28 Jerry Smith Butte California
29 James W. Mele Toulumne California
30 Justin Smith Larimer Colorado
31 Terry Maketa El Paso Colorado
32 John Cooke Weld Colorado
33 Stan Hilkey Mesa Colorado
34 Lou Vallario Garfield Colorado
35 Rick Dunlap Montrose Colorado
36 Jeff Christopher Sussex Delaware
37 Bill Snyder Martin Florida
38 Frank McKeithen Bay Florida
39 Mike Scott Lee Florida
40 Rick Beseler Clay Florida
41 Michael Adkinson Walton Florida
42 Grady Judd Polk Florida
43 Harrell Reid Hamilton Florida
44 Stacy Nicholson Gilmer Georgia
45 Scott Berry Oconee Georgia
46 Roger Garrison Cherokee Georgia
47 Neil Warren Cobb Georgia
48 Butch Conway Gwinnett Georgia
49 Gary Gulledge Paulding Georgia
50 Joe Chapman Walton Georgia
51 R. Darren Mitchum Twiggs Georgia
52 Christopher M. Clinton Towns Ga
53 Roy Klingler Madison Idaho
54 Kieran Donahue Canyon Idaho
55 Daryl Wheeler Bonner Idaho
56 Chris Goetz Clearwater Idaho
57 Doug Giddings Idaho Idaho
58 Doug McFall Jerome Idaho
59 Brian Brokop Lewis Idaho
60 Joe Rodriguez Nez Perce Idaho
61 Tom Carter Twin Falls Idaho
62 Dave Resser Benewah Idaho
63 Mitch Alexander Shoshone Idaho
64 Edward Motley Edgar Illinois
65 Mike Emery McLean Illinois
66 Jerry Parsley Clark Illinois
67 John Zaruba DuPage Illinois
68 Brad Rogers Elkhart Indiana
69 Ken Murphy Franklin Indiana
70 Tom Grills Ripley Indiana
71 Ken Campbell Boone Indiana
72 Warren M. Wethington Cedar Iowa
73 Frank Denning Johnson Kansas
74 Denny Peyman Jackson Kentucky
75 Michael A. Helmig Boone Kentucky
76 John Snedegar Bath Kentucky
77 Scott F. Harrison Powell Kentucky
78 Chuck Korzenborn Kenton Kentucky
79 Charles A. Jenkins Frederick Maryland
80 Ken Tregoning Carroll Maryland
81 Dar Leaf Barry Michigan
82 Ted Schende Benzie Michigan
83 Larry Stelma Kent Michigan
84 Kenny Marks Menominee Michigan
85 Robin Cole Pine Minnesota
86 Victor Williams Itasca Minnesota
87 Bill Rasco DeSoto Mississippi
88 Billy McGee Forrest Mississippi
89 Cecil Cantrell Monroe Mississippi
90 Brad A. DeLay Lawrence Missouri
91 Charles Heiss Johnson Missouri
92 Steve Cox Livingston Missouri
93 Mick Epperly Barry Missouri
94 Stephen Stockman Mercer Missouri
95 George Underwood Oregon Missouri
96 Michael Dixon Osage Missouri
97 Randee Kaiser Jasper Missouri
98 Steven R. Blunkall Shannon Missouri
99 James Sigman Texas Missouri
100 Mark Dobbs Butler Missouri
101 Gary Schaaf Perry Missouri
102 Randy Esphorst Gasconade Mo
103 Kevin T. Harrison Warren Missouri
104 Jimmy Shinn Marion Missouri
105 Gerry Dinwiddie Ralls Missouri
106 Tom Rummel Sanders Montana
107 Jay Doyle Lake Montana
108 Scott F. Howard Powell Montana
109 Chris Hoffman Ravalli Montana
110 Darby Harrington Wibaux Montana
111 Mike Linder Yellowstone Montana
112 Chris Kleinberg Dakota Nebraska
113 Ed Kilgpore Humboldt Nevada
114 Benjamin D. Trotter Churchill Nevada
115 Tony DeMeo Nye Nevada
116 Douglas R Dutile Grafton NH
117 Dan Houston Bernalillo New Mexico
118 Shawn Menges Catron NM
119 Patrick R Jennings Chaves NM
120 Johnny Valdez Cibola New Mexico
121 Jim Maldonado Colfax NM
122 Dennis A. Cleaver De Baca NM
123 Todd Garrison Dona Ana New Mexico
124 Scott London Eddy New Mexico
125 Raul Holguin Grant New Mexico
126 Michael R Lucero Guadalupe NM
127 Herman Martinez Harding NM
128 Saturnino Madero Hidalgo NM
129 Mark Hargrove Lea New Mexico
130 Robert Sheppard Lincoln NM
131 Marco Lucero Los Alamos NM
132 Raymond Cobos Luna New Mexico
133 Benny House Otero New Mexico
134 Joe Schallert Quay New Mexico
135 Joe Mascarenas Arriba NM
136 Darren Hooker Roosevelt New Mexico
137 Ken Christesen San Juan NM
138 Benjie Vigil San Miguel NM
139 Robert Garcia Santa Fe New Mexico
140 Joe Baca Sierra New Mexico
141 Phillip Montoya Socorro NM
142 Miguel Romero Jr Taos New Mexico
143 Heath White Torrance New Mexico
144 William Spriggs Union NM
145 Louis Burkhard Valencia NM
146 Tony Desmond Schoharie NY
147 Richard Devlin Jr. Otsego New York
148 Donald Smith Putnam New York
149 David Cole Steuben New York
150 Timothy B. Howard Erie County NY
151 Coy Reid Catawba North Carolina
152 Adell Dobey Edgefield North Carolina
153 Jerry Jones Franklin North Carolina
154 Charlie McDonald Henderson NC
155 Jimmy Thornton Sampson NC
156 Eddie Cathey Union North Carolina
157 Donnie Harrison Wake NC
158 Carey Winders Wayne North Carolina
159 Sam Page Rockingham NC
160 Larry Rollins Harnett North Carolina
161 Alan Norman Cleveland North Carolina
162 Mike Marshall Stokes North Carolina
163 Tracy Carter Lee North Carolina
164 A.J. Rodenberg Clermont Ohio
165 Sam Crish Allen Ohio
166 J. Steve Sheldon Richland Ohio
167 Michael Simpson Preble Ohio
168 Bob ‘Big Block’ Colbert Wagoner OK
169 Johnny Tadlock McCurtain OK
170 Roger LeVick Jackson Oklahoma
171 Steve Randolph Major Oklahoma
172 Glenn E. Palmer Grant Oregon
173 Gil Gilbertson Josephine Oregon
174 Tim Mueller Linn Oregon
175 Craig Zanni Coos Oregon
176 John Hanlin Douglas Oregon
177 John Bishop Curry Oregon
178 Larry Blanton Deschutes Oregon
179 Jim Hensley Crook Oregon
180 Pat Garrett Washington Oregon
181 Dan Staton Multnomah Oregon
182 Mike Winters Jackson Oregon
183 Brian Wolfe Malheur Oregon
184 Mitchell Southwick Baker Oregon
185 Frank Skrah Klamath Oregon
186 Jason Myers Marion Oregon
187 Bob Wolfe Polk Oregon
188 Jack Crabtree Yamhill Oregon
189 Boyd Rasmussen Union Oregon
190 Jim Muller Adams Pennsylvania
191 Eric J. Weaknecht Berks PA
192 Clinton J. Walters Bradford PA
193 Jeffrey C. Krieg Elk Pennsylvania
194 Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh Chester PA
195 Jonathan Held Westmoreland PA
196 Ronny R. Anderson Cumberland PA
197 Ronnie Anderson Cumberland PA
198 Al Cannon Charleston SC
199 Chuck Wright Spartanburg SC
200 Wayne DeWitt Berkeley South Carolina
201 Jim Matthews Kershaw South Carolina
202 James Metts Lexington South Carolina
203 Bruce Bryant York South Carolina
204 JIM RUTH Bradley Tennessee
205 Jim Hammond Hamilton Tennessee
206 Larry Smith Smith Texas
207 Terry Box Collin Texas
208 Joel W. Richardson Randall Texas
209 Jack Brandes Austin Texas
210 Johnny Brown Ellis Texas
211 Michael Cox Hill Texas
212 Bob Alford Johnson Texas
213 Earl Howell McCulloch Texas
214 Parnell McNamara McLennan TX
215 David Medlin Oldham Texas
216 Tommy Gage Montgomery Texas
217 Dane Kirby Fannin Texas
218 R. Glenn Smith Waller Texas
219 W.T. Smith Burnet Texas
220 Ed Cain Hardin Texas
221 Buster Nixon Mason Texas
222 Clint Hammonds Mills Texas
223 Don L Johnson Hutchinson TX
224 Cameron M. Noel Beaver Utah
225 David Edmunds Summit Utah
226 James Tracy Utah Utah
227 Robert Dekker Millard Utah
228 Frank Park Tooele Utah
229 Joseph Yeates Box Elder Utah
230 G. Lynn Nelson Cache Utah
231 James Cordova Carbon Utah
232 Jerry Jorgensen Daggett Utah
233 Todd Richardson Davis Utah
234 Travis Mitchell Duchesne Utah
235 Greg Funk Emery Utah
236 James D. Perkins Garfield Utah
237 Steven White Grand Utah
238 Mark Gower Iron Utah
239 Alden Orme Juab Utah
240 Lamont Smith Kane Utah
241 Blaine Breshears Morgan Utah
242 Marty Gleave Puite Utah
243 Dale Stacey Rich Utah
244 Rick Eldredge San Juan Utah
245 Brian Nielson Sanpete Utah
246 Nathan Curtis Sevier County Utah
247 Jeff Merrell Uintah Utah
248 Todd Bonner Wasatch Utah
249 Cory Pulsipher Washington Utah
250 Kurt Taylor Wayne Utah
251 Terry Thompson Weber Utah
252 Merv Gustin Duchesne Utah
253 Than Cooper Garfiled Utah
254 James B. Nyland Sr. Grand Utah
255 Gene Ercanbrack Morgan Utah
256 Mike Lacy San Juan Utah
257 Kay P. Larsen Sanpete Utah
258 Phil Barney Sevier Utah
259 Kenneth Vanwagoner Wasatch Utah
260 Kirk Smith Washington Utah
261 Ken Bancroft Asotin Washington
262 Tom Jones Grant Washington
263 Dave Brown Skamania Washington
264 Brett Myers Whitman Washington
265 Ken Irwin Yakima Washington
266 Mike Harper Roane West Virginia
267 Ken Merritt Wood West Virginia
268 William “Randall” White Boone WV
269 David A. Clarke Jr. Milwaukee WI


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